The database below assembles and offers results of my own „cinemetric“ measurements of films and television episodes. I achieved those measurements by counting film shots by hand-clicker, processing the number of shots in particular software, or making a shot-by-shot analysis. To calculate the average shot length (i. e. ASL, a concept created by Barry Salt), I measure the film’s length in seconds (24fps in the case of sound films) and then divide it by the number of counted shots.

In my database, it is possible to find more than 3800 measurings of more or less contemporary films and television episodes from many countries. Besides the fact that you can find hundreds of ASL measurings of movies from the last decades here, the database is unique for at least three other reasons. Firstly, it includes an almost total number of preserved films of Czech silent cinema and at least 33 % of Czech sound cinema production from each year till (so far) 1933. Secondly, it covers a large number of films from Eastern European countries. Thirdly, it consists of many entirely rare silent films from the 1910s all around the world. Since I am updating the database regularly, it will continue growing more prominent.

It is necessary to point out that very ASL values are not the final results of any research. Those values are meant to be used as tools for further analysis. For what kinds of research may ASL be used? In the case of a particular film, the very ASL value will help us get a rudimentary awareness of its editing pattern, but it will not tell much more. When analyzing a particular movie, it is, therefore, much more helpful to observe the ASL’s variations during its course (for example, the ASL of individual scenes, sequences, blocks, or acts).On the other hand, by the force of ASL values or shot counts, we can gain a lot of various and inspiring suggestions for stylistic research in the case of groups of films. An acquaintance of ASL values can facilitate the juxtaposition of various film or television works of a period, region, genre, company, or particular filmmaker. The mere fact that certain films of a particular director (or period, region, company, genre, etc.) have identical or similar ASL values may not be a priori remarkable. That is because an identical or similar ASL value can be caused by a significantly different configuration of longer or shorter shots. However, it is worthwhile to consider the similarities in the case of relatively high and low ASL values – assessed against the background of the relevant norms. Nevertheless, more remarkable and predictable is when we find out that certain films of a particular director (or period, region, company, genre, etc.) have significantly different ASL than the others. These different ASL values imply a notable variability of creative choices that filmmakers made. Since that, we can put forward many research questions. I believe that my database offers extensive and reliable background for such questions.

In 2020 I added two entirely new parameters to the database, offering slightly different quantitative perspectives and comparative options than the existing ones. The first new parameter is the average number of cuts per minute of the film (CPM), which may be easier for some users to imagine than the average shot length in seconds. The second, in my opinion, a much more important new parameter is the number of cuts per hour of the film (CPH), which allows the detection of long-term trends and massive comparability. I work with this parameter in two forms in my database: optimally (a) in the form of the exact number of cuts per the first hour of the measured film; and (b) in case I do not know this number, in the proportional number of cuts per hour of the film. The exact number of cuts per hour is noted in the database with precision per unit of shots and is based on my own measurement (at a projection speed of 24fps). The proportional number of cuts per hour has been rounded to „fifties“ and „hundreds“. I’ve made hundreds of control tests of such a calculation in the cases of movies with already known the exact number of cuts per hour, and it’s relatively accurate in terms of broader trends. For the time being, I have decided to state the number of cuts per hour only for sound films because we can speak with certainty about the standardization of the projection speed in their case.

Radomír Douglas Kokeš
Department of Film Studies and Audiovisual Culture
Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic



RDK: Film Database of Shot Counts and Average Lengths (ASL)
RDK: Filmová databáze počtů a průměrných délek záběrů (PDZ)

10th May 2024
Number of items: 3801

ArgylleArgylle: Tajný agentArgylle3,1247019/cpm1163/cph2024Vaughn, MatthewGBR / USA
Beekeeper, TheVčelař*Beekeeper, The3,3177618/cpm978/cph2024Ayer, DavidUSA
Civil WarObčanská válkaCivil War3,9152315/cpm839/cph2024Garland, AlexUSA
DamselMladá dámaDamsel3,9153215/cpm891/cph2024Fresnadillo, Juan CarlosUSA
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E01)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E01)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E01)5,137812/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E02)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E02)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E02)4,836512/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E03)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E03)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E03)4,836112/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E04)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E04)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E04)4,833912/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E05)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E05)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E05)4,442214/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E06)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E06)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E06)4,339914/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E07)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E07)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E07)4,531313/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E08)Dobrá ráno, Brno! (S02E08)Good Morning, Brno! (S02E08)3,652517/cpm2024Prušinovský, JanCZE
Dune: Part TwoDuna: Část druháDune: Part Two3,8246516/cpm954/cph2024Villeneuve, DenisUSA
Fall Guy, TheKaskadérFall Guy, The3,2219018/cpm874/cph2024Leitch, DavidUSA
Godzilla x Kong: The New EmpireGodzilla x Kong: Nové impériumGodzilla x Kong: The New Empire3,3184918/cpm1105/com2024Wingard, AdamUSA
Kingdom of the Planet of the ApesKrálovství Planeta opicKingdom of the Planet of the Apes5,3148611/cpm632/cpm2024Ball, WesUSA
Land of BadLand of BadLand of Bad3,8166516/cpm995/cph2024Eubank, WilliamUSA
Lesní vrahLesní vrahForest Killer301462/cpm124/cph2024Špaček, RadimCZE / SVK / POL / ROU
Madame WebMadam WebMadame Web3207120/cpm1021/cph2024Clarkson, S. J.USA
Metoda Markovič: Hojer (E01): Možnost léčbyMetoda Markovič: Hojer (E01): Možnost léčbyMarkovič Method, The: Hojer (E01)5,359211/cpm2024Soukup, PavelCZE
Metoda Markovič: Hojer (E02): Ženská oběťMetoda Markovič: Hojer (E02): Ženská oběťMarkovič Method, The: Hojer (E02)5,364611/cpm2024Soukup, PavelCZE
Monkey ManOpičí mužMonkey Man3,2210919/cpm1145/cph2024Patel, DavUSA / CAN
Role PlayHra doopravdyRole Play3,9144615/cpm923/cph2024Vincent, ThomasCZE
True Detective – Night Country: Part 1Temný případ – Noční krajina: 1. částTrue Detective – Night Country: Part 13,687716/cpm2024López, IssaUSA
True Detective – Night Country: Part 2Temný případ – Noční krajina: 2. částTrue Detective – Night Country: Part 24,970612/cpm2024López, IssaUSA
True Detective – Night Country: Part 3Temný případ – Noční krajina: 3. částTrue Detective – Night Country: Part 34,965612/cpm2024López, IssaUSA
#annaismissing#annaismissing#annaismissing4,7131513/cpm860/cph2023Soukup, PavelCZE
100 Years of Warner Bros.: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of100 let Warner Bros: To, o čem lidé sní100 Years of Warner Bros.: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of2,7127222/cpm2023Iwerks, LeslieUSA
100 Years of Warner Bros.: Clint, Kubrick & Kryptonite100 let Warner Bros: Clint, Kubrick a kryptonit100 Years of Warner Bros.: Clint, Kubrick & Kryptonite2,1143928/cpm2023Iwerks, LeslieUSA
100 Years of Warner Bros.: Heroes, Villains and Friends100 let Warner Bros: Hrdinové, padouši a Přátelé100 Years of Warner Bros.: Heroes, Villains and Friends2,2155527/cpm2023Iwerks, LeslieUSA
100 Years of Warner Bros.: Wizarding World and the Big Bang100 let Warner Bros: Čarodějné světy a velký třesk100 Years of Warner Bros.: Wizarding World and the Big Bang2,6134924/cpm2023Iwerks, LeslieUSA
Anatomie d’une chuteAnatomie páduAnatomy of a Fall12,47025/cpm283/cph2023Triet, JustineFRA
ArkitektenArchitektiArchitect, The5,183712/cpm707/cph2023Lumer-Klabbers, KerrenNOR
Arkitekten (ep. 1): PraktikantenArchitekti (ep. 1)Architect, The (ep. 1)4,425414/cpm2023Lumer-Klabbers, KerrenNOR
Arkitekten (ep. 2): NaboerArchitekti (ep. 2)Architect, The (ep. 2)5,618811/cpm2023Lumer-Klabbers, KerrenNOR
Arkitekten (ep. 3): CubeZArchitekti (ep. 3)Architect, The (ep. 3)5,221112/cpm2023Lumer-Klabbers, KerrenNOR
Arkitekten (ep. 4): Arkitekten.Architekti (ep. 4)Architect, The (ep. 4)5,518411/cpm2023Lumer-Klabbers, KerrenNOR
Bod obnovyBod obnovyRestore Point5,3120211/cpm663/cph2023Hloz, RobertCZE / SVK / POL / SRB
Brutální vedroBrutální vedroBrutal Heat, The18,62283/cpm201/cph2023Hospodářský, AlbertCZE
Continental, The (ep. 01): Brothers in ArmsHotel Continental (ep. 01): Bratři ve zbraniContinental, The (ep. 01)4,9102312/cpm719/cph2023Hughes, AlbertUSA
Continental, The (ep. 02): Loyalty to the MasterHotel Continental (ep. 02): Oddanost pánuContinental, The (ep. 02)5,188312/cpm726/cph2023Brändström, CharlotteUSA
Continental, The (ep. 03): Theatre of PainHotel Continental (ep. 03):Continental, The (ep. 03)4,4125413/cpm770/cph2023Hughes, AlbertUSA
Creed IIICreed IIICreed III3,3192118/cpm1095/cph2023Jordan, Michael B.USA
Doctor Who: The Star BeastPán času: Zvíře z hvězdDoctor Who: The Star Beast3,984415/cpm2023Talalay, RachelGBR
Doctor Who: Wild Blue YonderPán času: Do modravých dálavDoctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder3,1101319/cpm2023Kingsley, TomGBR
Doctor Who: The GigglePán času: ChichotDoctor Who: The Giggle2,6136123/cpm2023Button, ChanyaGBR
Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby RoadPán času: Kostel na Ruby RoadDoctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road3105220/cpm2023Tonderai, MarkGBR
DogManDogManDogMan3,1206419/cpm1086/cph2023Besson, LucFRA / USA
Dream ScenarioTo se mi snad zdáDream Scenario3,9143615/cpm933/cph2023Borgli, KristofferUSA
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among ThievesDungeons & Dragons: Čest zlodějůDungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves4,2177214/cpm815/cph2023Daley, John Francis; Goldstein, JonathanUSA
Equalizer 3, TheEqualizer 3: Poslední kapitolaEqualizer 3, The5,4112511/cpm579/cph2023Fuqua, AntoineUSA
Extraction 2Vyproštění 2Extraction 23,8 [3,1 without the long take]174416/cpm663/cph2023Hardgrave, SamUSA
FerrariFerrariFerrari5,3139211/cpm689/cph2023Mann, MichaelUSA
Flash, TheFlashFlash, The2,7297122/cpm1328/cph2023Muschietti, AndyUSA
GhostedGhostedGhosted2,2289827/cpm1571/cph2023Fletcher, DexterUSA
Gojira -1.0Godzilla -1.0Godzilla Minus One5,9119610/cpm622/cph2023Yamazaki, TakashiJAP
Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyIndiana Jones a nástroj osuduIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny3,2267519/cpm1222/cph2023Mangold, JamesUSA
John Wick: Chapter 4John Wick: Kapitola 4John Wick: Chapter 44,6205013/cpm771/cph2023Stahelski, ChadUSA
Killer, TheZabijákKiller, The3,9167315/cpm971/cph2023Fincher, DavidUSA
Killers of the Flower MoonZabijáci rozkvetlého měsíceKillers of the Flower Moon6,1193010/cpm644/cph2023Scorsese, MartinUSA
Kimitachi wa Dō Ikiru kaChlapec a volavkaBoy and the Heron, The5,7123510/cpm597/cph2023Miyazaki, HaiaoJAP
Last of Us, The (S01E01): Lights OutTi poslední z nás* (S01E01): Když se ztratíš v temnotěLast of Us, The (S01E01)4,1112414/cpm779/cph2023Mazin, CraigUSA
Last of Us, The (S01E02): InfectedTi poslední z nás* (S01E02): NakaženíLast of Us, The (S01E02)4,173115/cpm2023Druckmann, NeilUSA
Last of Us, The (S01E03): Long long timeTi poslední z nás* (S01E03): Předlouhý čas*Last of Us, The (S01E03)5,974010/cpm595/cph2023Hoar, PeterUSA
Last of Us, The (S01E04): Please hold my handTi poslední z nás* (S01E04): Drž mě za rukuLast of Us, The (S01E04)4,359514/cpm2023Webb, JeremyUSA
Last of Us, The (S01E05): Endure and SurviveTi poslední z nás* (S01E05): Vydržet a přežítLast of Us, The (S01E05)3,497917/cpm2023Webb, JeremyUSA
Marvels, TheMarvelsMarvels, The3,1179619/cpm1209/cph2023DaCosta, NiaUSA
Meg 2: The TrenchMeg 2: PříkopMeg 2: The Trench2,9217521/cpm1199/cph2023Wheatley, BenUSA
Miracle Club, TheKlub zázraků*Miracle Club, The4,9101212/cpm773/cph2023O’Sullivan, ThaddeusCZE / SVK / POL / SRB
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part OneMission: Impossible: Odplata – První částMission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One2,7331522/cpm1249/cph2023McQuarrie, ChristopherUSA
Mother, TheMatkaMother, The2,6241323/cpm1499/cph2023Caro, NikiUSA
NapoleonNapoleonNapoleon5,6154611/cpm612/cph2023Scott, RidleyUSA / GBR
Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerreOperace Fortune: Ruse de guerreOperation Fortune: Ruse de guerre2,7233322/cpm1254/cph2023Ritchie, GuyUSA / CHN
OppenheimerOppenheimerOppenheimer3,1335019/cpm1125/cph2023Nolan, ChristopherUSA / GBR
Past LivesMinulé životyPast Lives19,53003/cpm221/cph2023Song, CelineKOR / USA
PlaneMaydayPlane4149615/cpm749/cph2023Richet, Jean-FrançoisUSA / GBR
Poker Face: Dead’s Man HandS ledovým klidem: Ruka mrtvého mužePoker Face (S01E01)578212/cpm732/cph2023Johnson, RianUSA
Poker Face: The Night ShiftS ledovým klidem: Noční směnaPoker Face (S01E02)6,258910/cpm581/cph2023Johnson, RianUSA
Poker Face: The StallS ledovým klidem: StánekPoker Face (S01E03)4,767413/cpm2023MacDonald, Iain B.USA
Poker Face: Rest in MetalS ledovým klidem: Odpočívek v železePoker Face (S01E04)4,560713/cpm2023Johnson, TiffanyUSA
Poker Face: The Time of the MonkeyS ledovým klidem: Doba opicPoker Face (S01E05)4,565113/cpm2023McKee, LuckyUSA
Primo giorno della mia vita, IlPrvní den mého životaFirst Day of My Life, The3224320/cpm1247/cph2023Genovese, PaoloITA
Reacher (02)Reacher (02)Reacher (02)3,8516416/cpm2023Hill, S.; Madha, O.; Banker, C.; Holmes, J.USA
Reacher (S02E01): ATMReacher (S02E01): BankomatReacher (S02E01)4,466414/cpm2023Hill, SamUSA
Reacher (S02E02): What Happens in Atlantic CityReacher (S02E02): Co se stane v Atlantic CityReacher (S02E02)4,953312/cpm2023Hill, SamUSA
Reacher (S02E03): Picture Says a Thousand WordsReacher (S02E03): Jedna fotka řekne víc než tisíc slovReacher (S02E03)3,570617/cpm2023Madha, OmarUSA
Reacher (S02E04): A Night at the SymphonyReacher (S02E04): Noční symfonieReacher (S02E04)2,786222/cpm2023Madha, OmarUSA
Reacher (S02E05): BurialReacher (S02E05): PohřebReacher (S02E05)3,661117/cpm2023Banker, CarolUSA
Reacher (S02E06): New York’s FinestReacher (S02E06): Policajt z New YorkuReacher (S02E06)458515/cpm2023Banker, CarolUSA
Reacher (S02E07): The Man Goes ThroughReacher (S02E07): Přes mrtvolyReacher (S02E07)459115/cpm2023Holmes, JulianUSA
Reacher (S02E08): Fly BoyReacher (S02E08): LetecReacher (S02E08)3,561217/cpm2023Holmes, JulianUSA
ReptileJeštěrReptile5,2144912/cpm668/cph2023Singer, GrantUSA
Scream VIVřískot 6Scream VI2,6264823/cpm1229/cph2023Bettinelli-Olpin, Matt; Gillett, TylerUSA
SlySlySly3.4163218/cpm1025/cph2023Zimmy, ThomUSA
Smysl pro tumor (ep. 01)Smysl pro tumor (ep. 01)Sense of tumour (ep. 01)482715/cpm2023Kopáčová, TerezaCZE
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseSpider-Man: Napříč paralelními světySpider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse2,4326125/cpm1555/cph2023Dos Santos, Joaquim; Powers, Kemp; Thompson, Justin K.USA
Spy/Master (ep. 01)Spy/Master (ep. 01)Spy/Master (ep. 01)6,242610/cpm2023Smith, ChristopherROU
Spy/Master (ep. 02)Spy/Master (ep. 02)Spy/Master (ep. 02)7,93558/cpm2023Smith, ChristopherROU
SupercellSupercelaSupercell7,87148/cpm309/cph2023Winterstern, Herbert JamesUSA
To Catch a KillerChytit vraha*To Catch a Killer4,7143513/cpm772/cph2023Szifron, DamiánUSA
Trois Mousquetaires, Les: D’ArtagnanTři mušketýři: D’ArtagnanThree Musketeers, The: D’Artagnan4,2161114/cpm824/cph2023Bourboulon, MartinFRA
Trois Mousquetaires, Les: MiladyTři mušketýři: MiladyThree Musketeers, The: Milady4,3147814/cpm849/cph2023Bourboulon, MartinFRA
Trolių ferma (ep. 02)Trollí farma (ep. 02)Troll Farm (ep. 02)5,262711/cpm2023Jankauskas, ErnestasLTU
Udar (ep. 01)Jackův druhý život (01)Stroke, The (01)3,264919/cpm2023Demirski, PawełPOL
Udar (ep. 02)Jackův druhý život (02)Stroke, The (02)3,551617/cpm2023Demirski, PawełPOL
Víťaz (ep. 01)Vítěz (ep. 01)Winner, The (ep. 01)4,442214/cpm2023Hřebejk, JanSVK
Víťaz (ep. 02)Vítěz (ep. 02)Winner, The (ep. 02)4,441714/cpm2023Hřebejk, JanSVK
WonkaWonkaWonka3,4194518/cpm1116/cph2023King, PaulGBR / USA
Zone of Interest, TheZóna zájmuZone of Interest, The10,35476/cpm339/cph2023Glazer, JonathanUSA / GBR / POL
á-B-C-D-é-F-G-H-CH-í-JONESTOWNá-B-C-D-é-F-G-H-CH-í-JONESTOWNa-B-C-D-e-F-G-H-CH-i-JONESTOWN5,681611/cpm736/cph2022Bušta, JanCZE
ArvédArvédArvéd97587/cpm349/cph2022Mašek, VojtěchCZE
AmbulanceAmbulanceAmbulance2,3341626/cpm1424/cph2022Bay, MichaelUSA
Avatar: The Way of WaterAvatar: Cesta vodyAvatar: The Way of Water3,3329018/cpm906/cph2022Cameron, JamesUSA
Banshees of Inisherin, TheVíly z InisherinuBanshees of Inisherin, The4,8132612/cpm768/cph2022McDonagh, MartinIRL / GBR
Batman, TheBatmanBatman, The4,1242315/cpm772/cph2022Reeves, MattUSA
BeastBestieBeast18,22853/cpm215/cph2022Kormákur, BaltasarUSA
Black AdamBlack AdamBlack Adam2,1311528/cpm1753/cph2022Collet-Serra, JaumeUSA
Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverBlack Panther: Wakanda nechť žijeBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever3,4259618/cpm982/cph2022Coogler, RyanUSA
Bullet TrainBullet TrainBullet Train3,4207118/cpm1133/cpm2022Leitch, DavidUSA
Death on the NileSmrt na NiluDeath on the Nile5142712/cpm748/cph2022Branagh, KenethUSA
DevadesátkyDevadesátkyNineties4,6518913/cpm2022Bebjak, PeterCZE
Devadesátky (S01E01): Poprava bodyguardaDevadesátky (S01E01)Nineties (S01E01)4,287714/cpm853/cph2022Bebjak, PeterCZE
Devadesátky (S01E02): Král diskotékDevadesátky (S01E02)Nineties (S01E02)4,294514/cpm885/cph2022Bebjak, PeterCZE
Devadesátky (S01E03): KleopatraDevadesátky (S01E03)Nineties (S01E03)4,599013/cpm809/cph2022Bebjak, PeterCZE
Devadesátky (S01E04): PřehradaDevadesátky (S01E04)Nineties (S01E04)4,978712/cpm753/cph2022Bebjak, PeterCZE
Devadesátky (S01E05): SudyDevadesátky (S01E05)Nineties (S01E05)5,271811/cpm699/cph2022Bebjak, PeterCZE
Devadesátky (S01E06): PřiznáníDevadesátky (S01E06)Nineties (S01E06)5,187212/cpm736/cph2022Bebjak, PeterCZE
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDoctor Strange v mnohovesmíru šílenstvíMCU: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness3231620/cpm1158/cph2022Raimi, SamUSA
Everything Everywhere All at OnceVšechno, všude, najednouEverything Everywhere All at Once2,7285422/cpm1021/cph2022Kwan, Dan; Scheinert, DanielUSA
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of DumbledoreFantastická zvířata: Brumbálova tajemstvíFantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore4,3181014/cpm777/cph2022Yates, DavidUSA
Grand PrixGrand PrixGrand Prix5,6108211/cpm679/cph2022Prušinovský, JanCZE
Fablemans, TheFablemanoviFablemans, The6,1139510/cpm657/cph2022Spielberg, StevenUSA
Fire of Love: Au coeur des volcansErupce láskyFire of Love5105312/cpm759/cph2022Dosa, SaraCAN / USA
Glass Onion: A Knives Out MysteryNa nože: Glass OnionGlass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery3,8203816/cpm883/cph2022Johnson, RianUSA
Grey Man, TheŠedý mužGrey Man, The2,7251122/cpm1137/cph2022Russo, Anthony; Russo, JoeUSA
Heeojil gyeolsimPodezřeláDecision to Leave6,312519/cpm605/cph2022Park, Chan-wookKOR
Im Westen nichts NeuesNa západní frontě klidAll Quiet on the Western Front7,411258/cpm424/cph2022Berger, EdwardDEU / USA
Jurassic World: DominionJurský svět: NadvládaJurassic World: Dominion3,1258819/cpm1213/cph2022Trevorrow, ColinUSA
KunstkameraKunstkameraKunstkamera2,4120825/cpm2022Švankmajer, JanCZE
LightyearRakeťákLightyear2,9193321/cpm1243/cph2022MacLane, AngusUSA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01)Pán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01)Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01)4,1714814/cpm2022McKay, Patrick; Payne, John D. (showrunners)USA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E01): A Shadow of the PastPán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E01): Stín minulostiLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E01)4,186415/cpm2022Bayona, J. A.USA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E02): AdriftPán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E02): Na mořiLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E02)3,5101017/cpm2022Bayona, J. A.USA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E03): AdarPán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E03): AdarLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E03)3,798416/cpm955/cph2022Yip. WayneUSA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E04): The Great WavePán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E04): Velká vlnaLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E04)4,780913/cpm759/cph2022Yip. WayneUSA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E05): PartingsPán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E05): OdchodyLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E05)4,388714/cpm821/cph2022Yip. WayneUSA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E06): UdûnPán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E06): UdûnLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E06)3,6101817/cpm975/cph2022Brändström, CharlotteUSA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E07): The EyePán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E07): OkoLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E07)576712/cpm736/cph2022Brändström, CharlotteUSA
Lord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E08): AlloyedPán prstenů: Prsteny moci (S01E08): SlitinaLord of the Rings, The: The Rings of Power (S01E08)4,880913/cpm746/cph2022Yip. WayneUSA
M3GANM3GANM3GAN2,8196521/cpm1238/cph2022Johnstone, GerardUSA
MoonfallMoonfallMoonfall2,6274823/cpm1266/cph2022Emmerich, RolandUSA / CAN / CHN
MorbiusMorbiusMorbius3,9144415/cpm927/cph2022Espinoza, DanielUSA
Nic se nedějeNothing HappensNic se neděje3,37118/cpm2022Přádová, EliškaCZE
NopeNeneNope6,411349/cpm487/cph2022Peele, JordanUSA
Nordland ’99 (ep. 1): Kapitel IZapadákov ’99 (ep. 1)Nordland ’99 (ep. 1)5,226612/cpm2022Møller Rask, KasperDNK
Nordland ’99 (ep. 2): Kapitel IIZapadákov ’99 (ep. 2)Nordland ’99 (ep. 2)6,81929/cpm2022Møller Rask, KasperDNK
Nordland ’99 (ep. 3): Kapitel IIIZapadákov ’99 (ep. 3)Nordland ’99 (ep. 3)4,826512/cpm2022Møller Rask, KasperDNK
Northman, TheSeveřanNorthman, The164804/cpm238/cph2022Eggers, RobertUSA
Offer, The (S01E01): A Seat at the TableNabídka: Místo u stoluOffer, The (S01E01)4,482913/cpm805/cph2022Fletcher, DexterUSA
One Perfect Shot: Michael MannDokonalý záběr: Michael MannOne Perfect Shot: Michael Mann3,639216/cpm2022Fritz, C.USA
PiargyPiargyPiargy9,76076/cpm381/cph2022Trajkov, IvoSVK
Podezření (festivalová verze) (01)Podezření (festivalová verze) (01)Suspicion (festival version) (01)10,72846/cpm2022Blaško, MichalCZE / FRA
Podezření (festivalová verze) (02)Podezření (festivalová verze) (02)Suspicion (festival version) (02)10,92775/cpm2022Blaško, MichalCZE / FRA
Podezření (TV verze) (02)Podezření (TV verze) (02)Suspicion (TV version) (02)13,22875/cpm272/cph2022Blaško, MichalCZE / FRA
Podezření (TV verze) (03)Podezření (TV verze) (03)Suspicion (TV version) (03)11,73635/cpm324/cph2022Blaško, MichalCZE / FRA
Poslední závodPoslední závodLast Race, The6,189310/cpm589/cph2022Hodan, TomášCZE
PreyPredátor: KořistPrey3,813836/cpm876/cph2022Trachtenberg, DanUSA
Reacher (S01E01): Welcome to MargraveReacher (S01E01): Vítejte v MargraveReacher (S01E01)4,567711/cpm2022Vincent, ThomasUSA
Reacher (S01E02): First DanceReacher (S01E02): První střetReacher (S01E02)4,171915/cpm2022Hill, SamUSA
Reacher (S01E03): SpoonfulReacher (S01E03): TroškaReacher (S01E03)4,262414/cpm2022Surjik, StephenUSA
Reacher (S01E04): In a TreeReacher (S01E04): V sítiReacher (S01E04)3,182619/cpm2022Moore, ChristineUSA
Reacher (S01E05): No ApologiesReacher (S01E05): Neomlouvej seReacher (S01E05)3,870816/cpm2022Barba, NorbertoUSA
Reacher (S01E06): PapierReacher (S01E06): PapírReacher (S01E06)3,772316/cpm2022Madha, OmarUSA
Reacher (S01E07): Reacher Said NothingReacher (S01E07): Reacher nic neříkalReacher (S01E07)3,369418/cpm2022Oeding, LinUSA
Reacher (S01E08): PieReacher (S01E08): KoláčReacher (S01E08)3,388918/cpm2022Bassett, M. J.USA
ScreamVřískotScream3,2196218/cpm968/cph2022Bettinelli-Olpin, Matt; Gillett, TylerUSA
See How They RunVražda v LondýněSee How They Run4137615/cpm806/cph2022George, TomUSA
Sergio Leone – L’italiano che inventò l’AmericaSergio Leone: Ital, který vynalezl AmerikuSergio Leone: The Man Who Invented America4,5129913/cpm815/cph2022Zippel, FrancescoITA
SisuSisuSisu3,6138817/cpm898/cph2022Helander, JalmariFIN
Stranger Things IV (01) – Chapter One: The Hellfire ClubPodivnější věci IV – kapitola 1: Klub HellfireStranger Things IV – Chapter One: The Hellfire Club2,9148221/cpm1229/cph2022Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things IV (02) – Chapter Two: Vecna’s CursePodivnější věci IV – kapitola 2: Vecnova kletbaStranger Things IV – Chapter Two: Vecna’s Curse3,5122017/cpm1033/cph2022Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things IV (03) – Chapter Three: The Monster and the SuperheroPodivnější věci IV – kapitola 3: Monstrum a superhrdinaStranger Things IV – Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero2,8124921/cpm2022Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things IV (04) – Chapter Four: Dear BillyPodivnější věci IV – kapitola 4: Drahý BillyStranger Things IV – Chapter Four: Dear Billy3,1140019/cpm1110/cph2022Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things IV (05) – Chapter Five: The Nina ProjectPodivnější věci IV – kapitola 5: Projekt NinaStranger Things IV – Chapter Five: The Nina Project3,1133919/cpm1021/cph2022Antal, NimródUSA
Stranger Things IV (06) – Chapter Six: The DivePodivnější věci IV – kapitola 6: Do hloubkyStranger Things IV – Chapter Six: The Dive2,9142721/cpm1159/cph2022Antal, NimródUSA
Stranger Things IV (07) – Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins LabPodivnější věci IV – kapitola 7: Masakr v laboratořiStranger Things IV – Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab3,7150016/cpm858/cph2022Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things IV (08) – Chapter Eight: PapaPodivnější věci IV – kapitola 8: TatínekStranger Things IV – Chapter Eight: Papa3,5135317/cpm974/cph2022Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things IV (09) – Chapter Nine: The PiggybackPodivnější věci IV – kapitola 9: Hon na VecnuStranger Things IV – Chapter Nine: The Piggyback3,5228517/cpm940/cph2022Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Svart krabbaČerný krabBlack Crab5,3121111/cpm674/cph2022Berg. AdamSWE
Thirteen LivesTřináct životůThirteen Lives4,1198314/cpm893/cph2022Howard, RonGBR
Thor: Love and ThunderThor: Láska jako hromMCU: Thor: Love and Thunder2,8228521/cpm1309/cph2022Waititi, TaikaUSA
Top Gun: MaverickTop Gun: MaverickTop Gun: Maverick2,2318727/cpm1434/cph2022Kosinski, JosephUSA
TrollTrolTroll2,5221924/cpm1379/cph2022Uthaug, RoarNOR
Umberto Eco – La biblioteca del mondoUmberto Eco – Knihovna světaUmberto Eco: A Library of the World7,45498/cpm492/cph2022Ferrario, DavideITA
UnchartedUnchartedUncharted3211520/cpm1191/cph2022Fleischer, RubenUSA
Violent NightŠílená nocViolent Night2,9214721/cpm1092/cph2022Wirkola, TommyUSA
Wielka woda (ep. 1)Velká voda (ep. 1)High Water (ep. 1)5,643111/cpm2022Holoubek, JanPOL
Wielka woda (ep. 2)Velká voda (ep. 2)High Water (ep. 2)4,948212/cpm2022Ignaciuk, BartłomiejPOL
Jan ŽižkaJan ŽižkaMedieval2,6263723/cpm1348/cph2022Jákl, PetrCZE
A ChiaraVšechno nejlepší, ChiaroTo Chiara88768/cpm456/cph2021Carpignano, JonasITA / FRA
Army of the DeadArmáda mrtvýchArmy of the Dead2,8290321/cpm1218/cph2021Snyder, ZackUSA
Black WidowBlack WidowMCU: Black Widow2,3316525/cpm1708/cph2021Shortland, CateUSA
Clarice (S01E01): The Silence Is OverClarice (S01E01)Clarice (S01E01)2,5100524/cpm2021Vrvilo, MajaUSA
Clarice (S01E02): Ghosts of Highway 20Clarice (S01E02)Clarice (S01E02)2,693523/cpm2021Aarniokoski, DouglasUSA
Clarice (S01E03): Are you Alright?Clarice (S01E03)Clarice (S01E03)2,597523/cpm2021Aarniokoski, DouglasUSA
CSI: Vegas (S01E01): LegacyKriminálka: Vegas* (S01E01)CSI: Vegas (S01E01)2,694023/cpm2021Briesewitz, UtaUSA
Death of David Cronenberg, TheSmrt Davida Cronenberga*Death of David Cronenberg, The3,31718/cpm2021Cronenberg, David; Cronenberg, CaitlinCAN
Django & DjangoDjango & DjangoDjango & Django5,287112/cpm724/cph2021Rea, LucaITA
Doctor Who: Revolution of the DaleksPán času: Revoluce DálekůDoctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks3,5117517/cpm1020/cph2021Jones, Lee HavenGBR
Doraibu mai kâDrajv maj kárDrive My Car12,78245/cph304/cph2021Hamaguchi, RyûsukeJAP
DuneDunaDune3,7236516/cpm878/cph2021Villeneuve, DenisUSA
EternalsEternalsMCU: Eternals3,6241317/cpm962/cph2021Zhao, ChloéUSA
EncantoEncantoEncanto3,2168818/cpm1122/cph2021Bush, J.; Howard, B.; Smith. C. C.USA
Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E01): New World OrderFalcon a Winter Soldier (S01E01)Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E01)3,181119/cpm2021Skogland, KariUSA
Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E02): The Star-Spangled ManFalcon a Winter Soldier (S01E02)Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E02)3,176019/cpm2021Skogland, KariUSA
Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E03): Power BrokerFalcon a Winter Soldier (S01E03)Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E03)3,380518/cpm2021Skogland, KariUSA
Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E04): The Whole World is WatchingFalcon a Winter Soldier (S01E04)Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E04)389620/cpm2021Skogland, KariUSA
Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E05): TruthFalcon a Winter Soldier (S01E05)Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E05)3,682716/cpm2021Skogland, KariUSA
Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E06): One World, One PeopleFalcon a Winter Soldier (S01E06)Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The (S01E06)2,5103324/cpm2021Skogland, KariUSA
Far from TreeDaleko od stromuFar from Tree3,212319/cpm2021Nourigat, NatalieUSA
Film Journey of Professor Burnett, TheFilmová pouť profesora Burnetta*Film Journey of Professor Burnett, The6,61459/cpm2021Ma, Merry MayUSA
French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, TheFrancouzská depeše Libery, Kansas Evening SunFrench Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, The6,69249/cpm537/cph2021Anderson, WesUSA
Ghostbusters: AfterlifeKrotitelé duchů: OdkazGhostbusters: Afterlife3,3206818/cpm1008/cph2021Reitman, JasonUSA
Godzilla vs. KongGodzilla vs. KongGodzilla vs. Kong3,4177217/cpm954/cph2021Wingard, AdamUSA
HawkeyeHawkeyeHawkeye3,1456119/cpm2021Thomas, Rhys; Bert & BertieUSA
Hawkeye (S01E01): Never Meet Your HeroesHawkeye (S01E01)Hawkeye (S01E01)3,376518/cpm2021Thomas, RhysUSA
Hawkeye (S01E0’2): Hide and SeekHawkeye (S01E0’2)Hawkeye (S01E0’2)3,376718/cpm2021Thomas, RhysUSA
Hawkeye (S01E03): EchoesHawkeye (S01E03)Hawkeye (S01E03)2,584123/cpm2021Bert & BertieUSA
Hawkeye (S01E04): Partners, Am I Right?Hawkeye (S01E04)Hawkeye (S01E04)3,162319/cpm2021Bert & BertieUSA
Hawkeye (S01E05): RoninHawkeye (S01E05)Hawkeye (S01E05)4,154215/cpm2021Bert & BertieUSA
Hawkeye (S01E06): So This Is Christmas?Hawkeye (S01E06)Hawkeye (S01E06)2,8102321/cpm2021Thomas, RhysUSA
Hlava Medúzy (S01E01): Hlava MedúzyMedusa (S01E01)Hlava Medúzy (S01E01): Hlava Medúzy5117512/cpm2021Renč, FilipCZE
Hlava Medúzy (S01E02): Vykročení do životaMedusa (S01E02)Hlava Medúzy (S01E02): Vykročení do života4,968512/cpm2021Renč, FilipCZE
Invasion (S01E01): Last DayInvaze (S01E01): Poslední denInvasion (S01E01)5,754810/cpm2021Verbruggen, JakobUSA
Invasion (S01E02): CrashInvaze (S01E02): SrážkaInvasion (S01E02)481415/cpm2021Verbruggen, JakobUSA
Invasion (S01E03): OrionInvaze (S01E03): OrionInvasion (S01E03)4,269114/cpm2021Payne, JamieUSA
Italia. Il Fuoco, La CenereItálie. Oheň, popelItaly. The Fire, the Ashes7,47038/cpm383/cph2021Gailleurd, Céline; Bohler, OlivierITA / FRA
Karla aneb tak trochu road movieCarla or Something Like a Road Movie (Karla aneb tak trochu road movie6,82109/cpm2021Ralevská, IdaCZE
KastanjemandenKaštánekChestnut Man, The6308110/cpm2021Serup, Mikkel; Barfoed, KasperDEN
Kastanjemanden (01)Kaštánek (01)Chestnut Man, The (01)7,34398/cpm2021Serup, MikkelDEN
Kastanjemanden (02)Kaštánek (02)Chestnut Man, The (02)6,44929/cpm2021Serup, MikkelDEN
Kastanjemanden (03)Kaštánek (03)Chestnut Man, The (03)6,74329/cpm2021Serup, MikkelDEN
Kastanjemanden (04)Kaštánek (04)Chestnut Man, The (04)6,253210/cpm2021Barfoed, KasperDEN
Kastanjemanden (05)Kaštánek (05)Chestnut Man, The (05)5,456411/cpm2021Barfoed, KasperDEN
Kastanjemanden (06)Kaštánek (06)Chestnut Man, The (06)4,662213/cpm2021Barfoed, KasperDEN
KateKateKate4,2134714/cpm921/cph2021Nicolas-Troyan, CedricUSA
King’s Man, TheKingsman: První miseKing’s Man, The3,4213618/cpm1014/cph2021Vaughn, MatthewGBR / USA
Last Duel, ThePoslední soubojLast Duel, The4,3195514/cpm839/cph2021Scott, RidleyUSA
Loki (S01E01): Glorious PurposeLoki (S01E01)Loki (S01E01)4,361714/cpm2021Herron, KateUSA
Margrete den FørsteMargrete – královna severuMargrete: Queen of the North5,7120211/cpm644/cph2021Sieling, CharlotteDEN / NOR / SWE
Matrix Resurrections, TheMatrix ResurrectionsMatrix Resurrections, The2,3342625/cpm1505/cph2021Wachowski, LanaUSA
Milan Kundera: Od Žertu k BezvýznamnostiMilan Kundera: Od Žertu k BezvýznamnostiMilan Kundera: From the Joke to Insignificance5,697011/cpm676/cph2021Šmídmajer, MiloslavCZE
Mortal KombatMortal KombatMortal Kombat2,1271128/cpm1523/cph2021
McQuoid, Simon
Movies That Made Us, The: AliensFilmy našeho dětství: VetřelciMovies That Made Us, The: Aliens1,9144531/cpm2021Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Movies That Made Us, The: Coming to AmericaFilmy našeho dětství: Cesta do AmerikyMovies That Made Us, The: Coming to America2,1129028/cpm2021Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Movies That Made Us, The: Friday the 13thFilmy našeho dětství: Pátek třináctéhoMovies That Made Us, The: Friday the 13th2,1123728/cpm2021Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Movies That Made Us, The: HalloweenFilmy našeho dětství: HalloweenMovies That Made Us, The: Halloween2,2119627/cpm2021Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Movies That Made Us, The: Jurassic ParkFilmy našeho dětství: Jurský parkMovies That Made Us, The: Jurassic Park2120527/cpm2021Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Movies That Made Us, The: A Nightmare on Elm StreetFilmy našeho dětství: Noční můra v Elm StreetMovies That Made Us, The: A Nightmare on Elm Street2,2111427/cpm2021Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Myši patří do nebeMyši patří do nebeEven Mice Belong in Heaven3,2147718/cpm1062/cph2021Bubeníček, Jan; Grimmová, DenisaCZE / FRA / POL / SVK
Nightmare AlleyUlička přízrakůNightmare Alley7,710798/cpm486/cph2021del Toro, GuillermoUSA
NobodyNikdoNobody3,8136316/cpm887/cph2021Najshuller, IljaUSA
NordsjøenMoře v plamenechBurning Sea, The3,3176718/cpm1081/cph2021Andersen, John AndreasNOR
No Time To DieNení čas zemřítJames Bond: No Time To Die3,8236716/cpm1078/cph2021Fukunaga, Cary JojiGBR / USA
OldČasOld6,98659/cpm454/cph2021Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Perfect planet, A / Terra X: Ein perfekter Planet (01)Dokonalá planeta: SopkyPerfect Planet, A5,554711/cpm2021Cordey, HuwGBR / DEU
Protégé, ThePomstaProtégé, The3,7156216/cpm944/cph2021Campbell, MartinUSA / GBR
RapStory (02): ZjeveníRapStory (02)RapStory (02)4,117514/cpm2021Šafránek, ŠimonCZE
RiverŘekaRiver4,986012/cpm738/cph2022Peedom, JenniferAUS
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsShang-Chi a legenda o deseti prstenechMCU: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings3,5208217/cpm1127/cph2021Cretton, Destin DanielUSA
SílaSílaOut in Force10,25266/cpm347/cph2021Mareček, MartinCZE
Spider-Man: No Way HomeSpider-Man: Bez domovaMCU: Spider-Man: No Way Home3,1259119/cpm1120/cph2021Watts, JonUSA
Tomorrow War, TheVálka zítřkaTomorrow War, The3,1246919/cpm1214/cph2021McKay, ChrisUSA
Transatlantic 473Krvavě rudé nebeBlood Red Sky3,6185616/cpm843/cph2021Thorwarth, PeterDEU / USA
Tvář z hovenTvář z hovenShitface12,71475/cpm2021Jiřinec, MichaelCZE
Venom: Let There Be CarnageVenom 2: Carnage přicházíVenom: Let There Be Carnage3,3153018/cpm1049/cph2021Serkis, AndyUSA
West Side StoryWest Side StoryWest Side Story6,912679/cpm548/cph2021Spielberg, StevenUSA
What If…? (S01E01): What If… Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?Co kdyby? (S01E01)What If… Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?2,467825/cpm2021Andrews, BryanUSA
Without RemorseBez výčitekWithout Remorse5,4108811/cpm628/cph2021Sollima, StefanoUSA
Wrath of ManRozhněvaný mužWrath of Man4,1158514/cpm638/cph2021Ritchie, GuyGBR / USA
Year Earth Changed, TheRok, který změnil ZemiYear Earth Changed, The3,873416/cpm2021Beard, TomGBR
ZátopekZátopekZátopek5,8123310/cpm648/cph2021Ondříček, DavidCZE
Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueLiga spravedlnosti Zacka SnyderaZack Snyder’s Justice League4,3322114/cpm804/cph2021Snyder, ZackUSA
À L’abordageNa palubu!All Hands on Deck26,42102/cpm2020Brac, GuillaumeFRA
Agente Topo, ElTajný agentMole Agent, The104996/cpm361/cph2020Alberdi, MaiteCHL
Babylonia a HollywoodBabylon v Hollywoodu*Babylon in Hollywood11,4615/cpm2020Berthomé, Jean-Pierre; Charon, EmmanuelFRA
Bad Boys For LifeMizerové navždyBad Boys For Life3,1223819/cpm1056/cph2020El Arbi, Adil; Fallah, BilallUSA
Call of the Wild, TheVolání divočinyCall of the Wild, The4137515/cpm850/cph2020Sanders, ChrisUSA
Daman akeseo guhasoseoOsvoboď nás od zlého*Deliver Us from Evil6,296610/cpm503/cph2020Hong Won-chanKOR
David Attenborough: A Life on Our PlanetDavid Attenborough: Život na naší planetěDavid Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet676910/cpm618/cph2020Fothergill, A.; Hughes, J.; Scholey, K.GBR
ExtractionVyproštěníExtraction3,8160616/cpm800/cph2020Hargrave, SamUSA
Frank Capra, il était une fois l’AmériqueFrank Capra: Život je krásnýFrank Capra: An American Tale6,64579/cpm2020Kourtchine, DimitriFRA
GreenlandGreenland: Poslední úkrytGreenland4168115/cpm933/cph2020Waugh, Ric RomanUSA
GreyhoundGreyhoundGreyhound3,2150419/cpm1158/cph2020Schneider, AaronUSA / CHN / CAN
Holiday Movies That Made Us, The: The Nightmare Before ChristmasVánoční filmy našeho dětství: Ukradené VánoceHoliday Movies That Made Us, The: The Nightmare Before Christmas1,8138732/cpm2020Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Hunt, TheLovHunt, The3,6139217/cpm900/cph2020Zobel, CraigUSA
I Know This Much Is TrueBludné kruhyI Know This Much Is True7,827668/cpm2020Cianfrance, DerekUSA
I Know This Much Is True (ep. 01)Bludné kruhy (ep. 01)I Know This Much Is True (ep. 01)9,23737/cpm2020Cianfrance, DerekUSA
I Know This Much Is True (ep. 02)Bludné kruhy (ep. 02)I Know This Much Is True (ep. 02)9,13727/cpm2020Cianfrance, DerekUSA
I Know This Much Is True (ep. 03)Bludné kruhy (ep. 03)I Know This Much Is True (ep. 03)6,94979/cpm2020Cianfrance, DerekUSA
I Know This Much Is True (ep. 04)Bludné kruhy (ep. 04)I Know This Much Is True (ep. 04)7,24718/cpm2020Cianfrance, DerekUSA
I Know This Much Is True (ep. 05)Bludné kruhy (ep. 05)I Know This Much Is True (ep. 05)6,85059/cpm2020Cianfrance, DerekUSA
I Know This Much Is True (ep. 06)Bludné kruhy (ep. 06)I Know This Much Is True (ep. 06)8,35487/cpm454/cph2020Cianfrance, DerekUSA
Into The NightZa stínem nociInto The Night3,3379418/cpm2020Calfat, Inti; Verheye, DirkBEL
Into The Night (S01E01): SylvieZa stínem noci (S01E01): SylvieInto The Night (S01E01): Sylvie3,270719/cpm2020Calfat, Inti; Verheye, DirkBEL
Into The Night (S01E02): JakubZa stínem noci (S01E02): JakubInto The Night (S01E02): Jakub3,559117/cpm2020Calfat, Inti; Verheye, DirkBEL
Into The Night (S01E03): MathieuZa stínem noci (S01E02): MathieuInto The Night (S01E03): Mathieu2,967221/cpm2020Calfat, Inti; Verheye, DirkBEL
Into The Night (S01E04): AyazZa stínem noci (S01E04): AyazInto The Night (S01E04): Ayaz3,165119/cpm2020Calfat, Inti; Verheye, DirkBEL
Into The Night (S01E05): RikZa stínem noci (S01E05): RikInto The Night (S01E05): Rik3,951815/cpm2020Calfat, Inti; Verheye, DirkBEL
Into The Night (S01E06): TerenzioZa stínem noci (S01E06): TerenzioInto The Night (S01E06): Terenzio3,165519/cpm2020Calfat, Inti; Verheye, DirkBEL
Invisible Man, TheNeviditelnýInvisible Man, The6,410399/cpm465/cph2020Whannell, LeighUSA
Kød & blodJsme jedné krveWildland10,34926/cpm359/cph2020Nordahl, JeanetteDNK
Krajina ve stínuShadow CountryKrajina ve stínu22,33483/cpm133/cph2020Sláma, BohdanCZE
Králové videaKrálové videaVideo Kings3,8122416/cpm989/cph2020Bulava, LukášCZE
Kubrick par KubrickKubrick o KubrickoviKubrick by Kubrick7,86108/cpm491/cph2020Monro, GregoryFRA / POL
Last and First MenLast and First MenLast and First Men36,81072/cpm101/cph2020Jóhannsson, JóhannISL
LuxorLuxorLuxor163044/cpm238/cph2020Durra, ZeinaEGY / GBR / ARE
MankMankMank4186915/cpm866/cph2020Fincher, DavidUSA
MekyMekyMeky4,2110915/cpm904/cph2020Šafránek, ŠimonCZE / SVK
MulanMulanMulan2,3268626/cpm1506/cph2020Caro, NikiUSA
News of the WorldZprávy ze světaNews of the World3,7178816/cpm1063/cph2020Greengrass, PaulUSA
Old Guard, TheOld Guard: NesmrtelníOld Guard, The2,7245321/cpm1357/cph2020Prince-Bythewood, GinaUSA
OnwardFrčímeOnward2,9187020/cpm1100/cph2020Scanlon, DanUSA
Raised by Wolves (S01E01): Raised by WolvesVychováni vlkyRaised by Wolves (S01E01)3,782716/cpm2020Scott, RidleyUSA
Raised by Wolves (S01E02): PentagramVychováni vlky: PentagramRaised by Wolves (S01E02)3,663316/cpm2020Scott, RidleyUSA
Rhytm Section, TheVnímání rytmu*Rhytm Section, The3,8162116/cpm900/cph2020Morano, ReedGBR
Ritratto di Mara BlasettiPortrét Mary BlasettiovéPortrait of Mara Blasetti8,71617/cpm2020Zegna, MichelaITA
Sin Señas ParticularesBez zvláštních znameníNon Distinguishing Feature17,63173/cpm196/cph2020Valadez, FernandaMEX / ESP
Sonic the HedgehogJežek SonicSonic the Hedgehog2,8189321/cpm1267/cph2020Fowler, JeffUSA / JPN
SputnikSputnikSputnik5,6110011/cpm600/cph2020Abramenko, JegorRUS
Stand, The (01): The EndSvědectví (01): Konec*Stand, The (01): The End4,378014/cpm2020Boone, JoshUSA
TenetTenetTenet2,9296621/cpm1158/cph2020Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Trial of the Chicago 7, TheChicagský tribunálTrial of the Chicago 7, The3,2218618/cpm1089/cph2020Sorkin, AaronUSA
UnderwaterPod vodouUnderwater3,7141216/cpm1157/cph2020Eubank, WilliamUSA
WW84Wonder Woman 1984Wonder Woman 19843,4251817/cpm968/cph2020Jenkins, PattyUSA
21 Bridges21 mostů21 Bridges4,5120313/cpm750/cph2019Kirk, BrianUSA
AbstinentAbstinentAbstinent153014/cpm200/cph2019Vigner, DavidCZE
Ad AstraAd AstraAd Astra5,8114810/cpm600/cph2019Gray, JamesUSA / BRA
AkinjeonGangster, policajt a ďábelGangster, the Cop, the Devil, The2,7228522/cpm1157/cph2019Lee, Won-taeKOR
Alita: Battle AngelAlita: Bojový AndělAlita: Battle Angel3231920/cpm1100/cph2019Rodriguez, RobertUSA / CAN / ARG
Aeuronauts, TheVzduchoplavciAeuronauts, The6,98259/cpm511/cph2019Harper, TomGBR
AMNEAMNEAMNE4,59713/cpm2019Jaško, PeterCZE
Angel Has FallenPád andělaAngel Has Fallen2,8240821/cpm1150/cph2019Waugh, Ric RomanUSA
AnnaAnnaAnna3223920/cpm1100/cph2019Besson, LucFRA
Avengers: EndgameAvengers: EndgameMCU: Avengers: Endgame3,6279717/cpm900/cph2019Russo, Anthony; Russo, JoeUSA
BabyteethNež skončí létoBabyteeth7,49008/cpm450/cph2019Murphy, ShannonAUS
BaDumTssBaDumTssBaDumTss7,2798/cpm2019Galanda, J.; Smolnický, P.; Mačejovský, Š.CZE
BaekdusanSopečný popel*Ashfall2,4299725/cpm1547/cph2019Kim, Byeong-seo; Lee, Hae-joonKOR
Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBatman vs. Želvy ninjaBatman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles3,7131916/cpm900/cph2019Castorena, JaneUSA
Boy GeniusDobrodružství dokonalého chlapceBoy Genius3,6148217/cpm900/cph2019Stokes, BridgetUSA
Captain MarvelCaptain MarvelMCU: Captain Marvel2,6254323/cpm1250/cph2019Boden, Anna; Fleck, RyanUSA
Climate Change – The FactsZměna klimatu – FaktaClimate Change – The Facts4,183115/cpm2019Davies, SerenaGBR
CrawlKořistCrawl3,8128916/cpm900/cph2019Aja, AlexandreUSA
Dark PhoenixX-Men: Dark PhoenixDark Phoenix3,6172817/cpm900/cph2019Kinberg, SimonUSA
Daughter of DismayDcera hrůzy*Daughter of Dismay17,8233/cpm2019Quinn, JamesAUT
DceraDceraDaughter6,212510/cpm2019Kashcheeva, DariaCZE
Dora and the Lost City of GoldDora a ztracené město ze zlataDora and the Lost City of Gold2,6211322/cpm1250/cph2019Bobin, JamesUSA
DušanDušanDušan3,913815/cpm2019Lukůvka, AdamCZE
EmaEmaEma12,64865/cpm299/cph2019Larrain, PabloCHL
Every Single DayEvery Single DayEvery Single Day6,7579/cpm2019Parafes, SofiaCZE
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and VileZlo s lidskou tváříExtremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile3201120/cpm1100/cph2019Berlinger, JoeUSA
FahimŠachový princFahim5,5108511/cpm600/cph2019Martin-Laval, Pierre FrancoisFRA
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & ShawRychle a zběsile: Hobbs a ShawFast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw2,3322326/cpm1400/cph2019Leitch, DavidUSA
First KissFirst KissFirst Kiss4,9104212/cpm700/cph2019Poortmans, RoyNET
Ford v FerrariLe Mans ’66Ford v Ferrari3,7231616/cpm874/cph2019Mangold, JamesUSA
Gemini ManBlíženecGemini Man5,1122512/cpm600/cph2019Lee, AngUSA
GlassSkleněnýGlass6,511119/cpm500/cph2019Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Godzilla: King of the MonstersGodzilla II Král monsterGodzilla: King of the Monsters3247520/cpm1100/cph2019Dougherty, MichaelUSA
Happy Death Day 2UVšechno nejhorší 2Happy Death Day 2U2,4221825/cpm1350/cph2019Landon, ChristopherUSA
HellboyHellboyHellboy2,4264824/cpm1350/cph2019Marshall, NeilUSA
Highwaymen, TheDálniční hlídkaHighwaymen, The3,1241719/cpm1050/cph2019Hancock, John LeeUSA
Hodinářův učeňHodinářův učeňWatchmaker’s Apprentice, The4,7123213/cpm750/cph2019Rudolfová, JitkaCZE
Honey BoyHoney BoyHoney Boy5,494411/cpm634/cph2019Har’el, AlmaUSA
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldJak vycvičit draka 3How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World3,9141415/cpm900/cph2019DeBlois, DeanUSA
HrdinaHrdinaHero, The20,9153/cpm2019Pelánová, AlžbětaCZE
HuMeDeMoViHÚpeNHuMeDeMoViHÚpeNHuMeDeMoViHÚpeN4,733013/cpm2019Szlauer, JanCZE
Charlie’s AngelsCharlieho andílciCharlie’s Angels2,4274124/cpm1350/cph2019Banks, ElizabethUSA
ChernobylČernobylChernobyl5360312/cpm755/cph2019Renck, JohanUSA / GBR
Chernobyl (01): 1:23:45Černobyl (01)Chernobyl (01): 1:23:454,769913/cpm2019Renck, JohanUSA / GBR
Chernobyl (02): Please, Remain CalmČernobyl (02)Chernobyl (02): Please, Remain Calm4,286014/cpm838/cph2019Renck, JohanUSA / GBR
Chernobyl (03): Open Wide, O EarthČernobyl (03)Chernobyl (03): Open Wide, O Earth5,167512/cpm2019Renck, JohanUSA / GBR
Chernobyl (04): The Happiness of All MankindČernobyl (04)Chernobyl (04): The Happiness of All Mankind5,665111/cpm633/cph2019Renck, JohanUSA / GBR
Chernobyl (05): Vichnaya PamyatČernobyl (05)Chernobyl (05): Vichnaya Pamyat5,5677+4111/cpm633/cph2019Renck, JohanUSA / GBR
Irishman, TheIrčanIrishman, The4,9240712/cpm700/cph2019Scorsese, MartinUSA
Irishman: In Conversation, TheIrčan v rozhovorechIrishman: In Conversation, The3,539817/cpm2019Scorsese, MartinUSA
Jedničky a nulyJedničky a nulyOnes and Zeros3,613616/cpm2019Škop, MatějCZE
John Wick: Chapter 3 – ParabellumJohn Wick 3John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum3,9186115/cpm900/cph2019Stahelski, ChadUSA
Jojova dobrodružstvíJojova dobrodružstvíJojo’s Adventures5,61011/cpm2019Bátrna, J.; Szlauer, J.CZE
JokerJokerJoker6,1112310/cpm509/cph2019Phillips, ToddUSA
KaporKaprCarp3,711116/cpm2019Hanák, DominikCZE
KlausKlausKlaus3,3159718/cpm1109/cph2019Pablos, SergioSPA
Knives OutNa nožeKnives Out3,9188615/cpm900/cph2019Johnson, RianUSA
KoloběžkaKoloběžkaScooter, The5,32511/cpm2019Babjáková, N.; Kastlerová, P.CZE
Králové videa (pracovní kopie, v. 1)Králové videa (pracovní kopie, v. 1)Kings of the Video, The (work print, v. 1)4116615/cpm850/cph2019Bulava, LukášCZE
Králové videa (pracovní kopie, v. 2)Králové videa (pracovní kopie, v. 2)Kings of the Video, The (work print, v. 2)3,8117016/cpm900/cph2019Bulava, LukášCZE
Lighthouse, TheMajákLighthouse, The11,75375/cpm300/cph2019Eggers, RobertUSA / CAN
Liu lang di qiuZemě na scestíWandering Earth, The2,3307726/cpm1400/cph2019Gwo, FrantCHN
Mám Upův syndromMám Upův syndromI have Up Syndrome4,85412/cpm2019Vrbková, J.; Čadek, P.CZE
Mandalorian, The (S01E01) – Chapter OneMandalorian – kapitola 1Mandalorian, The (S01E02)2,778722/cpm2019Filoni, DaveUSA
Mandalorian, The (S01E02) – Chapter Two: The ChildMandalorian – kapitola 2: DítěMandalorian, The (S01E02)2,857621/cpm2019Famuyiwa, RickUSA
Melville, le dernier samouraïMelville, poslední samurajMelville, The Last Samourai4,964412/cpm2019Leuthy, CyrilFRA
Memory: The Origins od AlienPaměť – zrod VetřelceMemory: The Origins od Alien4,6112713/cpm750/cph2019Philippe, Alexandre O.USA
MidwayBitva u MidwayMidway3255720/cpm1100/cph2019Emmerich, RolandUSA / CHN
Movies That Made Us, The: Die HardFilmy našeho dětství: Smrtonosná pastMovies That Made Us, The: Die Hard2131930/cpm2019Volk-Weiss, BrianUSA
Můj první baletMůj první baletMy first ballet5,88310/cpm2019Poupátko, RobertCZE
Nekonečná osmičkaNekonečná osmičkaInfinite Eight5,58711/cpm2019Šálek, MiroslavCZE
OknoOknoWindow, The6651/cpm2019Groutskij, EfimCZE
Once Upon a Time in HollywoodTenkrát v HollywooduOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood6,1153110/cpm550/cph2019Tarantino, QuentinUSA
PolarPolarPolar1,8364433/cpm1800/cph2019Åkerlund, JonasUSA / DEU
ProximaProximaProxima8,47237/cpm445/cph2019Wincour, AliceFRA / DEU
PřítelPřítelFriend, A8,9587/cpm2019Klimeš, J.; Gladiš, F.CZE
PsychobitchPsychobitchPsychobitch5,2123611/cpm650/cph2019Lund, MartinNOR
Rambo: Last BloodRambo: Poslední krevRambo: Last Blood2,7200322/cpm1200/cph2019Grunberg, AdrianUSA
Shazam!Shazam!Shazam!3,5203417/cpm1000/cph2019Sandberg, David F.USA
Spider-Man: Far from HomeSpider-Man: Daleko od domovaMCU: Spider-Man: Far from Home2,8245921/cpm1100/cph2019Watts, JonUSA
Spodní BrnoSpodní BrnoUnder-Brno, The6,8509/cpm2019Köttová, BarbaraCZE
Stranger Things IIIPodivnější věci IIIStranger Things III2,7895422/cpm2019Duffer, M. a R.; Shawn, L.; Briesewitz, U.USA
Stranger Things III (01) – Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?Podivnější věci III – kapitola 1: Suzie, slyšíme se?Stranger Things III – Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?3,578217/cpm2019Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things III (02) – Chapter Two: The Mall RatsPodivnější věci III – kapitola 2: Krysy z obchoďákuStranger Things III – Chapter Two: The Mall Rats2,992120/cpm2019Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things III (03) – Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing LifeguardPodivnější věci III – kapitola 3: Případ zmizelé plavčiceStranger Things III – Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard2,5107824/cpm2019Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things III (04) – Chapter Four: The Sauna TestPodivnější věci III – kapitola 4: Test saunouStranger Things III – Chapter Four: The Sauna Test2,6110823/cpm2019Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things III (05) – Chapter Five: The FlayedPodivnější věci III – kapitola 5: ArmádaStranger Things III – Chapter Five: The Flayed2,3122626/cpm2019Briesewitz, UtaUSA
Stranger Things III (06) – Chapter Six: E Pluribus UnumPodivnější věci III – kapitola 6: E Pluribus UnumStranger Things III – Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum2,4134524/cpm2019Briesewitz, UtaUSA
Stranger Things III (07) – Chapter Seven: The BitePodivnější věci III – kapitola 7: KousnutíStranger Things III – Chapter Seven: The Bite2,8106621/cpm2019Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things III (08) – Chapter Eight: The Battle of StarcourtPodivnější věci III – kapitola 8: Bitva u StarcourtuStranger Things III – Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt3142820/cpm2019Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerStar Wars: Vzestup SkywalkeraStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker3,4232218/cpm1000/cph2019Abrams, J. J.USA
TeoTeoTeo3,415817/cpm2019Baranová, Lucie et alCZE
Terminator: Dark FateTerminátor: Temný osudTerminator: Dark Fate2,7256622/cpm1200/cph2019Miller, TimUSA
Tian HuoNebe v plamenechSkyfire2,8178421/cpm1303/cph2019West, SimonCHN
Toy Story 4Toy Story 4Toy Story 45158318/cpm1059/cph2019Cooley, JoshUSA
Treadstone: The Cicada ProtocolTreadstone (ep. 1)Treadstone (S01E01)2,6118523/cpm2019Bahrani, RaminUSA
Triple FrontierTrojí hraniceTriple Frontier3,8185316/cpm921/cph2019Chandor, J. C.USA
TunnelenTunelTunnel, The4,2136914/cpm918/cph2019Øie, PålNOR
Two Popes, TheDva papežovéTwo Popes, The4,11703 (1787 incl. credit scene)14/cpm833/cph2019Meirelles, FernandoGBR / ITA
Univerzity a svobodaUniverzity a svobodaUniversity and Freedom11,43705/cpm300/cph2019Piussi, Zuzana; Janeček, VítUSA
Velké dobrodružství ČtyřlístkuVelké dobrodružství ČtyřlístkuGreat Adventure of the Lucky Four581212/cpm700/cph2019Žabka, MichalCZE
Vodník (01)Monsters of the Shore (01)Vodník (01)9,44056/cpm388/cph2019Tauš, ViktorCZE
Vzdělání – Vryje se ti pod kůžuVzdělání – Vryje se ti pod kůžuEducation – Gets under your skin5,75510/cpm2019Stránská, K.; Adamová, B.; Břízová, N.CZE
Vzpoura štětců na pajdákuVzpoura štětců na pajdákuBrush rebellion at the Faculty of Education2,51223/cpm2019Kutalová, T.; Havránková, L.CZE
War of the Worlds, The (01)Válka světů (01)War of the Worlds, The (01)5102012/cpm700/cph2019Viveiros, CraigGBR
War of the Worlds, The (02)Válka světů (02)War of the Worlds, The (02)5,889010/cpm600/cph2019Viveiros, CraigGBR
Witcher, TheZaklínačWitcher, The15,9638816/cpm2019Sakharov, A.; Garcia Lopez, A.; Brändström, Ch.; Jobst, M.USA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E01): The End’s BeginningZaklínač (S01E01): Začátek konceWitcher, The (S01E01): The End’s Beginning4,184014/cpm2019Sakharov, AlikUSA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E02): Four MarksZaklínač (S01E02): Čtyři markyWitcher, The (S01E02): Four Marks569312/cpm2019Sakharov, AlikUSA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E03): Betrayer MoonZaklínač (S01E03): Zrádce měsícWitcher, The (S01E03): Betrayer Moon4,681913/cpm2019Garcia Lopez, AlexUSA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E04): Of Banquets, Bastards, and BurialsZaklínač (S01E04): O hostinách, parchantech a pohřbechWitcher, The (S01E04): Of Banquets, Bastards, and Burials487215/cpm2019Garcia Lopez, AlexUSA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E05): Bottled AppetitesZaklínač (S01E05): Touhy v lahviWitcher, The (S01E05): Bottled Appetites4,872512/cpm2019Brändström, CharlotteUSA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E06): Rare SpeciesZaklínač (S01E06): Vzácný druhWitcher, The (S01E06): Rare Species4,378714/cpm2019Brändström, CharlotteUSA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E07): Before a FallZaklínač (S01E07): Před pádemWitcher, The (S01E07): Before a Fall4,262414/cpm2019Sakharov, Alik; Jobst, MarcUSA / POL
Witcher, The (S01E08): Much moreZaklínač (S01E08): Něco víceWitcher, The (S01E08): Much more3,2102818/cpm2019Jobst, MarcUSA / POL
YaldaJalda, noc odpuštěníYalda, a Night for Forgiveness10,74726/cpm393/cph2019Bakhshi, MassoudIRN / FRA / DEU / CHE / LUX
ZumirikiZumirikiZumiriki8,38597/cpm441/cph2019Alegria, OskarESP
Živé terče (01)Živé terče (01)Living Targets (ep. 01)6,76049/cpm2019Hřebejk, JanCZE
Živé terče (02)Živé terče (02)Living Targets (ep. 02)5,377311/cpm2019Hřebejk, JanCZE
Živé terče (03)Živé terče (03)Living Targets (ep. 03)5,673511/cpm2019Hřebejk, JanCZE
2:Hrs2:Hod2:Hrs3,8120316/cpm900/cph2018Newton, D. JamesGBR
Accident ManAccident ManAccident Man3197720/cpm1163/cph2018Johnson, Jesse V.USA
AnnihilationAnihilaceAnnihilation5,9108510/cpm600/cph2018Garland, AlexUSA
Ant-Man and the WaspAnt-Man a WaspMCU: Ant-Man and the Wasp2,3271526/cpm1400/cph2018Reed, PeytonUSA
AquamanAquamanAquaman3,1250819/cpm1050/cph2018Wan, JamesUSA
ArcticArctic: Ledové pekloArctic5,986710/cpm600/cph2018Penna, JoeISL
Asexuálové (pracovní kopie)Asexuálové (pracovní kopie)Asexuals (work print)10,72266/cpm2018Lammelová, EvaCZE
Astérix: Le Secret de la potion magiqueAsterix a tajemství kouzelného lektvaruAstérix: Le Secret de la potion magique3,1152119/cpm1050/cph2018Astier, Alexandre; Clichy, LouisFRA
Avengers: Infinity WarAvengers: Infinity WarMCU: Avengers: Infinity War2,9276420/cpm1100/cph2018Russo, Anthony; Russo, JoeUSA
BaoBaoBao3,711016/cpm2018Shi, DomeeUSA
Black PantherBlack PantherMCU: Black Panther3243019/cpm1100/cph2018Coogler, RyanUSA
Bohemian RhapsodyBohemian RhapsodyBohemian Rhapsody2,4320725/cpm1350/cph2018Singer, BryanGBR / USA
CurtizCurtizCurtiz6,68189/cpm558/cph2018Topolanszky, Tamas YvanHUN
Den skyldigeTísňové voláníGuilty, The163144/cpm200/cph2018Möller, GustavDNK
Doctor Who (S11)Doctor Who (S11)Doctor Who (S11)3,3978618/cpm2019Chibnall, Chris (showrunner)GBR
Doctor Who (S11E01): The Woman Who Fell the EarthDoctor Who: Žena, která spadla na ZemiDoctor Who (S11E01)3,6101017/cpm2018Childs, JamieGBR
Doctor Who (S11E02): The Ghost MonumentDoctor Who: Přízračný monumentDoctor Who (S11E02)3,875416/cpm2018Tonderai, MarkGBR
Doctor Who (S11E03): RosaDoctor Who: RosaDoctor Who (S11E03)3,680917/cpm2018Tonderai, MarkGBR
Doctor Who (S11E04): Arachnids in the UKDoctor Who: Arachnidi ve Velké BritániiDoctor Who (S11E04)3,485418/cpm2018Aprahamian, SallieGBR
Doctor Who (S11E05): The Tsuranga ConundrumDoctor Who: Cizinec na lodi TsurangaDoctor Who (S11E05)2,8105121/cpm2018Perrott, JenniferGBR
Doctor Who (S11E06): Demons of the PunjabDoctor Who: Démoni PandžábuDoctor Who (S11E06)3,484418/cpm2018Childs, JamieGBR
Doctor Who (S11E07): Kerblam!Doctor Who: Kerblam!Doctor Who (S11E07)2,8101921/cpm2018Perrott, JenniferGBR
Doctor Who (S11E08): The WitchfindersDoctor Who: Hon na čarodějniceDoctor Who (S11E08)2,898321/cpm2018Aprahamian, SallieGBR
Doctor Who (S11E09): It Takes You AwayDoctor Who: Unese tě toDoctor Who (S11E09)3,678516/cpm2018Childs, JamieGBR
Doctor Who (S11E10): The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosDoctor Who: Bitva na Ranskoor av KolosDoctor Who (S11E10)3,874916/cpm2018Childs, JamieGBR
Doctor Who (S11E11): ResolutionDoctor Who: RozhodnutíDoctor Who (S11E11)3,892816/cpm2018Yip, Wayne; Childs, JamieGBR
Dukla 61Dukla 61Dukla 616,3 (6,2; 6,4)1460 (784+676)9/cpm550/cph2018Ondříček, DavidCZE
Equalizer 2, TheEqualizer 2Equalizer 2, The3,8180616/cpm900/cph2018Fuqua, AntoineUSA
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldFantastická zvířata: Grindelwaldovy zločinyFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald4182415/cpm850/cph2018Yates, DavidGBR / USA
First ManPrvní člověkFirst Man3,8206716/cpm900/cph2018Chazelle, DamienUSA
Free SoloFree SoloFree Solo5,5103811/cpm650/cph2018Chin, Jimmy; Vasarhelyi, Elizabeth ChaiUSA
Friedkin UncutWilliam Friedkin: Bez cenzuryFriedkin Uncut4,3144614/cpm896/cph2018Zippel, FrancescoITA
Girl in the Spider’s Web, TheDívka v pavoučí sítiGirl in the Spider’s Web, The2,8224321/cpm1100/cph2018Alvarez, FedeUSA
Great Buster, The: A CelebrationSkvělý BusterGreat Buster, The3,7154816/cpm900/cph2018Bogdanovich, PeterUSA
HalloweenHalloweenHalloween2,9196020/cpm1097/cph2018Green, David GordonUSA
HaneshefBezchybnostFlawless6,57869/cpm500/cph2018Granit, TalISR / DEU
Hölmö nuori sydänNaivní mladé srdceStupid Young Heart7,67628/cpm450/cph2018Vilhunen, SelmaFIN / NET / SWE
House with a Clock in Its Walls, TheČarodějovy hodinyHouse with a Clock in Its Walls, The3,6160016/cpm900/cph2018Roth, EliUSA
Hovory s TGMHovory s TGMTalks with TGM11,23805/cpm324/cph2018Červenka, JakubCZE
How It EndsJak to končíHow It Ends3,3191018/cpm1000/cph2018Rosenthal, David M.USA / CAN
Hurricane Heist, TheV oku tornádaHurricane Heist, The2,5215223/cpm1300/cph2018Cohen, RobUSA
Christmas Chronicles, TheVánoční kronikaChristmas Chronicles, The3,3175318/cpm1044/cph2018Kaytis, ClayUSA
In den GängenLáska mezi regályIn the Aisles10,96505/cpm300/cph2018Stuber, ThomasDEU
Incredibles 2Úžasňákovi 2Incredibles 23208920/cpm1100/cph2018Bird, BradUSA
John Ford – L’homme qui inventa l’AmériqueJohn Ford: Muž, který stvořil AmerikuJohn Ford, the Man Who Invented America653410/cpm2018Klotz, Jean-ChristopheFRA
Journal 64Složka 64Purity of Vengeance, The4,6145213/cpm750/cph2018Boe, ChristofferDNK / DEU
Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomJurský svět: Zánik říšeJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom3,5197817/cpm1000/cph2018Bayona, J. A.USA
King SkateKing SkateKing Skate2,6176722/cpm1250/cph2018Šafránek, ŠimonCZE
Looming Tower, The (S01E01): Now it Begins…Looming Tower, The (ep. 01)Looming Tower, The: Now it Begins…3,874816/cpm900/cph2018Gibney, AlexUSA
Mars 1001Mars 1001Mars 100125,31232/cpm2018Sip, RobinNET
Meg, TheMeg: Monstrum z hlubinMeg, The2,3256925/cpm1400/cph2018Turteltaub, JohnUSA
Mimořádná zprávaMimořádná zprávaBreaking News16,72514/cpm200/cph2018Bojar, TomášCZE
Miss HanoiMiss HanoiMiss Hanoi5,397211/cpm650/cph2018Viktora, ZdeněkCZE
Mission: Impossible – FalloutMission: Impossible – FalloutMission: Impossible – Fallout2,9278920/cpm998/cph2018McQuarrie, ChristopherUSA
Most! (01)Most! (01)Most! (01)5,451011/cpm2018Prušinovský, JanCZE
Most! (02)Most! (02)Most! (02)5,647311/cpm2018Prušinovský, JanCZE
Mule, ThePašerákMule, The5,1125912/cpm650/cph2018Eastwood, ClintUSA
Nagano Tapes, ThePásky z NaganaNagano Tapes, The2,8153521/cpm1150/cph2018Hudeček, OndřejUSA / CZE / CAN
Outlaw KingKrál psanecOutlaw King5,1132312/cpm700/cph2018Mackenzie, DavidUSA / GBR
Pacific Rim: UprisingPacific Rim: PovstáníPacific Rim: Uprising2,4245325/cpm1350/cph2018DeKnight, Steven S.USA
Peter Falk versus ColumboPeter Falk: Columbův poslední případPeter Falk versus Columbo5,654711/cpm2018Royer, Gaëlle; Cuissot, PascalFRA
Planeta ČeskoPlaneta ČeskoWilder Than Wilderness5,390811/cpm650/cph2018Polák, MariánCZE
Predator, ThePredátor: EvolucePredator, The2,3259126/cpm1400/cph2018Black, ShaneUSA
Quiet Place, ATiché místoQuiet Place, A6,279810/cpm550/cph2018Krasinski, JohnUSA
Ready Player OneReady Player One: Hra začínáReady Player One5150912/cpm700/cph2018Spielberg, StevenUSA
Red SparrowRudá volavkaRed Sparrow4,5175113/cpm750/cph2018Lawrence, FrancisUSA
Robert Vignola, From Trivigno To HollywoodRobert Vignola, z Trivigna do HollywooduRobert Vignola, Da Trivigno a Hollywood6,130010/cpm2018Muscio, Giuliana; Lorusso, SaraITA
Robin HoodRobin HoodRobin Hood2,3262825/cpm1400/cph2018Bathurst, OttoUSA
RomaRomaRoma24,43082/cpm138/cph2018Cuarón, AlfonsoMEX / USA
SkjelvetZemětřeseníQuake, The3,3176418/cpm1000/cph2018Andersen, John AndreasNOR
SkyscraperMrakodrapSkyscraper2,4221124/cpm1350/cph2018Thurber, Rawson MarshallUSA
Solo: A Star Wars StorySolo: Star Wars StorySolo: A Star Wars Story2,5295024/cpm1300/cph2018Howard, RonUSA
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseSpider-Man: Paralelní světySpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse2,2272726/cpm1450/cph2018Persichetti, Bob; Ramsey, Peter; Rothman, RodneyUSA
Strike: Career of Evil (01)Strike: Ve službách zla (01)Strike: Career of Evil (01)4,278814/cpm2018Sturridge, CharlesGBR
Strike: Career of Evil (02)Strike: Ve službách zla (02)Strike: Career of Evil (02)4,180315/cpm2018Sturridge, CharlesGBR
Terror, TheTerrorTerror, The5,5499611/cpm2018Kajganich, David (Creator)USA
Terror, The (S01E01): Go for BrokeTerror (01)Terror, The: Go for Broke4,855312/cpm2018Berger, EdwardUSA
Terror, The (S01E02): GoreTerror (02)Terror, The: Gore4,256014/cpm2018Berger, EdwardUSA
Terror, The (S01E03): The LadderTerror (03)Terror, The: The Ladder4,951212/cpm2018Mimica-Gezzan, SergioUSA
Terror, The (S01E04): Punished, as a BoyTerror (04)Terror, The: Punished, as a Boy6,64179/cpm2018Berger, EdwardUSA
Terror, The (S01E05): First Shot a Winner, LadsTerror (05)Terror, The: First Shot a Winner, Lads3,864916/cpm2018Mimica-Gezzan, SergioUSA
Terror, The (S01E06): A MercyTerror (06)Terror, The: A Mercy5,450111/cpm2018Mimica-Gezzan, SergioUSA
Terror, The (S01E07): Horrible from SupperTerror (07)Terror, The: Horrible from Supper8,13387/cpm2018Mielants, TimUSA
Terror, The (S01E08): Terror Camp ClearTerror (08)Terror, The: Terror Camp Clear6,144310/cpm2018Mielants, TimUSA
Terror, The (S01E09): The C the C the Open CTerror (09)Terror, The: The C the C the Open C6,84829/cpm2018Mielants, TimUSA
Terror, The (S01E10): We Are GoneTerror (10)Terror, The: We Are Gone5,854110/cpm2018Mielants, TimUSA
They Shall Not Grow OldNikdy nezestárnouThey Shall Not Grow Old5,992110/cpm600/cph2018Jackson, PeterGBR / NZL
Tom Clancy’s Jack RyanJack RyanTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan3,2700118/cpm2018Cuse, Carlton (creator)USA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E01): PilotJack Ryan (ep. 01): PilotTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E01)2,8133021/cpm2018Tyldum, MortenUSA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E02): French ConnectionJack Ryan (ep. 02): Francouzská spojkaTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E02)3,279119/cpm2018Sackheim, DanielUSA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E03): Black 22Jack Ryan (ep. 03): Černá 22Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E03)3,192219/cpm2018Riggen, PatriciaUSA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E04): The WolfJack Ryan (ep. 04): VlkTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E04)3,274718/cpm2018Sackheim, DanielUSA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E05): End of HonorJack Ryan (ep. 05): End of HonorTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E05)3,480517/cpm2018Riggen, PatriciaUSA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E06): Sources and MethodsJack Ryan (ep. 06): Zdroje a metodyTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E06)3,397018/cpm2018Cuse, CarltonUSA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E07): The BoyJack Ryan (ep. 07): ChlapecTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E07)3,380118/cpm2018Riggen, PatriciaUSA
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E08): InshallahJack Ryan (ep. 08)Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (S01E08)3,863516/cpm2018Sackheim, DanielUSA
Tomb RaiderTomb RaiderTomb Raider2,4272225/cpm1350/cph2018Uthaug, RoarUSA
UnchartedUnchartedUncharted2,335426/cpm2018Ungar, AllanUSA
UpgradeUpgradeUpgrade3,8143115/cpm900/cph2018Whannell, LeighAUS
Vaši dokumentyVaše dokladyPapers, Please: The Short Film3,618517/cpm2018Ordynskij, NikitaRUS
VenomVenomVenom2,9182320/cpm1100/cph2018Fleischer, RubenUSA
Zabawa, zabawaZábava, zábavaPlaying Hard18,42703/cpm100/cph2018Dębska, KingaPOL
Život herce: František NěmecŽivot herce: František NěmecAn Actor’s Life: František Němec8,53637/cpm2018Strach, JiříCZE
Alien: CovenantVetřelec: CovenantAlien: Covenant3,3202618/cpm1000/cph2017Scott, RidleyGBR / AUS / NZL / USA
American AssassinAmerický zabijákAmerican Assassin3200019/cpm1100/cph2017Cuesta, MichaelUSA
Atomic BlondeAtomic Blonde: Bez lítostiAtomic Blonde5,5116411/cpm600/cph2017Leitch, DavidUSA
Baby DriverBaby DriverBaby Driver2,4262924/cpm1350/cph2017Wright, EdgarUSA
Before I FallChvíle před koncemBefore I Fall5,1106912/cpm724/cph2017Russo-Young, RyUSA
Blade Runner 2049Blade Runner 2049Blade Runner 20495,5165611/cpm600/cph2017Villeneuve, DenisUSA / CAN / GBR
BohémaBohémaBohéma5,5489311/cpm2017Sedláček, RobertCZE
Bohéma (01): Snad to nebude tak hroznéBohéma: Snad to nebude tak hroznéBohema (01)5,376611/cpm2017Sedláček, RobertCZE
Bohéma (02): Past na svědomíBohéma: Past na svědomíBohema (02)5,874810/cpm2017Sedláček, RobertCZE
Bohéma (03): Krev, půda a strachBohéma: Krev, půda a strachBohema (03)5,879610/cpm2017Sedláček, RobertCZE
Bohéma (04): A přece se točíBohéma: A přece se točíBohema (04)5,181812/cpm2017Sedláček, RobertCZE
Bohéma (05): Vyhrát za každou cenuBohéma: Vyhrát za každou cenuBohema (05)5,483711/cpm2017Sedláček, RobertCZE
Bohéma (06): Dvojí tvářeBohéma: Dvojí tvářeBohema (06)5,892810/cpm2017Sedláček, RobertCZE
CocoCocoCoco3,5162617/cpm1000/cph2017Unkrich, Lee; Molina, AdrianUSA
Crooked HouseHadí doupěCrooked House3,8169616/cpm900/cph2017Paquet-Brenner, GillesGBR
Dark Tower, TheTemná věžDark Tower, The2,5203224/cpm1300/cph2017Arcel, NikolajUSA
Darkest HourNejtemnější hodinaDarkest Hour7,49518/cpm400/cph2017Wright, JoeUSA / GBR
Doctor Who (S10)Pán času (S10)Doctor Who (S10)3,11048819/cpm2018Moffat, Steven (showrunner)GBR
Doctor Who (S10E01): The PilotPán času: PilotDoctor Who (S10E01)3,192819/cpm2017Gough, LawrenceGBR
Doctor Who (S10E02): SmilePán času: ÚsměvDoctor Who (S10E02)3,478018/cpm2017Gough, LawrenceGBR
Doctor Who (S10E03): Thin IcePán času: Na tenkém leděDoctor Who (S10E03)2,988520/cpm2017Anderson, BillGBR
Doctor Who (S10E04): Knock, KnockPán času: Ťuk, ťukDoctor Who (S10E04)2,698623/cpm2017Anderson, BillGBR
Doctor Who (S10E05): OxygenPán času: KyslíkDoctor Who (S10E05)2,889821/cpm2017Palmer, CharlesGBR
Doctor Who (S10E06): ExtremisPán času: ExtremisDoctor Who (S10E06)3,286018/cpm2017Nettheim, DanielGBR
Doctor Who (S10E07): The Pyramid at the End of the WorldPán času: Pyramida na konci světaDoctor Who (S10E07)3,186719/cpm2017Nettheim, DanielGBR
Doctor Who (S10E08): The Lie of the LandPán času: Země lžíDoctor Who (S10E08)3,376618/cpm2017Yip, WayneGBR
Doctor Who (S10E09): The Empress of MarsPán času: Vládkyně MarsuDoctor Who (S10E09)3,570717/cpm2017Yip, WayneGBR
Doctor Who (S10E10): The Eaters of LightPán času: Pojídač světlaDoctor Who (S10E10)2,982220/cpm2017Palmer, CharlesGBR
Doctor Who (S10E11): World Enough and TimePán času: Mít tak všechen čas světaDoctor Who (S10E11)2,988620/cpm2017Talalay, RachelGBR
Doctor Who (S10E12): The Doctor FallsPán času: Doctorův pádDoctor Who (S10E12)3,2110319/cpm2017Talalay, RachelGBR
Doctor Who: Twice Upon a TimePán času: Dvakrát za životDoctor Who: Twice Upon a Time3,4103517/cpm1000/cph2017Talalay, RachelGBR
DownsizingZmenšováníDownsizing7,310498/cpm400/cph2017Payne, AlexanderUSA
Ducktales: Woo-oo!Kačeří příběhy: Woo-oo!Ducktales: Woo-oo!3,474818/cpm2017Aoshima, John; Terrace, DanaUSA
DunkirkDunkerkDunkirk3,7157716/cpm900/cph2017Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Earth: One Amazing DayEarth: Den na zázračné planetěEarth: One Amazing Day5,792910/cpm600/cph2017Webber, Peter; Dale, Richard; Fan, LixinGBR / CHN
EXO: Are We Alone?EXOEXO: Are We Alone?20,2893/cpm2017Gauthier, SébastienCAN
Fate of the Furious, TheRychle a zběsile 8Fate of the Furious, The1,9359729/cpm1650/cph2017Gray, F. GaryUSA / FRA / CAN / GBR / SAM
Five Came Back (01): The Mission BeginsBylo jich pět (01)Five Came Back (01): The Mission Begins3,985115/cpm2017Bouzereau, LaurentUSA
Foreigner, TheCizinecForeigner, The3,6172616/cpm900/cph2017Campbell, MartinGBR / CHN / USA
Gene Kelly: vivre et danserGene KellyGene Kelly: Live to Dance5,852910/cpm2017Tessier, BertrandFRA
GeostormGeostorm: Globální nebezpečíGeostorm2,8216121/cpm1150/cph2017Devlin, DeanUSA
Ghost in the ShellGhost in the ShellGhost in the Shell3,8149316/cpm944/cph2017Sanders, RupertUSA
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Strážci Galaxie Vol. 2MCU: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 23,2238118/cpm1050/cph2017Gunn, JamesUSA
Happy Death DayVšechno nejhoršíHappy Death Day2,9181220/cpm1216/cph2017Landon, ChristopherUSA
HHhHSmrtihlavMan with the Iron Heart, The5,1133412/cpm700/cph2017Jimenez, CédricFRA / GBR / BEL
ImpromptuImpromptuImpromptu[1,8][318]33/cpm2017Lorenzo, MariaESP
InfernoInfernoInferno2,2303826/cpm1450/cph2017Howard, RonUSA / HUN
ItToIt3,1246919/cpm1050/cph2017Muschietti, AndyUSA
James Stewart, Robert Mitchum: The Two Faces of AmericaJames Stewart, Robert Mitchum: Dvě tváře AmerikyJames Stewart, Robert Mitchum: The Two Faces of America6,253410/cpm2017Monro, GregoryUSA / FRA
John Wick: Chapter TwoJohn Wick 2John Wick: Chapter Two4,3159314/cpm800/cph2017Stahelski, ChadUSA
Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleJumanji: Vítejte v džungliJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle2,5258524/cpm1300/cph2017Kasdan, JakeUSA
Justice LeagueLiga spravedlnostiJustice League3,2199818/cpm1050/cph2017Snyder, Zack; Wheddon, JoshUSA
King Arthur: Legend of the SwordKrál Artuš: Legenda o mečiKing Arthur: Legend of the Sword2,2310626/cpm1450/cph2017Ritchie, GuyGBR / AUS
KojotKojotCoyote3,1238519/cpm1050/cph2017Kostyál, MárkHUN
Kong: Skull IslandKong: Ostrov lebekKong: Skull Island2,8235221/cpm1278/cph2017Vogt-Roberts, JordanUSA / VNM
KřižáčekKřižáčekLittle Crusader17,32813/cpm200/cph2017Kadrnka, VáclavCZE / SVK / ITA
Labyrint (S02E01)Labyrint (S02E01)Labyrint (S02E01)4,573213/cpm2017Strach, JiříCZE
LifeŽivotLife4,3129614/cpm800/cph2017Espinosa, DanielUSA
LoganLogan: WolverineLogan3,3229318/cpm1000/cph2017Mangold, JamesUSA
Logan LuckyLoganovi parťáciLogan Lucky7,98588/cpm400/cph2017Soderberg, StevenUSA
Mindhunter (S01E01)Mindhunter (S01E01)Mindhunter (S01E01)4,474013/cpm2017Fincher, DavidUSA
Mort de Staline, LaZtratili jsme StalinaDeath of Stalin, The4,1142014/cpm800/cph2017Iannucci, ArmandoGBR / FRA / BEL
Mummy, TheMumieMummy, The2,7218422/cpm1200/cph2017Kurtzman, AlexUSA
Murder on the Orient ExpressVražda v Orient ExpresuMurder on the Orient Express6,59649/cpm500/cph2017Branagh, KenethUSA / MLT
Phantom ThreadNit z přízrakůPhantom Thread9,77616/cpm300/cph2017Anderson, Paul ThomasUSA
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No TalesPiráti z Karibiku: Salazarova pomstaPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales2,8249921/cpm1200/cph2017Rønning, Joachim; Sandberg, EspenUSA
Po strništi bosPo strništi bosBarefoot8,410327/cpm400/cph2017Svěrák, JanCZE / SVK / DNK
Post, TheAkta Pentagon: Skrytá válkaPost, The8,27917/cpm2017Spielberg, StevenUSA
Prohlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (01): Jakékoliv náměstí & Venkovní lokaceProhlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (01): Jakékoliv náměstí & Venkovní lokaceExploring Movie Studios: Warner Bros. Studios: Any Town Square & Backlot Exteriors (01)2,716122/cpm2017Pomothy, MartinCZE
Prohlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (02): Archiv & RekvizityProhlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (02): Archiv & RekvizityExploring Movie Studios: Warner Bros. Studios: The Archive & Prop House (02)3,517417/cpm2017Pomothy, MartinCZE
Prohlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (03): Automobilový trezorProhlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (03): Automobilový trezorExploring Movie Studios: Warner Bros. Studios: Picture Car Vault (03)4,37514/cpm2017Pomothy, MartinCZE
Prohlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (04): Úsek 48: Ze scénáře na plátnoProhlídka filmových studií: Warner Bros. Studios (04): Úsek 48: Ze scénáře na plátnoExploring Movie Studios: Warner Bros. Studios: Stage 48: Script to Screen (04)4,410813/cpm2017Pomothy, MartinCZE
Přání k mání (pracovní kopie)Přání k mání (pracovní kopie)Wish to the good, The (work print)7,28548/cpm400/cph2017Karas, VítCZE
Red Nose Day ActuallyLáska nebeská: Den červených nosůRed Nose Day Actually3,228218/cpm2017Curtis, Richard; Whitecross, MatGBR
RevengePomstaRevenge3,2193319/cpm1000/cph2017Fargeat, CoralieFRA
Révolution VHSFenomén VHSVHS Revolution4,865113/cpm2017Kourtchine, DimitriFRA
SalaviinanpolttajatPašeráci alkoholuMoonshiners, The5,214411/cpm2017Kuosmanen, JuhoFIN
Sherlock: The Final ProblemSherlock: Poslední případSherlock: The Final Problem2,5206323/cpm1300/cph2017Caron, BenjaminGBR
Sherlock: The Lying DetectiveSherlock: Skomírající detektivSherlock: The Lying Detective2,7191722/cpm1200/cph2017Hurran, NickGBR
Sherlock: The Six ThatchersSherlock: Šest železných damSherlock: The Six Thatchers3,3154618/cpm1000/cph2017Talalay, RachelGBR
SnømannenSněhulákSnowman, The4,6147913/cpm700/cph2017Alfredson, TomasGBR / NOR / USA
SpectrumSpektrumSpectrum2,128829/cpm2017Khanjani, Ramin S.CAN
Spider-Man: HomecomingSpider-Man: HomecomingMCU: Spider-Man: Homecoming2,8255121/cpm1150/cph2017Watts, JonUSA
SpielbergSpielbergSpielberg4,4186514/cpm800/cph2017Lacy, SusanUSA
Star Wars: The Last JediStar Wars: Poslední z JediůStar Wars: The Last Jedi3,1271819/cpm1050/cph2017Johnson, RianUSA
Stranger Things IIPodivnější věci IIStranger Things II2,9870220/cpm2018Duffer, Matt; Duffer, Ross (showrunners)USA
Stranger Things II (01) – Chapter One: MADMAXPodivnější věci II – kapitola 1Stranger Things II – Chapter One: MADMAX3,280818/cpm2017Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things II (02) – Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, FreakPodivnější věci II – kapitola 2Stranger Things II – Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak3,686016/cpm2017Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things II (03) – Chapter Three: The PollywogPodivnější věci II – kapitola 3Stranger Things II – Chapter Three: The Pollywog3,190119/cpm2017Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things II (04) – Chapter Four: Will the WisePodivnější věci II – kapitola 4Stranger Things II – Chapter Four: Will the Wise2,985320/cpm2017Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things II (05) – Chapter Five: Dig DugPodivnější věci II – kapitola 5Stranger Things II – Chapter Five: Dig Dug2,7 (ASL of fb 0,3)115621/cpm2017Stanton, AndrewUSA
Stranger Things II (06) – Chapter Six: The SpyPodivnější věci II – kapitola 6Stranger Things II – Chapter Six: The Spy392720/cpm2017Stanton, AndrewUSA
Stranger Things II (07) – Chapter Seven: The Lost SisterPodivnější věci II – kapitola 7Stranger Things II – Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister2,598024/cpm2017Thomas, RebeccaUSA
Stranger Things II (08) – Chapter Eight: The Mind FlayerPodivnější věci II – kapitola 8Stranger Things II – Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer2,5102323/cpm2017Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things II (09) – Chapter Nine: The GatePodivnější věci II – kapitola 9Stranger Things II – Chapter Nine: The Gate2,8119421/cpm2017Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Thor: RagnarokThor: RagnarokMCU: Thor: Ragnarok2,6277223/cpm1250/cph2017Waititi, TaikaUSA
Transformers: The Last KnightTransformers: Poslední rytířTransformers: The Last Knight2,6332423/cpm1250/cph2017Bay, MichaelUSA
UnlockedV utajeníUnlocked3,2166618/cpm1000/cph2017Apted, MichaelGBR
Valérian et la Cité des mille planètesValerian a město tisíce planetValerian and the City of a Thousand Planets2,6292323/cpm1250/cph2017Besson, LucFRA
War for the Planet of the ApesVálka o planetu opicWar for the Planet of the Apes5,3147111/cpm600/cph2017Reeves, MattUSA
What Happened to Monday7 životůSeven Sisters2,8245021/cpm1150/cph2017Wirkola, TommyUSA / GBR / FRA / BEL
Wind RiverWind RiverWind River4,7126813/cpm700/cph2017Sharidan, TaylorUSA / GBR / CAN
Wonder WomanWonder WomanWonder Woman3,2236518/cpm1000/cph2017Jenkins, PattyUSA
You Were Never Really HereNikdys nebylYou Were Never Really Here7,96108/cpm450/cph2017Ramsay, LynneGBR / FRA / USA
Zahradnictví: Rodinný přítelZahradnictví: Rodinný přítelGarden Store: A Family Friend7,59938/cpm450/cph2017Hřebejk, JanCZE / SVK
Zhui BuPátráníManhunt2,2278427/cpm1500/cph2017Woo, JohnHKG
10 Cloverfield LaneUlice Cloverfield 1010 Cloverfield Lane4,5129513/cpm800/cph2016Trachtenberg, DanUSA
Accountant, TheZúčtováníAccountant, The3,7192416/cpm900/cph2016Connor, GavinUSA
AgasshiKomornáHandmaiden, The6,812109/cpm500/cph2016Park Chan-wookKOR
AlliedSpojenciAllied7,39418/cpm400/cph2016Zemeckis, RobertUSA
AnthropoidAnthropoidAnthropoid2,9229821/cpm1100/cph2016Ellis, SeanGBR / CZE / FRA
ARQARQARQ4,5110713/cpm700/cph2016Elliot, TonyUSA / CAN
ArrivalPříchozíArrival5,8111210/cpm600/cph2016Villeneuve. DenisUSA
Assassin’s CreedAssassin’s CreedAssassin’s Creed2,5231623/cpm1300/cph2016Kurzel, JustinGBR / FRA / HKG / USA
B-BotB-BotB-Bot5,15412/cpm2016McAdams, BryanUSA
Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeBatman v Superman: Úsvit spravedlnostiBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice3,8227516/cpm900/cph2016Snyder, ZackUSA
BFG, TheObr DobrBFG, The6,69929/cpm500/cph2016Spielberg, StevenUSA
BirkebeinernePoslední králLast King, The4,8114212/cpm700/cph2016Gaup, NilsNOR
Blockbusters 80, la folle décennie d’HollywoodFilmové hity 80. let80s Blockbusters: When Hollywood Played Tough3,489218/cpm2016Lefranc, Jean-MartialFRA
BoosanhaengVlak do PusanuTrain to Busan4,2158514/cpm800/cph2016Yeon, Sang-hoKOR
Braciszek KarelBratříček KarelBrother Karel6,87039/cpm500/cph2016Krauze, KrystynaCZE / POL
Captain America: Civil WarCaptain America: Občanská válkaMCU: Captain America: Civil War2,8289021/cpm1150/cph2016Russo, Anthony; Russo, JoeUSA
ContratiempoNehodaInvisible Guest, The3,4176618/cpm1000/cph2016Paolo, OriolESP
Crown, The (S01E01): Wolferton SplashKoruna (S01E01): Wolfertonská senzaceCrown, The (S01E01)6,152010/cpm2016Daldry, StephenGBR / USA
Červený kapitánRudý kapitánRed Captain, The3,8165816/cpm900/cph2016Kollár, MichalSVK
DeadpoolDeadpoolDeadpool2,9202820/cpm1100/cph2016Miller, TimUSA
Deepwater HorizonDeepwater Horizon: Moře v plamenechDeepwater Horizon3188320/cpm1100/cph2016Berg, PeterUSA
Dincolo de calea ferataU tratiBy the Rails14,93454/cpm200/cph2016Mitulescu, CătălinROM / CHE
Doctor StrangeDoctor StrangeMCU: Doctor Strange3,4179917/cpm1000/cph2016Derrickson, ScottUSA
Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor MysterioDoctor Who: Návrat Doktora MysteriaDoctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio2,8123321/cpm2016Bazalgette, EdwardGBR
DubluPod tlakemDouble521131/cpm69/cph2016Dănăiaţă, CatrinelROM
Duels: Chaplin – Keaton, le clochard milliardaire et le funambule déchuChaplin versus KeatonChaplin/Keaton: Duel of Legends6,35189/cpm2016Backès, SimonFRA
EkipažNouzový letCrew, The3,3237118/cpm1000/cph2016Lebeděv, NikolajRUS
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemFantastická zvířata a kde je najítFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them3,7198616/cpm900/cph2016Yates, DavidGBR / USA
Flaskepost fra PVzkaz v láhviConspiracy of Faith, A4,5142113/cpm700/cph2016Moland, Hans PeterDNK / DEU / NOR
GhostbustersKrotitelé duchůGhostbusters2,5250324/cpm1300/cph2016Feig, PaulUSA
Girl on the Train, TheDívka ve vlakuGirl on the Train, The4157415/cpm800/cph2016Taylor, TateUSA
Gods of EgyptBohové EgyptaGods of Egypt2,7251322/cpm1200/cph2016Proyas, AlexUSA
Chang chengVelká čínská zeďGreat Wall, The3,1175619/cpm1100/cph2016Yimou, ZhangCHN / USA
Independence Day: ResurgenceDen nezávislosti: Nový útokIndependence Day: Resurgence2,5263124/cpm1300/cph2016Emmerich, RolandUSA
Já, Olga HepnarováJá, Olga HepnarováI, Olga Hepnarová242503/cpm100/cph2016Weinreb, Tomáš; Kazda, PetrCZE
Jack Reacher: Never Go BackJack Reacher: Nevracej seJack Reacher: Never Go Back3223320/cpm1100/cph2016Zwick, EdwardUSA
Jak odchází prezidentJak odchází prezidentWay the President Departs, The15,61934/cpm200/cph2016Kačírek, PavelCZE
Jason BourneJason BourneJason Bourne2,3289726/cpm1400/cph2016Greengrass, PaulUSA
Jungle Book, TheKniha džunglíJungle Book, The3,8148716/cpm900/cph2016Favreau, JonUSA
KosmoKosmoCosmo3,4308818/cpm2016Bártek, JanCZE
Kosmo (01): Sumec nemá kníryKosmo (01): Sumec nemá kníryCosmo (01)3,458618/cpm2016Bártek, JanCZE
Kosmo (02): Česká školaKosmo (02): Česká školaCosmo (02)3,364718/cpm2016Bártek, JanCZE
Kosmo (03): Smrt docentaKosmo (03): Smrt docentaCosmo (03)376720/cpm2016Bártek, JanCZE
Kosmo (04): Řekl někdo kočička?Kosmo (04): Řekl někdo kočička?Cosmo (04)3,257518/cpm2016Bártek, JanCZE
Kosmo (05): TriumfKosmo (05): TriumfCosmo (05)4,451314/cpm2016Bártek, JanCZE
Kubo and the Two StringsKubo a kouzelný mečKubo and the Two Strings4138215/cpm800/cph2016Knight, TravisUSA
Legend of Tarzan, TheLegenda o TarzanoviLegend of Tarzan, The3,7160516/cpm900/cph2016Yates, DavidUSA
Lída BaarováLída BaarováDevil’s Mistress4,1153714/cpm850/cph2016Renč, FilipCZE
London Has FallenPád LondýnaLondon Has Fallen2,5209124/cpm1300/cph2016Najafi, BabakUSA
Lost City of Z, TheZtracené město ZLost City of Z, The6,2125610/cpm500/cph2016Gray, JamesUSA
Lumière! L’aventure commenceBratři LumiérovéLumière!30,61702/cpm100/cph2016Frémaux, ThierryFRA
Magnificent Seven, TheSedm statečnýchMagnificent Seven, The2,6291223/cpm1250/cph2016Fuqua, AntoineUSA
MasarykMasarykMasaryk4,2147814/cpm800/cph2016Ševčík, JuliusCZE / SVK
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenSirotčinec slečny Peregrinové pro podivné dětiMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children3229620/cpm1100/cph2016Burton, TimUSA
Modré stínyModré stínyBlue Shadows8,218987/cpm2016Tauš, ViktorCZE
Modré stíny (01)Modré stíny (01)Blue Shadows (01)6,46279/cpm2016Tauš, ViktorCZE
Modré stíny (02)Modré stíny (02)Blue Shadows (02)8,74647/cpm2016Tauš, ViktorCZE
Modré stíny (03)Modré stíny (03)Blue Shadows (03)8,24587/cpm2016Tauš, ViktorCZE
Modré stíny (04)Modré stíny (04)Blue Shadows (04)10,73496/cpm2016Tauš, ViktorCZE
Nice Guys, TheSprávní chlapiNice Guys, The3,1210519/cpm1100/cph2016Black, ShaneUSA
PassengersPasažéřiPassengers3,3189218/cpm963/cph2016Tyldum, MortenUSA
PatersonPatersonPaterson7,68828/cpm450/cph2016Jarmusch, JimUSA
Pět mrtvých psůPět mrtvých psůFive Dead Dogs6,2164010/cpm553/cph2016Hřebejk, JanCZE
Pět mrtvých psů (01)Pět mrtvých psů (01)Five Dead Dogs (01)6,55679/cpm553/cph2016Hřebejk, JanCZE
Pět mrtvých psů (02)Pět mrtvých psů (02)Five Dead Dogs (02)6,65029/cpm2016Hřebejk, JanCZE
Pět mrtvých psů (03)Pět mrtvých psů (03)Five Dead Dogs (03)5,657111/cpm2016Hřebejk, JanCZE
PolednicePoledniceNoonday Witch, The9,15457/cpm350/cph2016Sádek, JiříCZE
PowidokyMžitkyAfterimage9,55896/cpm300/cph2016Wajda, AndrzejPOL
Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryRogue One: Star Wars StoryRogue One: A Star Wars Story2,8262421/cpm1150/cph2016Edwards, GarethUSA
Secret Life of Pets, TheTajný život mazlíčkůSecret Life of Pets, The4,8110412/cpm700/cph2016Renaud, Chris; Cheney, YarrowUSA
Sherlock: The Abominable BrideSherlock: Přízračná nevěstaSherlock: The Abominable Bride3,5149017/cpm1000/cph2016Mackinnon, DouglasGBR
SilenceMlčeníSilence5,1177212/cpm600/cph2016Scorsese, MartinUSA / MEX / TWN
SnowdenSnowdenSnowden4,6166613/cpm700/cph2016Stone, OliverUSA
Sorjonen (S01E01): Nukkekoti 1/3Sorjonen (S01E01): Domeček pro panenky (část první)Sorjonen (S01E01): The Dolls‘ House 1/3566212/cpm2016Kähönen, Jyri; Oikkonen, Miikko; Syrjä, JuusoFIN
SplitRozpolcenýSplit6,1108910/cpm500/cph2016Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Star Trek BeyondStar Trek: Do neznámaStar Trek Beyond3,5189417/cpm1000/cph2016Lin, JustinUSA
Stranger Things IPodivnější věci IStranger Things I3,7606916/cpm2016Duffer, Matt; Duffer, Ross (showrunners)USA
Stranger Things I (01) – Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will ByersPodivnější věci – kapitola 1: Zmizení Willa ByerseStranger Things – Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers3,186919/cpm2016Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things I (02) Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple StreetPodivnější věci – kapitola 2: Podivín na ulici MapleStranger Things – Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street3,393618/cpm2016Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things I (03) – Chapter Three: Holly, JollyPodivnější věci – kapitola 3: Holly, JollyStranger Things – Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly3,777916/cpm2016Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things I (04) – Chapter Four: The BodyPodivnější věci – kapitola 4: TěloStranger Things – Chapter Four: The Body3,774216/cpm2016Levy, ShawnUSA
Stranger Things I (05) – Chapter Five: The Flea and the AcrobatPodivnější věci – kapitola 5: Blecha a akrobatStranger Things – Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat472715/cpm2016Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things I (06) – Chapter Six: The MonsterPodivnější věci – kapitola 6: PříšeraStranger Things – Chapter Six: The Monster3,183019/cpm2016Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things I (07) – Chapter Seven: The BathtubPodivnější věci – kapitola 7: NádržStranger Things – Chapter Seven: The Bathtub3,859716/cpm2016Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Stranger Things I (08) – Chapter Eight: The Upside DownPodivnější věci – kapitola 8: Vzhůru nohamaStranger Things – Chapter Eight: The Upside Down5,258917/cpm2016Duffer, Matt; Duffer, RossUSA
Suicide SquadSebevražedný oddílSuicide Squad2,6257523/cpm1250/cph2016Ayer, DavidUSA
SullySully: Zázrak na řece HudsonSully3,7141816/cpm900/cph2016Eastwood, ClintUSA
SuperhrdinaSuperhrdinaSuperhero6,61109/cpm2016Kučera, ŠtěpánCZE
Toni ErdmannToni ErdmannToni Erdmann11,28155/cpm300/cph2016Ade, MarenAUT / DEU
TowerVěžTower3,4131117/cpm1000/cph2016Maitland, KeithUSA
Truffaut – Godard, scénario d’une ruptureTruffaut versus Godard: Scénář jednoho rozchoduTruffaut versus Godard9,23486/cpm2016Duguet, Claire; Guigue, ArnaudFRA
Voyage à travers le cinéma françaisPutování francouzským filmemMy Journey Through French Cinema7,714478/cpm450/cph2016Tavernier, BertrandFRA
WarcraftWarcraft: První střetWarcraft3,6184516/cpm900/cph2016Jones, DuncanUSA
Wo hu cang long 2: Qing ming bao jianTygr a drak: Meč osuduCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny3,1170919/cpm1065/cph2016Yuen, Woo-pingCHN / HKG / USA
X-Men: ApocalypseX-Men: ApokalypsaX-Men: Apocalypse2,5317924/cpm1300/cph2016Singer, BryanUSA
ZootopiaZootropolis: Město zvířatZootopia3,4166417/cpm1000/cph2016Howard, Byron; Moore, RichUSA
Age of Adaline, TheVěčně mladáAge of Adaline, The4,1153514/cpm800/cph2015Krieger, Lee TolandUSA
Ant-ManAnt-ManMCU: Ant-Man2,7241822/cpm1200/cph2015Reed, PaytonUSA
Belmondo par BelmondoBelmondo o BelmondoviBelmondo about Belmondo5,5109811/cpm600/cph2015Mardon, RégisFRA
BølgenVlnaWave, The3,3180118/cpm1000/cph2015Uthaug, RoarNOR
Bridge of SpiesMost špionůBridge of Spies7,99998/cpm400/cph2015Spielberg, StevenUSA
Buster Keaton: Un génie brisé par HollywoodBuster Keaton – génius, kterého zničil HollywoodBuster Keaton: The Genius Destroyed by Hollywood4,964012/cpm2015Péretié, Jean-BaptisteFRA
Cary Grant, de l’autre côté du miroirCary GrantBecoming Cary Grant4,961412/cpm700/cph2015Kidel, MarkFRA
Cìkè Niè YinniángAssassinAssassin, The26,32292/cpm100/cph2015Hou Hsiao-HsienTCHA / CHN / HKG
Córki dancinguVábení sirénLure, The8,65957/cpm400/cph2015Smoczyńska, AgnieczkaPOL
Doctor Who: The Husbands of River SongDoctor Who: Manželé River SongovéDoctor Who: The Husbands of River Song2,8119421/cpm2015Mackinnon, DouglasGBR
EdgeEdgeEdge3116619/cpm1163/cph2015Black, ShaneUSA
EntourageVincentův světEntourage6,416069/cpm2015Ellin, DougUSA
Ex MachinaEx MachinaEx Machina6,39609/cpm599/cph2015Garland, AlexUSA / GBR
Fantastic Four, TheFantastická čtyřkaFantastic Four, The3,2173518/cpm1000/cph2015Trank, JoshUSA
Fast & Furious 7Rychle a zběsile 7Fast & Furious 72388830/cpm1700/cph2015Wan, JamesUSA
Galloping MindCválající myslGalloping Mind4,7134213/cpm700/cph2015Vandekeybus, WimBEL / HUN / NLD
Gangster KaGangster KaGangster Ka6,58929/cpm2015Pachl, JanCZE
Good Dinosaur, TheHodný dinosaurusGood Dinosaur, The3,7141316/cpm900/cph2015Sohn, PeterUSA
Hateful Eight, TheOsm hroznýchHateful Eight, The6,814299/cpm499/cph2015Tarantino, QuentinUSA
Hitchcock/TruffautHitchcock/TruffautHitchcock/Truffaut4,3102514/cpm800/cph2015Jones, KentUSA
Horná Dolná (S01E01): VolbyHorná Dolná: VolbyHorná Dolná (S01E01): Volby6,64819/cpm2015Jančo, TomášSVK
Hunger Games, The: Mockingjay – Part 2Hunger Games: Síla vzdoru 2. částHunger Games, The: Mockingjay – Part 25,2143811/cpm2015Lawrence, FrancisUSA
Chickening, TheOdrůbeženíChickening, The38720/cpm2015Force, Davy; DonBoer, NickCAN
Child 44Dítě číslo 44Child 444,4176214/cpm750/cph2015Espinosa, DanielUSA / CZE / GBR / ROM
In the Heart of the SeaV srdci mořeIn the Heart of the Sea3,4196717/cpm1000/cph2015Howard, RonUSA
Inside OutV hlavěInside Out3,4145717/cpm1000/cph2015Docter, Pete; Del Carmen, RonaldoUSA
Jurassic WorldJurský světJurassic World3,9176315/cpm900/cph2015Trevorrow, ColinUSA
LavaLávaLava7,4528/cpm2015Murphy, James FordUSA
LifeLifeLife6,89199/cpm2015Corbijn, AntonCAN / DEU
Mad Max: Fury RoadŠílený Max: Zběsilá cestaMad Max: Fury Road2,6258123/cpm1446/cph2015Miller, GoergeAUS / USA
Man from U.N.C.L.E., TheKrycí jméno U.N.C.L.E.Man from U.N.C.L.E., The2,7239222/cpm1200/cph2015Ritchie, GuyUSA
Martian, TheMarťanMartian, The3,6223316/cpm903/cph2015Scott, RidleyUSA
Mifune: The Last SamuraiMifune: Poslední samurajMifune: The Last Samurai5,385411/cpm696/cph2015Okazaki, StevenUSA
Mission: Impossible – Rogue NationMission: Impossible – Národ grázlůMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation2,6281023/cpm1389/cph2015McQuarrie, ChristopherUSA
Mr. HolmesPan HolmesMr. Holmes3,9151915/cpm900/cph2015Condon, BillGBR / USA
Petit Prince, LeMalý princLittle Prince, The3,7154316/cpm900/cph2015Osborne, MarkFRA
Případ pro exorcistuPřípad pro exorcistuCase of the Exorcist5,7196110/cpm633/cph2015Hřebejk, JanCZE
Případ pro exorcistu (01)Případ pro exorcistu (01)Case of the Exorcist (01)5,665811/cpm633/cph2015Hřebejk, JanCZE
Případ pro exorcistu (02)Případ pro exorcistu (02)Case of the Exorcist (02)5,371211/cpm668/cph2015Hřebejk, JanCZE
Případ pro exorcistu (03)Případ pro exorcistu (03)Case of the Exorcist (03)6,35919/cpm567/cph2015Hřebejk, JanCZE
QuayQuayQuay4,79913/cpm2015Nolan, ChristopherGBR
Rabin, the Last DayRabin, poslední denRabin, the Last Day14,86084/cpm200/cph2015Gital, AmosISR / FRA
San AndreasSan AndreasSan Andreas3,1200919/cpm1231/cph2015Peyton, BradUSA
Sedmero krkavcůSedmero krkavcůSeven Ravens, The2,7214022/cpm1200/cph2015Nellis, AliceCZE / SR
SicarioSicario: Nájemný vrahSicario6,610329/cpm500/cph2015Villeneuve. DenisUSA
SolaceV mysli vrahaSolace2,6214123/cpm1369/cph2015Poyart, AfonsoUSA
SpectreSpectreJames Bond: Spectre3,5232117/cpm1000/cph2015Mendes, SamUSA / GBR
SpotlightSpotlightSpotlight6,311539/cpm2015McCarthy, TomUSA
Star Wars: The Force AwakensStar Wars: Síla se probouzíStar Wars: The Force Awakens3,4218517/cpm1000/cph2015Abrams, J. J.USA
Steve JobsSteve JobsSteve Jobs4,4161414/cpm800/cph2015Boyle, DannyUSA
SurvivorPoslední přežijeSurvivor3,1164919/cpm1124/cph2015McTeigue, JamesUSA
Tajemství Rudolfa HrušínskéhoTajemství Rudolfa HrušínskéhoRudolf Hrušínský’s Secret, The82887/cpm2015Dražan, PavelCZE
Terminator: GenisysTerminator GenisysTerminator: Genisys3,2221119/cpm1000/cph2015Taylor, AlanUSA
This Is Orson WellesOrson Welles!This Is Orson Welles7,24528/cpm2015Kuperberg, Clara; Kuperberg, JuliaFRA
TomorrowlandZemě zítřkaTomorrowland3,9185315/cpm2015Bird, BradUSA
Visit, TheNávštěvaVisit, The17,72973/cpm2015Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Wildlife Crossing!Pozor, zvěř!Wildlife Crossing!3,19320/cpm2015Držiak, NoroCZE
Ye-Wen 3Ip Man 3Yip Man 33,2188319/cpm1000/cph2015Yip, WilsonHKG / CHN
3 Days to KillTři dny na zabití3 Days to Kill2,1316627/cpm1500/cph2014McGUSA / FRA / GRE / RUS
Adieu au langageSbohem jazykuGoodbye Language10,63836/cpm2014Godard, Jean-LucFRA
Affaire SK1, L‘Případ SK1Affaire SK1, L‘5,6121111/cpm600/cph2014Tellier, FrédéricFRA
Astérix: Le domaine des dieuxAsterix: Sídliště bohůAsterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods4,3109214/cpm800/cph2014Clichy, Louis; Astier, AlexandreFRA / BEL
Batman: Assault on ArkhamBatman: Útok na ArkhamBatman: Assault on Arkham2,7158022/cpm1200/cph2014Oliva, Jay; Spaulding, EthanUSA
BoyhoodChlapectvíBoyhood4,7202513/cpm700/cph2014Linklater, RichardUSA
Captain America: The Winter SoldierCaptain America: Návrat prvního AvengeraMCU: Captain America: The Winter Soldier2,6287523/cpm1250/cph2014Russo, Anthony; Russo, JoeUSA
České století (09): Ať si jdou (1992)České století (09): Ať si jdou (1992)Czech Century (09)4,5103013/cpm700/cph2014Sedláček, RobertCZE
Duels: Visconti, Fellini, duel à l’italienneVisconti vs. FelliniVisconti vs. Fellini. Italian Standoff9,53356/cpm2014Montel, Marie-Dominique; Jones, ChristopherFRA
Edge of TomorrowNa hraně zítřkaEdge of Tomorrow3,1200819/cpm1173/cph2014Liman, DougUSA / GBR
Equalizer, TheEqualizerEqualizer, The3,2236019/cpm1095/cph2014Fuqua, AntoineUSA
FasandræberneZabijáciAbsent One, The4169115/cpm800/cph2014Nørgaard, MikkelDNK
Fehér istenBílý bůhWhite God4,713/cpm700/cph2014Mundruczó, KornélHUN / DEU / SWE
Game, The (01)Hra (01)Game, The (01)4,172715/cpm2014MacCormick, NiallGBR
GodzillaGodzillaGodzilla4,7143913/cpm700/cph2014Edwards, GarethUSA / JAP
Gone GirlZmizeláGone Girl3,2267319/cpm1000/cph2014Fincher, DavidUSA
Chaplin, la légende du siècle (01)Chaplin bez masky (01): VzestupChaplin: The Legend of the Century – Part One: The Rise5,351611/cpm2014Martin, Frederic; Leboulch, AnneFRA
InterstellarInterstellarInterstellar4,2231714/cpm825/cph2014Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Into the StormV oku tornádaInto the Storm5,984210/cpm600/cph2014Quale, StevenUSA
Isla mínima, LaMokřinaMarshland4,6130813/cpm700/cph2014Rodriguez, AlbertoSPA
Jersey BoysJersey BoysJersey Boys5,3142511/cpm600/cph2014Eastwood, ClintUSA
John WickJohn WickJohn Wick3,6152416/cpm900/cph2014Stahelski, ChaUSA
Johnny ExpressJohnny ExpressJohnny Express3,97815/cpm2014Woo, KiungminKOR
Life ItselfŽivot Rogera EbertaLife Itself5,4132711/cpm600/cph2014James, SteveUSA
LucyLucyLucy2,6184623/cpm1250/cph2014Bresson, LucFRA
November Man, TheNovember ManNovember Man, The3,2189419/cpm1109/cph2014Donaldson, RogerUSA
PompeiiPompejePompeii2,3247626/cpm1400/cph2014Anderson, Paul W. S.CAN / DEU / USA
PrematurePředčasně*Premature3,8136916/cpm900/cph2014Beers, DanUSA
Případy 1. oddělení (S01E01): RozčtvrcenáPřípady 1. oddělení (S01E01)Cases of the 1st Department (S01E01)4,581813/cpm797/cph2014Wlodarczyk, DanCZE
Rose Reborn, AZnovuzrozená růžeRose Reborn, A7,51308/cpm2014Park Chan-wookITA
Salvation, TheSpásaSalvation, The5,1111312/cpm650/cph2014Levring, KristianDNK / GBR / JAR
Serbuan Maut 2: BerandalZátah 2Raid 2, The5,1168312/cpm594/cph2014Edwards, GarethIDN / USA
She Makes ComicsOna dělá do komiksů!She Makes Comics4,589213/cpm700/cph2014Stotter, MarisaUSA
Stonehearst AsylumE.A. Poe: Podivný experimentStonehearst Asylum3,4192617/cpm1000/cph2014Anderson, BradUSA
Walk Among the Tombstones, AMezi náhrobními kamenyWalk Among the Tombstones, A5,2125411/cpm645/cph2014Scott, FrankUSA
Ztracený případZtracený případLost Case6,35199/cpm2014Štětina, RomanCZE
Život podle Václava HavlaŽivot podle Václava HavlaLife by Vaclav Havel3,9105615/cpm900/cph2014Sedláčková, AndreaCZE
„Perspectives“: David Suchet: The Mystery of Agatha ChristieTajemná Agatha Christie„Perspectives“: David Suchet: The Mystery of Agatha Christie9,33726/cpm350/cph2013Lewins, ClareGBR
After EarthPo zániku ZeměAfter Earth5,3105111/cpm669/cph2013Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part TwoBatman: Návrat Temného rytíře, část 2Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part Two3145120/cpm1100/cph2013Oliva, JayUSA
CargoZásilkaCargo4,48814/cpm2013Howling, Ben; Ramke, YolandaAUS
České století (02): Den po Mnichovu (1938)České století (02): Den po Mnichovu (1938)Czech Century (02)6,35949/cpm2013Sedláček, RobertCZE
Fast & Furious 6Rychle a zběsile 6Fast & Furious 61,9383831/cpm1831/cph2013Lin, JustinUSA
G. I. Joe: RetaliationG.I. Joe 2: OdvetaG. I. Joe: Retaliation2,2275027/cpm1539/cph2013Chu, JonUSA
GamgiChřipkaFlu, The2,5275924/cpm1300/cph2013Kim Seong-suKOR
Gangster SquadGangster Squad – Lovci mafieGangster Squad2,9215420/cpm1184/cph2013Fleischer, RubenUSA
GetawayZávod s časemGetaway1,6324835/cpm2000/cph2013Solomon, CourtneyUSA / BGR
Hansel & Gretel: Witch HuntersJeníček a Mařenka: Lovci čarodějnicHansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters2,5189124/cpm1300/cph2013Wirkola, TommyUSA / DEU
Iron Man ThreeIron Man 3MCU: Iron Man Three2,4295725/cpm1350/cph2013Black, ShaneUSA
Jack the Giant SlayerJack a obřiJack the Giant Slayer3,3190918/cpm1117/cph2013Singer, BryanUSA
JanaJanaJana7,3649/cpm2013Sitová, ZdeňkaCZE
Kvinden i buretŽena v kleciKeeper of Lost Causes, The5110412/cpm700/cph2013Nørgaard, MikkelDNK / DEU / NOR / CHE
LockeNoční jízdaLocke9,35126/cpm407/cph2013Knight, StevenUSA
MetroMetroMetro2370629/cpm1876/cph2013Megerdičev, AntonRUS
Musidora, la dixième museMusidora, desátá múza*Musidora, the Tenth Muse5,569011/cpm647/cph2013Cazals, PatrickFRA
Neobyčejný život paní Libuše ŠafránkovéNeobyčejný život paní Libuše ŠafránkovéMrs. Libuše Šafránková’s Unusual Life*9,33726/cpm2013Abrhám, JosefCZE
Night of the Doctor, TheDoktorova nocNight of the Doctor, The2,416224/cpm2013Hayes, JohnGBR
Olympus Has FallenPád Bílého domuOlympus Has Fallen2,5259724/cpm1455/cph2013Fuqua, AntoineUSA
Příběh kmotraPříběh kmotraStory of a God-Father, The4,3127714/cpm800/cph2013Nikolaev, PetrCZE
Red 2Red 2Red 22,5252024/cpm1356/cph2013Parisot, DeanFRA / USA
Riddick (DC)Riddick (DC)Riddick (DC)3,7195816/cpm900/cph2013Twohy, DavidUSA / GBR
Star Trek: Into DarknessStar Trek: Do temnotyStar Trek: Into Darkness3,5206417/cpm1000/cph2013Abrams, J. J.USA
White House DownÚtok na Bílý důmWhite House Down2,1360129/cpm1499/cph2013Emmerich, RolandUSA
Wolverine, TheWolverineWolverine, The3,2214218/cpm1066/cph2013Mangold, JamesAU / USA
World War ZSvětová válka ZWorld War Z2,5261424/cpm1556/cph2013Forster, MarcUSA
ArgoArgoArgo3,3204418/cpm1111/cph2012Affleck, BenUSA
Arrow (S01E01): PilotArrow (S01E01): Nový začátekArrow (S01E01)2,5100624/cpm2012Nutter, DavidUSA
Arrow (S01E02): Honor Thy FatherArrow (S01E02): Cti otce svéhoArrow (S01E02)2,889821/cpm2012Barrett, DavidUSA
Arrow (S01E03): Lone GunmanArrow (S01E03): Osamělý střelecArrow (S01E03)2,985820/cpm2012Norman Bee, GuyUSA
Arrow (S01E04): An Innocent ManArrow (S01E04): Nevinný mužArrow (S01E04)3,373718/cpm2012Misiano, VincentUSA
Arrow (S01E05): DamagedArrow (S01E05): ŠrámyArrow (S01E05)2,984221/cpm2012Schultz, MichaelUSA
Arrow (S01E06): LegaciesArrow (S01E06): OdkazArrow (S01E06)2,986021/cpm2012Behring, JohnUSA
Avengers, TheAvengersMCU: The Avengers2,8280521/cpm1243/cph2012Whedon, JossUSA
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The (S02E01): Alone Against A.I.M.Avengers: Nejmocnější hrdinové světa (S02E01)Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The: Alone Against A.I.M.2,843921/cpm2012Kirkland, BoydUSA
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The (S02E01): The Private War of Dr. DoomAvengers: Nejmocnější hrdinové světa (S02E01)Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The: The Private War of Dr. Doom3,139619/cpm2012Hartle, GaryUSA
Bourne Legacy, TheBourneův odkazBourne Legacy, The2,9250320/cpm1000/cph2012Gilroy, TonyUSA
Cesta za černým zlatemCesta za černým zlatemRoad to Black Gold, The7,1958/cpm2012Zmrzlý, Roman; Kramář, RadovanCZE
Company You Keep, ThePravidla mlčeníCompany You Keep, The5,4133011/cpm704/cph2012Redford, RobertUSA
Dark Knight Rises, TheTemný rytíř povstalDark Knight Rises, The3,4271517/cpm974/cph2012Nolan, ChristopherUSA / GBR
Django UnchainedNespoutaný DjangoDjango Unchained4,9195412/cpm726/cph2012Tarantino, QuentinUSA
DreddDreddDredd3,6148516/cpm1030/cph2012Travis, PeteJAR / GBR / IND / USA
Expatriate, TheAgent na útěkuExpatriate, The2,9192420/cpm1208/cph2012Stölzl, PhilippUSA / CAN / BEL / GBR
FlightLetFlight7,910008/cpm612/cph2012Zemeckis, RobertUSA
FluktÚtěkEscape2,7167122/cpm1394/cph2012Uthaug, RoarNOR
HitchcockHitchcockHitchcock4,9111012/cpm769/cph2012Gervasi, SachaUSA
Christmas Wedding Date, ASvatba o VánocíchChristmas Wedding Date, A3,9130015/cpm958/cph2012Ray, Fred OlenUSA
Jack ReacherJack Reacher: Poslední výstřelJack Reacher3,8197916/cpm893/cph2012McQuarrie, ChristopherUSA
John CarterJohn Carter: Mezi dvěma světyJohn Carter3238619/cpm1100/cph2012Stanton, AndrewUSA
LawlessZemě bez zákonaLawless4,1156214/cpm800/cph2012Hillcoat, JohnUSA
Life of PiPí a jeho životLife of Pi7,29898/cpm549/cph2012Lee, AngUSA
LincolnLincolnLincoln8,89897/cpm383/cph2012Spielberg, StevenUSA
Master, TheMistrMaster, The15,45074/cpm262/cph2012Anderson, Paul ThomasUSA
Men in Black 3Muži v černém 3Men in Black 33,1186719/cpm1093/cph2012Sonnefeld, BarryUSA
Resident Evil: RetributionResident Evil: OdplataResident Evil: Retribution2,4214425/cpm1477/cph2012Anderson, Paul W. S.CAN
Ruróni Kenšin: Meidži kenkaku romantanPotulný samuraj Kenšin: ZrozeníRurouni Kenshin3,6209916/cpm924/cph2012Ótomo, KeišiJAP
Shi er sheng xiaoČínský zvěrokruhArmour of God III: Chinese Zodiac2,7243722/cph1246/cph2012Chan, JackieHKG / CHN
SkyfallSkyfallJames Bond: Skyfall3,3242518/cpm1000/cph2012Mendes, SamGBR / USA
Tenchi meisatsuŠógunův astronomInsight Into the Universe5,8139510/cpm600/cph2012Takita, JódžiróJAP
Ve stínuVe stínuIn The Shadow6,191510/cpm621/cph2012Ondříček, DavidCZE
YeongasiVyšinutíDeranged2,7224822/cpm1200/cph2012Park, Jeong-wooKOR
Zero Dark Thirty30 minut po půlnociZero Dark Thirty3,5257317/cpm979/cph2012Bigelow, KathrynUSA
12 Dates of ChristmasVánoční rande12 Dates of Christmas3,3152618/cpm1126/cph2011Hayman, JamesUSA
Adventures of Tintin, TheTintinova dobrodružstvíAdventures of Tintin, The4,9120112/cpm795/cph2011Spielberg, StevenUSA
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The ClocksHercule Poirot: HodinyAgatha Christie’s Poirot: The Clocks3,5155017/cpm949/cpm2011Palmer, CharlieGBR
Andrew Sarris: Critic in FocusAndrew Sarris: Zaostřeno na kritikaAndrew Sarris: Critic in Focus5,910710/cpm2011Nozkowski, CasimirUSA
Arthur ChristmasVelká vánoční jízdaArthur Christmas3,2165718/cpm1000/cph2011Smith, Sarah; Cook, BarryUSA / GBR
Captain America: The First AvengerCaptain America: První AvengerMCU: Captain America: The First Avenger2,8236921/cpm1114/cph2011Johnston, JoeUSA
ContagionNákazaContagion6,59289/cpm551/cph2011Soderbergh, StevenUSA / ARE
Cowboys & AliensKovbojové a vetřelciCowboys & Aliens3,5192417/cpm1000/cph2011Favreau, JonUSA
Fast FiveRychle a zběsile 5Fast Five2,3315025/cpm1493/cph2011Lin, JustinUSA
Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, TheMuži, kteří nenávidí ženyGirl With the Dragon Tatoo, The3294220/cpm1100/cph2011Fincher, DavidUSA
HannaHannaHanna3,9158115/cpm774/cph2011Wright, JoeUSA / GBR / DEU
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2Harry Potter a Relikvie smrti – část 2Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 24,3161114/cpm772/cph2011Yates, DavidGBR / USA
Hawaiian VacationHavajské prázdninyHawaiian Vacation3,88416/cpm2011Rydstrom, GaryUSA
Choejongbyeongki hwalLukostřelciWar of the Arrows2354030/cpm1600/cph2011Kim Han-minKOR
Iron Lady, TheŽelezná ladyIron Lady, The4,3134414/cpm800/cph2011Lloyd, PhyllidaGBR / FRA
Listy do M.Noc plná zázrakůLetters to Santa5132012/cpm768/cph2011Okorn, MitjaPOL
LoopSmyčkaLoop3,41818/cpm2011Moreno, AritzSPA
Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolMission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolMission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol3242620/cpm1100/cph2011Bird, BradUSA
Railways: Ai o Tsutaerare Nai Otona-Tachi eMiluji tě, železniceCrossroads10,36/cpm2011Kurakata, MasatošiJAP
Serbuan MuatZátah: VykoupeníRaid, The4,3133814/cpm834/cph2011Edwards, GarethIDN / FRA / USA
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsSherlock Homes: Hra stínůSherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows2,7263622/cpm1321/cph2011Ritchie, GuyUSA
Source CodeZdrojový kódSource Code3,3153918/cpm1149/cph2011Jones, DuncanUSA
ThorThorMCU: Thor3205220/cpm1197/cph2011Branagh, KennethUSA
Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyJeden musí z kola venTinker Tailor Soldier Spy7,59658/cpm464/cph2011Alfredson, TomasGBR / FRA / DEU
War HorseVálečný kůňWar Horse6,2132410/cpm588/cph2011Spielberg, StevenUSA
We Bought a ZooKoupili jsme ZOOWe Bought a Zoo3,8186416/cpm1006/cph2011Crowe, CameronUSA
Wu XiaDrak*Dragon2,5257223/cpm1300/cph2011Chan, PeterHKG / CHN
Accordeur, L‘Ladič pianPiano Tuner, The7,2968/cpm2010Treiner, OlivierFRA
Clash of the Titans, TheSouboj titánůClash of the Titans, The3,2176819/cpm1114/cph2010Leterrier, LouisUSA
Crazies, ThePodivníCrazies, The3,4160617/cpm1000/cph2010Eisner, BreckUSA / ARE
David Suchet on the Orient ExpressPoirot řídí Orient expresDavid Suchet on the Orient Express3,875516/cpm2010Malone, ChrisGBR
ExpendablesExpendables: PostradatelníExpendables1,9290030/cpm1650/cph2010Stallone, SylvesterUSA
Ghost Writer, TheMuž ve stínuGhost Writer, The6,2116310/cpm604/cph2010Polanski, RomanFRA / DEU / GBR
InceptionPočátekInception3276520/cpm1121/cph2010Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Iron Man 2Iron Man 2MCU: Iron Man 22,9233520/cpm1100/cph2010Favreau, JonUSA
Last Airbender, ThePoslední vládce větruLast Airbender, The78059/cpm510/cph2010Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Next Three Days, TheTři dny ke svoboděNext Three Days, The3,4214117/cpm938/cph2010Haggis, PaulUSA
PredatorsPredátořiPredators3,4174717/cpm936/cph2010Antal, NimródUSA
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimePrinc z Persie: Písky časuPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time2,2289727/cpm1450/cph2010Newell, MikeUSA
Robin Hood (DC)Robin Hood (DC)Robin Hood (DC)3289920/cpm1188/cph2010Scott, RidleyUSA / GBR
SaltSaltSalt2,4238625/cpm1350/cph2010Noyce, PhilipUSA
Shrek Forever AfterShrek: Zvonec a konecShrek Forever After3,2154419/cpm1116/cph2010Mitchell, MikeUSA
Social Network, TheSocial NetworkSocial Network, The2,9230820/cpm1221/cph2010Fincher, DavidUSA
UnstoppableNezastavitelnýUnstoppable2,2255128/cpm1361/cph2010Scott, TonyUSA
Wall Street: Money Never SleepsWall Street: Peníze nikdy nespíWall Street: Money Never Sleeps6,511709/cpm500/cph2010Stone, OliverUSA
Wishful DrinkingPrincezna v opojeníWishful Drinking5,481011/cpm700/cph2010Bailey, Fenton; Barbato, RandyUSA
Yip Man 2Ip Man 2Yip Man 22,9211520/cpm1100/cph2010Yip, WilsonHKG / CHN
2012201220123,1282720/cpm1068/cph2009Emmerich, RolandUSA
AvatarAvatarAvatar4230615/cpm792/cph2009Cameron, JamesUSA
Fish TankFish TankFish Tank7,110078/cpm500/cph2009Arnold, AndreaGBR / NLD
GREED, a New Fragrance by Francesco VezzoliGREEDGREED, a New Fragrance by Francesco Vezzoli4,31414/cpm2009Polanski, RomanUSA
Harry BrownHarry BrownHarry Brown5,5103611/cpm600/cph2009Barber, DanielGBR
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceHarry Potter a Princ dvojí krveHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince4,9175312/cpm710/cph2009Yates, DavidGBR / USA
Lie to Me (S01E01): PilotAnatomie lži (S01E01): PilotLie to Me (S01E01)3,773116/cpm2009Schwentke, RobertUSA
Lie to Me (S01E02): Moral WaiverAnatomie lži (S01E02): Morální zodpovědnostLie to Me (S01E02)3,774616/cpm2009Davidson, AdamUSA
Lie to Me (S01E03): A Perfect ScoreAnatomie lži (S01E03): Životní zkouškaLie to Me (S01E03)3,280619/cpm2009Laneuville, EricUSA
Lovely Bones, ThePevné poutoLovely Bones, The3,1231319/cpm1104/cph2009Jackson, PeterUSA / GBR / NZL
Sherlock HolmesSherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes2,3305725/cpm1457/cph2009Ritchie, GuyUSA
Star TrekStar TrekStar Trek3,2215118/cpm1000/cph2009Abrams, J. J.USA / DEU
Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesSuperman/Batman: Veřejní nepřáteléSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies3120920/cpm1100/cph2009Liu, SamUSA
Supernatural (S04E13): After School SpecialLovci duchů: Duch ze středníSupernatural (S04E13)2,879321/cpm2009USA
Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, TheÚnos vlaku 1 2 3Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, The2,4254625/cpm1350/cph2009Scott, TonyUSA / GBR
Terminator SalvationTerminator SalvationTerminator Salvation3,1198619/cpm1108/cph2009McGUSA
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenTransformers: Pomsta poraženýchTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen3,3257318/cpm1000/cph2009Bay, MichaelUSA
WatchmenStrážci – WatchmenWatchmen4,3216014/cpm800/cph2009Snyder, ZackUSA
Zapomenutý kloboukZapomenutý kloboukLost Hat8,61027/cpm2009Cechl, JanCZE
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Grissom’s Divine ComedyKriminálka Las Vegas: Grissomova Božská komedieCSI: The Crime Scene Investigation (S08E12)464115/cpm2008Lewis, Richard J.USA / CAN
Dark Knight, TheTemný rytířDark Knight, The3,1278020/cpm1109/cph2008Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Day the Earth Stood Still, TheDen, kdy se zastavila ZeměDay the Earth Stood Still, The4,1139514/cpm800/cph2008Derrickson, ScottUSA / CAN
Frost/NixonDuel Frost/NixonFrost/Nixon4,8141212/cpm700/cph2008Howard, RonUSA
Happening, TheStalo seHappening, The6,87239/cpm534/cph2008Shyamalan, M. NightUSA / IND
ChangelingVýměnaChangeling4,5176813/cpm744/cph2008Eastwood, ClintUSA
Incredible Hulk, TheNeuvěřitelný HulkMCU: The Incredible Hulk3203820/cpm1264/cph2008Leterrier, LouisUSA
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullIndiana Jones a Království křišťálové lebkyIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull4,8144012/cpm700/cph2008Spielberg, StevenUSA
Iron ManIron ManMCU: Iron Man3,5200717/cpm995/cph2008Favreau, JonUSA
MR 73Strážce zákonaLast Deadly Mission, The5,1139812/cpm736/cph2008Marchal, OlivierFRA
Quantum of SolaceQuantum of SolaceJames Bond: Quantum of Solace1,8321834/cpm1982/cph2008Forster, MarkGBR / USA
Speed RacerSpeed RacerSpeed Racer2,4304224/cpm1350/cph2008Wachowski, Andy; Wachowski, LarryUSA / DEU / AUS
Šumné BrnoŠumné BrnoComely Brno6,81949/cpm2008Lipus, RadovanCZE
Taken96 hodinTaken2,1254429/cpm1562/cph2008Morel, PierreFRA / USA / GBR
Tropic ThunderTropická bouřeTropic Thunder2,9187020/cpm1100/cph2008Stiller, BenUSA / DEU
Yip ManIp ManYip Man3,8165616/cpm900/cph2008Yip, WilsonHKG / CHN
Yôgisha X no kenshinPodezřelý XSuspect X6,2119610/cpm500/cph2008Nishitani, HiroshiJAP
4 luni, 3 săptămâni și 2 zile4 měsíce, 3 týdny a 2 dny4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days93,5701/cpm37/cph2007Mungiu, CristianROM
Bourne Ultimatum, TheBourneovo ultimátumBourne Ultimatum, The2,2292027/cpm1557/cph2007Greengrass, PaulUSA
Death ProofGrindhouse: Auto zabijákDeath Proof5,2124411/cpm600/cph2007Tarantino, QuentinUSA
Ghost RiderGhost RiderGhost Rider3,3203118/cpm1000/cph2007Johnson, Mark StevenUSA
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter a Fénixův řádHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix3,5217017/cpm892/cph2007Yates. DavidGBR / USA
Hot FuzzJednotka příliš rychlého nasazeníHot Fuzz1,7399535/cpm1625/cph2007Wright, EdgarGBR / FRA
Invasion, TheInvazeInvasion, The2,2248327/cpm1454/cph2007Hirschbiegel, Oliver; McTeigue, JamesUSA / AUS
I’m Not There.Beze mě: Šest tváří Boba DylanaI’m Not There.5,3145211/cpm671/cph2007Haynes, ToddUSA / CAN / DEU
Jak se Aleš potkal s Harry PotteremJak se Aleš potkal s Harry PotteremHow Aleš Met Harry Potter4,33214/cpm2007Koudelka, AlešCZE
Kingdom, TheKrálovstvíKingdom, The2,1286928/cpm1598/cph2007Berg, PeterUSA
Mist, TheMlhaMist, The5,2129211/cpm664/cph2007Darabont, FrankUSA
National Treasure: Book of SecretsLovci pokladů: Kniha tajemstvíNational Treasure: Book of Secrets2,3301626/cpm1589/cph2007Turtletaub, JonUSA
P.S. I Love YouP. S. Miluji TěP.S. I Love You4,4163814/cpm800/cph2007LaGravenese, RichardUSA
PomoPomoPomo8,7697/cpm2007Marcinek, JanCZE
View from the Overlook: Crafting ‚The Shining‘Pohled z hotelu Overlook*View from the Overlook: Crafting ‚The Shining‘4,737413/cpm2007Leva, GaryUSA
ZodiacZodiacZodiac5184612/cpm684/cph2007Fincher, DavidUSA
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Taken at the FloodHercule Poirot: Čas přílivuAgatha Christie’s Poirot: Taken at the Flood4,1139614/cpm800/cph2006Wilson, AndyGBR
BabelBabelBabel3,4232817/cpm1155/cph2006Iňnáritu, Alejadro GonzálesFRA / USA
Black Dahlia, TheČerná DahliaBlack Dahlia, The6,410939/cpm582/cph2006De Palma, BrianUSA
Bones (S0E2E01): The Titan on the TrackSběratelé kostí: Gigant na kolejíchBones (S02E01)2,599023/cpm2006Wharmby, TonyUSA
Day Break (01)Za rozbřesku (01)Day Break (01)1,9127032/cpm2006Bowman, RobUSA
Day Break (02)Za rozbřesku (02)Day Break (02)1,6145535/cpm2006Bowman, RobUSA
Doctor Who (S02E01): New EarthPán času: Nová ZeměDoctor Who (S02E01)2,794921/cpm2006Hawes, JamesGBR
Doctor Who (S02E02): Tooth and ClawPán času: Zub a spárDoctor Who (S02E02)2,5102623/cpm2006Lyn, EurosGBR
Doctor Who (S02E03): School ReunionPán času: SlezinaDoctor Who (S02E03)2,6100523/cpm2006Hawes, JamesGBR
Expedição Brasileira de 1916, ABrazilská expedice z roku 1916*Brazilian Expedition of 1916 Narrated by Rúbem Ney de Souza, Minister of Aviation of the United States of Brazil, The29122/cpm2006Tauber, JacobUSA
Librarian, The: Return to King Solomon’s MinesFlynn Carsen 2: Návrat do dolů krále ŠalamounaThe Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines3,8139516/cpm900/cph2006Frakes, JonathanUSA
Good Year, ADobrý ročníkGood Year, A2,6248823/cpm1464/cph2006Scott, RidleyUSA/GBR
Holiday, ThePrázdninyHoliday, The4195015/cpm930/cph2006Meyers, NancyUSA
Christmas Do-OverKaždý den jsou VánoceChristmas Do-Over3,2158819/cpm1050/cph2006Cyran, CatherineUSA
Lady in the WaterŽena ve voděLady in the Water12,64855/cpm273/cph2006Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Lake House, TheDům u jezeraLake House, The8,16927/cpm466/cph2006Agresti, AlejandroUSA
Mission: Impossible IIIMission: Impossible IIIMission: Impossible III2,8252221/cpm1150/cph2006Abrams, J. J.USA
Payback: Straight UpOdplata (DC)Payback: Straight Up4,1122914/cpm800/cph2006Helgeland, BrianUSA
PoseidonPoseidonPoseidon3,2165119/cpm1050/cph2006Petersen, WolfgangUSA
Prestige, TheDokonalý trikPrestige, The3,4217618/cpm1000/cph2006Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Simon Schama’s Power of Art: RembrandtSíla umění: RembrandtSimon Schama’s Power of Art: Rembrandt7,83898/cpm2006Beavan, Clare; Runcle, JamesGBR
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Mystery of the Blue TrainHercule Poirot: Záhada modrého expresuAgatha Christie’s Poirot: The Mystery of the Blue Train3,9147015/cpm900/cph2005MacDonald, HettieGBR
Alive in JoburgŽivý v JoburguAlive in Joburg2,912021/cpm2005Blomkamp, NeillCAN
Batman BeginsBatman začínáBatman Begins2,4322525/cpm1353/cph2005Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Bones (S01E01): PilotSběratelé kostí: PilotBones (S01E01)3,769516/cpm2005Yaitanes, GregUSA
Call of Ctulhu, TheVolání CtulhuCall of Ctulhu, The3,183419/cpm2005Leman, AndrewUSA
CapoteCapoteCapote6,1104210/cpm651/cph2005Miller, BennettUSA
ConstantineConstantineConstantine4,4152414/cpm800/cph2005Lawrence, FrancisUSA / DEU
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (S05E24): Grave Danger: Part 1Kriminálka Las Vegas: Oběma nohama v hrobě (01)CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Grave Danger (S05E24)4,260914/cpm2005Tarantino, QuentinUSA / CAN
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (S05E25): Grave Danger: Part 2Kriminálka Las Vegas: Oběma nohama v hrobě (02)CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Grave Danger (S05E25)4,156414/cpm2005Tarantino, QuentinUSA / CAN
Doctor Who (S01E01): RosePán času: RoseDoctor Who (S01E01)2,5105124/cpm2005Boak, KeithGBR
Doctor Who: The Christmas InvasionPán času: Vánoční invazeDoctor Who: The Christmas Invasion2,7130822/cpm2005Hawes, JamesGBR
DominoDominoDomino1,7410134/cpm2113/cph2005Scott, TonyUSA
Hard CandyV pastiHard Candy6,59039/cpm579/cph2005Slade, DavidUSA
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireHarry Potter a Ohnivý pohárHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire4,1207015/cpm859/cph2005Newell, MikeGBR / USA
History of Violence, ADějiny násilíHistory of Violence, A4,7116013/cpm678/cph2005Cronenberg, DavidUSA / DEU
Chicken LittleStrašpytlíkChicken Little3,2134918/cpm1132/cph2005Dindal, MarkUSA
Just Like HeavenA co když je to pravda?Just Like Heaven3,6145916/cpm972/cph2005Waters, MarkUSA
MunichMnichovMunich7,512118/cpm456/cph2005Spielberg, StevenUSA / CAN / FRA
Sha po langZóna smrtiKill Zone4,9111412/cpm700/cph2005Yip, WilsonHKG / CHN / MAC
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the SithStar Wars: Epizoda III – Pomsta SithůStar Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith3,7213516/cpm900/cph2005Lucas, GeorgeUSA
Supervolcano: The Truth About YellowstoneSupersopka – pravda o Yellowstonském národním parkuSupervolcano: The Truth About Yellowstone4,368314/cpm2005Scott, FionaGBR
SyrianaSyrianaSyriana5,2139212/cpm650/cph2005Gaghan, StephenUSA
ŠíleníŠíleníLunacy4,9141012/cpm700/cph2005Švankmajer, JanCZE / SK
Walk the LineWalk the LineWalk the Line6131410/cpm600/cph2005Mangold, JamesUSA / DEU
War of the WorldsVálka světůWar of the Worlds6,89499/cpm521/cph2005Spielberg, StevenUSA
Wedding CrashersNestvatboviWedding Crashers3,3217118/cpm1000/cph2005Dobkin, DavidUSA
Before SunsetAgent OrangeAgent Orange1,120154/cpm2004Scott, TonyUSA
Aviator, TheLetecAviator, The4,3224914/cpm800/cph2004Scorsese, MartinUSA / DEU
Before SunsetPřed soumrakemBefore Sunset104556/cpm357/cph2004Linklater, RichardUSA
Bourne Supremacy, TheBournův mýtusBourne Supremacy, The2,3266925/cpm1596/cph2004Greengrass, PaulUSA
CollateralCollateralCollateral4,1164515/cpm831/cph2004Mann, MichaelUSA
Convoyeur, LeKrvavý prachyCash Truck12,34005/cpm249/cph2004Boukhrief, NicolasFRA
Day After Tomorrow, TheDen potéDay After Tomorrow, The4,3154814/cpm831/cph2004Emmerich, RolandUSA
Forgotten, TheZloději pamětiForgotten, The3,9130215/cpm891/cph2004Ruben, JosephUSA
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHarry Potter a vězeň z AzkabanuHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban4,7164013/cpm767/cph2004Cuarón, AlfonsoGBR / USA
HellboyHellboyHellboy2,8229421/cpm1150/cph2004del Toro, GuillermoUSA
HidalgoOhnivý oceánHidalgo4,1187515/cpm835/cph2004Johnston, JoeUSA
King ArthurKrál ArtušKing Arthur2,3293125/cpm1367/cph2004Fuqua, AntoineUSA / GBR / IRL
Layer CakePo krk v extáziLayer Cake4,8126413/cpm689/cph2004Vaughn, MatthewGBR
Man on FireMuž v ohniMan on Fire2,6318623/cpm1250/cph2004Scott, TonyUSA
National TreasureLovci pokladůNational Treasure2,5285624/cpm1300/cph2004Turtletaub, JonUSA
Pandaora BoxPandaora BoxPandaora Box3,810516/cpm2004Rybář, Václav (as IMF)CZE
PejsekPejsekDoggie3,66116/cpm2004Rybář, Václav (as IMF)CZE
Polar Express, ThePolární expresPolar Express, The6,189110/cpm500/cph2004Zemeckis, RobertUSA
Taking LivesZloděj životůTaking Lives4,2144614/cpm737/cph2004Caruso, D. J.USA / AUS
Ten Commandments, The: 6-part documentaryDesatero přikázání: dokument o šesti částech*Ten Commandments, The: 6-part documentary4,352814/cpm2004USA
Van HelsingVan HelsingVan Helsing3,1235019/cpm1050/cph2004Sommers, StephenUSA / CZE / ROM
VillageVesniceVillage15,63824/cpm259/cph2004Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Zero Hour: Disaster at ChernobylČernobyl – nultá hodinaZero Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl4,764013/cpm2004Bartlett, RennyGBR / CAN
24 (S03E01): Day 3: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.24 hodin (S03E01)24 (S03E01)3,586617/cpm2003Cassar, JonUSA
Animatrix, The: Final Flight of the OsirisAnimatrix: Poslední let OsiriseAnimatrix, The: Final Flight of the Osiris2,819621/cpm2003Jones, Andrew R.USA
Animatrix, The: The Second Renaissance Part 1Animatrix: Druhá renesance 1. částAnimatrix, The: The Second Renaissance Part 15,59811/cpm2003Maeda, MahiroUSA
Animatrix, The: The Second Renaissance Part 2Animatrix: Druhá renesance 2. částAnimatrix, The: The Second Renaissance Part 23,814316/cpm2003Maeda, MahiroUSA
Animatrix, The: Kid’s StoryAnimatrix: Dětský příběhAnimatrix, The: Kid’s Story3,814816/cpm2003Watanabe, Shin’ichirôUSA
Animatrix, The: A Detective StoryAnimatrix: Detektivní příběhAnimatrix, The: A Detective Story4,911612/cpm2003Watanabe, Shin’ichirôUSA
Animatrix, The: BeyondAnimatrix: Tajemné místoAnimatrix, The: Beyond5,613711/cpm2003Morimoto, KôjiUSA
DaredevilDaredevilDaredevil3,5155217/cpm1000/cph2003Johnson, Mark StevenUSA
Harvie KrumpetHarvie KrumpetHarvie Krumpet3,730316/cpm2003Elliot, AdamAUS
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Five Little PigsHercule Poirot: Pět malých prasátekAgatha Christie’s Poirot: Five Little Pigs5,7101211/cpm656/cph2003Unwin, PaulGBR
Hunted, TheŠtvanecHunted, The4,7119313/cpm750/cph2003Friedkin, WilliamUSA
Kill Bill: Vol. 1Kill BillKill Bill: Vol. 13,8158916/cpm900/cph2003Tarantino, QuentinUSA
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, TheLiga výjimečnýchLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The2,6231423/cpm1250/cph2003Norrington, StephenUSA / DEU / CZE / GBR
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (Extended)Pán prstenů: Návrat krále (Rozšířená verze)Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (Extended)3,9371415/cpm900/cph2003Jackson, PeterUSA / NZL
Lost in TranslationZtraceno v překladuLost in Translation6,58809/cpm589/cph2003Coppola, SophiaUSA / JAP
Matrix Reloaded, TheMatrix ReloadedMatrix Reloaded, The3253020/cpm1012/cph2003Wachowski, Andy; Wachowski, LarryUSA
Matrix Revolutions, TheMatrix RevolutionsMatrix Revolutions, The3,2220119/cpm1097/cph2003Wachowski, Andy; Wachowski, LarryUSA
Mufíme si pomáhatMufíme si pomáhatMufenheit 7/104,415214/cpm2003Baldýnský, Tomáš; Dušek, MartinCZE
OldeuboiOld BoyOldboy8,38517/cpm400/cph2003Park Chan-wookKOR
Once Upon a Time in MexicoTenkrát v MexikuOnce Upon a Time in Mexico2,4233324/cpm1400/cph2003Rodrigues, RobertUSA
Open RangeKrajina střelcůOpen Range4,4178913/cpm800/cph2003Costner, KevinUSA
Rundown, TheVítejte v džungliRundown, The1,9303131/cpm1750/cph2003Berg, PeterUSA
Tokyo GodfathersTokijští kmotřiTokyo Godfathers5,594311/cpm644/cph2003Kon, SatoshiJAP
#206#206#2062,611623/cpm2002Rybář, Václav (as IMF)CZE
Blade IIBlade 2Blade II2,3286726/cpm1628/cph2002del Toro, GuillermoUSA
Boksuneun naui geotMá je pomstaSympathy for Mr. Vengeance12,78517/cpm400/cph2002Park Chan-wookKOR
Bourne Identity, TheAgent bez minulostiBourne Identity, The3,6184016/cpm1019/cph2002Liman, DougUSA
Catch Me If You CanChyť mě, když to dokážešCatch Me If You Can7,810178/cpm464/cph2002Spielberg, StevenUSA / CAN
CinemaniaCinemánieCinemania676010/cpm583/cph2002Christlieb, Angela; Kijak, StephenDEU / USA
Die Another DayDnes neumírejDie Another Day2,2332027/cpm1447/cph2002Tamahori, LeeGBR / USA
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsHarry Potter a Tajemná komnataHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets3,6252417/cpm934/cph2002Columbus, ChrisGBR / USA
Homeless – FuHomeless – FuHomeless – Fu48315/cpm2002Rybář, Václav (as IMF)CZE
ChicagoChicagoChicago2,8224521/cpm1150/cph2002Marshall, RobUSA / DEU
InsomniaInsomnieInsomnia2,5268524/cpm1300/cph2002Nolan, ChristopherCAN / USA
Jeremiah (S01E01-02): The Long RoadJeremiah: Dlouhá cestaJeremiah: The Long Road4,4120813/cpm800/cph2002Mulcahy, RussellUSA / CAN
Jeremiah (S01E03): Man of Iron, Woman Under GlassJeremiah: Člověk ze železa, žena za sklemJeremiah: Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass5,248011/cpm2002Dowler, BrettUSA / CAN
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The (Extended)Pán prstenů: Dvě věže (Rozšířená verze)Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The (Extended)3,5361917/cpm1000/cph2002Jackson, PeterUSA / NZ
Men in Black IIMuži v černém 2Men in Black II3,4142618/cpm1000/cph2002Sonnefeld, BarryUSA
Minority ReportMinority ReportMinority Report6,1135510/cpm668/cph2002Spielberg, StevenUSA
Red DragonČervený drakRed Dragon4,9145412/cpm703/cph2002Ratner, BrettUSA / DEU
SignsZnameníSigns10,15876/cpm351/cph2002Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Sum of All Fears, TheNejhorší obavySum of All Fears, The4,6151613/cpm706/cph2002Robinson, Phil AldenUSA / DEU
Transporter, TheKurýrTransporter, The2,1254729/cpm1489/cph2002Leterrier, Louis; Yuen, Corey KwaiFRA
Ying xiongHrdinaHero3,2167418/cpm1000/cph2002Yimou, ZhangCHN / HKG
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Murder in MesopotamiaHercule Poirot: Vražda v MezopotámiiAgatha Christie’s Poirot: Murder in Mesopotamia5,9101810/cpm600/cph2001Clegg, TomGBR
AI: Artificial IntelligenceA. I. Umělá inteligenceAI: Artificial Intelligence8,29987/cpm432/cph2001Spielberg, StevenUSA
Along Came a SpiderJako pavoukAlong Came a Spider4,2134914/cpm849/cph2001Tamahori, LeeUSA / DEU / CAN
Aoi HaruDrsné jaroBlue Spring, The12,73695/cpm200/cph2001Toyoda, ToshiokiJAP
Black Hawk DownČerný jestřáb sestřelenBlack Hawk Down2,8285221/cpm1150/cph2001Scott, RidleyUSA
Bloody SundayKrvavá neděleBloody Sunday8,96877/cpm400/cph2001Greengrass, PaulGBR / IRE
ConspiracyKonference ve WannseeConspiracy5,987410/cpm600/cph2001Pierson, FrankUSA
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Chaos TheoryKriminálka Las Vegas: Teorie chaosuCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (S02E02)3,670817/cpm2001Fink, KennethUSA / CAN
Donnie Darko (DC)Donnie Darko (DC)Donnie Darko (DC)5,9127610/cpm600/cph2001Kelly, RichardUSA
From HellZ peklaFrom Hell4,8138313/cpm768/cph2001Hughes, Allen; Hughes, AlbertUSA
Ghosts of MarsDuchové MarsuGhosts of Mars4138415/cpm823/cph2001Carpenter, JohnUSA
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneHarry Potter a Kámen mudrcůHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone3,6233716/cpm933/cph2001Columbus, ChrisUSA / GBR
Jurassic Park IIIJurský park 3Jurassic Park III3,5139717/cpm913/cph2001Johnston, JoeUSA
Kiss of the DragonPolibek drakaKiss of the Dragon2,4227625/cpm1474/cph2001Nahon, ChrisUSA / FRA
Mummy Returns, TheMumie se vracíMummy Returns, The2,7261122/cpm1200/cph2001Sommers, StephenUSA
Once Upon A Time Sergio LeoneSergio LeoneOnce Upon A Time Sergio Leone75019/cpm2001Hill, HowardGBR
Spy GameSpy GameSpy Game2,6279723/cpm1250/cph2001Scott, TonyUSA
Stanley Kubrick: A LIfe in PicturesStanley Kubrick: Život v obrazechStanley Kubrick: A LIfe in Pictures5,9142410/cpm600/cph2001Harlan, JanUSA
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended)Pán prstenů: Společenstvo Prstenu (Rozšířená verze)The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended)3398520/cpm1100/cph2001Jackson, PeterUSA / NZ
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Theatrical)Pán prstenů: Společenstvo Prstenu (Kinoverze)The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Theatrical)2,8360421/cpm1143/cph2001Jackson, PeterUSA / NZ
Training DayTraining DayTraining Day3,5195617/cpm944/cph2001Fuqua, AnthonyUSA
Velký KýchačVelký KýchačGreat Sneezer, The3,815616/cpm2001Držiak, NoroCZE
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Lord Edgware DiesHercule Poirot: Smrt lorda EdgwaraAgatha Christie’s Poirot: Lord Edgware Dies5,5110811/cpm600/cph2000Farnham, BrianGBR
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Murder of Roger AckroydHercule Poirot: Vražda Rogera AckroydaAgatha Christie’s Poirot: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd5,8105010/cpm600/cph2000Grieve, AndrewGBR
Cast AwayTrosečníkCast Away9,48656/cpm429/cph2000Zemeckis, RobertUSA
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (S01E01): PilotKriminálka Las Vegas: Důkazy nelžouCSI: The Crime Scene Investigation (S01E01)3,281719/cpm2000Cannon, DannyUSA / CAN
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (S01E02): Cool ChangeKriminálka Las Vegas: Nečekaná změnaCSI: The Crime Scene Investigation (S01E02)4,259314/cpm2000Watkins, Michael W.USA / CAN
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (S01E05): Friends & LoversKriminálka Las Vegas: Přátelé a milenkyCSI: The Crime Scene Investigation (S01E05)4,163715/cpm2000Antonio, LouUSA / CAN
Emperor’s New Groove, TheNení král jako králEmperor’s New Groove, The3,7114416/cpm862/cph2000Dindal, MarkUSA
Gift, TheTéměř dokonalý zločinGift, The4,8134913/cpm700/cph2000Raimi, SamUSA
Gone in Sixty Seconds60 sekundGone in Sixty Seconds2,3272825/cpm1304/cph2000Sena, DominicUSA
Gongdong gyeongbi guyeok JSAJoint Security AreaJoint Security Area79079/cpm472/cph2000Park Chan-wookKOR
Hollow ManMuž bez stínuHollow Man4,2144714/cpm800/cph2000Verhoeven, PaulUSA / DEU
MementoMementoMemento3,5203017/cpm947/cph2000Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Mission to MarsMise na MarsMission to Mars6,79489/cpm567/cph2000De Palma, BrianUSA
Mission: Impossible IIMission: Impossible IIMission: Impossible II2,4286224/cpm1249/cph2000Woo, JohnUSA
Perfect Storm, TheDokonalá bouřePerfect Storm, The4,7155613/cpm750/cph2000Petersen, WolfgangUSA
U-571Ponorka U-571U-5714159215/cpm816/cph2000Mostow, JonathanUSA
UnbreakableVyvolenýUnbreakable18,13353/cpm193/cph2000Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
What Lies BeneathPod povrchemWhat Lies Beneath7,110218/cpm500/cph2000Zemeckis, RobertUSA
Wo ho cang longTygr a drakCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon4,2162114/cpm800/cph2000Lee, AngTWN / HKG / CHN / USA
X-MenX-MenX-Men2,5216723/cpm1300/cph2000Singer, BryanUSA
13th Warrior, TheVikingové13th Warrior, The4,2137414/cpm874/cph1999McTiernan, John; Crichton, MichaelUSA
American BeautyAmerická krásaAmerican Beauty6,610429/cpm500/cph1999Mendes, SamUSA
Blair Witch Project, TheZáhada Blair WitchBlair Witch Project, The15,92874/cpm233/cph1999Myrick, Daniel; Sánchez, EduardoUSA
Bone Collector, TheSběratel kostíBone Collector, The3,9165815/cpm900/cph1999Noyce, PhilipUSA
BrotherBratrBrother4,110015/cpm1999Elliot, AdamAUS
Byl jsem mladistvým intelektuálemI Was a Teenage IntellectualByl jsem mladistvým intelektuálem3,923715/cpm1999Dobeš, Marek; Kopřiva, ŠtěpánCZE
Deep Blue SeaÚtok z hlubinDeep Blue Sea2,6219223/cpm1305/cph1999Harlin, RennyUSA
Double JeopardyDvojí obviněníDouble Jeopardy3,9152415/cpm822/cph1999Beresford, BruceUSA
Eyes Wide ShutSpalující touhaEyes Wide Shut15,85844/cpm200/cph1999Kubrick, StanleyUSA / GBR
Fight ClubKlub rváčůFight Club3,4236618/cpm1000/cph1999Fincher, DavidUSA
Injeong sajeong bol geot eobtdaNa útěkuNowhere to Hide6,89699/cpm500/cph1999Lee, Myeong-seKOR
Insider, TheInsider: Muž, který věděl příliš mnohoInsider, The5,1175212/cpm676/cph1999Mann, MichaelUSA
Iron Giant, TheŽelezný obrIron Giant, The3,9117315/cpm800/cph1999Bird, BradUSA
Matrix, TheMatrixMatrix, The3251520/cpm1039/cph1999Wachowski, Andy; Wachowski, LarryUSA
Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas – Donald Duck: Stuck on ChristmasCo se stalo o Vánocích: Kačer Donald v zajetí VánocMickey’s Once Upon a Christmas – Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas3,231319/cpm1999Raymond, BradleyUSA
Mummy, TheMumieMummy, The3,5196017/cpm973/cph1999Sommers, StephenUSA
Petite vendeuse de soleil, LaMalá prodavačka slunceLittle Girl Who Sold the Sun, The8,62897/cpm1999Mambéty, Djibril DiopSEN / FRA / CHE / DEU
RKO 281RKO 281RKO 2816,37859/cpm599/cph1999Ross, BenjaminUSA
Sixth Sense, TheŠestý smyslSixth Sense, The8,66897/cpm448/cph1999Shyamalan, M. NightUSA
Storm of the CenturyBouře stoletíStorm of the Century4,1358314/cpm1999Baxley, Craig R.USA
Storm of the Century (01)Bouře století (01)Storm of the Century (01)4,3111714/cpm800/cph1999Baxley, Craig R.USA
Storm of the Century (02)Bouře století (02)Storm of the Century (02)4,4112314/cpm750/cph1999Baxley, Craig R.USA
Storm of the Century (03)Bouře století (03)Storm of the Century (03)3,7134316/cpm950/cph1999Baxley, Craig R.USA
Straight Story, ThePříběh Alvina StraightaStraight Story, The8,17887/cph466/cph1999Lynch, DavidUSA
True CrimePravda zabíjíTrue Crime4,5161213/cpm776/cph1999Eastwood, ClintUSA
Wild Wild WestWild Wild WestWild Wild West3,1185719/cpm1027/cph1999Sonnefeld, BarryUSA
World Is Not Enough, TheJeden svět nestačíJames Bond: The World Is Not Enough2,9245320/cpm1137/cph1999Apted, MichaelGBR / USA
ArmageddonArmageddonArmageddon2,1420529/cpm1499/cph1998Bay, MichaelUSA
BladeBladeBlade2,6260123/cpm1250/cph1998Norrington, StephenUSA
CousinBratranecCousin2,79022/cpm1998Elliot, AdamAUS
Dawson’s Creek (S01E01)Dawsonův svět (S01E01)Dawson’s Creek (S01E01)4,357414/cpm1998Miner, SteveUSA
Deep ImpactDrtivý dopadDeep Impact5,3126111/cpm792/cph1998Leder, MimiUSA
Deep RisingChobotniceDeep Rising2,4243625/cpm1350/cph1998Sommers, StephenUSA
FallenAnděl smrtiFallen3,4208517/cpm1000/cph1998Hoblit, GregoryUSA
FollowingSledováníFollowing580312/cpm717/cph1998Nolan, ChristopherGBR
Hard RainPovodeňHard Rain2,8201422/cpm1200/cph1998Solomon, MikaelUSA / GBR / DNK / FRA
Jezerní královna / Die SeeköniginJezerní královnaQueen of the Lake7,96678/cpm468/cph1998Vorlíček, VáclavCZE / DEU
Knock Off / Ying tou tong jiKontrabandKnock Off2,7186322/cpm1232/cph1998Hark, TsuiHKG / USA / ABW
Lethal Weapon 4Smrtonosná zbraň 4Lethal Weapon 42,2320427/cpm1450/cph1998Donner, RichardUSA
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsSbal prachy a vypadniLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels5,7107911/cpm621/cph1998Ritchie, GuyGBR
Lola renntLola běží o životRun Lola Run2,9146121/cpm1180/cph1998Tykwer, TomDEU
Mask of Zorro, TheZorro: Tajemná tvářMask of Zorro, The3,9197815/cpm900/cph1998Campbell, MartinUSA
MerlinMerlinMerlin4,4243614/cpm800/cph1998Barron, SteveGBR / USA
Merlin: Part 1Merlin: První částMerlin: Part 14,4120413/cpm800/cph1998Barron, SteveGBR / USA
Merlin: Part 2Merlin: Druhá částMerlin: Part 24,3123214/cpm800/cph1998Barron, SteveGBR / USA
Saving Private RyanZachraňte vojína RyanaSaving Private Ryan8,511297/cpm384/cph1998Spielberg, StevenUSA
Seven Days: Come Again?Sedm dní: Co prosím?Seven Days: Come Again?3,570117/cpm1998Lipstadt, AaronUSA
Six Days Seven NightsŠest dní, sedm nocíSix Days Seven Nights5,4106111/cpm600/cph1998Reitman, IvanUSA
Snake EyesHadí očiSnake Eyes8,76437/cpm373/cph1998De Palma, BrianUSA
Stargate SG-1 (S02E04): The GamekeeperHvězdná brána: SprávceStargate SG-1: The Gamekeeper3,371418/cpm1998Wood, MartinUSA
U.S. MarshalsŠerifovéU.S. Marshals2,8256621/cpm1226/cph1998Baird, StuartUSA
Siege, TheStav obleženíSiege, The3,2198718/cpm1059/cph1998Zwick, EdwardUSA
Universal HorrorHistorie hororuUniversal Horror4,9114812/cpm687/cph1998Brownlow, KevinGBR
X Files, The (S06E02): DriveAkta X: JízdaX Files, The: Drive (S06E02)4,755713/cpm1998Bowman, RobUSA
You’ve Got MailLáska přes internetYou’ve Got Mail5,9124010/cpm680/cph1998Ephron, NoraUSA
Air Force OneAir Force OneAir Force One4,2164514/cpm800/cph1997Petersen, WolfgangUSA
Absolute PowerAbsolutní mocAbsolute Power4,7146613/cpm721/cph1997Eastwood, ClintUSA
Alien: ResurrectionVetřelec: VzkříšeníAlien: Resurrection3,1197319/cpm957/cph1997Jeunet, Jean-PierreUSA
AmistadAmistadAmistad7,311518/cpm531/cph1997Spielberg, StevenUSA
Con AirCon AirCon Air2318730/cpm1469/cph1997West, SimonUSA
ContactKontaktContact7,411948/cpm369/cph1997Zemeckis, RobertUSA
Dante’s PeakRozpoutané pekloDante’s Peak3,6165816/cpm867/cph1997Donaldson, RogerUSA
DoodlebugMravkolevDoodlebug3,83916/cpm1997Nolan, ChristopherUSA
Face/OffTváří v tvářFace/Off2,3342226/cpm1406/cph1997Woo, JohnUSA
Fifth Element, ThePátý elementFifth Element, The3236820/cpm1136/cph1997Besson, LucFRA
Full Monty, TheDo naha!Full Monty, The4,1122615/cpm843/cph1997Cattaneo, PeterGBR
Game, TheHraGame, The4182415/cpm827/cph1997Fincher, DavidUSA
GattacaGattacaGattaca5,9101410/cpm580/cph1997Niccol, AndrewUSA
Jackal, TheŠakalJackal, The4,6149813/cpm750/cph1997Caton-Jones, MichaelUSA / GBR / FRA / DEU
Kiss the GirlsSběratel polibkůKiss the Girls3,5189617/cpm907/cph1997Fleder, GaryUSA
Lost HighwayZtracená dálniceLost Highway6,711209/cpm431/cph1997Lynch, DavidUSA
Lost World: Jurassic Park, TheZtracený svět: Jurský parkLost World: Jurassic Park, The7,69618/cpm450/cph1997Spielberg, StevenUSA
Men in BlackMuži v černémMen in Black4,1128515/cpm800/cph1997Sonnefeld, BarryUSA
Mononoke HimePrincezna MononokePrincess Mononoke4,5167513/cpm750/cph1997Miyazaki, HayaoJAP
Peacemaker, ThePeacemakerPeacemaker, The4174015/cpm741/cph1997Leder, MimiUSA
Pták Ohnivák / Der FeuervogelPták OhnivákFirebird, The7,86968/cpm417/cph1997Vorlíček, VáclavCZE / DEU
RetroactiveSe zpětnou platnostíRetroactive2,9178121/cpm1193/cph1997Morneau, LouisUSA
Second Civil War, TheDruhá občanská válkaSecond Civil War, The7,17448/cpm470/cph1997Dante, JoeUSA
SpawnSpawnSpawn2,9177920/cpm1238/cph1997Dippé, Mark A.Z.USA
Speed 2: Cruise ControlNebezpečná rychlost 2: ZásahSpeed 2: Cruise Control2,8245921/cpm1150/cph1997De Bont, JanUSA
Starship TroopersHvězdná pěchotaStarship Troopers3,5199117/cpm973/cph1997Verhoeven, PaulUSA
TitanicTitanicTitanic4,1267714/cpm809/cph1997Cameron, JamesUSA
Tomorrow Never DiesZítřek nikdy neumíráJames Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies2,1321129/cpm1600/cph1997Spottiswoode, RogerUSA
VolcanoSopkaVolcano2,3254726/cpm1541/cph1997Jackson, MickUSA
Xena: Warrior Princess – Been There, Done ThatXena: Byla tady a udělala toXena: Warrior Princess – Been There, Done That4,254414/cpm1997Merrifield, AndrewUSA
3rd Rock from the Sun (S01E01): Brains and EggsTakoví normální mimozemšťané (S01E01): Mozky a vajíčka3rd Rock from the Sun: Brains and Eggs (S01E01)4,429214/cpm1996Burrows, JamesUSA
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Dumb WitnessHercule Poirot: Němý svědekAgatha Christie’s Poirot (S06E04): Dumb Witness6,1102810/cpm527/cph1996Bennett, EdwardGBR
Bottle RocketGrázlovéBottle Rocket6,48149/cpm550/cph1996Anderson, WesUSA
Courage Under FireOdvaha pod palbouCourage Under Fire3,5184417/cpm1122/cph1996Zwick, EdwardUSA
Craft, TheČarodějkyCraft, The4,9118012/cpm700/cph1996Fleming, AndrewUSA
DaylightDenní světloDaylight3,4187917/cpm1000/cph1996Cohen, RobUSA
DragonHeartDračí srdceDragonHeart5,5144411/cpm878/cph1996Cohen, RobUSA
Enter AchillesEnter AchillesEnter Achilles10,42736/cpm1996Van Gool, ClaraNLD
EraserLikvidátorEraser3211820/cpm1141/cph1996Russell, ChuckUSA
Escape from L.A.Útěk z L.A.Escape from L.A.3,9144415/cpm900/cph1996Carpenter, JohnUSA
Executive DecisionBoeing 747 v ohroženíExecutive Decision2,6293523/cpm1324/cph1996Baird, StuartUSA
Chain ReactionŘetězová reakceChain Reaction3200920/cpm1100/cph1996Davis, AndrewUSA
Christmas Every DayKaždodenní VánoceChristmas Every Day4,1127315/cpm800/cph1996Peerce, LarryUSA
Independence DayDen nezávislostiIndependence Day3,3242918/cpm1041/cph1996Emmerich, RolandUSA
Irma VepIrma VepIrma Vep14,73884/cpm188/cph1996Assayas, OlivierFRA
KoljaKoljaKolya7,77908/cpm450/cph1996Svěrák, JanCZE
Kouzelný měšec / Das ZauberbuchKouzelný měšecMagic Book, The6,77519/cpm546/cph1996Vorlíček, VáclavCZE / DEU
Lois & Clark: Twas the Night Before MxymasSuperman: Vánoce pana MxyspitlkaLois & Clark: Twas the Night Before Mxymas3,571817/cpm1996Vejar, MikeUSA
Long Kiss Goodnight, TheDlouhý polibek na dobrou nocLong Kiss Goodnight, The2,7250722/cpm1200/cph1996Harlin, RennyUSA
Mao xian wangTajemná schránkaDr. Wai in the Scriptures with No Words3,3161118/cpm1000/cph1996Ching Siu-TungHKG
Mission: ImpossibleMission: ImpossibleMission: Impossible4,3146114/cpm808/cph1996De Palma, BrianUSA
Rock, TheSkálaRock, The2,5306423/cpm1269/cph1996Bay, MichaelUSA
Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek VIII: První kontaktStar Trek: First Contact4,3140114/cpm800/cph1996Frakes, JonathanUSA
TrainspottingTrainspottingTrainspotting4,6115313/cpm750/cph1996Boyle, DannyGBR
TwisterTwisterTwister3,6171816/cpm939/cph1996De Bont, JanUSA
UncleStrýcUncle3,39218/cpm1996Elliot, AdamAUS
X Files, The (S03E17): PusherAkta X: PrůbojnýX Files, The: Pusher (S03E17)3,476018/cpm1996Bowman, RobUSA / CAN
X Files, The (S03E21): AvatarAkta X: AvatarX Files, The: Avatar (S03E21)4,557713/cpm1996Charleston, JimUSA / CAN
Ace Ventura: When Nature CallsAce Ventura 2: Volání divočinyAce Ventura: When Nature Calls4,6111213/cpm739/cph1995Oedekerk, SteveUSA
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Hickory Dickory DockHercule Poirot: Případ v ulici HickoryAgatha Christie’s Poirot (S06E02): Hickory Dickory Dock5,2120111/cpm650/cph1995Grieve, AndrewGBR
American Cinema: The WesternAmerická kinematografie: WesternAmerican Cinema: The Western5,160912/cpm1995Albert, SashaUSA
Batman ForeverBatman navždyBatman Forever3,6191116/cpm978/cph1995Schumacher, JoelUSA
Before SunrisePřed úsvitemBefore Sunrise10,75436/cpm293/cph1995Linklater, RichardUSA / AUT / CHE
CasinoCasinoCasino5,2189912/cpm612/cph1995Scorsese, MartinUSA
Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood – Art’s Promised Land (Sweden)Evropský film: Jiný Hollywood – Země zaslíbená (Švédsko)Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood – Art’s Promised Land (Sweden)5,761410/cpm629/cph1995Brownlow, Kevin; Gill, DavidGBR
Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood – The Unchained Camera (Germany)Evropský film: Jiný Hollywood – Odpoutaná kamera (Německo)Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood – The Unchained Camera (Germany)4,180314/cpm850/cph1995Brownlow, Kevin; Gill, DavidGBR
Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood – The Music of Light (France)Evropský film: Jiný Hollywood – Hudba světla (Francie)Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood – The Music of Light (France)2,7121122/cpm1296/cph1995Brownlow, Kevin; Gill, DavidGBR
Close Shave, AWallace & Gromit: O chloupekClose Shave, A359020/cpm1995Park, NickGBR
CopycatVraždy podle předlohyCopycat5,2132311/cpm600/cph1995Amiel, JonUSA
Crimson TideKrvavý přílivCrimson Tide3,2206319/cpm1050/cph1995Scott, TonyUSA
Dead ManMrtvý mužDead Man8,18657/cpm400/cph1995Jarmusch, JimUSA / DEU / JAP
Die Hard with a VengeanceSmrtonosná past 3Die Hard with a Vengeance4,1174414/cpm784/cph1995McTiernan, JohnUSA
Golden EyeZlaté okoJames Bond: GoldenEye3,3222918/cpm939/cph1995Campbell, MartinGBR / USA
Goodnight Mr. BeanDobrou noc, pane BeaneGoodnight Mr. Bean6,92039/cpm1995Birkin, JohnGBR
Hair by Mr. Bean of LondonVlasy od pana BeanaHair by Mr. Bean of London6,224610/cpm1995Birkin, JohnGBR
Highlander III: The SorcererHighlander 3: ČarodějHighlander III: The Sorcerer2,7205122/cpm1268/cph1995Morahan, AndrewCAN / FRA / GBR
Kap ba ba dik sungMůj táta je hrdinaEnforcer, The / My Father Is a Hero3199720/cpm1100/cph1995Yuen, Corey KwaiHKG
Kōkaku kidōtaiGhost in the ShellGhost in the Shell6,47219/cpm539/cph1995Oshii, MamoruJAP
Mortal KombatMortal KombatMortal Kombat3176220/cpm1158/cph1995Anderson, PaulUSA
Net, TheSíťNet, The3,8170215/cpm900/cph1995Winkler, IrwinUSA
OutbreakSmrtící epidemieOutbreak5,1141212/cpm602/cph1995Petersen, WolfgangUSA
Se7enSedmSe7en4,5157013/cpm753/cph1995Fincher, DavidUSA
Tee off, Mr. BeanOdpal, pane BeaneTee off, Mr. Bean7,81878/cpm1995Birkin, JohnGBR
Under Siege 2: Dark TerritoryPřepadení 2: Temné územíUnder Siege 2: Dark Territory2,8205221/cpm1150/cph1995Murphy, GeoffUSA
Village of the DamnedMěstečko prokletýchVillage of the Damned5,894610/cpm534/cph1995Carpenter, JohnUSA
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Hercule Poirot’s ChristmasHercule Poirot: Vánoce Hercula PoirotaAgatha Christie’s Poirot: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (S06E01)6,99059/cpm500/cph1994Bennett, EdwardGBR
Akumulátor 1Akumulátor 1Accumulator 16,79049/cpm500/cph1994Svěrák, JanCZE
Back to School Mr. BeanZpátky do školy, pane BeaneBack to School Mr. Bean8,41717/cpm1994Birkin, JohnGBR
Blown AwayZděšeníBlown Away4,2160214/cpm781/cph1994Hopkins, StephenUSA
Bottle RocketBottle RocketBottle Rocket4,316814/cpm1994Anderson, WesUSA
Clear and Present DangerJasné nebezpečíClear and Present Danger4,7169913/cpm700/cph1994Noyce, PhilipUSA
ClerksMladí muži za pultemClerks13,53914/cpm297/cph1994Smith, KevinUSA
Client, TheNebezpečný klientClient, The3,8181216/cpm900/cph1994Schumacher, JoelUSA
Death and the MaidenSmrt a dívkaDeath and the Maiden134605/cpm250/cph1994Polanski, RomanGBR / USA / FRA
DisclosureSkandální odhaleníDisclosure5,7130410/cpm600/cph1994Levinson, BarryUSA
Do-It-Yourself Mr. BeanUdělejte to sám, pane BeaneDo-It-Yourself Mr. Bean6,123310/cpm1994Birkin, JohnGBR
Flintstones Christmas Carol, AFlinstoneovi: Vánoční koledaFlintstones Christmas Carol, A4,1103214/cpm850/cph1994Romersa, JoannaUSA
Forrest GumpForrest GumpForrest Gump8,49647/cpm442/cph1994Zemeckis, RobertUSA
Hudsucker Proxy, TheZáskokHudsucker Proxy, The5,5110311/cpm600/cph1994Coen, JoelUSA / GBR / DEU
In the Mouth of MadnessNa pokraji šílenstvíIn the Mouth of Madness5,3102811/cpm657/cph1994Carpenter, JohnUSA
Interview with the VampireInterview s upíremInterview with the Vampire6,410829/cpm550/cph1994Jordan, NeilUSA
It Could Happen to YouMůže to potkat i vásIt Could Happen to You5,2112512/cpm600/cph1994Bergman, AndrewUSA
JízdaJízdaRide, The10,35336/cpm382/cph1994Svěrák, JanCZE
Lekce FaustLekce FaustFaust2,5220123/cpm1363/cph1994Švankmajer, JanCZE / FRA / GBR
Léon (DC)Leon (DC)Léon: The Professional (DC)4,8158312/cpm700/cph1994Besson, LucFRA
Lion King, TheLví králLion King, The4123215/cpm850/cph1994Allers, Roger; Minkoff, RobUSA
Mind the Baby, Mr. BeanPozor na dítě, pane BeaneMind the Baby, Mr. Bean5,425411/cpm1994Weiland, PaulGBR
Pulp FictionPulp Fiction: Historky z podsvětíPulp Fiction7,611528/cpm450/cph1994Tarantino, QuentinUSA
SátántangóSatanské tangoSatantango151,41710/cpm33/cph1994Tarr, BélaHUN / DEU / CHE
Sátántangó (1)Satanské tango (1)Satantango (1)133,1610/cpm33/cph1994Tarr, BélaHUN / DEU / CHE
Sátántangó (2)Satanské tango (2)Satantango (2)165,7450/cpm21/cph1994Tarr, BélaHUN / DEU / CHE
Sátántangó (3)Satanské tango (3)Satantango (3)158,8650/cpm27/cph1994Tarr, BélaHUN / DEU / CHE
Shadow, TheMuž stínuShadow, The4149715/cpm850/cph1994Mulcahy, RussellUSA
Shawshank Redemption, TheVykoupení z věznice ShawshankShawshank Redemption, The7,610918/cpm509/cph1994Darabont, FrankUSA
SpeedNebezpečná rychlostSpeed3,4187618/cpm1000/cph1994de Bont, JanUSA
Stand, The (01): The PlagueSvědectví: MorStand, The (01): The Plague5,989410/cpm600/cph1994Garris, MickUSA
Stand, The (02): The DreamsSvědectví: SnyStand, The (02): The Dreams7,27458/cpm450/cph1994Garris, MickUSA
StargateHvězdná bránaStargate3233620/cpm1034/cph1994Emmerich, RolandUSA / FRA
TimecopTimecopTimecop2,4224025/cpm1483/cph1994Hyams, PeterUSA / CAN / JAP
True LiesPravdivé lžiTrue Lies3,5230317/cpm1000/cph1994Cameron, JamesUSA
Wyatt EarpWyatt EarpWyatt Earp7,314548/cpm450/cph1994Kasdan, LawrenceUSA
X Files, The (S02E02): The HostAkta X: HostitelX Files, The: The Host (S02E02)5,944010/cpm1994Sackheim, DanielUSA
X Files, The (S02E03): BloodAkta X: KrevX Files, The: Blood (S02E03)3,672216/cpm1994Nutter, DavidUSA
X Files, The (S02E07): 3Akta X: TrojiceX Files, The: 3 (S02E07)4,656113/cpm1994Nutter, DavidUSA
12:0112:0112:016,187610/cpm550/cph1993Sholder, JackUSA
Batman: Mask of the PhantasmBatman a fantomBatman: Mask of the Phantasm3,2129218/cpm1000/cph1993Radomski, Eric; Timm, Bruce W.USA
Carlito’s WayCarlitova cestaCarlito’s Way7,610878/cpm419/cph1993De Palma, BrianUSA
CliffhangerCliffhangerCliffhanger4152615/cpm809/cph1993Harlin, RennyUSA / ITA
Clint Eastwood: The Man from MalpasoClint Eastwood: Muž z MalpasaClint Eastwood: The Man from Malpaso5,465911/cpm1993Feldman, GeneUSA
D.W. Griffith: Father of FilmD. W. Griffith: Otec filmuD.W. Griffith: Father of Film5,91571 (442; 572; 557)10/cpm600/cph1993Brownlow, Kevin; Gill, DavidUSA
Demolition ManDemolition ManDemolition Man2,7241122/cpm1163/cph1993Brambilla, MarcoUSA
Fugitive, TheUprchlíkFugitive, The3,8192316/cpm900/cph1993Davis, AndrewUSA
Groundhog DayNa Hromnice o den víceGroundhog Day7,47858/cpm501/cph1993Ramis, HaroldUSA
Hard TargetŽivý terčHard Target2,4234625/cpm1353/cph1993Woo, JohnUSA
Hot shots! Part DeuxŽhavé výstřely 2Hot shots! Part Deux3,5139617/cpm916/cph1993Abrahams, JimUSA
In the Line of FireS nasazením životaIn the Line of Fire4,8150412/cpm676/cph1993Petersen, WolfgangUSA
Jurassic ParkJurský parkJurassic Park6,2115510/cpm483/cph1993Spielberg, StevenUSA
Konec básníků v ČecháchKonec básníků v ČecháchEnd of Poets in Bohemia, The8,86937/cpm406/cph1993Klein, DušanCZE
Last Action HeroPoslední akční hrdinaLast Action Hero4,9150212/cpm1993McTiernan, JohnUSA
Little BuddhaMalý BuddhaLittle Buddha7,39598/cpm450/cph1993Bertolucci, BernardoGBR / FRA / ITA / LIE
Mr. Bean in Room 426Pan Bean v pokoji 426Mr. Bean in Room 4266,72079/cpm1993Weiland, PaulGBR
Pelican Brief, ThePřípad PelikánPelican Brief, The8,59627/cpm400/cph1993Pakula, Alan J.USA
Point of No ReturnZabijákPoint of No Return4,9127412/cpm728/cph1993Badham, JohnUSA
Rising SunVycházející slunceRising Sun5,9125310/cpm554/cph1993Kaufman, PhilipUSA
Siu nin Wong Fei Hung chi: Tit ma lauŽelezný opičákIron Monkey2,7189522/cpm1200/cph1993Yuen Woo PingHKG
Striking DistanceNa dostřelStriking Distance3,5164317/cpm1000/cph1993Herrington, RowdyUSA
Tai ji: Zhang San FengMistr Tai-chiTai-Chi Master, The / Twin Warriors2,7206122/cpm1318/cph1993Yuen Woo PingHKG
TombstoneTombstoneTombstone4,4163313/cpm800/cph1993Cosmatos, George P.USA
Wong Fei Hung III: Si wong jaang baTenkrát v Číně 3Once Upon a Time in China III3,5182717/cpm1000/cph1993Hark, TsuiHKG
X Files, The (S01E01): The PilotAkta X: PilotX Files, The: The Pilot (S01E01)4,461314/cpm1993Mandel, RobertUSA
X Files, The (S01E02): Deep ThroatAkta X: Muž z PentagonuX Files, The: Deep Throat (S01E02)4,853713/cpm1993Sackheim, DanielUSA
X Files, The (S01E03): SqueezeAkta X: HnízdoX Files, The: Squeeze (S01E03)5,443811/cpm1993Longstreet, HarryUSA
X Files, The (S01E04): ConduitAkta X: Informační kanálX Files, The: Conduit (S01E04)4,950512/cpm1993Sackheim, DanielUSA
X Files, The (S01E05): The Jersey DevilAkta X: Čert z JerseyX Files, The: The Jersey Devil (S01E05)5,943210/cpm1993Napolitano, JoeUSA / CAN
X Files, The (S01E08): IceAkta X: LedX Files, The: Ice (S01E08)5,150012/cpm1993Nutter, DavidUSA
Záhada hlavolamuZáhada hlavolamuMystery of a Puzzle14,141614/cpm249/cph1993Kotek, PetrCZE
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: One, Two, Buckle My ShoeHercule Poirot: Nástrahy zubařského křeslaAgatha Christie’s Poirot: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe8,37467/cpm400/cph1992Devenish, RossGBR
Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The ABC MurdersHercule Poirot: Vraždy podle abecedyAgatha Christie’s Poirot: The ABC Murders5,5111911/cpm653/cph1992Grieve, AndrewGBR
AladdinAladinAladdin3,5145517/cpm1000/cph1992Musker, John; Clements, RonUSA
Alien3 (DC)Vetřelec3 (DC)Alien3 (DC)3,7226016/cpm866/cph1992Fincher, DavidUSA
Far and AwayNavždy a dalekoFar and Away5,6139811/cpm600/cph1992Howard, RonUSA
Few Good Men, APár správných chlapůFew Good Men, A5,4148711/cpm649/cph1992Reiner, RobUSA
Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkSám doma 2: Ztracen v New YorkuHome Alone 2: Lost in New York3,8177516/cpm919/cph1992Columbus, ChrisUSA
KrávaCow, TheKráva6,77739/cpm545/cph1992Kachyňa, KarelCZE
Last of the Mohicans, ThePoslední MohykánLast of the Mohicans, The4,3145414/cpm732/cph1992Mann, MichaelUSA
Lethal Weapon 3Smrtonosná zbraň 3Lethal Weapon 32,6248722/cpm1250/cph1992Donner, RichardUSA
Merry Christmas, Mr. BeanVeselé Vánoce, pane BeaneMerry Christmas, Mr. Bean6,323310/cpm1992Birkin, JohnGBR
Mr. Bean Rides AgainPan Bean opět řídíMr. Bean Rides Again91507/cpm1992Birkin, John; Weiland, PaulGBR
Patriot GamesVysoká hra patriotůPatriot Games5,4123111/cpm650/cph1992Noyce, PhilipUSA
Player, TheHráčPlayer, The8,28697/cpm391/cph1992Altman, RobertUSA
Provincialnaja školaProvinční školaProvincial School4,95612/cpm1992Maximov, IvanRUS
Raising CainKainova výchovaRaising Cain6,77599/cpm479/cph1992De Palma, BrianUSA
Renegade (S01E01): RenegadeOdpadlík: OdpadlíkRenegade: Renegade5,845610/cpm1992Hemecker, RalphUSA
Renegade (S01E02): Hunting AccidentOdpadlík: Nehoda na lovuRenegade: Hunting Accident5,250611/cpm1992Davis, B. J.USA
Renegade (S01E03): Final JudgementOdpadlík: Poslední soudRenegade: Final Judgement4,756013/cpm1992Hemecker, RalphUSA
SidekicksMistr kickboxuSidekicks3,7153616/cpm900/cph1992Norris, AaronUSA
Star Trek: The Next Generation (S05E18) – Cause and EffectStar Trek: Nová generace – Příčina a důsledekStar Trek: The Next Generation – Cause and Effect5,644911/cpm1992Frakes, JonathanUSA
Trouble with Mr. Bean, TheStarosti s panem BeanemTrouble with Mr. Bean, The8,81647/cpm1992Birkin, John; Weiland, PaulGBR
Under SiegePřepadení v PacifikuUnder Siege3,4172518/cpm1000/cph1992Davis, AndrewUSA / FRA
UnforgivenNesmiřitelníUnforgiven4,5167413/cpm811/cph1992Eastwood, ClintUSA
Až opadá listí z dubuAž opadá listí z dubuWhen the Leaves Fall from the Oak4,337014/cpm1991Pospíšilová, VlastaCZE
Beauty and the BeastKráska a zvířeBeauty and the Beast3,5135017/cpm987/cph1991Trousdale, Gary; Wise, KirkUSA
Highlander II: The Quickening (DC)Highlander 2 – Síla kouzla (DC)Highlander 2: Renegade Version3,31870*18/cpm1000/cph1991Mulcahy, RussellGBR / FRA / ARG
HookHookHook4,9162012/cpm700/cph1991Spielberg, StevenUSA
Mr. Bean Goes to TownPan Bean jde do městaMr. Bean Goes to Town8,41607/cpm1991Birkin, John; Weiland, PaulGBR
Obecná školaObecná školaElementary School, The7,47868/cpm450/cph1991Svěrák, JanCZE
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesRobin Hood: Král zbojníkůRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves3,2248718/cpm991/cph1991Reynolds, KevinUSA
Robin HoodRobin HoodRobin Hood4,5130513/cpm789/cph1991Irvin, JohnGBR / USA
Silence of the Lambs, TheMlčení jehňátekSilence of the Lambs, The6,510369/cpm489/cph1991Demme, JonathanUSA
Terminator 2: Judgment DayTerminátor 2: Den zúčtování (Theatrical Cut)Terminator 2: Judgment Day3,3238318/cpm1046/cph1991Cameron, JamesFRA / USA
Terminator 2: Judgment DayTerminátor 2: Den zúčtování (DC Extended)Terminator 2: Judgment Day3,3266918/cpm897/cph1991Cameron, JamesFRA / USA
12:0112:0112:014,829012/cpm1990Heap, JonathanUSA
Back to the Future Part IIINávrat do budoucnosti IIIBack to the Future Part III4,9131412/cpm659/cph1990Zemeckis, RobertUSA
Curse of Mr. Bean, TheProkletí pana BeanaCurse of Mr. Bean, The91597/cpm1990Davies, John HowardGBR
Dances With Wolves (DC)Tanec s vlky (DC)Dances With Wolves (DC)5,4252711/cpm600/cph1990Costner, KevinUSA
Die Hard 2Smrtonosná past 2Die Hard 22,8240821/cpm1189/cph1990Harlin, RennyUSA
Godfather: Part IIIKmotr IIIGodfather: Part III6,613689/cpm616/cph1990Coppola, Francis FordUSA
Home AloneSám domaHome Alone4,2136714/cpm829/cph1990Columbus, ChrisUSA
Hunt for Red October, TheHon na ponorkuHunt for Red October, The6,811519/cpm384/cph1990McTiernan, JohnUSA
KouřKouřSmoke14,33784/cpm253/cph1990Vorel, TomášCZE
Miller’s CrossingMillerova křižovatkaMiller’s Crossing5,6117011/cpm600/cph1990Coen, JoelUSA
Mission: Impossible (S02E14): The GunslingerNulová šance (S02E14): PistolníkMission: Impossible (S02E14)3,583217/cpm1990Budds, ColinUSA
Mission: Impossible (S02E15): Church Bells in BogotaNulová šance (S02E15): V Bogotě zvoní zvonyMission: Impossible (S02E15)3,582017/cpm1990Nicholson, ArchUSA
Mission: Impossible (S02E16): The Sands of SethNulová šance (S02E16): Písčiny boha SetaMission: Impossible (S02E16)3,670717/cpm1990Budds, ColinUSA
Mr. BeanPan BeanMr. Bean121245/cpm1990Davies, John HowardGBR
Predator 2Predátor IIPredator 23,5169517/cpm957/cph1990Hopkins, StephenUSA
Return of Mr. Bean, TheNávrat pana BeanaReturn of Mr. Bean, The12,81095/cpm1990Davies, John HowardGBR
TGM OsvoboditelTGM OsvoboditelTGM3,41060*17/cpm1000/cph1990Chytilová, VěraCZE
Total RecallTotal RecallTotal Recall3,4187618/cpm898/cph1990Verhoeven, PaulUSA
TremorsChvěníTremors4134715/cpm850/cph1990Underwood, RonUSA
Člověk proti zkázeMan versus RuinČlověk proti zkáze14,83584/cpm249/cph1989Skalský, ŠtěpánCZE
Agatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E01): The Adventure of the Clapham CookHercule Poirot: Dobrodružství claphamské kuchařkyAgatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E01): The Adventure of the Clapham Cook6,54409/cpm1989Bennett, EdwardGBR
Agatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E02): Murder in the MewsHercule Poirot: Vražda v ulici MewsAgatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E02): Murder in the Mews6,44469/cpm1989Bennett, EdwardGBR
Agatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E03): The Adventure of Johnnie WaverlyHercule Poirot: Únos Johnnieho WaverlyhoAgatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E03): The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly6,74419/cpm1989Rye, RennyGBR
Agatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E05): The Third Floor FlatHercule Poirot: Byt v třetím patřeAgatha Christie’s Poirot (S01E05): The Third Floor Flat8,93057/cpm1989Bennett, EdwardGBR
Around the World in 80 DaysKolem světa za 80 dníAround the World in 80 Days5,8273210/cpm600/cph1989Kulik, BuzzUSA / ITA / BRD / YUG
Around the World in 80 Days (01)Kolem světa za 80 dní (01)Around the World in 80 Days (01)5,990010/cpm600/cph1989Kulik, BuzzUSA / ITA / BRD / YUG
Around the World in 80 Days (02)Kolem světa za 80 dní (02)Around the World in 80 Days (02)5,792210/cpm600/cph1989Kulik, BuzzUSA / ITA / BRD / YUG
Around the World in 80 Days (03)Kolem světa za 80 dní (03)Around the World in 80 Days (03)5,991010/cpm600/cph1989Kulik, BuzzUSA / ITA / BRD / YUG
Back to the Future Part IINávrat do budoucnosti IIBack to the Future Part II4,5134013/cpm754/cph1989Zemeckis, RobertUSA
Black RainČerný déšťBlack Rain3,6200317/cpm1025/cph1989Scott, RidleyUSA
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana Jones a Poslední křížová výpravaIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade4,7153013/cpm750/cph1989Spielberg, StevenUSA
KickboxerKickboxerKickboxer3,1180219/cpm1063/cph1989DiSalle, Mark; Worth, DavidUSA
Lethal Weapon 2Smrtonosná zbraň 2Lethal Weapon 23,5184917/cpm1000/cph1989Donner, RichardUSA
LeviathanLeviathanLeviathan3,5157217/cpm1000/cph1989Cosmatos, George P.USA
Licence to KillPovolení zabíjetJames Bond: Licence to Kill3,5216217/cpm942/cph1989Glen, JohnUSA
Road HouseRoad HouseRoad House4,5146613/cpm710/cph1989Herrington, RowdyUSA
Sex, Lies, and VideotapeSex, lži a videoSex, Lies, and Videotape10,25656/cpm300/cph1989Soderbergh, StevenUSA
Sièges de l’Alcazar, LesSedačky v kině AlcazarSeats of the Alcazar Cinema, The12,52435/cpm1989Moullet, LucFRA
Tango a CashTango & CashTango & Cash2,9199420/cpm1100/cph1989Končalovskij, Andrej; Magnoli, AlbertUSA
TarantellaTarantule*Tarantella4,36014/cpm1989Nolan, Christopher; Belic, RokoGBR
Täter unbekannt – Sternstunden der KriminalistikDobrodružství kriminalistiky: KrevAdventure in Criminological Investigation (S01E06)10,22976/cpm1989Moskalyk, AntonínCZE / DEU / FRA
AkiraAkiraAkira3,4215718/cpm1000/cph1988Ôtomo, KatsuhiroJAP
Another WomanJiná ženaAnother Woman26,81742/cpm100/cph1988Allen, WoodyUSA
Big Blue, TheMagická hlubina (US verze)Big Blue, The5,6118911/cpm1988Besson, LucFRA / ITA / USA
BloodsportKrvavý sportBloodsport3,5146317/cpm1000/cph1988Arnold, NewtUSA
Dead Pool, TheSázka na smrtDead Pool, The4,4117714/cpm800/cph1988Van Horn, BuddyUSA
Die HardSmrtonosná pastDie Hard4,5168513/cpm800/cph1988McTiernan, JohnUSA
ReachReachReach2,518024/cpm1988Cameron, JamesUSA
Red HeatRudé horkoRed Heat4,2144314/cpm800/cph1988Hill, WalterUSA
RopáciRopáciOil Gobblers523912/cpm1988Svěrák, JanCZE
Shoot to KillRukojmí pro vrahaShoot to Kill4,3145614/cpm800/cph1988Spottiswoode, RogerUSA
They live!Oni žijí!They live!4,8110612/cpm708/cph1988Carpenter, JohnUSA
Tonari no TotoroMůj soused TotoroMy Neighbor Totoro5,292111/cpm650/cph1988Miyazaki, HayaoJAP
Beverly Hills Cop IIPolicajt v Beverly Hills IIBeverly Hills Cop II2,8204321/cpm1112/cph1987Scott, TonyUSA
Beyond TherapyToho doktora chci za ženuBeyond Therapy12,64285/cpm250/cph1987Altman, RobertUSA
Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (01)Nedostižný Buster Keaton (01)Beyond Therapy5,653911/cpm1987Brownlow, Kevin; Gill, DavidGBR
Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (02)Nedostižný Buster Keaton (02)Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (02)6,249510/cpm1987Brownlow, Kevin; Gill, DavidGBR
Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (03)Nedostižný Buster Keaton (03)Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (03)6,84379/cpm1987Brownlow, Kevin; Gill, DavidGBR
Empire of the SunŘíše slunceEmpire of the Sun6,513299/cpm550/cph1987Spielberg, StevenUSA
Chung wa chin si*Skvělí bojovníciMagnificent Warriors2,7196122/cpm1341/cph1987Chung, DavidHKG
Last Emperor, ThePoslední císařLast Emperor, The7,612308/cpm530/cph1987Bertolucci, BernardoGBR / ITA / CHN / FRA / USA
Last Emperor, The (1)Poslední císař (1)Last Emperor, The (1)6,96218/cpm530/cph1987Bertolucci, BernardoGBR / ITA / CHN / FRA / USA
Last Emperor, The (2)Poslední císař (2)Last Emperor, The (2)8,26098/cpm400/cph1987Bertolucci, BernardoGBR / ITA / CHN / FRA / USA
Lauf der Dinge, DerV běhu věcíWay Things Go, The75,6231987Weiss, David; Fischli, PeterCHE / USA
Lethal WeaponSmrtonosná zbraňLethal Weapon4,4140713/cpm646/cph1987Donner, RichardUSA
Living Daylights, TheDech životaJames Bond: The Living Daylights3,4219518/cpm1000/cph1987Glen, JohnGBR / USA
Monster Squad, TheZáhrobní komandoMonster Squad, The3,9116015/cpm900/cph1987Dekker, FredUSA
My Best Friend’s BirthdayNarozeniny mého nejlepšího příteleMy Best Friend’s Birthday9,92206/cpm1987Tarantino, QuentinUSA
Niedzielne igraszkiNedělní hrátkySunday Pranks8,33847/cpm1987Gliński, RobertPOL
PredatorPredátorPredator3,9154215/cpm866/cph1987McTiernan, JohnUSA
Prince of DarknessVládce temnotPrince of Darkness7,18238/cpm409/cph1987Carpenter, JohnUSA
RoboCopRoboCopRoboCop3,7155416/cpm847/cph1987Verhoeven, PaulUSA
Running Man, TheBěžící mužRunning Man, The2,7203022/cpm1281/cph1987Glaser, Paul MichaelUSA
Untouchables, TheNeúplatníUntouchables, The5,8114510/cpm531/cph1987De Palma, BrianUSA
Veiviseren / OfelašStopařPathfinder5,885210/cpm600/cph1987Gaup, NilsNOR
AliensVetřelciAliens3,6222117/cpm765/cph1986Cameron, JamesUSA
Aliens: Director’s CutVetřelci (DC)Aliens: Director’s Cut3,9231215/cpm800/cph1986Cameron, JamesUSA
Astérix chez les BretonsAsterix v BritániiAsterix in Britain5,677311/cpm600/cph1986Van Lamsweerde, PinoFRA
Blue VelvetModrý sametBlue Velvet7,19398/cpm500/cph1986Lynch, DavidUSA
Delta ForceDelta ForceDelta Force4,1185114/cpm1986Golan, MenahemIZR / USA
Directed by William WylerRežie William WylerDirected by William Wyler6,55399/cpm1986Slesin, AvivaUSA
Fiat CromaFiat CromaFiat Croma21530/cpm1986Argento, DarioITA
Highlander (DC)Highlander (DC)Highlander (DC)3,5187317/cpm1000/cph1986Mulcahy, RussellUSA / GBR
ManhunterČervený drakManhunter8,48277/cpm451/cph1986Mann, MichaelUSA
Maximum OverdriveVzpoura strojůMaximum Overdrive5,995210/cpm600/cph1986King, StephenUSA
Mosquito Coast, ThePobřeží moskytůMosquito Coast, The6,1110710/cpm1986Weir, PeterUSA
Name der Rose, DerJméno růžeName of the Rose, The4,3167814/cpm800/cph1986Annaud, Jean JacquesDEU / FRA / ITA
Peggy Sue Got MarriedPeggy Sue se vdáváPeggy Sue Got Married7,38148/cpm450/cph1986Coppola, Francis FordUSA
Precious ImagesDrahocenné obrazy*Precious Images0,8493741996Workman, ChuckUSA
ProryvZávalBreakthrough7,67518/cpm450/cph1986Světozarov, DimitrijRUS
Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeStar Trek IV: Cesta domůStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home6,1108910/cpm562/cph1986Nimoy, LeonardUSA
Tenkū no shiro LaputaLaputa: Nebeský zámekLaputa: Castle in the Sky4,4165414/cpm800/cph1986Miyazaki, HayaoJAP
Tian guo en chouZrada a pomstaBetrayal and Revenge5,3117411/cpm1986Zhou, KangyuCHN
Top GunTop GunTop Gun3,3185418/cpm987/cph1986Scott, TonyUSA
Whistle Blower, TheStudená válkaWhistle Blower, The6,68889/cpm1986Langton, SimonGBR
Back to the FutureNávrat do budoucnostiBack to the Future5132512/cpm630/cph1985Zemeckis, RobertUSA
CiuleandraCiuleandraCiuleandra12,45575/cpm200/cph1985Nicolaescu, SergiuROM
CommandoKomandoCommando2,6193323/cpm1248/cph1985Lester, Mark L.USA
Fool for LoveLáskou posedlíFool for Love78949/cpm500/cph1985Altman, RobertUSA
Chorus Line, AChorus LineChorus Line, A7,59088/cpm491/cph1985Attenborough, RichardUSA
LadyhawkeJestřábí ženaLadyhawke4,7144413/cpm694/cph1985Donner, RichardUSA
Mad Max Beyond ThunderdomeŠílený Max a Dóm hromuMad Max Beyond Thunderdome695610/cpm1985Miller, George – Ogilvie, GeorgeAUS
Out of AfricaVzpomínky na AfrikuOut of Africa5,1184312/cpm803/cph1985Pollack, SydneyUSA
Purple Rose of Cairo, ThePurpurová Růže z KáhiryPurple Rose of Cairo, The11,44075/cpm300/cph1985Allen, WoodyUSA
Rambo: First Blood Part IIRambo IIRambo: First Blood Part II2,8192621/cpm1063/cph1985Cosmatos, George P.USA
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins…Remo Williams: Dobrodružství začínajíRemo Williams: The Adventure Begins…4,2165314/cpm800/cph1985Hamilton, GuyUSA
Rocky IVRocky IVRocky IV2,3228926/cpm1371/cph1985Stallone, SylvesterUSA
Runaway TrainSplašený vlakRunaway Train5125612/cpm700/cph1985Končalovskij, AndrejUSA
SilveradoSilveradoSilverado5,7133210/cpm551/cph1985Kasdan, LawrenceUSA
To Live and Die in L.A.Žít a zemřít v L.A.To Live and Die in L.A.9,17287/cpm386/cph1985Friedkin, WilliamUSA
WaltzerValčíkWaltz2,57324/cpm1985Bódy, GáborHUN / DEU
What Do Those Old Films Mean? Germany. 1925-1932. Under Two FlagsJaký je význam starých filmů? Německo 1925-1932: Pod dvěma vlajkami*What Do Those Old Films Mean? Germany. 1925-1932. Under Two Flags3,840616/cpm1985Burch, NoëlGBR
Witness, TheSvědekWitness, The6,310179/cpm524/cph1985Weir, PeterUSA
20102010: Druhá vesmírná odysea20105,2130411/cpm679/cph1984Hyams, PeterUSA
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (S01E01): A Scandal in BohemiaZ archivu Sherlocka Holmese: Skandál v ČecháchAdventures of Sherlock Holmes, The: A Scandal in Bohemia (S01E01)5,355811/cpm1984Annett, PaulGBR
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (S01E02): The Dancing MenZ archivu Sherlocka Holmese: Tančící figurkyAdventures of Sherlock Holmes, The: The Dancing Men (S01E02)10,22946/cpm1984Bruce, JohnGBR
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (S01E03): The Naval TreatyZ archivu Sherlocka Holmese: Námořní smlouvaAdventures of Sherlock Holmes, The: The Naval Treaty (S01E03)6,84409/cpm1984Grint, AlanGBR
Amadeus (The Theatrical Cut)AmadeusAmadeus4,5200413/cpm734/cph1984Forman, MilošUSA
Beverly Hills CopPolicajt v Beverly HillsBeverly Hills Cop4,9120512/cpm657/cph1984Brest, MartinUSA
Blood SimpleZbytečná krutostBlood Simple4,8115612/cpm700/cph1984Coen, JoelUSA
DuneDunaDune4,8164912/cpm599/cph1984Lynch, DavidUSA
GremlinsGremlinsGremlins6,69209/cpm500/cph1984Dante, JoeUSA
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomIndiana Jones a Chrám zkázyIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom3,5190017/cpm1000/cph1984Spielberg, StevenUSA
Kaze no tani no NaushikaNaušika z Větrného údolíNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind4,3158914/cpm800/cph1984Miyazaki, HayaoJAP
Krtek ve snuKrtek ve snuMole in a Dream, The27,21922/cpm1984Miler, ZdeněkCZE
MotelMotelMotel11,94585/cpm300/cph1984Mandoki, LuisMEX
Murder, She Wrote (S01E02): Deadly LadyTo je vražda, napsala: Smrtící hurikánMurder, She Wrote (S01E02)73969/cpm1984Allen, CoreyUSA
Murder, She Wrote (S01E04): Hooray for HomicideTo je vražda, napsala: Vraždila Jessica?Murder, She Wrote (S01E04)7,73609/cpm1984Colla, Richard A.USA
Nightmare on Elm Street, ANoční můra v Elm StreetNightmare on Elm Street, A5,1102912/cpm737/cph1984Craven, WesUSA
Once Upon a Time in AmericaTenkrát v AmericeOnce Upon a Time in America7,916718/cpm430/cph1984Leone, SergioITA / USA
Peter Lorre – Das doppelte GesichtDvě tváře Petera LorrehoTwo Faces of Peter Lorre, The8,24207/cpm1984Farocki, Harun; Hoffmann, FelixDEU
Red DawnRudý úsvitRed Dawn6,1107110/cpm589/cph1984Milius, JohnUSA
Romancing the StoneHonba za diamantemRomancing the Stone4,7128413/cpm649/cph1984Zemeckis, RobertUSA
S čerty nejsou žertyS čerty nejsou žertyGive the Devil His Due9,16177/cpm400/cph1984Bočan, HynekCZE
Star Trek III: The Search for SpockStar Trek III: Pátrání po SpockoviStar Trek III: The Search for Spock5,2107411/cpm650/cph1984Nimoy, LeonardUSA
Terminator, TheTerminátorTerminator, The3,2184818/cpm1000/cph1984Cameron, JamesUSA
TightropeStahující se smyčkaTightrope5132612/cpm736/cph1984Tuggle, RichardUSA
Au nom de tous les miensJménem mých blízkýchFor Those I Loved6,812549/cpm500/cph1983Enrico, RobertFRA / CAN
StreamersZtroskotanciStreamers4,8145213/cpm750/cph1983Altman, RobertUSA
Dernier combat, LePoslední bitvaLast Combat, The8,66207/cpm400/cph1983Besson, LucFRA
ChristineChristineChristine6104610/cpm554/cph1983Carpenter, JohnUSA
Kyvadlo, jáma a nadějeKyvadlo, jáma a nadějePendulum, the Pit and Hope, The3,921815/cpm1983Švankmajer, JanCZE
Blue ThunderLétající okoBlue Thunder3,4182117/cpm1000/cph1983Badham, JohnUSA
Marginal, LeDobrodruhOutsider, The6,88739/cpm489/cph1983Deray, JacquesFRA
Mickey’s Christmas CarolMickeyho vánoční koledaMickey’s Christmas Carol4,133714/cpm1983Mattinson, BurnyUSA
Never Say Never AgainNikdy neříkej nikdyJames Bond: Never Say Never Again6,2124310/cpm550/cph1983Kershner, IrvinGBR / USA / BRD
Occulta Philosophia, DeOcculta Philosophia, DePhilo-clip184571983Bódy, GáborHUN
¡Patakín! quiere decir ¡fábula!Patakin čili bajkaPatakin12,54295/cpm250/cph1983Gómez, Manuel OctavioCUBA
ScarfaceZjizvená tvářScarface6165310/cpm571/cph1983De Palma, BrianUSA
Sudden ImpactNáhlý úderSudden Impact4,9138012/cpm700/cph1983Eastwood, ClintUSA
WarGamesVálečné hryWarGames4,1158915/cpm787/cph1983Badham, JohnUSA
48 hrs.48 hodin48 hrs.4,5122313/cpm747/cph1983Hill, WalterUSA
Alsino y el cóndorAlsino a kondorAlsino and the Condor7,56348/cpm450/cph1982Littin, MiguelNIC / CUB / MEX / COS
Blade Runner: The Final CutBlade Runner: Final CutBlade Runner: The Final Cut5,5119711/cpm636/cph1982Scott, RidleyUSA
Blade Runner: The Theatrical Cut (US)Blade RunnerBlade Runner: The Theatrical Cut (US)5,5118611/cpm665/cph1982Scott, RidleyUSA
Conan the BarbarianBarbar ConanConan the Barbarian5,2142811/cpm650/cph1982Milius, JohnUSA
E.T.: The Extra-TerrestrialE. T. – MimozemšťanE.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial5,7114310/cpm600/cph1982Spielberg, StevenUSA
Evil Under the SunZlo pod sluncemEvil Under the Sun6,89789/cpm500/cph1982Hamilton, GuyUSA
Fanny och AlexanderFanny a AlexandrFanny and Alexander15,17364/cpm201/cph1982Bergman, IngmarSWE / FRA / DEU
Fanny och Alexander (1)Fanny a Alexandr (1)Fanny and Alexander (1)15,34034/cpm201/cph1982Bergman, IngmarSWE / FRA / DEU
Fanny och Alexander (2)Fanny a Alexandr (2)Fanny and Alexander (2)14,83334/cpm251/cph1982Bergman, IngmarSWE / FRA / DEU
First BloodRambo: První krevFirst Blood5,592211/cpm600/cph1982Kotcheff, TedUSA
Honkytonk ManHonky Tonk ManHonkytonk Man5,8125110/cpm600/cph1982Eastwood, ClintUSA
Knight Rider: Knight of the PhoenixKnight Rider: Jako Fénix z popelaKnight Rider (S01E01)3,5161417/cpm1023/cph1982Haller, DanielUSA
Last Unicorn, ThePoslední jednorožecLast Unicorn, The4,6116513/cpm700/cph1982Bass, Jules; Rankin Jr., ArthurUSA / GBR / JAP
PassionVášeňPassion37,41392/cpm106/cph1982Godard, Jean-LucCHE / FRA
PoltergeistPoltergeistPoltergeist6,2107110/cpm550/cph1982Hooper, TobeUSA
Snowman, TheSněhulákSnowman, The437615/cpm900/cph1982Jackson, DianneGBR
Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanStar Trek II: Khanův hněvStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan6,69499/cpm535/cph1982Meyer, NicholasUSA
TenebreTenebreTenebre6,49239/cpm550/cph1982Argento, DarioITA
Thing, TheVěcThing, The5,9101710/cpm569/cph1982Carpenter, JohnUSA
TRONTronTRON3,9137115/cpm900/cph1982Lisberger, StevenUSA
Wend KuuniBoží darGod’s Gift12,73225/cpm250/cph1982Kaboré, GastonBFA
Blow OutVýbuchBlow Out7,58268/cpm498/cph1981De Palma, BrianUSA
Człowiek z żelazaČlověk ze železaMan of Iron108976/cpm350/cph1981Wajda, AndrzejPOL
Escape from New YorkÚtěk z New YorkuEscape from New York6,48519/cpm509/cph1981Carpenter, JohnUSA / GBR
Fort Apache the BronxPevnost Apačů v BronxuFort Apache the Bronx7,39518/cpm444/cpm1981Petrie, DanielUSA
Garde à vueSvědekInquisitor, The8,36187/cpm444/cph1981Miller, ClaudeFRA
Guerre du feu, LaBoj o oheňQuest for Fire4,9113612/cpm1981Annaud, Jean JacquesCAN / FRA / USA
Horečka všedního dneHorečka všedního dneFever of a Weekday, The12,111529/cpm1981Zábranský, MilošCZE
IsadoraIsadoraIsadora29,1342/cpm1981Veitia, HectorCUBA
KašpárekKašpárekPunch4,113615/cpm1981Vorel, TomášCZE
Mad Max 2: The Road WarriorŠílený Max 2 – Bojovník silnicMad Max 2: The Road Warrior3,7141016/cpm900/cph1981Miller, GeorgeAUS
Raiders of the Lost ArkDobyvatelé ztracené archyRaiders of the Lost Ark4,5146213/cpm750/cph1981Spielberg, StevenUSA
Shagajj, strana!Kráčej kupředu, země!Step Up, the Country!3,516916/cpm1981Shejjn, AleksandrUSSR
To můj LáďaTo můj LáďaMy Láďa3,517317/cpm1981Vorel, TomášCZE
Airplane!Připoutejte se, prosím!Airplane!6,77019/cpm490/cph1980Abrahams, Jim; Zucker, David; Zucker, JerryUSA
Ang PandayKovářBlacksmith, The8,18307/cpm400/cph1980Poe Jr., FernandoPHL
BrubakerBrubakerBrubaker4,2179714/cpm800/cph1980Rosenberg, StuartUSA
Doctor Who (S18E02): Meglos (01)Doctor Who (S18E02): Meglos (01)Doctor Who (S18E02): Meglos (01)622710/cpm1980Dudley, TerenceGBR
Dressed to KillOblečen k zabíjeníDressed to Kill6,69109/cpm569/cph1980De Palma, BrianUSA
Eruption of Mount St. Helens!, TheErupce hory Svaté HelenyEruption of Mount St. Helens!, The13,11215/cpm1980Casey, GeorgeUSA
Femme de l’aviateur, LaPilotova žena aneb nelze myslet na nicAviator’s Wife, The20,33062/cpm1980Rohmer, EricFRA
Fog, TheMlhaFog, The6,67749/cpm427/cph1980Carpenter, JohnUSA
Hotel MagnezitHotel MagnezitHotel Magnezit10,8676/cpm1980Tarr, BélaHUN
Mirror Crack’d, TheRozbité zrcadloMirror Crack’d, The7,68078/cpm450/cph1980Hamilton, GuyGBR
Mrňous a čarodějniceMrňous a čarodějniceTeeny-Tiny and the Witch Woman71149/cpm1980Deitch, GeneUSA / CZE
PopeyePepek námořníkPopeye4,8136312/cpm700/cph1980Altman, RobertUSA
Shining, The (The International Version)OsvíceníShining, The11,85895/cpm284/cph1980Kubrick, StanleyGBR / USA
Shining, The (The US Theatrical Version)OsvíceníShining, The12,76605/cpm266/cph1980Kubrick, StanleyGBR / USA
Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes BackStar Wars: Epizoda V – Impérium vrací úderStar Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back4179915/cpm850/cph1980Kershner, IrvinUSA
Zánik domu UsherůZánik domu UsherůFall of the House of Usher, The4,520713/cpm1980Švankmajer, JanCZE
AlienVetřelecAlien5,7117110/cpm577/cph1979Scott, RidleyUSA / GBR
Apocalypse NowApokalypsaApocalypse Now7,41172*8/cpm450/cph1979Coppola, Francis FordUSA
Bob a Bobek – Králíci z klobouku: Na uliciBob a Bobek – Králíci z klobouku: Na uliciBob & Bobek10,1376/cpm1979Bedřich, VáclavCZE
Diagnóza smrtiDiagnóza smrtiDiagnosis of Death27,81872/cpm100/cph1979Schulhoff, PetrCZE
DraculaDrákulaDracula5124712/cpm700/cph1979Bedham, JohnUSA / GBR
Escape from AlcatrazÚtěk z AlcatrazuEscape from Alcatraz7,28978/cpm450/cph1979Siegel, DonUSA
Flic ou voyouPolicajt nebo rošťákCop or Hood5,9106810/cpm648/cph1979Lautner, GeorgesFRA
Ghazien-e Shekle Avval, Ghazien-e Shekl-e DovvomPrvní případ, druhý případ*First Case, Second Case18,3150*2/cpm1979Kiarostami, AbbasIRAN
Hao xiaPoslední hurá rytířství*Last Hurrah for Chivalry6,1101510/cpm533/cph1979Woo, JohnHKG
Mad MaxŠílený MaxMad Max4,2127214/cpm800/cph1979Miller, GeorgeAUS
ManhattanManhattanManhattan18,13103/cph186/cph1979Allen, WoodyUSA
MeteorMeteorMeteor5,7106110/cpm532/cph1979Neame, RonaldUSA / HKG
MoonrakerMoonrakerJames Bond: Moonraker3,3216818/cpm996/cph1979Gilbert, LewisGBR / FRA
Murder by DecreeVražda na úrovniMurder by Decree8,98067/cpm400/cph1979Clark, BobGBR / CAN
Otrantský zámekOtrantský zámekCastle of Otranto, The4,324214/cpm1979Švankmajer, JanCZE
QuintetKvintetQuintet9,77156/cpm350/cph1979Altman, RobertUSA
Rose, TheRůžeRose, The7,510438/cpm450/cph1979Rydell, MarkUSA
Rychlé šípy zakládají klubRychlé šípy zakládají klubRychlé šípy4,55313/cpm1979Vorel, TomášCZE
Star Trek: The Motion PictureStar Trek: FilmStar Trek: The Motion Picture5,3140111/cpm650/cph1979Wise, RobertUSA
Death on the NileSmrt na NiluDeath on the Nile8,69457/cpm400/cph1978Guillermin, JohnGBR
GreasePomádaGrease5,8107310/cpm582/cph1978Kleiser, RandelUSA
HalloweenV předvečer svátku všech svatýchHalloween8,85887/cpm327/cph1978Carpenter, JohnUSA
InteriorsInteriéryInteriors12,14445/cpm250/cph1978Allen, WoodyUSA
Invasion of the Body SnatchersInvaze zlodějů tělInvasion of the Body Snatchers5,4126211/cpm650/cph1978Kaufman, PhilipUSA
King of the MoviesFilmový králKing of the Movies112035/cpm1978Chilvers, PhilGBR
Professionals, The (S02E04): Man Without a PastProfesionálové: Muž bez minulostiProfessionals, The (S02E04)4,761013/cpm1978Campbell, MartinGBR
Professionals, The (S02E08): A Stirring of DustProfesionálové: Zvířený prachProfessionals, The (S02E08)5,652511/cpm1978Campbell, MartinGBR
Shao Lin san shi liu fang36. komnata Shaolinu36th Chamber of Shaolin, The5135512/cpm606/cph1978Lau Kar LeungHKG
SupermanSupermanSuperman4200215/cpm641/cph1978Donner, RichardUSA / GBR
ThampuCirkusový stanCircus Tent, The10,27536/cpm426/cph1978Govindan, AravindanIND
Wild Geese, TheDivoké husyWild Geese, The3,8204116/cpm900/cph1978McLaglen, Andrew V.GBR / CHE
XenogenesisXenogenesisXenogenesis5,511511/cpm1978Cameron, JamesUSA
Zákon samurajůZákon samurajůLaw of Samurai, The5,48011/cpm1978Vorel, TomášCZE
3 WomenTři ženy3 Women10,56956/cpm300/cph1977Altman, RobertUSA
Annie HallAnnie HallováAnnie Hall14,43744/cpm200/cph1977Allen, WoodyUSA
Bridge Too Far, APříliš vzdálený mostBridge Too Far, A4,4227713/cpm800/cph1977Attenborough, RichardUSA / GBR
California addioKalifornieCalifornia5,3108911/cpm650/cph1977Lupo, MicheleITA / SPA
Close Encouters of the Third KindBlízká setkání třetího druhuClose Encouters of the Third Kind7,110898/cpm513/cph1977Spielberg, StevenUSA
Columbo (S06E03): The Bye-Bye Sky-High I.Q. Murder CaseColumbo: Případ vysokého IQColumbo (S06E03)6,76449/cpm1977Wanamaker, SamUSA
Což takhle dát si špenátCož takhle dát si špenátA Nice Plate of Spinach12,14095/cpm1977Vorlíček, VáclavCZE
Front za linijej frontaFronta v týluFront Beyond the Front Line14,37104/cpm250/cph1977Gostev, IvanSSSR
Front za linijej fronta (1)Fronta v týlu (1)Front Beyond the Front Line (1)16,23044/cpm200/cph1977Gostev, IvanSSSR
Front za linijej fronta (2)Fronta v týlu (2)Front Beyond the Front Line (2)134064/cpm250/cph1977Gostev, IvanSSSR
Gauntlet, TheŽelezný stiskGauntlet, The5126712/cpm659/cph1977Eastwood, ClintUSA
Nemocnice na kraji města (S01E01): VýročíNemocnice na kraji města: VýročíHospital at the End of the City (S01E01)10,62475/cpm1977Dudek, JaroslavCZE
Nemocnice na kraji města (S01E02): StrachNemocnice na kraji města: StrachHospital at the End of the City (S01E02)12,32565/cpm1977Dudek, JaroslavCZE
Orca: Killer WhaleOrka zabijákOrca: Killer Whale4,7111813/cpm750/cph1977Anderson, MichaelUSA
Rolling ThunderBez slitováníRolling Thunder6,58939/cpm514/cph1977Flynn, JohnUSA
SorcererMzda strachuSorcerer5,5127811/cpm600/cph1977Friedkin, WilliamUSA
Spy Who Loved Me, TheŠpion, který mě milovalJames Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me3,7193816/cpm950/cph1977Gilbert, LewisGBR
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New HopeHvězdné války: Epizoda IV – Nová nadějeStar Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope3,1225819/cpm1050/cph1977Lucas, GeorgeUSA
SuspiriaSuspiriaSuspiria7,67528/cpm450/cph1977Argento, DarioITA / DEU
Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajemZítra vstanu a opařím se čajemTomorrow I’ll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea6,38589/cpm1977Polák, JindřichCZE
All the President’s MenVšichni prezidentovi mužiAll the President’s Men9,38836/cpm350/cph1976Pakula, Alan J.USA
Alpagueur, L‘Lovec hlavHunter Will Get You5,5104811/cpm600/cph1976Labro, PhilippeFRA
Assault on Precinct 13Přepadení 13. okrskuAssault on Precinct 135,1101312/cpm710/cph1976Carpenter, JohnUSA
CarrieCarrieCarrie5,895410/cpm525/cph1976De Palma, BrianUSA
Columbo (S06E01): Fade in to MurderColumbo: Posvítit si na vražduColumbo (S06E01)85378/cpm1976Kowalski, Bernard L.USA
Columbo (S05E04): A Matter of HonorColumbo: Smrt v aréněColumbo (S05E04)76209/cpm491/cph1976Post, TedUSA
Columbo (S05E06): Last Salute to the CommodoreColumbo: Poslední pocta komodoroviColumbo (S05E06)87058/cpm1976McGoohan, PatrickUSA
Douze travaux d’Astérix, Les12 úkolů pro AsterixeTwelve Tasks of Asterix, The6,77319/cpm500/cph1976Gosciny, René; Uderzo, Albert; Gruel, HenriFRA
Eagle Has Landed, TheOrel přistálEagle Has Landed, The6,612089/cpm500/cph1976Sturges, JohnGBR
Grande racket, IlVelké vydíráníBig Racket, The6102010/cpm550/cph1976Castellari, Enzo D.ITA
KeomaKeomaKeoma6,69379/cpm500/cph1976Castellari, Enzo D.ITA
KuťáciKuťáciPat & Mat4,88012/cpm1976Beneš, LubomírCZE
Mannen på taketMuž na střešeMan on the Roof, The5,9104410/cpm600/cph1976Widerberg, BoSWE
RanghaBarvyColours, The2,731922/cpm1976Kiarostami, AbbasIRN
Shootist, TheStřelecShootist, The5,899910/cpm1976Siegel, DonUSA
Taxi DriverTaxikářTaxi Driver7,59028/cpm450/cph1976Scorsese, MartinUSA
Two Mules for Sister SaraDva mezci pro sestru SáruTwo Mules for Sister Sara6,2108910/cpm546/cph1976Siegel, DonUSA
Aru eiga-kantoku no shogaiŽivot jednoho režiséraKenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director18,84703/cpm150/cph1975Šindó, KanetoJAP
Barry LyndonBarry LyndonBarry Lyndon13,8 (12,4; 16,3)779 (489+290)4/cpm250/cph1975Kubrick, StanleyGBR
Columbo (S04E04): Troubled WatersColumbo: Rozbouřené vodyColumbo (S04E04)8,56777/cpm453/cph1975Gazzara, BenUSA
Columbo (S04E05): PlaybackColumbo: Vražda na videuColumbo (S04E05)76249/cpm494/cph1975Kowalski, Bernard L.USA
Columbo (S04E06): A Deadly State of MindColumbo: Vrah zavolá v desetColumbo (S04E06)8,15377/cpm409/cph1975Hart, HarveyUSA
Columbo (S05E02): A Case of ImmunityColumbo: Případ diplomatické imunityColumbo (S05E02)94837/cpm389/cph1975Post, TedUSA
Columbo (S05E03): Identity CrisisColumbo: Krize identityColumbo (S05E03)9,46157/cpm361/cph1975McGoohan, PatrickUSA
Dow Rahehal Baraye yek MassalehDvě řešení jednoho problémuTwo Solutions for One Problem5,14612/cpm1975Kiarostami, AbbasIRN
Eiger Sanction, TheVražda na EigeruEiger Sanction, The6,811179/cpm500/cph1975Eastwood, ClintUSA
JawsČelistiJaws6,31109 (I – PDZ 8,4, II – PDZ 5,9)9/cpm429/cph1975Spielberg, StevenUSA
Krtek a karnevalKrtek a karnevalMole at the Carnival, The9,7346/cpm1975Miler, ZdeněkCZE
Krtek o vánocíchKrtek o vánocíchMole at the Christmas, The13,5254/cpm1975Miler, ZdeněkCZE
NashvilleNashvilleNashville12,67365/cpm250/cph1975Altman, RobertUSA
Peur sur la villeStrach nad městemFear Over the City7,69698/cpm450/cph1975Verneuil, HenriFRA / ITA
Profondo rossoTmavě červenáDeep Red6,1119910/cpm550/cph1975Argento, DarioITA
Return of the Pink Panther, TheNávrat Růžového panteraReturn of the Pink Panther, The8,18107/cpm478/cph1975Edwards, BlakeGBR
Rocky Horror Picture Show, TheRocky Horror Picture ShowRocky Horror Picture Show, The5,798510/cpm600/cph1975Sharman, JimGBR / USA
Tabor uchodit v neboCikani jdou do nebeQueen of the Gypsies8,17307/cpm450/cph1975Loteanu, EmilSSSR / MOL
Three Days of the CondorTři dny KondoraThree Days of the Condor5,3119811/cpm642/cph1975Pollack, SydneyUSA
Columbo (S03E05): Publish or PerishColumbo: Vydat, nebo zemřítColumbo (S03E05)6,269910/cpm578/cph1974Butler, RobertUSA
Columbo (S03E06): Mind Over MayhemColumbo: Dobrá pověst nade všeColumbo (S03E06)7,85488/cpm444/cph1974Kjellin, AlfUSA
Columbo (S03E07): Swan SongColumbo: Labutí píseňColumbo (S03E07)6,78669/cpm490/cph1974Colasanto, NicholasUSA
Columbo (S03E08): A Friend in DeedColumbo: V nouzi poznáš příteleColumbo (S03E08)7,67578/cpm467/cph1974Gazzara, BenUSA
Columbo (S04E01): An Exercise in FatalityColumbo: Osudné cvičeníColumbo (S04E01)7,47838/cpm482/cph1974Kowalski, Bernard L.USA
Columbo (S04E02): Negative ReactionColumbo: Obrácený negativColumbo (S04E02)7,77278/cpm463/cph1974Kjellin, AlfUSA
Columbo (S04E03): By Dawn’s Early LightColumbo: Za úsvituColumbo (S04E03)8,66697/cpm361/cph1974Hart, HarveyUSA
EarthquakeZemětřeseníEarthquake5,2134911/cpm650/cph1974Robson, MarkUSA
Executive ActionVýkonné nařízeníExecutive Action6,47889/cpm550/cph1974Miller, DavidUSA
Four Musketeers, TheČtyři mušketýřiFour Musketeers, The5,5112611/cpm600/cph1974Lester, RichardUSA / SPA / GBR
Gueule Ouverte, LaOtevřená tlamaMouth Agape, The59841/cpm50/cph1974Pialat, MauriceFRA
Lancelot du LacLancelot od jezeraLancelot of the Lake7,56518/cpm450/cph1974Bresson, RobertFRA / ITA
Phase IVFáze IVPhase IV4,8106112/cpm700/cph1974Bass, SaulUSA
Romans o vlyublyonnykhRomance o zamilovanýchRomance for Lovers11,56615/cpm300/cph1974Končalovskij, AndrejRUS
SokolovoSokolovoSokolovo107556/cpm1974Vávra, OtakarRUS / CZE
Sugarland Express, TheSugarlandský expresSugarland Express, The7,18678/cpm500/cph1974Spielberg, StevenUSA
Thieves Like UsZloději jako myThieves Like Us9,17997/cpm350/cph1974Altman, RobertUSA
Towering Inferno, TheSkleněné pekloTowering Inferno, The6,714339/cpm441/cph1974Guillermin, JohnUSA
UlzanaUlzanaUlzana7,17098/cpm481/cph1974Kolditz, GottfriedDDR / RUS / ROU
YakuzaJaponská mafieYakuza5,4119511/cpm561/cph1974Pollack, SydneyUSA
ZardozZardozZardoz7,28758/cpm450/cph1974Boorman, JohnGBR / IRL
AmarcordAmarcordAmarcord7,89268/cpm450/cph1973Fellini, FedericoITA / FRA
Columbo (S02E05): Requiem for a Falling StarColumbo: Rekviem za padající hvězduColumbo (S02E05)133335/cpm264/cph1973Quine, RichardUSA
Columbo (S02E06): A Stitch in CrimeColumbo: Zločinný stehColumbo (S02E06)76209/cpm493/cph1973Averback, HyUSA
Columbo (S02E07): The Most Dangerous MatchColumbo: Nebezpečná hraColumbo (S02E07)76159/cpm498/cph1973Abroms, Edward M.USA
Columbo (S02E08): Double ShockColumbo: Dvojitý šokColumbo (S02E08)8,25267/cpm424/cph1973Butler, RobertUSA
Columbo (S03E01): Lovely But LethalColumbo: Sladká, leč smrtícíColumbo (S03E01)6,66519/cpm548/cph1973Szwarc, JeannotUSA
Columbo (S03E02): Any Old Port in a StormColumbo: To je vražda, řeklo portskéColumbo (S03E02)96237/cpm409/cph1973Penn, LeoUSA
Columbo (S03E03): Candidate for CrimeColumbo: Kandidát zločinuColumbo (S03E03)7,67588/cpm453/cph1973Sagal, BorisUSA
Columbo (S03E04): Double ExposureColumbo: DvojexpoziceColumbo (S03E04)7,95478/cpm454/cph1973Quine, RichardUSA
PapillonMotýlekPapillon6,713369/cpm565/cph1973Schaffner, Franklin J.USA / FRA
Day of the Jackal, TheŠakalDay of the Jackal, The9,19207/cpm350/cph1973Zinnemann, FredGBR / FRA
Exorcist, TheVymítač ďáblaExorcist, The6,710459/cpm500/cph1973Friedkin, WilliamUSA
High Plains DrifterTulák z širých pláníHigh Plains Drifter6,59619/cpm486/cph1973Eastwood, ClintUSA
Charley VarrickCharley VarrickCharley Varrick6,410269/cpm511/cph1973Siegel, DonUSA
ChłopiSedláciPeasants16 (15,9/16,2)614 (317+297)4/cpm200/cph1973Rybkowski, JanPOL
Choca, LaPoznamenanáChoca, La7,77178/cpm450/cph1973Fernández, EmilioMEX
Kalina krasnajaČervená kalinaRed Snowball Tree, The22,92602/cpm150/cph1973Šukšin, VasilijRUS
Long Goodbye, TheDlouhé loučeníLong Goodbye, The8,67637/cpm400/cph1973Altman, RobertUSA
Magnum ForceMagnum ForceMagnum Force6,610869/cpm500/cph1973Post, TedUSA
Nuit Américaine, LaAmerická nocDay For Night7,49108/cpm450/cph1973Truffaut, FrancoisFRA
Seven-Ups, TheSedm a vícSeven-Ups, The4,9123212/cpm700/cph1973D’Antoni, PhilipUSA
Three Musketeers, TheTři mušketýřiThree Musketeers, The5,2117011/cpm650/cph1973Lester, RichardUSA / SPA / GBR
Tři oříšky pro PopelkuTři oříšky pro PopelkuThree Wishes for Cinderella9,35366/cpm350/cph1973Vorlíček, VáclavCZE / DDR
WestworldWestworldWestworld5,792110/cpm1973Crichton, MichaelUSA
Żołnierski TrudVojenská dřinaArmy Toil6,91059/cpm1973Chodnikiewicz, JanuszPOL
CabaretKabaretCabaret5,7127610/cpm600/cph1972Fosse, BobUSA
Columbo (S01E07): Blueprint for MurderColumbo: Vražda podle plánuColumbo (S01E07)85537/cpm400/cph1972Falk, PeterUSA
Columbo (S02E01): Étude in BlackColumbo: Etuda v černémColumbo (S02E01)8,46757/cpm356/cph1972Colasanto, Nicholas; Falk, PeterUSA
Columbo (S02E02): The Greenhouse JungleColumbo: Džungle ve skleníkuColumbo (S02E02)7,65708/cpm469/cph1972Sagal, BorisUSA
Columbo (S02E03): The Most Crucial GameColumbo: Rozhodující zápasColumbo (S02E03)7,85297/cpm435/cph1972Kagan, JeremyUSA
Columbo (S02E04): Dagger of the MindColumbo: S dýkou v mysliColumbo (S02E04)96427/cpm368/cph1972Quine, RichardUSA
Flic, UnPolicajtCop, A6,68649/cpm503/cph1972Melville, Jean-PierreFRA / ITA
Godfather, TheKmotrGodfather, The8,312747/cpm388/cph1972Coppola, Francis FordUSA
ImagesVidinyImages9,36486/cpm350/cph1972Altman, RobertUSA
Leonardův deníkLeonardův deníkLeonardo’s Diary2,426724/cpm1972Švankmajer, JanCZE
Mechanic, TheMechanik zabijákMechanic, The4,4134414/cpm679/cph1972Winner, MichaelUSA
O ljubavnim veštinama ili film sa 14441 kvadratomO umění milovat aneb film se 14441 okénkyAbout Art of Love or a Film with 14441 Frames10,5586/cpm1972Godina, Karpo AčimovičYUG
P meslé pélicanP jako pelikánP for pelican11,71245/cpm1972Kimiavi, ParviyIRN
Pečki-lavočkiTřesky pleskyHappy Go Lucky15,53724/cpm200/cph1972Šukšin, VasilijRUS
Poseidon Adventure, TheDobrodružství PoseidonuPoseidon Adventure, The6,410739/cpm613/cph1972Neame, RonaldUSA
Sitting TargetSedící terčSitting Target5,796110/cpm602/cph1972Hickox, DouglasGBR / USA
Ulzana’s RaidUlzanův nájezdUlzana’s Raid4,1146315/cpm850/cph1972Aldrich, RobertUSA
VeronicaVeronikaVeronica6,68219/cpm500/cph1972Bostan, ElisabetaROM
Viskningar och ropŠepoty a výkřikyCries and Whispers15,73394/cpm200/cph1972Bergman, IngmarSWE
Zang-e TafrihPřestávkaBreaktime, The11,3735/cpm300/cph1972Kiarostami, AbbasIRN
Andromeda Strain, TheKmen AndromedaAndromeda Strain, The5,8129310/cpm600/cph1971Wise, RobertUSA
Casse, LeKořistBurglars, The6,810199/cpm530/cph1971Verneuil, HenriFRA / ITA
Clockwork Orange, AMechanický pomerančClockwork Orange, A11,6658 (248 – 11,3/186 – 13,1/224 – 12,3)5/cpm294/cph1971Kubrick, StanleyGBR / USA
Columbo: Ransom for a Dead ManColumbo: Výkupné za mrtvéhoRansom for a Dead Man5,5102511/cpm600/cph1971Irving, RichardUSA
Columbo (S01E02): Death Lends a HandColumbo: Smrt nabízí pomocnou rukuColumbo (S01E02)6,86289/cpm500/cph1971Kowalski, Bernard L.USA
Columbo (S01E03): Dead WeightColumbo: Pohled z mořeColumbo (S01E03)9,74626/cpm350/cph1971Smight, JackUSA
Columbo (S01E04): Suitable for FramingColumbo: Prázdný rámColumbo (S01E04)9,34796/cpm350/cph1971Averback, HyUSA
Columbo (S01E05): Lady in WaitingColumbo: Její příležitostColumbo (S01E05)7,16278/cpm500/cph1971Lloyd, NormanUSA
Columbo (S01E06): Short FuseColumbo: PastColumbo (S01E06)6,172410/cpm550/cph1971Abroms, Edward M.USA
Dirty HarryDrsný HarryDirty Harry5,1117912/cpm656/cph1971Siegel, DonUSA
French Connection, TheFrancouzská spojka: ŠtvaniceFrench Connection, The5,3113111/cpm568/cph1971Friedkin, WilliamUSA
Gatto a nove code, IlDevítiocasá kočkaCat o‘ Nine Tails6,69919/cpm500/cph1971Argento, DarioITA / FRA / DEU
GoyaGoyaGoya7,211088/cpm450/cph1971Wolf, KonradDEU / RUS / BGR / YUG
Hired Hand, TheNávrat domůHired Hand, The8,26407/cpm400/cph1971Fonda, PeterUSA
Le MansLe MansLe Mans3,9163115/cpm900/cph1971Katzin, Lee H.USA
Loving MemoryLáskyplná vzpomínka*Loving Memory20,11513/cpm1971Scott, Tony [Scott, Anthony]GBR
Mihai Viteazul – CălugăreniPoslední křížová výprava (První část)Michael the Brave6,59349/cpm500/cph1971Nicolaescu, SergiuRUM / FRA
TraficPan Hulot jede na výstavuTraffic10,45526/cpm300/cph1971Tati, JacquesFRA / ITA
Vanishing PointVanishing PointVanishing Point6,98559/cpm500/cph1971Sarafian, Richard C.USA
Vím, že jsi vrah…Vím, že jsi vrah…I Know You Are a Murderer…31,71802/cpm100/cph1971Schulhoff, PetrCZE
Zdravi ljudi za razonoduModlitba za šťastné lidiLitany for Happy People4,513413/cpm1971Godina, Karpo AčimovičYUG
„Pane, vy jste vdova!“„Pane, vy jste vdova!“You Are a Widow, Sir9,46096/cpm1970Vorlíček, VáclavCZE
Airport [70mm print, KRRR!]Letiště [70mm kopie, KRRR!]Airport [70mm print, KRRR!]7,910258/cpm414/cph1970Seaton, George; Hathaway, HenryUSA
AirportLetištěAirport7,810398/cpm426/cph1970Seaton, George; Hathaway, HenryUSA
Brewster McCloudBrewster McCloudBrewster McCloud6,49819/cpm550/cph1970Altman, RobertUSA
Elvis: That’s the Way It IsElvisElvis: That’s the Way It Is105996/cpm1970Sanders, DenisUSA
Gratinirani mozek Pupilije FerkeverkZapečený mozek Pupilije FerkeverkaGratinated Brains of Pupilija Ferkeverk, The5,611311/cpm1970Godina, Karpo AčimovičYUG
Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospettoPodivné vyšetřováníInvestigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion10,16246/cpm350/cph1970Petri, ElioITA
Kelly’s HeroesKellyho hrdinovéKelly’s Heroes6,1138210/cpm529/cph1970Hutton, Brian G.USA / YUG
Kelly’s Heroes (1)Kellyho hrdinové (1)Kelly’s Heroes (1)6,48719/cpm529/cph1970Hutton, Brian G.USA / YUG
Kelly’s Heroes (2)Kellyho hrdinové (2)Kelly’s Heroes (2)5,651111/cpm1970Hutton, Brian G.USA / YUG
L’uccello dalle piume di cristalloPták s křišťálovým peřím: Přízrak teroruBird with the Crystal Plumage, The5112812/cpm700/cph1970Argento, DarioITA / DEU
MASHMASHMASH7,19708/cpm500/cph1970Altman, RobertUSA
Nan va KoutchehChléb a uličkaBread and Alley, The9,7646/cpm1970Kiarostami, AbbasIRN
O.K.O.K.O.K.143374/cpm1970Verhoeven, MichaelBRD
PattonPattonPatton911287/cpm350/cph1970Schaffner, Franklin J.USA
Radúz a MahulenaRadúz a MahulenaRaduz and Mahulena13,65134/cpm347/cph1970Weigl, PetrCZE
Strawberry Statement, TheJahodová proklamaceStrawberry Statement, The3,8155016/cpm738/cph1970Hagmann, StuartUSA
UchoUchoEar, The14,73804/cpm250/cph1970Kachyňa, KarelCZE
AdelheidAdelheidAdelheid12,54795/cpm1969Vláčil, FrantišekCZE
Alfred the GreatAlfréd VelikýAlfred the Great5,3132811/cpm577/cph1970Donner, CliveGBR
Alfred the Great (1)Alfréd Veliký (1)Alfred the Great (1)6,258910/cpm577/cph1970Donner, CliveGBR
Alfred the Great (2)Alfréd Veliký (2)Alfred the Great (2)4,673913/cpm1970Donner, CliveGBR
Al-mummiaMumieNight of Counting the Years, The22,92613/cpm150/cph1969Abdul Salam, ChadiET
Battle of BritainBitva o BritániiBattle of Britain5,9130810/cpm600/cph1969Hamilton, GuyGBR
Bridge at Remagen, TheMost RemagenuBridge at Remagen, The5,6111511/cpm490/cph1969Quillermin, JohnUSA
Gori, gori, moya zvezdaSviť, sviť, má hvězdoShine, Shine, My Star9,65636/cpm350/cph1969Mitta, AlexandrRUS
Krtek a zelená hvězdaKrtek a zelená hvězdaMole and the Green Star, The15304/cpm1969Miler, ZdeněkCZE
Medium CoolMedium CoolMedium Cool10,16356/cpm350/cph1969Wexler, HaskellUSA
Po stopách krvePo stopách krveOn the Trail of Blood29,31912/cpm1969Schulhoff, PetrCZE
PopelkaPopelkaCinderella18,53082/cpm1969Janečková, VlastaCZE
Případ pro začínajícího kataPřípad pro začínajícího kataCase for a Rookie Hangman7,48278/cpm450/cph1969Juráček, PavelCZE
Smuteční slavnostSmuteční slavnostFuneral Ceremonies10,63816/cpm339/cph1969Sirový, ZdeněkCZE
Sól ziemi czarnejSůl černé zeměSalt of the Black Earth, The8,46887/cpm437/cph1969Kutz, KazimierzPOL
Submarine X-1Ponorka X-1Submarine X-16,57939/cpm525/cph1969Graham, William A.GBR
That Cold Day in the ParkToho chladného dne v parkuThat Cold Day in the Park9,36876/cpm350/cph1969Altman, RobertUSA
True GritMaršálTrue Grit7,210158/cpm500/cph1969Hathaway, HenryUSA
Yawar mallkuKrev kondoraBlood of the Condor5,574311/cpm600/cph1969Sanjinés, JorgeBOL
Zabil jsem Einsteina, pánové…Zabil jsem Einsteina, pánové…I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen!7,96968/cpm1969Lipský, OldřichCZE
2001: A Space Odyssey2001: Vesmírná odysea2001: A Space Odyssey13,3 (14;12,3)607 (361+246)5/cpm250/cph1968Kubrick, StanleyGBR / USA
An-Nil Fi Al-HayatLidé a NilPeople and the Nile15,24354/cpm200/cph1968Chahine, YoussefET / RUS
C’era una volta il WestTenkrát na ZápaděOnce Upon a Time in the West7,313618/cpm509/cph1968Leone, SergioITA / USA
Cinétract 66Cinétract 66Cinétract 661,87134/cpm1968FRA
Československé jaro 1968Československé jaro 1968Czechoslovak Spring 1968, The4,449014/cpm1968Musil, BohuslavCZE
Československý týdeník 35/1968Československý týdeník 35/1968Czechoslovak Newsreel 35/19684,719713/cpm1968CZE
Dějiny na 8Dějiny na 8History of 84,814213/cpm1968Táborský, VáclavCZE
Donna Che Inventò La DivaŽena, která vynašla divuWoman Who Invented the Diva, The8,41587/cpm1968Giovanelli, Maria GraziaITA
Ice Station ZebraPolární stanice ZebraIce Station Zebra6,812689/cpm1968Sturges, JohnUSA
Jagszenen aus NiederbayernLovecké výjevy z dolních BavorHunting Scenes from Bavaria17,42872/cpm200/cph1968Fleischmann, PeterBRD
Liebe und so weiterLáska – a co dál?Love and so on*16,13014/cpm186/cph1968Moorse, GeorgeBRD
Louis LumièreLouis LumièreLouis Lumière341192/cpm100/cph1968Rohmer, EricFRA
Mariée était en noir, LaNevěsta byla v černémBride Wore Black, The10,35906/cpm300/cph1968Truffaut, FrancoisFRA / ITA
Mercenario, IlŽoldnéřMercenary, The5,7108410/cpm600/cph1968Corbucci, SergioITA / SPA
PodnePoledneNoon114316/cpm296/cph1968Djordjevič, Mladomir ‚Puriša‘YUG
Prescription: MurderColumbo: Vražda na předpisPrescription: Murder9,85916/cpm350/cph1968Irving, RichardUSA
Secret Cinema, TheTajné kinoSecret Cinema, The6,32509/cpm1968Bartel, PaulUSA
Shoes of Fisherman, TheVe šlépějích SpasiteleShoes of Fisherman, The6,813359/cpm522/cph1968Anderson, MichaelUSA
Star!Star!Star!7,2 (6,9/7,6)1375 (760+615)8/cpm450/cph1968Wise, RobertUSA
V srdci EvropyV srdci EvropyIn the Heart of Europe4,192115/cpm850/cph1968Holub, DrahoslavCZE
Vánoční stromečekVánoční stromečekChristmas Tree7,2558/cpm1968Týrlová, HermínaCZE
VargtimmenHodina vlkůHour of the Wolf20,62483/cpm100/cph1968Bergman, IngmarSWE
Všichni dobří rodáciVšichni dobří rodáciAll My Compatriots7,19448/cpm459/cph1968Jasný, VojtěchCZE
Where Eagles DareKam orli nelétajíWhere Eagles Dare5,7161010/cpm514/cph1968Hutton, Brian G.USA / GBR
Where Eagles Dare (1)Kam orli nelétají (1)Where Eagles Dare (1)6,79079/cpm514/cph1968Hutton, Brian G.USA / GBR
Where Eagles Dare (2)Kam orli nelétají (2)Where Eagles Dare (2)4,470913/cpm1968Hutton, Brian G.USA / GBR
Yabu no naka no kuronekoČerná kočkaKuroneko8,36917/cpm466/cph1968Šindó, KanetoJAP
Zum Beispiel: Fritz LangKupříkladu Fritz Lang*For Example Fritz Lang22,2513/cpm1968Leiser, ErwinDEU
Belle de JourKráska dneBeautiful of the Day22,42663/cpm150/cph1967Buñuel, LuisFRA / ITA
CamelotKrál Artuš a jeho družinaCamelot7,214168/cpm441/cph1967Logan, JoshuaUSA
Camelot (1)Král Artuš a jeho družina (1)Camelot (1)7,77518/cpm441/cph1967Logan, JoshuaUSA
Camelot (2)Král Artuš a jeho družina (2)Camelot (2)6,76659/cpm548/cph1967Logan, JoshuaUSA
Custer of the WestGenerál CusterCuster of the West711889/cpm500/cph1967Siodmak, RobertUSA
Da uomo a uomoMuž proti mužiDeath Rides a Horse5,8116410/cpm597/cph1967Petroni, GiulioITA
Dio perdona… Io no!Bůh odpouští, já ne!God Forgives… I Don’t!7,98198/cpm1967Colizzi, GiuseppeITA / SPA
Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EBElektronický labyrint THX 1138 4EBElectronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB517512/cpm1967Lucas, GeorgeUSA
Graduate, TheAbsolventGraduate, The17,43393/cpm200/cph1967Nichols, MikeUSA
Happy endHappy endHappy end7,75438/cpm474/cph1967Lipský, OldřichCZE
Hra bez pravidelGame Without Rules, AHra bez pravidel7,47128/cpm452/cph1967Polák, JindřichCZE
Já, spravedlnostJá, spravedlnostI, Justice13,83864/cpm250/cph1967Brynych, ZbyněkCZE
JutroJitroMorning, The10,44506/cpm372/cph1967Djordjevič, Mladomir ‚Puriša‘YUG
Long men kezhanDračí hostinecDragon Inn5,8110810/cpm600/cph1967Hu, KingTWN
Marketa LazarováMarketa LazarováMarketa Lazarová10,79066/cpm320/cph1967Vláčil, FrantišekCZE
Marketa Lazarová (1)Marketa Lazarová (1)Marketa Lazarová (1)11,14015/cpm320/cph1967Vláčil, FrantišekCZE
Marketa Lazarová (2)Marketa Lazarová (2)Marketa Lazarová (2)10,35056/cpm1967Vláčil, FrantišekCZE
Play TimePlay TimePlay Time20,93443/cpm150/cph1967Tati, JacquesFRA / ITA
Samouraï, LeSamurajGodson, The9,46466/cpm373/cph1967Melville, Jean-PierreFRA
Schlangengrube und das Pendel, DieHadí jáma a kyvadloTorture Chamber of Dr. Sadism, The679410/cpm550/cph1967Reinl, HaraldBRD
Spring Night, Summer NightPodzimní noc, letní noc*Spring Night, Summer Night11,94115/cpm300/cph1967Anderson, Joseph L.USA
StudStudShame12,15145/cpm324/cph1967Helge, LadislavCZE
TargetsTerčeTargets5106312/cpm700/cph1967Bogdanovich, PeterUSA
Údolí včelValley of the Bees, TheÚdolí včel12,64635/cpm295/cph1967Vláčil, FrantišekCZE
Batman (S01E01): Hi Diddle RiddleBatman (S01E01)Batman: Hi Diddle Riddle4,531213/cpm1966Butler, RobertUSA
Batman (S01E02): Smack in the MiddleBatman (S01E02)Batman: Smack in the Middle4,133015/cpm1966Butler, RobertUSA
BlowupZvětšeninaBlowup115955/cpm300/cph1966Antonioni, MichelangeloGBR / ITA / USA
Borom SarretDobrák vozíkWagoner, The9,61166/cpm1966Sembene, OusmaneSEN
El DoradoEl DoradoEl Dorado6,1120010/cpm504/cph1966Hawks, HowardUSA
FreiheitFreiheitFreiheit3,63617/cpm1966Lucas, GeorgeUSA
Grand PrixGrand PrixGrand Prix5,1195012/cpm724/cph1966Frankenheimer, JohnUSA
Grand Prix (1)Grand Prix (1)Grand Prix (1)5,1114712/cpm724/cph1966Frankenheimer, JohnUSA
Grand Prix (2)Grand Prix (2)Grand Prix (2)5,180312/cpm708/cph1966Frankenheimer, JohnUSA
Jak jedli vtipnou kašiJak jedli vtipnou kašiHow They Ate The Soup Of Wit5,412511/cpm1966Pojar, Břetislav; Štěpánek, MiroslavCZE
Kleine Chaos, DasMalý chaosLittle Chaos, The22,5253/cpm1966Fassbinder, Rainer WernerDEU
KryljaKřídlaWings18,92642/cpm150/cph1966Šepiťkova, LarisaRUS
Lidé z maringotekLidé z maringotekTrailer Folk12,54235/cpm321/cph1966Frič, MartinCZE
ManuelaManuelaManuela6,63629/cpm1966Solás, HumbertoCUB
Mission: Impossible (S01E01): PilotMission: Impossible (S01E01)Mission: Impossible (S01E01)4,465013/cpm1966Kowalski, Bernard L.USA
PersonaPersonaPersona15,63114/cpm200/cph1966Bergman, IngmarSWE
SanSenDream, The9,15397/cpm397/cph1966Djordjevič, Mladomir ‚Puriša‘YUG
Seconde Vérité, LaDruhá pravdaOther Truth, The9,95036/cpm354/cph1966Christian-JaqueFRA
Stadtstreicher, DerMěstský tulákCity Tramp, The16,6394/cpm1966Fassbinder, Rainer WernerDEU
Torn CurtainRoztržená oponaTorn Curtain5,7131611/cpm600/cph1966Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Vrah skrývá tvářVrah skrývá tvářMurderer Hides His Face, The23,42403/cpm150/cph1966Schulhoff, PetrCZE
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Kdo se bojí Virginie Woolfové?Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?12,86055/cpm250/cph1966Nichols, MikeUSA
Amours de la pieuvre, LesLásky chobotniceThe Octopus Loves9,7846/cpm1965Painlevé, JeanFRA
Battaglia di Algeri, LaBitva o AlžírBattle of Algiers, The7,79218/cpm450/cph1965Pontecorvo, GilloALG / ITA
Campanadas a MedianocheFalstaffChimes at Midnight4,9138012/cpm700/cph1965Welles, OrsonSPA / FRA / CHE
Decima vittima, LaDesátá oběť10th Victim, The96067/cpm400/cph1965Petri, ElioITA / FRA
FilmFilmFilm9,31326/cpm1965Schneider, AlanUSA
Flight of the Phoenix, TheLet FénixeFlight of the Phoenix, The4,9173712/cpm733/cph1965Aldrich, RobertUSA
Ganjineha-ye goharÍránské korunovační klenotyCrown Jewels of Iran, The2,726522/cpm1965Golestan, EbrahimIRN
HerbieHerbieHerbie27229/cpm1965Lucas, George; Golding, PaulUSA
Heroes of Telemark, TheHrdinové z TelemarkuHeroes of Telemark, The8,48947/cpm400/cph1965Mann, AnthonyUSA
Hill, ThePahorekHill, The6,79169/cpm500/cph1965Lumet, SidneyGBR
In Harm’s WayPo zlémIn Harm’s Way12,67385/cpm250/cph1965Preminger, OttoUSA
Intimní osvětleníIntimní osvětleníIntimate Lighting9,84306/cpm350/cph1965Passer, IvanCZE
Ipcress File, TheAgent Palmer: Případ IpcressIpcress File, The5,7110210/cpm600/cph1965Furie, Sidney J.GBR
Kaijű daisensoGodzilla – Útok z neznámaGodzilla vs. Monster Zero4,8113812/cpm700/cph1965Honda, IshiroJAP
Look at LifePohled na životLook at Life0,862601965Lucas, GeorgeUSA
Lord JimLord JimLord Jim4,3213014/cpm800/cph1965Brooks, RichardGBR / USA
Magnetické vlny léčíMagnetické vlny léčíMagnetic waves heal101626/cpm1965Jasný, VojtěchCZE
Naked Prey, TheNahá kořistNaked Prey, The5,3105311/cpm650/cph1965Wilde, CornelRSA / USA
NowHned teď!Now2,310425/cpm1965Alvarez, SantiagoCUB
Per qualche dollaro in piùPro pár dolarů navícFor a Few Dollars More5,4144611/cpm650/cph1965Leone, SergioITA / SPA
Pierrot le fouBláznivý PetříčekCrazy Pete21,43023/cpm150/cph1965Godard, Jean-LucFRA
Railrodder, TheDrezínaRailrodder, The8,31727/cpm1965Potterton, Gerald; Keaton, BusterCAN
Rękopis znaleziony w SaragossieRukopis nalezený v ZaragozeSaragossa Manuscript, The19,35533/cpm193/cph1965Has, Wojciech JerzyPOL
Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie (1)Rukopis nalezený v Zaragoze (1)Saragossa Manuscript, The (1)16,82774/cpm193/cph1965Has, Wojciech JerzyPOL
Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie (2)Rukopis nalezený v Zaragoze (2)Saragossa Manuscript, The (2)21,92763/cpm134/cph1965Has, Wojciech JerzyPOL
Sands of the KalahariPísky KalahariSands of the Kalahari6,710419/cpm500/cph1965Endfield, CyGBR
Sběrné surovostiSběrné surovostiJunk Shop, The8,92077/cpm1965Herz, JurajCZE
Schüse aus dem GeigenkastenVražedné pouzdro na housleViolin Case Murders, The5,986810/cpm600/cph1965Umgelter, FritzFRA / BRD
Sound of Music, TheZa zvuků hudbySound of Music, The6,715539/cpm500/cph1965Wise, RobertUSA
Terrore nello spazioPlaneta upírůPlanet of the Vampires95677/cpm350/cph1965Bava, MarioITA / SPA
ThunderballThunderballJames Bond: Thunderball3,7202016/cpm806/cph1965Young, TerenceGBR
TriTřiThree7,95758/cpm474/cph1965Petrovič, AleksandarYUG
Unheimliche Mönch, DerTajemný mnichSinister Monk, The8,36007/cpm400/cph1965Reinl, HaraldBRD
…a pátý jezdec je Strach…a pátý jezdec je StrachFifth Horseman Is Fear, The18,73163/cpm150/cph1964Brynych, ZbyněkCZE
Best Man, TheTen nejlepšíBest Man, The8,96597/cpm397/cph1964Schaffner, Franklin J.USA
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombDr. Divnoláska aneb Jak jsem se naučil nedělat si starosti a mít rád bombuDr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb86757/cpm450/cph1964Kubrick, StanleyUSA / GBR
GoldfingerGoldfingerJames Bond: Goldfinger4152415/cpm850/cph1964Hamilton, GuyGBR
Hexer, DerZáhadný HektorMysterious Magician, The7,66458/cpm450/cph1964Vohrer, Alfred; Knötzsch, HansBRD
It’s Not Just You, Murray!Nejde jen o tebe, Murrayi!*It’s Not Just You, Murray!4,818912/cpm1964Scorsese, MartinUSA
Killers, TheZabijáciKillers, The5,599711/cpm650/cph1964Siegel, DonaldUSA
L’homme de RioMuž z RiaThat Man from Rio6107710/cpm550/cph1964de Broca, PhilippeFRA / ITA
Mosura tai GojiraMothra vs. GodzillaMothra vs. Godzilla4,8108012/cpm700/cph1964Honda, IshiroJAP
Nadja à ParisNadja v PařížiNadja in Paris6,81139/cpm500/cph1964Rohmer, EricFRA
Naked Kiss, TheNahý polibekNaked Kiss, The7,37508/cpm505/cph1964Fuller, SamUSA
Old ShatterhandOld ShatterhandOld Shatterhand7,29788/cpm426/cph1964Fregonese, HugoGER / FRA / ITA / YUG
Pro hrst dolarůPer un pugno di dollariFistfull of Dollars, A6,49109/cpm550/cph1964Leone, SergioITA / SPA / BRD
Robinson Crusoe on MarsRobinson Crusoe na MarsuRobinson Crusoe on Mars6,710129/cpm1964Hasin, ByronUSA
San daikaijű: Chikyu saidai no kessenGhidorah, tříhlavé monstrumGhidorah, the Three-Headed Monster5109112/cpm700/cph1964Honda, IshiroJAP
Tappeha-ye MarlikKopce MarlikuHills of Marlik, The421115/cpm1964Golestan, EbrahimIRN
Birds, ThePtáciBirds, The5,1136112/cpm650/cph1963Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Boulangère de Monceau, LaPekařka z MonceauBakery Girl of Monceau, The8,11677/cpm400/cph1963Rohmer, EricFRA
CleopatraKleopatraCleopatra7,31884 (895+989)8/cpm1963Mankiewicz, Joseph L.GBR / USA / CHE
Compagni, IStalo se v TuríněOrganiser, The9,77456/cpm350/cph1963Monicelli, MarioITA / FRA / YUG
From Russia with LoveSrdečné pozdravy z RuskaJames Bond: From Russia with Love5,6117211/cpm559/cph1963Young, TerenceGBR
GoryeojangGoryeojangGoryeojang9,65336/cpm350/cph1963Kim Ki-youngKOR
Ikarie XB1Ikarie XB1Icarus XB 17,66828/cpm450/cph1963Polák, JindřichCZE
Jason and the ArgonautsJáson a argonautiJason and the Argonauts3,9153915/cpm862/cph1963Chaffey, DonGBR / USA
JudexJudexJudex9,85756/cpm350/cph1963Franju, GeorgesFRA
Moravská HellasMoravská HellasMoravian Hellas9,72126/cpm1963Vachek, KarelCZE
Murder at the GallopMiss Marplová: Kytice voskových květinMurder at the Gallop7,86198/cpm450/cph1963Pollock, GeorgeGBR
NattvardsgästernaHosté večeře PáněWinter Light16,42924/cpm200/cph1963Bergman, IngmarSWE
O PãoChlébBread8,73997/cpm1963de Oliveira, ManualPRT
Outer Limits, The (S01E01): The Galaxy BeingKrajní meze* (S01E01)Outer Limits, The (S01E01)6,34669/cpm1963Stevens, LeslieUSA
Outer Limits, The (S01E02): The Hundred Days of the DragonKrajní meze* (S01E02)Outer Limits, The (S01E02)9,63006/cpm1963Haskin, ByronUSA
Outer Limits, The (S01E03): The Architects of FearKrajní meze* (S01E03)Outer Limits, The (S01E03)8,23577/cpm1963Haskin, ByronUSA
Ragazza che sapeva troppo, LaOko ďáblaGirl Who Knew Too Much, The11,64315/cpm300/cph1963Bava, MarioITA
StrachStrachFear15,83854/cpm200/cph1963Schulhoff, PetrCZE
Tengoku to JigokuNebe a pekloHigh and Low16,55134/cpm209/cph1963Kurosawa, AkiraJAP
YôsôČarodějBronze Magician7,87238/cpm487/cph1963Kinugasa, TeinosukeJAP
Advise and ConsentRada a souhlasAdvise and Consent194143/cpm150/cph1962Preminger, OttoUSA
Antoine et ColetteAntoine a ColetteAntoine and Colette7,92178/cpm1962Truffaut, FrancoisFRA
Dr. NoDr. NoJames Bond: Dr. No6,99189/cpm443/cph1962Young, TerenceGBR
Eclisse, L‘ZatměníEclipse, The11,96235/cpm300/cph1962Antonioni, MichelangeloITA
Escape from East BerlinÚtěk z Východního BerlínaEscape from East Berlin7,27398/cpm508/cph1962Siodmak, RobertBRD / USA
Historia de un balletO jednom kubánském baletuHistory of a ballet4,531613/cpm1962Massip, JoséCUBA
Jetée, LaRampaPier, The3,643017/cpm1962Marker, ChrisFRA
Jules et JimJules a JimJules and Jim9,56396/cpm350/cph1962Truffaut, FrancoisFRA
Khaneh Siah AstDům je černýHouse is Black, The2,939820/cpm1962Farrokhzad, ForoughIRN
Kingukongu tai GojiraKing Kong vs. GodzillaKing Kong vs. Godzilla4,4128213/cpm800/cph1962Honda, IshiroJAP
Longest Day, TheNejdelší denLongest Day, The813037/cpm400/cph1962Annakin, Ken (et al.)USA
Mutiny on the BountyVzpoura na BountyMutiny on the Bounty8,212437/cpm461/cph1962Milestone, LewisUSA
Mutiny on the Bounty (1)Vzpoura na Bounty (1)Mutiny on the Bounty (1)7,87558/cpm461/cph1962Milestone, LewisUSA
Mutiny on the Bounty (2)Vzpoura na Bounty (2)Mutiny on the Bounty (2)8,74887/cpm411/cph1962Milestone, LewisUSA
Salvatore GiulianoSalvatore GiulianoSalvatore Giuliano202/cpm1962Rosi, FrancescoITA
SanjuroOdvážní mužovéTsubaki Sanjūrō13,54174/cpm250/cph1962Kurosawa, AkiraJAP
Schatz im Silbersee, DerPoklad na Stříbrném jezeřeTreasure of Silver Lake, The6,99189/cpm500/cph1962Reinl, HaraldBRD / YUG / FRA
Transport z rájeTransport z rájeTransport from Paradise21,12643/cpm150/cph1962Brynych, ZbyněkCZE
Agatha Christie’s ‚Murder She Said‘To je vražda, řeklaMurder, She Said6,57749/cpm500/cph1961Pollock, GeorgeGBR
Année dernière à Marienbad, L‘Loni v MarienbaduLast Year at Marienbad15,43494/cpm200/cph1961Resnais, AlanFRA / ITA
Avanti c’è postoDále je místo11,2145/cpm1961Emmer, LucianoITA
Colosso di Rodi, Il (SE)Rhodský kolos (SE)Colossus of Rhodes, The (SE)8,59877/cpm400/cph1961Leone, SergioITA / SPA / FRA
Day the Earth Caught Fire, TheDen, kdy Země vzplanulaDay the Earth Caught Fire, The8,27177/cpm414/cph1961Guest, ValGBR
Ďáblova pastĎáblova pastDevil’s Trap, The15,13394/cpm200/cph1961Vláčil, FrantišekCZE
El CidCidEl Cid6169110/cpm1961Mann, AnthonyUSA / ITA
Escape to Nowhere (fragment)Útěk do nikam (fragment)Escape to Nowhere (fragment)2,54624/cpm1961Spielberg, StevenUSA
Fiancés du pont Mac Donald ou (Méfiez-vous des lunettes noires), LesSnoubenci z mostu Mac DonaldFiancés of the Bridge Mac Donald, The46415/cpm1961Varda, AgnèsFRA
Histoire d’eau, UnePříběh vodyStory of Water, A5,612911/cpm1961Godard, Jean-Luc; Truffaut, FrancoisFRA
Matka Joanna od aniolówMatka Johana od AndělůMother Joan of the Angels28,52252/cpm1961Kawalerowicz, JerzyPOL
O pagador de promessasDané slovoGiven Word, The7,97087/cpm450/cph1961Duarte, AnselmoBRA
Procesí k panenceProcesí k panencePilgrimage to the Holy Virgin,The9,35066/cpm394/cph1961Jasný, VojtěchCZE
Saasom i en spegelJako v zrcadleThrough a Glass Darkly16,53184/cpm200/cph1961Bergman, IngmarSWE
Twilight Zone, The: The Midnight SunZóna soumraku: Půlnoční slunce*Twilight Zone, The (S03E10)8,41697/cpm1961Leader, AntonUSA
Yek atashOheňFire, A5,126612/cpm1961Golestan, EbrahimIRN
Apartment, TheBytApartment, The15,94654/cpm200/cph1960Wilder, BillyUSA
Avventura, L‘DobrodružstvíL’Avventura17,74774/cpm200/cph1960Antonioni, MichelangeloITA / FRA
BreathlessU konce s dechemÀ bout de souffle11,64585/cpm300/cph1960Godard, Jean LucFRA
Dolce Vita, LaSladký životDolce Vita, La9,210877/cpm350/cph1960Fellini, FedericoITA
Hadaka no šimaOstrovNaked Island, The8,86267/cpm1960Šindó, KanetoJAP
JungfrukällanPramen pannyVirgin Spring, The13,33954/cpm250/cph1960Bergman, IngmarSWE
Magnificent Seven, TheSedm statečnýchMagnificent Seven, The6,911009/cpm533/cph1960Sturges, JohnUSA
Peeping TomŠmírákPeeping Tom96677/cpm350/cph1960Powell, MichaelGBR
PsychoPsychoPsycho6,49879/cpm550/cph1960Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
SoustoSoustoLoaf of Bread, The9,6666/cpm1960Němec, JanCZE
Twilight Zone, The: Eye of BeholderPásmo soumraku: Úhel pohleduThe Twilight Zone (S02E06)11,91195/cpm1960Heyes, DouglasUSA
105% alibi105% alibi105 p.c. Alibi, A14,33744/cpm250/cph1959Čech, VladimírCZE
Akai jinbaoriČervený plášťScarlet Cloak, The10,85086/cpm300/cph1959Yamamoto, SatsuoJAP
Apur SansarHlas krveWorld of Apu, The13,44604/cpm277/cph1959Ray, SatyajitIND
Hiroshima, mon amourHirošima, má láskaHiroshima, My Love12,34255/cpm319/cph1959Resnais, AlanFRA
Hound of the Baskervilles, ThePes baskervillskýHound of the Baskervilles, The8,75857/cpm400/cph1959Fisher, TerenceGBR
Jak se Franta naučil bátJak se Franta naučil bátHow Franta Learnt to Fear, The7,52998/cpm1959Mach, JaroslavCZE
Journey to the Center of the EarthCesta do středu ZeměJourney to the Center of the Earth6,3120310/cpm498/cph1959Levin, HenryUSA
Král ŠumavyKrál ŠumavySmugglers of Death13,43994/cpm234/cph1959Kachyňa, KarelCZE
Fauve est lâché, LeŠelma na svoboděBeast Is Loose, The11.55155/cpm287/cph1959Labro, MauriceFRA
Last Train From Gun HillPoslední vlak z Gun HilluLast Train From Gun Hill7,27698/cpm483/cph1959Sturges, JohnUSA
Nel segno di RomaVe jménu ŘímaSheba and the Gladiator96267/cpm350/cph1959Antonioni, Michelangelo; Brignone, GuidoITA / FRA / YUG / BRD (DEU)
Neotpravlennoje pismoNeodeslaný dopisLetter Never Sent26,62112/cpm100/cph1959Kalatazov, MichailRUS
No Name on the BulletBezejmenná kulkaNo Name on the Bullet13,13435/cpm250/cph1959Arnold, JackUSA
North by NorthwestNa sever Severozápadní linkouNorth by Northwest6,1132510/cpm531/cph1959Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
O medvědu OndřejoviO medvědu OndřejoviAbout Bear Named Ondřej7,73828/cpm1959Mach, JaroslavCZE
Ovocné šťávyOvocné šťávyFruit Juices5,61611/cpm1959Hájek, LudvíkCZE
Quatre cents coups, LesNikdo mne nemá rád400 Blows, The14,64074/cpm252/cph1959Truffaut, FrancoisFRA
Ride LonesomeOsamělý jezdecRide Lonesome7,95348/cpm450/cph1959Boetticher, BuddUSA
Solomon and ShebaŠalamoun a královna ze SábySolomon and Sheba7,710768/cpm496/cph1959Vidor, KingUSA
Sen noci svatojánskéSen noci svatojánskéMidsummer Night’s Dream, A9,44826/cpm350/cph1959Trnka, JiříCZE
Velká samotaVelká samotaGreat Solitude11,85725/cpm300/cph1959Helge, LadislavCZE
Band WagonBand WagonBand Wagon3,413417/cpm1958Hopkinson, PeterGBR
Big Country, TheVelká zeměBig Country, The911117/cpm421/cph1958Wyler, WilliamUSA
Blob, TheSlizBlob, The10,54566/cpm300/cph1958Yeaworth, Irvin S., Jr.USA
Bravados, TheDrzá čelaBravados, The6,98409/cpm500/cph1958King, HenryUSA
DraculaDraculaHorror of Dracula10,94486/cpm300/cph1958Fisher, TerenceGBR
Es geschah am hellichten TagStalo se za bílého dneIt Happened in Broad Daylight10,65606/cpm300/cph1958Vajda, LadislaoBRD (DEU) / CHE / SPA
GigiGigiGigi19,53473/cpm150/cph1958Minnelli, VincenteUSA
HiganbanaKvět rovnodennostiEquinox Flower6,710229/cpm500/cph1958Ozu, YasujiroJAP
IndiscreetIndiskrétní příběhIndiscreet13,44464/cpm250/cph1958Donen, StanleyUSA
It! The Terror from Beyond SpaceTo! Teror z vesmíruIt! The Terror from Beyond Space85057/cpm400/cph1958Cahn, Edward L.USA
Maigret tend un piègeMaigret klade pastMaigret Sets a Trap164354/cpm200/cph1958Dellanoy, JeanFRA / ITA
Mon oncleMůj strýčekMy uncle19,83473/cpm150/cph1958Tati, JacquesFRA / ITA
Popiól i diamentPopel a démantAshes and Diamonds18,23283/cpm150/cph1958Wajda, AndrzejPOL
ShirasagiSněhobílá volavkaWhite Heron, The11,15055/cpm302/cph1958Kinugasa, TeinosukeJAP
South PacificJižní PacifikSouth Pacific9 (9,7;7,9)974 (569+405)7/cpm350/cph1958Logan, JoshuaUSA
Tenkrát o VánocíchTenkrát o VánocíchAt That Time, at Christmas…14,23454/cpm218/cph1958Kachyňa, KarelCZE
Toofan Dar Shahr-E MaBouře v našem městěStorm in Our City7,18938/cpm500/cph1958Khachikian, SamuelIRN
Touch of EvilDotek zlaTouch of Evil97267/cpm400/cph1958Welles, OrsonUSA
VertigoVertigoVertigo6,810989/cpm565/cph1958Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
12 Angry MenDvanáct rozhněvaných mužů12 Angry Men15,73664/cpm200/cph1957Lumet, SidneyUSA
20 Million Miles to Earth20 milionů mil od Země20 Million Miles to Earth4,997512/cpm663/cph1957Juran, NathanUSA
Bunt na kukliteVzpoura panenek*Rebellion of the Dolls, The5,221412/cpm1957Osmanli, DimitrieMKD
Buster Keaton Story, ThePříběh Bustera Keatona*Buster Keaton Story, The9,75756/cpm350/cph1957Sheldon, SidneyUSA
Gunfight at the O.K. CorralPřestřelka u O.K. CorraluGunfight at the O.K. Corral9,97346/cpm348/cph1957Sturges, JohnUSA
Incredible Shrinking Man, TheNeuvěřitelný zmenšující se mužIncredible Shrinking Man, The9,35076/cpm350/cph1957Arnold, JackUSA
Jazz musume tanjoZrodila se jazzová dívkaJazz Girl is Born, The13,33444/cpm250/cph1957Sunohara, NasahisaJAP
KanalKanályCanal22,32573/cpm150/cph1957Wajda, AndrzejPOL
Konec jasnovidceKonec jasnovidceEnd of the Clairvoyant14,3904/cpm1957Svitáček, Vladimír; Roháč, JánCZE
Notti di Cabiria, LeCabiriiny nociNights of Cabiria, The9,17247/cpm350/cph1957Fellini, FedericoITA
PadělekPadělekForgery, The10,74716/cpm300/cph1957Borský, VladimírCZE
Seven ThundersSedmero hromů*Beasts of Marseilles, The96427/cpm349/cph1957Fregonese, HugoGBR
Sjunde inseglet, DetSedmá pečeťSeventh Seal, The9,95806/cpm343/cph1957Bergman, IngmarSWE
SmultronställetLesní jahodyWild Strawberries9,35796/cpm407/cph1957Bergman, IngmarSWE
Tall T, TheMuž z ArizonyTall T, The8,55327/cpm411/cph1957Boetticher, BuddUSA
Tin Star, TheŠerifská hvězdaTin Star, The8,16807/cpm377/cph1957Mann, AnthonyUSA
Witness for the prosecutionSvědek obžalobyWitness for the prosecution11,55945/cpm300/cph1957Wilder, BillyUSA
Around the World in Eighty DaysCesta kolem světa za 80 dníAround the World in Eighty Days11,88455/cpm300/cph1956Anderson, MichaelUSA
Around the World in Eighty Days (1)Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní (1)Around the World in Eighty Days (1)12,85285/cpm250/cph1956Anderson, MichaelUSA
Around the World in Eighty Days (2)Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní (2)Around the World in Eighty Days (2)10,33175/cpm1956Anderson, MichaelUSA
Around the World in Eighty Days (FRAGMENT, 70MM, ver. 30 fps)Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní (FRAGMENT, 70MM, ver. 30 fps)Around the World in Eighty Days (FRAGMENT, 70MM, ver. 30 fps)12,9985/cpm1956Anderson, MichaelUSA
Biruma no tategotoBarmská harfaBurmese Harp, The9,47226/cpm408/cph1956Ichikawa, KonJAP
Dobrý voják ŠvejkDobrý voják ŠvejkGood Soldier Schweik, The13,74654/cpm1956Steklý, KarelCZE
Earth vs. the Flying SaucersUfo útočíEarth vs. the Flying Saucers5,590711/cpm650/cph1956Sears, Fred F.USA
GiantObrGiant7,814898/cpm459/cph1956Stevens, GeorgeUSA
Hrátky s čertemHrátky s čertemPlaying with the Devil7,47648/cpm1956Mach, JosefCZE
Chips Ahoy!Chips Ahoy!Chips Ahoy!3,310918/cpm1956Kinney, JackUSA
Invasion of the Body SnatchersInvaze lupičů tělInvasion of the Body Snatchers10,44476/cpm316/cph1956Siegel, DonUSA
Killing, TheZabíjeníKilling, The12,54045/cpm254/cph1956Kubrick, StanleyUSA
Jen čtvrt hodinky?Jen čtvrt hodinky?Only 15 Minutes5,515511/cpm1956Mirad, OldřichCZE
King and I, TheKrál a jáKing and I, The14,85294/cpm277/cph1956Lang, WalterUSA
King and I, The (1)Král a já (1)King and I, The (1)15,22964/cpm277/cph1956Lang, WalterUSA
King and I, The (2)Král a já (2)King and I, The (2)14,42334/cpm1956Lang, WalterUSA
KörhintaKolotočMerry-Go-Round9,55516/cpm350/cph1956Fábri, ZoltánHUN
LabakanLabakanLabakan9,64466/cpm1956Krška, VáclavCZE / BGR
Legenda o lásceLegenda o lásceLegend about Love, A12,14525/cpm1956Krška, VáclavCZE / BGR
Más Allá del OlvidoZa hranice zapomněníBeyond Oblivion96237/cpm400/cph1956Carrill, Hugo delARG
Miracle of Todd-AO, TheZázrak Todd-AOMiracle of TODD-AO, The11,6565/cpm1956Todd, MikeUSA
SóšunPředjaříEarly Spring9,78666/cpm350/cph1956Ozu, YasujiroJAP
Ten Commandments, TheDesatero přikázáníTen Commandments, The10,91184 (624+560)6/cpm276/cph1956DeMille, Cecil B.USA
Ten Commandments, The (1)Desatero přikázání (1)Ten Commandments, The (1)12,26246/cpm276/cph1956DeMille, Cecil B.USA
Ten Commandments, The (1)Desatero přikázání (2)Ten Commandments, The (1)9,45606/cpm321/cph1956DeMille, Cecil B.USA
UbijcyZabijáciKillers, The17694/cpm1956Tarkovskij, Andrej; Gordon, AlexandrRUS
War and PeaceVojna a mírWar and Peace9,712666/cpm396/cph1956Vidor, KingUSA
YureisenLoď duchůPhantom Ship, The3,816516/cpm1956Ofuji, NoburoJAP
All the Heaven AllowsVše, co nebe dovolíAll the Heaven Allows13,43914/cpm266/cph1955Sirk, DouglasUSA
Cesta do pravěkuCesta do pravěkuJourney to the Beginning of Time, A8,55767/cpm400/cph1955Zeman, KarelCZE
Confidential ReportMr. Arkadin – Důvěrná zprávaConfidential Report5,6101211/cpm619/cph1955Welles, OrsonUSA
Čert a KáčaČert a KáčaDevil and Káča, The5,842710/cpm1955Bedřich, VáclavCZE
Gojira no gyakushûGodzilla se vracíGodzilla Raids Again5,389211/cpm574/cph1955Oda, MotoyoshiJAP
Hotaru no hikariZáře světlušekFirefly’s Glow, The15,728010/cpm200/cph1955Mori, KazuoJAP
Janken MusumeTak mladé, tak bystréSo Young, So Bright124465/cpm250/cph1955Sugie, ToshioJAP
Man from Laramie, TheMuž z LaramieMan from Laramie, The11,65165/cpm306/cph1955Mann, AnthonyUSA
Niedzielny poranekNedělní ránoSunday Morning4,523413/cpm1955Munk, AndrzejPOL
Obušku, z pytle ven!Obušku, z pytle ven!Stick, Stick, Start Beating!9,34486/cpm350/cph1955Pleskot, JaromírCZE
OrdetSlovoWord, The65,41141/cpm40/cph1955Dreyer, Carl TheodorDNK
Pather PanchaliŽalozpěv cestySong of the Road10,56666/cpm300/cph1955Ray, SatyajitIND
Rebel Without a CauseRebel bez příčinyRebel Without a Cause7,68668/cpm450/cph1955Ray, NicholasUSA
Shin heike monogatariNový příběh rodu Heike (Taira)New Tales of the Taira Clan312002/cpm1955Mizoguchi, KenjiJAP
Strakonický dudákStrakonický dudákBagpiper from Strakonice, The11,25775/cpm1955Steklý, KarelCZE
TarantulaTarantuleTarantula8,95307/cpm400/cph1955Arnold, JackUSA
To Hell and BackNávrat z peklaTo Hell and Back7,48788/cpm449/cph1955Hibbs, JesseUSA
Trouble with Harry, ThePotíže s HarrymTrouble with Harry, The8,46917/cpm400/cph1955Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Une femme coquetteKoketaFlirtatious Woman, A10,2526/cpm1955Godard, Jean-LucFRA
Ztracená stopaZtracená stopaLost Track,The7,56168/cpm426/cph1955Kachyňa, KarelCZE
Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe, LasRobinson CrusoeAdventures of Robinson Crusoe, The10,55006/cpm300/cph1954Buñuel, LuisMEX
Black TuesdayČerné úterý*Black Tuesday9,25087/cpm345/cph1954Fregonese, HugoUSA
Byl jednou jeden král…Byl jednou jeden král…Once Upon a Time, There Was a King…7,28188/cpm1954Zeman, BořivojCZE
Creature from the Black LagoonNetvor z Černé lagunyCreature from the Black Lagoon7,46228/cpm450/cph1954Arnold, JackUSA
Crime WaveVlna zločinuCrime Wave12,13575/cpm250/cph1954De Toth, AndréUSA
Dial M for MurderVražda na objednávkuDial M for Murder9,26787/cpm350/cph1954Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Dnes večer všechno skončíDnes večer všechno skončíThis Will All Be Over Tonight14,53104/cpm236/cph1954Jasný, Vojtěch; Kachyňa, KarelCZE
Dobrý voják Švejk: Švejkova budějovická anabaseDobrý voják Švejk: Švejkova budějovická anabaseGood Soldier Švejk, The: Švejk’s Budějovice Anabasis82208/cpm1954Trnka, JiříCZE
Dobrý voják Švek: Švejkovy nehody ve vlakuDobrý voják Švek: Švejkovy nehody ve vlakuGood Soldier Švejk, The: Švejk’s Misadventures in the Train7,31648/cpm1954Trnka, JiříCZE
Dobrý voják Švek: Z Hatvanu do HaličeDobrý voják Švek: Z Hatvanu do HaličeGood Soldier Švejk, The: From Hatvan towards Galicia6,71979/cpm1954Trnka, JiříCZE
GojiraProbuzená zkázaGodzilla6,58679/cpm534/cph1954Honda, IshiroJAP
Konjiki YashaZlatý démonGolden Demon, The9,25807/cpm1954Shima, KojiJAP
Na konci městaNa konci městaAt the End of the City8,36747/cpm400/cph1954Cikán, MiroslavCZE
Naked Jungle, TheNahá džungleNaked Jungle, The7,97048/cpm450/cph1954Haskin, ByronUSA
On the WaterfrontV přístavuOn the Waterfront8,27737/cpm400/cph1954Kazan, EliaUSA
PicassoPicassoPicasso10,92426/cpm1954Emmer, LucianoITA
Pomůžeme při nehoděPomůžeme při nehoděHelp During an Accident8,3987/cpm1954Količ, VojtěchCZE
Sanshô dayûSprávce SanšóSansho the Bailiff27,22682/cpm142/cph1954Mizoguchi, KenjiJAP
Strada, LaSilniceRoad, The8,77297/cpm400/cph1954Fellini, FedericoITA
Tom and Jerry: Neapolitan MouseTom a Jerry: Neapolská myšTom and Jerry: Neapolitan Mouse8,5477/cpm1954Hanna, William; Barbera, JosephUSA
Att döda ett barnZabít dítěTo Kill a Child5,99410/cpm1953Werner, GöstaSWE
Band Wagon, ThePřidej se k námBand Wagon, The213203/cpm150/cph1953Minnelli, VincenteUSA
Fear and DesireStrach a touhaFear and Desire5,169312/cpm650/cph1953Kubrick, StanleyUSA
Hana no naka no musemetachiDívky z ovocného saduGirls in the Orchard11,74765/cpm300/cph1953Yamamoto, KajiroJAP
Hitch-Hiker, TheStopařHitch-Hiker, The7,26048/cpm1953Lupino, IdaUSA
It Came From Outer SpaceNávštěva z vesmíruIt Came From Outer Space9,15215/cpm377/cph1953Arnold, JackUSA
JigukumonBrána pekelGate of Hell11,64425/cpm300/cph1953Kinugasa, TeinosukeJAP
Kiss Me KateLíbej mě, KatkoKiss Me Kate21,13062/cpm1953Sidney, GeorgeUSA
Naked Spur, TheOdhalená stopaNaked Spur, The7,77018/cpm450/cph1953Mann, AnthonyUSA
Tokyo MonogatariPříběh z TokiaTokyo Story10,37786/cpm366/cph1953Ozu, YasujiroJAP
Ugetsu MonogatariPovídky o bledé luně po deštiTales of Ugetsu27,82022/cpm144/cph1953Mizoguchi, KenjiJAP
Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, LesPrázdniny pana HulotaMr. Hulot’s Holiday9,95176/cpm350/cph1953Tati, JacquesFRA
Vitelloni, IDarmošlapovéYoung and the Passionate, The6,59339/cpm550/cph1953Fellini, FedericoITA
War of the Worlds, TheVálka světůWar of the Worlds, The6,87399/cpm509/cph1953Haskin, ByronUSA
Bad and the Beautiful, TheMěsto iluzíBad and the Beautiful, The20,43393/cpm150/cph1952Minnelli, VincenteUSA
Daibutsu KaigenZasvěcení Velkého Buddhy*Dedication of the Great Buddha11,56455/cpm347/cph1952Kinugasa, TeinosukeJAP
Casque D’OrZlatá čapkaGolden Maria8,46737/cpm400/cph1952Becker, JacquesFRA
Dva mrazíciDva mrazíciTwo Little Frosts5,811610/cpm1952Trnka, JiříCZE
KujiraVelrybaWhale3,512917/cpm1952Ofuji, NoburoJAP
Moulin RougeMoulin RougeMoulin Rouge9,27586/cpm350/cph1952Huston, JohnGBR / USA
Pyšná princeznaPyšná princeznaProud Princess,The8,95897/cpm350/cph1952Zeman, BořivojCZE
Quiet Man, TheTichý mužQuiet Man, The10,27556/cpm1952Ford, JohnUSA
Rebozo de Soledad, ElZávoj samotySoledad’s Shawl7,88528/cpm450/cph1952Gavaldón, RobertoMEX
Singin‘ in the RainZpívání v deštiSingin‘ in the Rain154044/cpm233/cph1952Donen, Stanley; Kelly, GeneUSA
Staré pověsti českéStaré pověsti českéOld Czech Legends5,981710/cpm600/cph1952Trnka, JiříCZE
Vördnad för livetÚcta k životuReverence for Life7,71128/cpm1952Nykvist, SvenSWE
Umberto DUmberto DUmberto D7,66888/cpm445/cph1952De Sica, VittorioITA
BakushūSklizeň obilíEarly Summer9,67606/cpm350/cph1951Ozu, YasujiroJAP
Karumen Kokyo NikaeruCarmen se vrací domůCarmen Comes Home19,92513/cpm150/cph1951Kinoshita, KeisukeJAP
Miracolo a MilanoZázrak v MiláněMiracle in Milan694410/cpm521/cph1951De Sica, Vittorioita
Perníková chaloupkaPerníková chaloupkaGingerbread House, The5,419911/cpm1951Pojar, BřetislavCZE
RawhideSurová kůžeRawhide5102112/cpm700/cph1951Hathaway, HenryUSA
Tarzan’s PerilTarzan v nebezpečíTarzan’s Peril593112/cpm700/cph1951Haskin, ByronUSA
Thing From Another World, TheVěcThing From Another World, The13,33814/cpm233/cph1951Nyby, Christian; Hawks, HowardUSA
Verlorene, DerZtracenecLost One, The15,13794/cpm225/cph1951Lorre, PeterDEU
Veselý cirkusVeselý cirkusMerry Circus, The4,515613/cpm1951Trnka, JiříCZE
Víctimas del PecadoOběti hříchuVictims of Sin5,982910/cpm600/cph1951Fernández, EmilioMEX
When Worlds CollideSrážka světůWhen Worlds Collide9,65316/cpm350/cph1951Maté, RudolphUSA
Arrière-saisonKonec podzimuLate Autumn17,5513/cpm1950Kirsanoff, DimitriFRA
BajajaBajajaBajaja6,76649/cpm500/cph1950Trnka, JiříCZE
CinderellaPopelkaCinderella4108515/cpm877/cph1950Luske, Hamilton; Jackson, Wilfred; Geronimi, ClydeUSA
Cronaca di un amoreKronika jedné láskyStory of a Love Affair32,31812/cpm100/cph1950Antonioni, MichelangeloITA
Francesco, giullare di DioFrantišek, prosťáček božíFlowers of St. Francis, The9,75106/cpm396/cph1950Rossellini, RobertoITA
Goya. La festa di Sant’Isidoro e i disastri dellaGoyaGoya4,521813/cpm1950Emmer, LucianoITA
Gunfighter, ThePistolníkGunfighter, The12,24135/cpm1950King, HenryUSA
Herliche ZeitenBáječné časy*Wonderful Times4,6120813/cpm750/cph1950Neumann, GünterDEU
MonologoMonologMonologue5,31011/cpm1950De Filippo, EduardoITA
Napoli MilionariaNeapol, město milionůSide Street Story105736/cpm350/cph1950De Filippo, EduardoITA
Olvidados, LosZapomenutíYoung and the Damned, The11,73835/cpm300/cph1950Buñuel, LuisMEX
Panic in the StreetsPanika v ulicíchPanic in the Streets25,32242/cpm100/cph1950Kazan, EliaUSA
PriehradaPřehradaDam, the9,85886/cpm350/cph1950Bielik, PaľoSVK
RashōmonRašómonRashomon12,74125/cpm250/cph1950Kurosawa, AkiraJAP
Rosauro CastroRosauro CastroRosauro Castro76899/cpm500/cph1950Gavaldon, RobertoMEX
Stage FrightHrůza na jevištiStage Fright8,97427/cpm361/cph1950Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Sunset Blvd.Sunset Blvd.Sunset Blvd.15,44204/cpm233/cph1950Wilder, BillyUSA
Vitamin CVitamin CVitamin C6,4309/cpm1950Bedřich, VáclavCZE
Winchester 73Winchester 73Winchester 738,56367/cpm403/cph1950Mann, AnthonyUSA
Woman on the RunŽena na útěkuWoman on the Run8,55297/cpm377/cph1950Foster, NormanUSA
Árie prérieÁrie prérieSong of the Prairie4,526613/cpm1949Trnka, JiříCZE
CaughtV pastiCaught17,13034/cpm208/cph1949Ophüls, Max [Opuls, Max]USA
Čertův mlýnČertův mlýnDevil’s Mill, The7,51568/cpm1949Trnka, JiříCZE
InspiraceInspiraceInspiration8,7677/cpm1949Zeman, KarelCZE
Není stále zamračenoNení stále zamračenoIt’s Not Always Cloudy577912/cpm683/cph1949Jasný, Vojtěch; Kachyňa, KarelCZE
Nepřítel v týluNepřítel v týluEnemy in the Rear6,641009/cpm1949Sís, VladimírCZE
On the TownVe městěOn the Town16,63454/cpm192/cph1949Donen, Stanley; Kelly, GeneUSA
Pan Prokouk vynálezcemPan Prokouk vynálezcemMr. Prokouk, The Inventor7,7678/cpm1949Zeman, KarelCZE
Ruf, DerPoslední iluze*Last Illusion, The14,64244/cpm200/cph1949Báky, Josef vonDEU
Set-Up, ThePodvodSet-Up, The6,76329/cpm500/cph1949Wise, RobertUSA
Tarzan’s Magic FountainTarzanova kouzelná fontána*Tarzan’s Magic Fountain4106915/cpm867/cph1949Sholem, LeeUSA
Twelve O’Clock HighPřímo nad hlavouTwelve O’Clock High12,95935/cpm250/cph1949King, HenryUSA
Under CapricornPod obratníkem KozorohaUnder Capricorn40,31781/cpm1949Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Window, TheOkno*Window, The10,44156/cpm300/cph1949Tetzlaff, TedUSA
Blood on the MoonKrvavý měsícBlood on the Moon6,187610/cpm550/cph1948Wise, RobertUSA
Geomsa-wa YeoseonsaengStátní zástupce a učitelka*Public Prosecutor and a Teacher, A7,94488/cpm450/cph1948KOR
Germania anno zeroNěmecko v roce nulaGermany Year Zero17,52423/cpm182/cph1948Rossellini, RobertoITA / FRA / DEU
Chi è Dio?Kde je bůh?Where’s God?8,8697/cpm1948Soldati, MarioITA
Jeden, tisíc, milionJeden, tisíc, milionOne – A Thousand – A Million3,937915/cpm1948Hubáček, MiroslavCZE
Ladri di bicicletteZloději kolBicycle Thieves7,27328/cpm488/cph1948De Sica, VittorioITA
Lang iz der VegDlouhá je cesta*Long is the road7,65688/cpm450/cph1948Fredersdorf, Herbert; Goldstein, MarekDEU
MacbethMacbethMacbeth10,26236/cpm369/cph1948Welles, OrsonUSA
Naked City, TheObnažené městoNaked City, The9,25897/cpm350/cph1948Dassin, JulesUSA
Pan Prokouk filmujePan Prokouk filmujeMr. Prokouk, The Filmmaker5,87410/cpm1948Zeman, KarelCZE
Red Shoes, TheČervené střevíčkyRed Shoes, The8,39467/cpm400/cph1948Powell, Michael; Pressburger, EmericGBR
Rope, TheProvazRope, The435,1111/cpm8/cph1948Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Sorry, Wrong NumberPromiňte, omylSorry, Wrong Number13,73804/cpm250/cph1948Litvak, AnatoleUSA
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, ThePoklad na Sierra MadreTreasure of the Sierra Madre, The7,39728/cpm450/cph1948Huston, JohnUSA
Xiao cheng zhi chunJaro v městečkuSpring in a Small Town24,92342/cpm100/cph1948Fei MuCHN
Black NarcissusČerný narcisBlack Narcissus7,38088/cpm450/cph1947Powell, Michael; Pressburger, EmericGBR
Carita de CieloAndělská tvářAngel Face10,53806/cpm300/cph1947Morales, José DiazMEX
Devil Thumbs a Ride, TheĎábel si bere stopa*Devil Thumbs a Ride, The6,5563 (20 % mov.; 114)9/cpm550/cph1947Feist, Felix E.USA
Ginrey no hateAž na konec zasněžených horSnow Trail8,76017/cpm403/cph1947Taniguchi, SenkichiJAP
Liška a džbánLiška a džbánFox and the Pitcher, The4,710413/cpm1947Látal, StanislavCZE
Monsieur VerdouxPan VerdouxMonsieur Verdoux10,86736/cpm300/cph1947Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Odd Man OutŠtvanecOdd Man Out6,610359/cpm500/cph1947Reed, CarolGBR
Ostatni etapOsvětimLast Stop, The10,55536/cpm300/cph1947Jakubowska, WandaPOL
Pan Prokouk úřadujePan Prokouk úřadujeMr. Prokouk, The Office Clerk11,7365/cpm1947Zeman, KarelCZE
Pan Prokouk v pokušeníPan Prokouk v pokušeníMr. Prokouk in Temptation8,3517/cpm1947Zeman, KarelCZE
Repeat PerformanceKdybych žila znovuRepeat Performance8,56387/cpm400/cph1947Werker, AlfredUSA
Stirling Brown Family Film – British Legion Fete – Visit by Laurel and HardyRodinný film Stirlinga Browna*Stirling Brown Family Film – British Legion Fete – Visit by Laurel and Hardy44615/cpm1947GBR
ZoluškaPopelkaCinderella13,33604/cpm1947Koševerovová, Naděžda; Šapiro, MichailRUS
13. revír13. revírGuard 1316,33604/cpm228/cph1946Frič, MartinCZE
Anna and the King of SiamAnna a král SiamuAnna and the King of Siam6,811159/cpm500/cph1946Cromwell, JohnUSA
Beast with Five Fingers, ThePětiprstá příšera*Beast with Five Fingers, The8,56267/cpm408/cph1946Florey, RobertUSA
Big Sleep, TheHluboký spánekBig Sleep, The10,86196/cpm300/cph1946Hawks, HowardUSA
It’s a Wonderful LifeŽivot je krásnýIt’s a Wonderful Life7,79938/cpm413/cph1946Capra, FrankUSA
KřečekKřečekHamster, The6,27210/cpm1946Zeman, KarelCZE
Matter of Life and Death, AOtázka života a smrtiMatter of Life and Death, A6,78639/cpm500/cph1946Powell, Michael; Pressburger, EmericGBR
My Darling ClementineMůj miláček KlementinaMy Darling Clementine9,46036/cpm350/cph1946Ford, JohnUSA
PaisàPaisaPaisan8,98327/cpm424/cph1946Rossellini, RobertoITA
Podkova pro štěstíPodkova pro štěstíHorseshoe for Luck, A7339/cpm1946Zeman, KarelCZE
Strange Love of Martha Ivers, ThePodivná láska Marty IversovéStrange Love of Martha Ivers, The10,86606/cpm367/cph1946Milestone, LewisUSA
StrangerCizinecStranger105406/cpm333/cph1946Welles, OrsonUSA
Vzpoura hračekVzpoura hračekRevolt of Toys, The3,522017/cpm1946Týrlová, HermínaCZE
Zvířátka a PetrovštíZvířátka a PetrovštíAnimals and Bandits8,7547/cpm1946Trnka, JiříCZE
Body Snatcher, TheVykradač hrobůBody Snatcher, The76549/cpm500/cph1945Wise, RobertUSA
Leonardo Da VinciLeonardo Da VinciLeonardo Da Vinci74018/cpm1945Emmer, LucianoITA
Lost Weekend, TheZtracený víkendLost Weekend, The12,14935/cpm273/cph1945Wilder, BillyUSA
Roma, città apertaŘím, otevřené městoOpen City8,86827/cpm358/cph1945Rossellini, RobertoITA
Scarlet StreetŠarlatová uliceScarlet Street10,65686/cpm300/cph1945Lang, FritzUSA
Tora no o wo fumu otokotachiLidé, kteří šlapou tygru na ocasThey Who Step on the Tiger’s Tail12,92665/cpm1945Kurosawa, AkiraJAP
Vampire, LaVampýrVampire, The7729/cpm1945Painlevé, JeanFRA
Vánoční senVánoční senChristmas Dream, The6,29710/cpm1945Zeman, Bořivoj; Zeman, KarelCZE
Woman in Green, TheDáma v zelenémWoman in Green, The12,83085/cpm280/cph1945Neill, Roy WilliamUSA
Zasadil dědek řepuZasadil dědek řepuMy grandfather planted a beet16,8394/cpm1945Trnka, JiříCZE
Double IndemnityPojistka smrtiDouble Indemnity15,34214/cpm200/cph1944Wilder, BillyUSA
Ferda MravenecFerda MravenecFerda the Ant9677/cpm1944Zástěra, Vladimír; Týrlová, HermínaCZE
Frau meiner Träume, DieŽena mých snůWoman of My Dreams, The10,95255/cpm300/cph1944Jacoby, GeorgDEU
Hochzeit im KorallenmeerSvatba v korálovém mořiWedding in the Coral Sea10,4606/cpm1944von Möllendor, Horst; et alCZE / DEU
It Happened One SundayStalo se jedné neděleIt Happened One Sunday9,45936/cpm300/cph1944Lamač, KarelGBR
Komm zu mir zurückVrať se ke mně zpětCome Back To Me12,53775/cpm250/cph1944Heinz, PaulDEU
LauraLauraLaura20,32423/cpm150/cph1944Preminger, OttoUSA
María CandelariaMaría CandelariaMaría Candelaria8,96367/cpm400/cph1944Fernández, EmilioMEX
Meet Me in St. LouisSetkáme se v St. LouisMeet Me in St. Louis17,93703/cpm200/cph1944Minnelli, VincenteUSA
Night Train to MunichNoční vlak do MnichovaNight Train to Munich8,66437/cpm400/cph1944Reed, CarolGBR
PaklíčPaklíčSkeleton Key10,94865/cpm300/cph1944Cikán, MiroslavCZE
Pohádka o PopelcePohádka o PopelceCinderella5,64211/cpm1944Brenten, OtakarCZE
Schicksal am StromOsud na řeceFate on the River10,74176/cpm300/cph1944Heinz, PaulDEU
Holy MatrimonyPosvátné manželstvíHoly Matrimony8,95897/cpm400/cph1943Stahl, John M.USA
Immortal SergeantNesmrtelný seržantImmortal Sergeant10,25366/cpm350/cph1943Stahl, John M.USA
Journey into FearCesta do strachuJourney into Fear11,73465/cpm265/cph1943Foster, Norman – Welles, OrsonUSA
Meshes of the AfternoonOdpolední osidlaMeshes of the Afternoon4,717313/cpm1943Deren, Maya; Hammid, AlexanderUSA
Shadow of a DoubtAni stín podezřeníShadow of a Doubt9,666912/cpm379/cph1943Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Schweik’s New AdventuresŠvejk bourá NěmeckoSchweik’s New Adventures9,73436/cpm1943Lamač, KarelGBR
They Met in the DarkSetkání ve tměThey Met in the Dark8,96047/cpm400/cph1943Lamač, KarelGBR
CasablancaCasablancaCasablanca7,58098/cpm450/cph1942Curtiz, MichaelUSA
Fuehrer’s Face, DerHitlerova tvářDer Fuehrer’s Face7,1648/cpm500/cph1942Kinney, JackUSA
Gold Rush, The (sound version)Zlaté opojení (zvuková verze)Gold Rush, The (sound version)7,35768/cpm450/cph1942Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Magnificent Ambersons, TheSkvělí AmbersonovéMagnificent Ambersons, The17,33042/cpm236/cph1942Welles, OrsonUSA
Citizen KaneObčan KaneCitizen Kane11,46245/cpm320/cph1941Welles, OrsonUSA
How Green Was My ValleyBylo jednou zelené údolíHow Green Was My Valley8,96507/cpm400/cph1941Ford, JohnUSA
It Started with EveVěčná EvaIt Started with Eve8,66067/cpm400/cph1941Koster, HenryUSA
Moods of the SeaMořské náladyMoods of the Sea3,316518/cpm1941Vorkapich, Slavko; Hoffman, JohnUSA
Night Before Christmas, ThePředvánoční nocNight Before Christmas, The9,3526/cpm1941Barbera, Joseph; Hanna, WilliamUSA
That Hamilton WomanLady HamiltonováThat Hamilton Woman7,59408/cpm450/cph1941Korda, AlexanderUSA
Volshebnoe zernoČaroděj Kara-Mor85927/cpm400/cph1941Filippov, FjodorRUS
Wolf Man, TheVlkodlakWolf Man, The7,45338/cpm482/cph1941Waggner, GeorgeUSA
Dr. CyclopsDr. KyklopDr. Cyclops7,26298/cpm500/cph1940Schoedsack, Ernest B.USA
Foreign CorrespondentZahraniční dopisovatelForeign Correspondent7,19978/cpm500/cph1940Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Grapes of Wrath, TheHrozny hněvuGrapes of Wrath, The10,27456/cpm367/cph1940Ford, JohnUSA
Great Dictator, TheDiktátorGreat Dictator, The11,66125/cpm300/cph1940Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Invisible Man Returns, TheNávrat neviditelného mužeInvisible Man Returns, The9,1525 (33 % mov.)7/cpm374/cph1940May, JoeUSA
Letter, TheListLetter, The13,94214/cpm250/cph1940Wyler, WilliamUSA
Mark of Zorro, TheZorro mstitelMark of Zorro, The86817/cpm400/cph1940Mamoulian, RoubenUSA
Philadelphia Story, ThePříběh z FiladelfiePhiladelphia Story, The13,25025/cpm294/cph1940Cukor, GeorgeUSA
RebeccaMrtvá a živáRebecca9,38276/cpm387/cph1940Hitchcock, AlfredUSA
Sea Hawk, ThePán sedmi moříSea Hawk, The6126310/cpm600/cph1940Curtiz, MichaelUSA
Thief of Bagdad, TheZloděj z BagdáduThief of Bagdad, The5,3117411/cpm625/cph1940Berger, L.; Powell, M.; Whelan, T.GBR
Westerner, TheČlověk ze ZápaduWesterner, The8,57167/cpm399/cph1940Wyler, WilliamUSA
Destry Rides AgainVzpoura ženDestry Rides Again9,16027/cpm350/cph1939Marshall, GeorgeUSA
Drums Along the MohawksBubny víříDrums Along the Mohawks9,46586/cpm350/cph1939Ford, JohnUSA
Gjest BaardsenGjest BaardsenGjest Baardsen11,3481 (30 % mov.)5/cpm208/cph1939Ibsen, TancredNOR
Gone with the WindJih proti SeveruGone with the Wind10,5 (9,8; 11,2)1238 (600+638)6/cpm369/cph1939Fleming, VictorUSA
Hound of the Baskervilles, ThePes baskervillskýHound of the Baskervilles, The9,25307/cpm350/cph1939Lanfield, SidneyUSA
Jamaica InnHospoda JamajcaJamaica Inn7,27998/cpm450/cph1939Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Jesse JamesJesse JamesJesse James8,4751 (19 % mov.)7/cpm400/cph1939King, HenryUSA
Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonPan Smith přicházíMr. Smith Goes to Washington5,9129810/cpm621/cph1939Capra, FrankUSA
Règle du jeu, LaPravidla hryRules of the Game, The18,63353/cpm226/cph1939Renoir, JeanFRA
Son of Frankenstein (8mm shortened version)Frankensteinův syn (8mm zkrácená verze)Son of Frankenstein (8mm shortened version)58812/cpm1939Whale, JamesUSA
StagecoachPřepadeníStagecoach8,66627/cpm400/cph1939Ford, JohnUSA
When Tomorrow ComesAž přijde zítřekWhen Tomorrow Comes14,83684/cpm241/cph1939Stahl, John M.USA
Wizard of Oz, TheČaroděj ze země OzWizard of Oz, The96937/cpm358/cph1939Fleming, VictorUSA
Wuthering HeightsNa Větrné hůrceWuthering Heights10,75696/cpm300/cph1939Wyler, WilliamUSA
Young Mr. LincolnMladý LincolnYoung Mr. Lincoln11,25295/cpm300/cph1939Ford, JohnUSA
Adventures of Robin Hood, TheDobrodružství Robina HoodaAdventures of Robin Hood, The4,8125613/cpm750/cph1938Keighley, William; Curtiz, MichaelUSA
Angels with Dirty FacesHříšní anděléAngels with Dirty Faces6,88479/cpm500/cph1938Curtiz, MichaelUSA
Bringing Up BabyLeopardí ženaBringing Up Baby8,9671 (28 % mov; 188)7/cpm393/cph1938Hawks, HowardUSA
Cech panen kutnohorskýchCech panen kutnohorskýchGuild of the Kutná Hora Virgins, The10,84986/cpm300/cph1938Vávra, OtakarCZE
Ducháček to zařídíDucháček to zařídíDucháček will fix it17,6297 (44 % mov; 132)3/cpm202/cph1938Lamač, KarelCZE
Hana ChirinuPadlé květinyFallen Blossoms13,83184/cpm250/cph1938Išida, TimizoJAP
HolidayPrázdninyHoliday13,7412 (35 % mov; 142)4/cpm260/cph1938Cukor, GeorgeUSA
Holka nebo kluk?Holka nebo kluk?Girl or boy?12,64705/cpm291/cph1938Slavínský, VladimírCZE
Hollywood HandicapHollywoodský handicapHollywood Handicap4,512112/cpm1938Keaton, BusterUSA
In Old ChicagoChicago hoříIn Old Chicago7,8844 (21 % mov.)8/cpm450/cph1938King, HenryUSA
Krok do tmyKrok do tmyStep into the Darkness, A9,55296/cpm350/cph1938Frič, MartinCZE
Kyojin-denSága o velkém mužiGiant, The10,47286/cpm300/cph1938Itami, MansakuJAP
Lady Vanishes, TheZmizení staré dámyLady Vanishes, The7,67388/cpm450/cph1938Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
N or NWN, nebo NWN or NW3,512017/cpm1938Lye, LenGBR
Škola, základ životaŠkola, základ životaSchool Is the Foundation of Life9,45746/cpm350/cph1938Frič, MartinCZE
Verastettu KuolemaUkradená smrt*Stolen Death, The7,8758 (17 % mov.)8/cpm450/cph1938Tapiovaara, NyrkiFIN
Bílá nemocBílá nemocWhite Disease, The115676/cpm276/cph1937Haas, HugoCZE
Falešná kočičkaFalešná kočičkaFalse Pussycat, The14,444513/cpm250/cph1937Slavínský, VladimírCZE
Grande Illusion, LaVelká iluzeGrand Illusion19,23463/cpm150/cph1937Renoir, JeanFRA
HordubalovéHordubalovéHordubals, The6,88559/cpm505/cph1937Frič, MartinCZE
Lidé na křeLidé na křePeople on the Iceberg11,34715/cpm331/cph1937Frič, MartinCZE
Love Nest on WheelsHnízdečko lásky na kolechLove Nest on Wheels7,91268/cpm1937Keaton Buster; Lamont, CharlesUSA
Mort du cygne, LaUmírající labuťBallerina4139015/cpm900/cph1937Epstein, Marie; Benoit-Lévy, JeanFRA
Mravnost nade všeMravnost nade všeMorality above All Else8,35477/cpm427/cph1937Frič, MartinCZE
SenninbariTisíc stehůThousand-Stitch Belt, The12,3845/cpm1937Saegusa, GenjiroJAP
Svět patří námSvět patří námWorld Belongs to Us, The6,3889 (17 % mov.)10/cpm424/cph1937Frič, MartinCZE
Young and InnocentMladý a nezkušenýYoung and Innocent6,276010/cpm612/cph1937Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Crime de Monsieur Lange, LeZločin pana LangaCrime of Monsieur Lange, The22,12113/cpm150/cph1936Renoir, JeanFRA
Dracula’s DaughterDraculova dceraDracula’s Daughter6,1677 (26 % mov.)10/cpm564/cph1936Hillyer, LamberUSA
JánošíkJánošíkJánošík3,5134517/cpm967/cph1936Frič, MartinCZE
Jízdní hlídkaJízdní hlídkaMounted Patrol, The8,26537/cpm455/cph1936Binovec, VáclavCZE
Modern TimesModerní dobaModern Times9569 (485+84; 28 % mov.; 170)7/cpm434/cph1936Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Mr. Deeds Goes to TownÚžasná událostMr. Deeds Goes to Town7,88788/cpm450/cph1936Capra, FrankUSA
My Man GodfreyJejí komorníkMy Man Godfrey9,1609 (22 % mov.; 135)7/cpm446/cph1936La Cava, GregoryUSA
Petrified Forest, TheZkamenělý lesPetrified Forest, The7,16768/cpm500/cph1936Mayo, ArchieUSA
SabotageSabotážSabotage7,36348/cpm1936Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Secret AgentTajný agentSecret Agent7,56788/cpm450/cph1936Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
These ThreeVražedná ležThese Three6,78139/cpm500/cph1936Wyler, WilliamUSA
Velbloud uchem jehlyVelbloud uchem jehlyCamel Through the Eye of a Needle13,638916/cpm1936Haas, Hugo; Vávra, OtakarCZE
Vie Féminine. Bonne Chance, petit Corsaire!, LaVie Féminine. Bonne Chance, petit Corsaire!, LaVie Féminine. Bonne Chance, petit Corsaire!, La51412/cpm1936FRA
39 Steps, The39 stupňů39 Steps, The95697/cpm456/cph1935Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Ať žije nebožtíkAť žije nebožtíkLong Live the Dearly Departed8,55927/cpm1935Frič, MartinCZE
Becky SharpTrh marnostiBecky Sharp10486 (16 % mov.)6/cpm350/cph1935Mamoulian, RoubenUSA
Bride of FrankensteinFrankensteinova nevěstaBride of Frankenstein4,399714/cpm800/cph1935Whale, JamesUSA
Bride of Frankenstein (8mm shortened version)Frankensteinova nevěsta (8mm zkrácená verze)Bride of Frankenstein (8mm shortened version)3,115319/cpm1935Whale, JamesUSA
DivineDivineDivine11,53775/cpm300/cph1935Ophüls, MaxFRA
Gibel sensatsiiZáhuba senzací*RUR: The Robots of Jim Ripl4,61072 (7 % mov.)13/cph689/cph1935Andrijevskij, AlexandrRUS
Guo fengNárodní zvykyNational Customs8,47247/cpm471/cph1935Mingyou, Luo; Shilin, ZhuCHN
Harlem SketchesHarlem SketchesHarlem Sketches3,724016/cpm1935Bain, LeslieUSA
Jedenácté přikázáníJedenácté přikázáníEleventh Commandment, The7,76018/cpm1935Frič, MartinCZE
Night at the Opera, ANoc v opeřeNight at the Opera, A95947/cpm400/cph1935Wood, SamUSA
One More SpringJeště jedno jaroOne More Spring9,85306/cpm350/cph1935King, HenryUSA
Orizuru OsenOsenina zkázaDownfall of Osen, The7,37078/cpm450/cph1935Mizoguchi, KenjiJAP
Power of Sincerity, TheSíla upřímnosti*Power of Sincerity, The6,52149/cpm1935KOR
Raven, The (8mm shortened version)Havran (8mm zkrácená verze)Raven, The (8mm shortened version)4,5231 (15 % mov; 35)13/cpm1935Landers, LewUSA
Remember Last Night?Pamatuješ včerejší noc?Remember Last Night?4,896012/cpm700/cph1935Whale, JamesUSA
ToniToniToni18,8267 (28 % mov.)2/cpm174/cph1935Renoir, JeanFRA
Top HatsPáni v cylindrechTop Hats10560 (29 % mov.; 160)6/cpm347/cph1935Sandrich, MarkUSA
Triumph des WillensTriumf vůleTriumph of the Will5,4118811/cpm650/cph1935Riefenstahl, LeniDEU
Werewolf of LondonVlkodlak v LondýněWerewolf of London8,85007/cpm400/cph1935Walker, StuartUSA
Affaires publiques, LesVeřejná aféraPublic Affairs4,428813/cpm1934Bresson, RobertFRA
Allez OopJen do tohoAllez Oop8,31427/cpm1934Keaton Buster; Lamont, CharlesUSA
Atalante, L‘AtalantaAtalante, L‘10,25026/cpm368/cph1934Vigo, JeanFRA
Black Cat, TheČerná kočkaBlack Cat, The8,84337/cpm410/cph1934Ulmer, Edgar G.USA
CaravanKaravanaCaravan36,81682/cpm100/cph1934Charell, ErikUSA
Compadre Mendoza, ElKmotr MendozaGodfather Mendoza14,63404/cpm200/cph1934De Fuentes, Fernando; Oro, Juan BustilloMEX
Death at Broadcasting HouseSmrt ve vysíláníDeath at Broadcasting House9,3443 (14 % mov.)6/cpm351/cph1934Denham, ReginaldGBR
Dos MonjesDva mnišiTwo Monks11,14155/cpm283/cph1934Oro, Juan BustilloMEX
Furies, TheFúrieFuries, The2,17127/cpm1934Vorkapich, SlavkoUSA
Gold Ghost, TheZlaté strašidloGold Ghost, The8,71387/cpm1934Keaton Buster; Lamont, CharlesUSA
Hej-RupHej-RupHeave-Ho!8,37067/cpm314/cph1934Frič, MartinCZE
Cheongchun-Eui SipjaroKřižovatky mládí*Crossroads of Youth / Turning Point of the Youngsters11,4384 (133 mov.)5/cpm303/cph1934Ahn Jong-hwaKOR
Imitation of LifeNapodobenina životaImitation of Life13,14975/cpm250/cph1934Stahl, John M.USA
Importing Sheep to Northern KoreaDovoz ovcí do severní KorejeSheep of North Korea Speak, The11,11225/cpm1934JAP
It Happened One NightStalo se jedné nociIt Happened One Night8,57377/cpm426/cph1934Capra, FrankUSA
L’HippocampeMořský koníkSeahorse, The6,51679/cpm1934Painlevé, JeanFRA
Ladies Should ListenDámy mají poslouchatLadies Should Listen8,8394 (23 % mov.)7/cpm405/cph1934Tuttle, FrankUSA
Man Who Knew Too Much, TheMuž, který věděl příliš mnohoMan Who Knew Too Much, The7,26098/cpm470/cph1934Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
MazlíčekMazlíčekLittle Pet, The7,36428/cpm1934Frič, MartinCZE
Memmortigo?Sebevražda?Suicide?7,21128/cpm1934de Caralt, DelmiroEST
Pathé-Gazette n°1 – 12ème année. 11 janvier 1934Pathé-Gazette n°1Pathé-Gazette n°15,23411/cpm1934FRA
Poor CinderellaNebohá PopelkaPoor Cinderella6,8909/cpm1934Fleischer, DaveUSA
Poslední mužPoslední mužLast Man, The10,55026/cpm1934Frič, MartinCZE
Salto in die SeligkeitVídeňská letní noc*Summer Night in Vienna, A12,7386 (32 % mov.; 124)5/cph291/cph1934Schulz, FritzAUT
Waltzes from ViennaVídeňské valčíkyWaltzes from Vienna9,94556/cpm323/cph1934Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
We Live AgainNový životWe Live Again85988/cpm444/cph (29 % mov.;176)1934Mamoulian, RoubenUSA
DelugePotopaDeluge7,1545 (29 % mov.; 159)8/cpm513/cph1933Feist, Felix E.USA
Destination UnknownCíl neznámýDestination Unknown8,44517/cpm420/cph1933Garnett, TayUSA
Duck SoupKachní polívkaDuck Soup6,56149/cpm562/cph1933McCarey, LeoUSA
Ein Sommer geht zu EndePoslední letní dnyLast Days of Summer5,29112/cpm1933Figura, HansAUT
Hello, Sister! (Walking Down Broadway)Ahoj, sestro!*Hello, Sister! (Walking Down Broadway)12,4286 (24 % mov.)5/cpm1933Stroheim, Erich Von (et al)USA
Hijōsen no onnaDragnet GirlDragnet Girl4,81482 (1200 + 285; 2 % mov, 36)13/cpm444/cph1933Ozu, YasujiroJAP
Invisible Man, TheNeviditelný mužInvisible Man, The6,56079/cpm545/cph1933Whale, JamesUSA
Jsem děvče s čertem v těleJsem děvče s čertem v těleDevil in Me, The6,68288/cpm450/cph1933Anton, KarelCZE
King KongKing KongKing Kong78328/cpm469/cph1933Cooper, Merian C.; Schoedsack, Ernest B.USA
Kiss Before the Mirror, ThePolibek před zrcadlem*Kiss Before the Mirror, The113645/cpm328/cph1933Whale, JamesUSA
Kurdy-EzidyKurdští JezídovéKurdish Yazidis2,8115121/cpm1151/cph1933Martirosyan, AmassiARM
Ladies Must LoveDámy musí milovatLadies Must Love8,55127/cpm400/cph1933Dupont, Edward A.USA
Las Hurdes: Tierra sin panZemě bez chlebaLand without Bread6,62489/cpm1933Buñuel, LuisSPA
Mad Game, TheŠílená hraMad Game, The8,25357/cpm400/cph1933Cummings, IrvingUSA
Madla z cihelnyMadla z cihelnyMadla from the Brickworks14,5438 (28 % mov.)4/cpm251/cph1933Slavínský, VladimírCZE
Man’s CastleZtracený domovMan’s Castle6,8671 (25 % mov.; 168)9/cpm504/cph1933Borzage, FrankUSA
Pobočník Jeho VýsostiPobočník Jeho VýsostiHis Highness‘ Adjutant9,5492 (21 % mov.)6/cpm367/cph1933Frič, MartinCZE
Power and the Glory, TheMoc a slávaPower and the Glory, The10,34346/cpm331/cph1933Howard, William K.USA
RevizorRevizorInspector, The8,7474 (33 % mov.)7/cpm420/cph1933Frič, MartinCZE
ŘekaŘekaRiver, The8,2615 (26 % mov.)7/cpm456/cph1933Rovenský, JosefCZE
Sedmá velmocSedmá velmocSeventh Power, The7,2725 (25 % mov.)8/cpm444/cph1933Pražský, PřemyslCZE
She Done Him WrongKřivdila muShe Done Him Wrong10,73486/cpm300/cph1933Sherman, LowellUSA
Schall Und RauchZvuk a kouřSound and Smoke30,242/cpm1933Fischerkoesen, HansDEU
Sin of Nora Moran, TheHřích Nory MoranovéSin of Nora Moran, The9,34066/cpm388/cph1933Goldstone, PhilUSA
SisterSestra*Sister81227/cpm1933Takeuchi, KichonosukeJAP
Sněhurka a sedm trpaslíkůSněhurka a sedm trpaslíkůSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs27,2104 (26 % mov.; 27)2/cpm1933Kmínek, OldřichCZE
Sons of the DesertJedeme na HonoluluSons of the Desert9,14177/cpm394/cph1933Seiter, William A.USA
State FairStátní jarmark*State Fair9,7593 (35 % mov.)6/cpm350/cph1933King, HenryUSA
SvítáníSvítáníDawning7,16098/cpm484/cph1933Kubásek, VáclavCZE
TransportTransportTransport5,78810/cpm1933Thurbon, John & AgnesGBR
U snědeného krámuU snědeného krámuRuined Shopkeeper, The10,84986/cpm348/cph1933Frič, MartinCZE
U svatého AntoníčkaU svatého AntoníčkaAt St. Anthony’s12,8446 (35 % mov.)5/cpm277/cph1933Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Vražda v Ostrovní uliciVražda v Ostrovní uliciMurder on Ostrovní Street11391 (33 % mov.)5/cpm320/cph1933Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Warrior’s Husband, TheManžel válečnice*Warrior’s Husband, The7625 (19 % mov.)9/cpm500/cph1933Lang, WalterUSA
Záhada modrého pokojeZáhada modrého pokojeMystery of the Blue Room, The14,6292 (31 % mov.)4/cpm228/cph1933Cikán, MiroslavCZE
Zéro de conduiteTrojka z mravůZero for Conduct8,52827/cpm1933Vigo, JeanFRA
Život je pesŽivot je pesLife is a Dog9,85216/cpm361/cph1933Frič, MartinCZE
Anton Špelec, ostrostřelecAnton Špelec, ostrostřelecAnton Spelec, Sharp-Shooter114365/cpm300/cph1932Frič, MartinCZE
Betty Boop for PresidentBetty Boop prezidentkouBetty Boop for President7,6468/cpm1932Fleischer, DaveUSA
Biały śladSněhová stopaSnow Trail, The4,9843 (754+89; 18 % mov.; 135)12/cpm1932Krzeptowski, AdamPOL
Bitter Tea of General Yen, TheVášeň generála YenaBitter Tea of General Yen, The7,1727 (28 % mov.; 206)8/cpm530/cph1932Capra, FrankUSA
Haunted GoldStrašidelné zlatoHaunted Gold5,169112/cpm1932Wright, Mack V.USA
Her Second BirthdayJejí druhé narozeniny*Her Second Birthday7,2438/cpm1932Thurbon, John & AgnesGBR
His LordshipJeho Lordstvo*His Lordship6,5655 (33 % mov.; 217)9/cpm510/cph1932Powell, MichaelGBR
Horse FeathersKoninyHorse Feathers7,9492 (45 % mov.; 223)8/cpm426/cph1932McLeod, NormanUSA
I Am a Fugitive From a Chain GangJsem uprchlý galejníkI Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang5,6968 (29 % mov.)11/cpm679/cph1932LeRoy, MervynUSA
Kantor IdeálKantor Ideál„Ideal“ Schoolmaster, The10,9509 (28,3 % mov.)6/cpm347/cph1932Frič, MartinCZE
Lelíček ve službách Sherlock HolmesaLelíček ve službách Sherlock HolmesaLelíček in the Services of Sherlock Holmes9,2579 (32 % mov.)7/cpm391/cph1932Lamač, KarelCZE
Malostranští mušketýřiMalostranští mušketýřiMusketeers of Malá Strana, The12513 (27 % mov; 138)5/cpm243/cph1932Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Most Dangerous Game, TheNejnebezpečnější hraMost Dangerous Game, The7,35028/cpm480/cph1932Pichel, Irving; Schoedsack, Ernest B.USA
Mummy, TheMumieMummy, The9,24636/cpm350/cph1932Freund, KarlUSA
Murders in the Rue MorgueVraždy v ulici MorgueMurders in the Rue Morgue8,5412 (24 % mov.; 98)7/cpm1932Florey, RobertUSA
Peníze nebo životPeníze nebo životYour Money or Your Life10,5542 (28 % mov.; 154)6/cpm291/cph1932Honzl, JindřichCZE
Pepina RejholcováPepina RejholcováPepina Rejholcová10,1534 (67 mov.; 13 %)6/cpm391/cph1932Binovec, VáclavCZE
Před maturitouPřed maturitouBefore Graduation13,3412 (41 % mov.; 168)5/cpm278/cph1932Vančura, Vladislav; Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Reklama Piecyków do PieczniaReklama na elektrické troubyElectric Oven Commercial3,34518/cpm1932POL
Ride Him, CowboyZkroť ho, kovboji!Ride Him, Cowboy5,453810/cpm1932Allen, FredUSA
ScarfaceZjizvená tvářScarface9,35856/cpm350/cph1932Hawks, HowardUSA
Sherlock HolmesSherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes6,66129/cpm536/cph1932Howard, William K.USA
So ein Mädel vergißt man nichtSlečna Yo-YoGirl You Don’t Forget, A / You Cannot Forget Such a Girl13,23875/cpm257/cph1932Kortner, FritzDEU / AUT
Tarzan the Ape ManTarzan, syn divočinyTarzan the Ape Man5111912/cpm700/cph1932Van Dyke, W.S.USA
To Egypt and Back with Imperial AirwaysDo Egypta a zpátky s Imperial Airways*To Egypt and Back with Imperial Airways4,122815/cpm1932Stuart, RuthGBR
Tokyo OndoTokyo OndoTokyo Ondo5,889410/cpm600/cph1932Nomura, HoteiJAP
Trouble in ParadiseÚtěk z rájeTrouble in Paradise11,3423 (25 % mov; 106)5/cpm318/cph1932Lubitsch, ErnstUSA
Umarete wa mita keredoNarodil jsem se, ale…I Was Born, But…3,9137415/cpm931/cph1932Ozu, YasujiroJAP
VampyrUpír aneb Podivné dobrodružství Davida GrayeVampyr8,94717/cpm400/cph1932Dreyer, Carl TheodorFRA / DEU
Vor Celebre Svenske Gjest Gösta EkmanNáš oslavovaný švédský host Gösta Ekman*Our Celebrated Swedish Guest Gösta Ekman11,4205/cpm1932Gladtvet, OttarNOR
Westminster in WinterWestminster v zimě*Westminster in Winter6,210710/cpm1932Nathan, Matthew L.GBR
Brat, TheSpratekBrat, The12,33155/cpm285/cph1931Ford, JohnUSA
City LightsSvětla velkoměstaCity Lights8,45757/cpm400/cph1931Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Coeur de LilasSrdce Lilas*Lilac6,8766 (29 % mov.)9/cpm500/cph1931Litvak, AnatoleFRA
Daïnah la métisseMíšenka Dainah*Dainah the Half-breed6,4470 (14 % mov.)9/cpm1931Grémillon, JeanFRA
Dracula (English version)Dracula (anglická verze)Dracula (English version)9,24726/cpm300/cph1931Browning, TodUSA
Dracula (Spanish version)Drákula (španělská verze)Dracula (Spanish version)10,55796/cpm300/cph1931Melford, George; Ávalos, Enrique TovarUSA
EuropaEvropaEurope2,129328/cpm1931Themerson, FranciszkaPOL
Fen douBoj*Struggling7,4573+98 (21 % mov.; 120)8/cpm450/cph1931Dongshan, ShiCHN
Fin du Monde, LaKonec světaEnd of the World5,795911/cpm600/cph1931Gance, AbelFRA
FrankensteinFrankensteinFrankenstein8,64627/cpm375/cph1931Whale, JamesUSA
Frankenstein (8mm shortened version)Frankenstein (8mm zkrácená verze)Frankenstein (8mm shortened version)4,211614/cpm1931Whale, JamesUSA
Junkyo kesshi nihon nijuroku seijin26 japonských mučedníkůThe 26 Martyrs of Japan6,45989/cpm550/cph1931Ikeda, TomijasuJAP
Kariéra Pavla ČamrdyKariéra Pavla ČamrdyCareer of Pavel Čamrda, The7,5743 (11 % mov.)8/cpm451/cph1931Krňanský, Miroslav JosefCZE
KikosKikosKikos2,6125323/cpm1250/cph1931Barkhudaryan, PatvakanARM
Kutsu-Juku SeiklusiDobrodružství psa JukuaAdventures of Juku the Dog, The4,45014/cpm1931Päts, VoldemarEST
Little CaesarMalý CaesarLittle Caesar9,54926/cpm357/cph1931LeRoy, MervynUSA
MVrah mezi námiM13,14945/cpm243/cph1931Lang, FritzDEU
Million, LeMiliónMillion, The8,85437/cpm400/cph1931Clair, RenéFRA
Monkey BusinessOpičárnyMonkey Business95057/cpm400/cph1931McLeon, NormanUSA
Muži v offsiduMuži v offsiduMen Offside13,3421 (35 % mov.)5/cpm256/cph1931Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Obrácení Ferdyše PištoryObrácení Ferdyše PištoryConversion of Ferdys Pistora8,6552 (40 % mov.)7/cpm436/cph1931Kodíček, JosefCZE
Osada mladých snůOsada mladých snůSummer Camp of Young Dreams, The18,5301 (31 % mov.)2/cpm191/cph1931Kmínek, OldřichCZE
Over the HillNa obtíž*Over the Hill13,7389 (37 % mov.)4/cpm250/cph1931King, HenryUSA
Platinum BlondePlatinová blondýnkaPlatinum Blonde13,33945/cpm250/cph1931Capra, FrankUSA
PsohlavciPsohlavciDog-Heads, The10,9574 (20 % mov.)6/cpm278/cph1931Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Quick MillionsRychlé miliony*Quick Millions13,3308 (29 % mov.)5/cpm250/cph1931Brown, RowlandUSA
SurrenderKapitulace*Surrender7,9516 (21 % mov.)8/cpm450/cph1931Howard, William KUSA
Taris, roi de l’eauTarisJean Taris, Swimming Champion5,98410/cpm1931Vigo, JeanFRA
To neznáte HadimrškuTo neznáte HadimrškuYou Don’t Know Hadimrška12,6438 (30 % mov.)5/cpm267/cph1931Lamač, Karel; Frič, MartinCZE
Vagabonde, LaTulačka*Vagabond10,4364 (26 % mov.)6/cpm300/cph1931Bussi, SolangeFRA
Yeyo pravoJejí právoHer Right4,277314/cpm1931Chernyak, GrigoriyUZB / SSSR
À propos de NiceNa slovíčko, Nizzo!Nizza3,934415/cpm1930Vigo, JeanFRA
Âge d’or, L‘Zlatý věkAge of Gold5,863110/cpm615/cph1930Buñuel, LuisFRA
C. a k. polní maršálekC. a k. polní maršálekImperial and Royal Field Marshal14383 (9 % mov.)4/cpm244/cph1930Lamač, KarelCZE
Černý plamenČerný plamenBlack Flame8,17127/cpm1930Krňanský, Miroslav JosefCZE
FidlovačkaFidlovačkaSpring Festival9,8542 (8 % mov.)6/cpm300/cph1930Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Her ManJejí mužHer Man12,33965/cpm250/cph1930Garnett, TayUSA
Když struny lkajíKdyž struny lkajíWhen the Strings Wailed7,6496 (27 % mov.)8/cpm482/cph1930Fehér, FriedrichCZE
Kire LainedCesty vášně*Waves of Passion5,6113911/cpm600/cph1930Gaidarow, WladimirEST / DEU
LāčplēsisMedvědobijec*Bear Slayer, The7,21082 (1005+77; 16 % mov; 162)8/cpm546/cph1930Rusteikis, AleksandrsLVA
LadroniNoční ptáciNight Owls9,0234 (6 % mov.; 14)7/cpm1930Parrott, JamesUSA
Menschen am SonntagLidé v neděliPeople on Sunday4,987212/cpm718/cph1930Siodmak, Robert; Ulmer, Edgar G.DEU
Murder!Vražda!Murder!13,14435/cpm239/cph1930Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Nihon Nankyoku TankenJaponská antarktická expedice*Japanese Expedition to Antartcica, The11,82345/cpm1930 (1910-1912)JAP
Po horách, po doláchPo horách, po doláchOver Mountains, Over Valleys9,5635 (521+114; 10 % mov; 50)6/cpm354/cph1930Plicka, KarelCZE
Reklamfilm Bernängen – Reportage fran sommarens StockholmsutställningReklamní film BernängenBarnängen Commercial – Report from This Summer’s Stockholm Exhibition7,3138/cpm1930SWE
Romance sentimentaleSentimentální romanceSentimental Romance3,928815/cpm1930Alexandrov, Grigorij; Ejzenštejn, Sergej MichajlovičFRA
Saueavl pa AustraliaChov ovcí v Austrálii*Sheep Farming in Australia10,5646/cpm1930AUS
Sea Wolf, TheMořský vlkSea Wolf, The8,4614 (16 % mov.)7/cpm400/cph1930Santell, AlfredUSA
Sol SvanetiiSůl pro SvanetiiSalt for Svanetia3,777316/cpm1930Kalatozov, MichailRUS
Tikhiy DonTichý DonQuiet Don, The4,91390 (1222+168; 4 % mov; 48)12/cpm698/cph1930Preobrazhenskaya, Olga; Pravov, IvanRUS
TonischkaTonka Šibenice (francouzská verze)Tonka of the Gallows (French version)5,9741+88 (13 % mov.)10/cpm634/cph1930Anton, KarelCZE
Virgen de la Caridad, LaPanna Maria MilosrdnáVirgin of Charity, The5,181612/cpm1930Peón, RamónMEX / CUB
Adjunkt VrbaAdjunkt VrbaVrba the Clerk4516 (414+102)15/cpm1929Krňanský, Miroslav JosefCZE
ApplauseAplausApplause14,1331 (60 % mov.; 199)4/cpm295/cph1929Mamoulian, RoubenUSA
Big BusinessVeselé vánoceBig Business4,921412/cpm1929Horne, James W.; McCarey, LeoUSA
BlackmailJejí zpověďBlackmail10,94435/cpm297/cph1929Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Cocoanuts, TheKokosové ořechyCocoanuts, The183043/cpm1929Florey, Robert; Santley, JosephUSA
Cottage on Dartmoor, ADomek na blatechCottage on Dartmoor, A4,9100412/cpm1929Asquith, AnthonyGBR
Csak egy kislány van a világonJe jen jedna dívka na světěThere Is Only One Girl in the Whole World6,9497+54 (45 mov.; 9 %)9/cpm1929Gaál, BélaHUN
Daigaku wa deta keredoVystudoval jsem, ale…I Graduated, but…3,917016/cpm1929Ozu, YasujiroJAP
Ein WerktagKaždodenněEveryday1,187154/cpm1929Richter, HansGBR / CHE
ErotikonErotikonSeduction5,8804+9511/cpm598/cph1929Machatý, GustavCZE
Finis terraeZemě na konciEnd of the Earth6,276410/cpm1929Epstein, JeanFRA
Gardiens de PhareStrážci majáku*Lighthouse Keepers, The8,8530+19 (147 mov.; 28 %)7/cpm1929Grémillon, JeanFRA
Hände: Das Leben und die Liebe eines zärtlichen GeschlechtsRuce*Hands6,312010/cpm1929Simone, Stella F.; Bándy, MiklósDEU
Hell’s HeroesHrdinové pekelHell’s Heroes6,260310/cpm578/cph1929Wyler, WilliamUSA
Højt paa en kvistVysoko na větvi*Up in the Attic4,7120913/cpm1929Lauritzen, LauDNK
Horské volání S. O. S.Horské volání S. O. S.Mountains Cry S O S6,3840 (706+134)11/cpm599/cph1929Marten, Leo; Studecký, VladimírCZE
Hund von Baskerville, DerPes baskervillskýHound of the Baskerville, The5,668811/cpm1929Oswald, RichardDEU
Chelovek s kino-apparatomMuž s kinoaparátemMan with a Movie Camera2,3172026/cpm1929Vertov, DzigaRUS
Chudá holkaChudá holkaPoor Girl3,91236 (1066+170; 8 % mov.)15/cpm1929Frič, MartinCZE
If you work hard, there will be no povertyS tvrdou prací nebude chudoby*If you work hard, there will be no poverty7,1148 (125+23; 14 % mov.)8/cpm1929KOR
Její pastorkyňaJejí pastorkyňaHer Stepdaughter5,3966 (769+197)14/cpm1929Měšťák, RudolfCZE
Karl Valentin und Liesl KarlstadtKarl Valentin a Liesl KarlstadtKarl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt10,746/cpm1929DEU
Když valčík zníKdyž valčík zníWhen the Waltz Strikes Up7,65048/cpm1929Kmínek, OldřichCZE
Kravky tučné a hubenéKravky tučné a hubenéFat and Bony Cows11,6335/cpm1929CZE
Last WarningPoslední varováníLast Warning5,598613/cpm1929Leni, PaulUSA
LibertyZlatá svobodaLiberty6,71639/cpm1929McCarey, LeoUSA
Manolescu – Der König der HochstaplerManolescu, král dobrodruhůManolescu6,6966 (853+113; 22 % mov.; 186)9/cpm1929Turžanskij, ViktorDEU
Manxman, The [Le Giornate… 2023]…a neuveď nás v pokušeníManxman, The7,3810 (699+111; 8 % mov.; 56)8/cpm1929Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Manxman, The…a neuveď nás v pokušeníManxman, The5,979810/cpm1929Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
MelodieMelodieMelodie5,69711/cpm1929Justice, MartinUSA
Modern LoveModerní láska*Modern Love6,4654 (573+81; 14 % mov.; 83)10/cpm1929Heath, Arch; Foley, JackUSA
Moster Malins MillionerMiliony tetičky Malin*Aunt Malin’s Millions5,63611/cpm1929SWE / DNK
Na nebi a na zemiNa nebi a na zemiOn the Sky and on Earth6,12710/cpm1929CZE
Není brambor jako bramborNení brambor jako bramborNot All Potatos Are the Same12,4255/cpm1929CZE
Neviňátka (Snib a Snob)Neviňátka (Snib a Snob)Babes-In-Arms4,6783 (663+120)13/cpm1929Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Oblomok imperiiPoslední carův poddanýFragment of an Empire2,91648*21/cpm1929Ermler, FridrichRUS
Osud tří srdcíOsud tří srdcíFate of Three Hearts, The8,8507 (393+114)7/cpm1929Skřivánek, StáňaCZE
Pancéřové autoPancéřové autoArmoured Car4,5902 (803+99)13/cpm780/cph1929Randolf, RolfCZE
Plavčíkem na slané voděPlavčíkem na slané voděCabin Boy on Salty Watter, A3,713116/cpm1929Dodal, KarelCZE
Plukovník ŠvecPlukovník ŠvecColonel Švec3,31929 (1720+209)18/cpm1056/cph1929Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
PopelkaPopelkaCinderella6,54059/cpm1929Kokeisl, JosefCZE
Queen KellyKrálovna KellyQueen Kelly5,6872+177 (12,7 % mov.; 111)11/cpm1929Stroheim, Erich Von (et al)USA
RegenDéšťRain4,615313/cpm1929Ivens, Joris – Franken, MannusNLD
Revyens MesterMistr revue*Master of the Revue, The9,5306/cpm1929NOR
Runaway Princess, ThePrincezna na útěku*Runaway Princess, The5,5828 (521+96; 10 % mov.; 73)11/cpm576/cph1929Asquith, AnthonyGBR
She Goes to WarPeggy jde do války*She Goes To War5,2548 (10 % mov.)11/cpm1929King, HenryUSA
Sled pozhara nad RusiyaPo požáru nad Ruskem*After the Fire Over Russia4,8630+92 (10 % mov.; 60)12/cpm1929Grezov, BorisBGR
Statendam (fragment)Statendam (fragment)Statendam (fragment)7,2138/cpm1929Schuitema, PaulNLD
Svatý VáclavSvatý VáclavSt. Wenceslas4,51420 (1203+217)16/cpm915/cph1929Kolár, Jan StanislavCZE
Takový je životTakový je životSuch Is Life3,994315/cpm923/cph1929Junghans, CarlCZE
Tiedemanns Naturfilm Loen-KjendalenTiedemannův Nature FilmTiedemann’s Nature Film6,5249/cpm1929NOR
Tokkan KozoPřímočarý chlapecStraightforward Boy, A9,21406/cpm1929Ozu, YasujiroJAP
Tokyo koshin-kyokuTokio vykročiloTokyo March5,129712/cpm1929Mizoguchi, KenjiJAP
Tu m’appartiens!Ty patříš mně!You belong to me!6,1102010/cpm569/cph1929Gleize, MauriceFRA
Varhaník u Sv. VítaVarhaník u Sv. VítaOrganist at St. Vitus‘ Cathedral, The5,3863 (784+79; 3,2 % mov.)11/cpm667/cph1929Frič, MartinCZE
Wir halten fest und treu zusammenSpolečně stojíme pevně a věrně*We stand firm and faithful together8907/cpm1929Nossen, HerbertDEU
Would you believe it?Věřili byste tomu?Would you believe it?4,873812/cpm1929Forde, WalterGBR
Wrong AgainMalé nedorozuměníWrong Again6,91719/cpm1929McCarey, LeoUSA
Brumes d’automnePodzimní mlhyAutumn Mists4,614813/cpm1928Kirsanoff, DimitriFRA
Cameraman, TheKameramanCameraman, The5,777110/cpm1928Keaton, Buster; Sedgwick, EdwardUSA
Circus, TheCirkusCircus, The4,982512/cpm1928Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Cousine Bette, La (4 reels)Sestřenice Bette (4 cívky)The Cousin Bette (4 reels)4,679513/cpm1928de Rieux, MaxFRA
Crowd, TheEcce homo!Crowd, The4,4120814/cpm1928Vidor, KingUSA
Danses espagnolesŠpanělské tanceSpanish Dances6,9539/cpm1928Dulac, GermaineFRA
Dcery EvinyDcery EvinyDaughters of Eve4,7708 (592+116)13/cpm708/cph1928Lamač, KarelCZE
Deux Timides, LesDva nesmělíTwo Timid Souls7,17168/cpm1928Clair, RenéFRA
Divine Woman, The (fragment)Božská žena (fragment)Divine Woman, The (fragment)5,69511/cpm1928Sjöström, VictorUSA
Docks of New York, TheV dokách newyorskýchDocks of New York, The5,9580+165 (9 % mov.)10/cpm1928Sternberg, Joseph vonUSA
Dom na TrubnojČinžák v Trubné uliciHouse on Trubnaya, The3,8130416/cpm1928Barnet, BorisRUS
Easy VirtueŽena se špatnou pověstíEasy Virtue7,2699 (PDZ LFŠ: 5,8)8/cpm1928Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Eine Frau von FormatŽena na úrovni*Woman of Stature, A*5,9968 (848+119)10/cpm1928Wendhausen, FritzDEU
Filmens HeltePat a Patachon filmové hvězdyFilm Heroes, The4,7102813/cpm1928Lauritzen, LauDNK
From Soap to NutsVzorná obsluhaFrom Soap to Nuts5,718410/cpm1928McCarey, LeoUSA
Haničko, co s tebou bude?Haničko, co s tebou bude?Hanička, What Will Become of You?5,3624+9613/cpm651/cph1928Larin, NikolajCZE
Hans Kungl. Höghet ShinglarJeho Veličenstvo holičHis Majesty the Barber51004 (854+150; 8 % mov.; 69)12/cpm1928Hyltén-Cavallius, RagnarSWE / DEU
Chute de la maison Usher, LaZánik domu UsherůFall of the House of Usher, The5,4654+6111/cpm1928Epstein, JeanFRA
JokerenKrál masopustuJoker, The4,6129913/cpm752/cph1928Jacoby, GeorgDNK
Letzte Souper, DasPoslední představení*Last Performance, The5,5778 (693+85; 12 % mov.; 83)11/cpm1928Bonnard, MarioDEU
Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra, TheŽivot a smrt 9413, hollywoodského statistyLife and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra, The3,423818/cpm1928Froley, Robert; Vorkapich, SlavkoUSA
MoralMoralisté*Morality4,797313/cpm1928Wolff, WilliDEU
Nejen na zemiNejen na zemiNot Just on Earth3,93515/cpm1928CZE
OktyabrDeset dní, které otřásly světemOctober2,3258226/cpm1928Ejzenštejn, Sergej MichajlovičRUS
Passion de Jeanne d’Arc, LaUtrpení Panny orleánskéPassion of Joan of Arc, The3152219/cpm1928Dreyer, Carl TheodorFRA
Páter VojtěchPáter VojtěchFather Vojtech4,21065 (909+156)16/cpm794/cph1928Frič, MartinCZE
Potomok Chingis-KhanaBouře nad AsiíStorm Over Asia2,6235023/cpm1928Pudovkin, VsevolodRUS
Pulsierende LebenssäftePulzující životní tekutiny*Pulsating Life Fluids10,1806/cpm1928Kaufmann, NicholasDEU
Rock Garden, TheSkalkaRock Garden, The38920/cpm1928USA
Scampolo / Mädchen der Strasse, DasScampoloScampolo4,997512/cpm1928Genina, AugustoITA / DEU
Shadows!Stíny!Shadows!8,6237/cpm1928Noble, JohnGBR
Shiraz: A Romance of IndiaShiraz: Indická romanceShiraz: A Romance of India4,1149715/cpm1928Osten, FranzGBR / DEU / IND
SpioneŠpioniSpies6,612879/cpm541/cph1928Lang, FritzDEU
Steamboat Bill, Jr.Plavčík na sladké voděSteamboat Bill, Jr.75818/cpm1928Keaton, Buster; Reisner, Charles F.USA
Významné osobnosti našeho životaVýznamné osobnosti našeho životaSignificant Personalities of Our Lives, The22,293/cpm1928CZE
Vzpoura řepyVzpoura řepyBeet Rebellion, The10,4606/cpm1928Noldan, SvendCZE / DEU
Wait and SeePočkejte a uvidíte*Wait and See4,6766 (685+81; 15 % mov; 102)13/cpm1928Forde, WalterGBR
Wind, TheZemě věčného cyklonuWind, The4,992412/cpm1928Sjöström, VictorUSA
Z láskyZ láskyFor Love4,7774+15213/cpm750/cph1928Slavínský, VladimírCZE
Zamilovaný vodníkZamilovaný vodníkWater Sprit in Love, A28,3232/cpm1928Týrlová, HermínaCZE
Životem vedla je láskaŽivotem vedla je láskaLove Led Them Through Life4,777413/cpm1928Rovenský, JosefCZE
Alvarsord, EtSlovo do pranice*Serious Word, A25,162/cpm1927Gladtvet, OttarNOR
Auf dem Koreanischen MissionfeldeO korejské misii*On the Korean Mission Field9,74810/cpm1927DEU
BatalionBatalionBattalion3,11421 (1303+118)19/cpm1103/cph1927Pražský, PřemyslCZE
Berlin: Die Sinfonie der GroßstadtBerlín, symfonie velkoměstaBerlin: Symphony of a Great City3,3112218/cpm1927Ruttmann, WalterDEU
Camille [fragment]Dáma s kaméliemi [fragment]Camille [fragment]5,711510/cpm1927Niblo, FrankUSA
Cat and the Canary, ThePříšerná chvíleCat and the Canary, The4,599713/cpm1927Leni, PaulUSA
CollegeFrigo, hrdina universityCollege6,75709/cpm1927Keaton, Buster; Horne, James W.USA
DownhillNa šikmé plošeDownhill5,7904 (841+63)10/cpm1927Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Downhill (LFŠ)Na šikmé plošeDownhill6,4904 (841+63)9/cpm1927Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Duck SoupKachní polévka*Duck Soup3,535017/cpm1927Guiol, FredUSA
Eine Koreanische HochzeitsfeierJedna korejská svatba*Korean Wedding, A13,31385/cpm1927DEU / KOR
Enemy, TheNepřítelEnemy, The688510/cpm1927Niblo, FredUSA
Erfinderin NaturPříroda jako vynálezce*Nature as Inventor9,5846/cpm1927Schulz, Ulrich K. T.DEU
Fantasia ‚e surdatoVojákova představaSoldier’s Fantasy4,933112/cpm1927Notari, ElviraITA
Glace à trois faces, LaTrojdílné zrcadloThree-Sided Mirror, The5,242311/cpm1927Epstein, JeanFRA
Goldene Abgrund. Schiffbrüchige Des Lebens,DeerZlatá propastGolden Abyss. Castaways of Life, The5,581811/cpm1927Bonnard, MarioDEU / FRA
Ham and Eggs at the FrontHam a Eggs na frontě*Ham and Eggs at the Front5,375311/cpm1927Dek Ruth, RoyUSA
Hindle WakesHindle se probouzí*Hindle Wakes8,67917/cpm396/cph1927Elvey, MauriceGBR
Histoire du cinéma par le cinéma, L‘Filmové dějiny filmu*History of cinema through cinema, The*18,51653/cpm1927Grimoin-Sanson, RaoulFRA
Hollywood Dream Factory and How It Grew, TheHollywoodská továrna na sny a jak rostla*Hollywood Dream Factory and How It Grew, The7,7778/cpm1927USA
Character StudiesStudie postavCharacter Studies22,8153/cpm1927De Haven, CarterUSA
Chinpansen RakasHolení šimpanzeChinpanzee Gets Shaved, A12,1105/cpm1927SWE
In Old KentuckyStaré dobré KentuckyIn Old Kentucky675110/cpm1927Stahl, John M.USA
Italia s’è desta, L‘Itálie se probudilaItaly Has Awakened8,3567/cpm1927Notari, ElviraITA
Jazz Singer, TheJazzový zpěvákJazz Singer, The5,2100211/cpm1927Crosland, AlanUSA
Joueur D’Échecs, LeŠachový hráčChess Player, The5,5 (5,1; 6,1)1429 (788+641)11/cpm1927Bernard, RaymondFRA
Konec Sankt-PetěrburgaKonec PetrohraduEnd of St. Petersburg, The3,3172118/cpm1927Pudovkin, VsevolodRUS
Krásná vyzvědačkaKrásná vyzvědačkaBeautiful Spy, The31522 (1332+190); 2 % mov.; 2620/cpm1134/cph1927Krňanský, Miroslav JosefCZE
LiebeLáskaLove, A9,56846/cpm1927Czinner, PaulDEU
Lodger, A Story From Of The London Fog, The (Pordenone 2019)Příšerný host (Pordenone 2019)Lodger, A Story From Of The London Fog, The (Pordenone 2019)5,398811/cpm1927Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Lodger, ThePříšerný hostLodger, The4,899512/cpm1927Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Long PantsVše pro milenkuLong Pants570312/cpm1927Capra, FrankUSA
LupičLupičRobber, The5,26111/cpm1927Mecera, AloisCZE
MetropolisMetropolisMetropolis5,4158511/cpm544/cph1927Lang, FritzDEU
Milenky starého kriminálníkaMilenky starého kriminálníkaLovers of an Old Criminal, The4,11461 (1279+182)15/cpm829/cph1927Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Noidan kirotTichý výkřikEvil Spells5908 (762+146; 5 % mov.; 38)15/cpm1927Puro, TeuvoFIN
Noored KotkadMladí orli*Young Eagles, The115745/cpm1927Luts, TheodorEST
Nové dobrodružství Kocoura FelixeNové dobrodružství Kocoura FelixeNew Adventures of Felix the Cat, The4,32113/cpm1927Dodal, KarelCZE
Provaz z oběšenceProvaz z oběšenceHanged Man’s Rope, A5,9512 (446+66)10/cpm1927Špelina, KarelCZE
Rue De La PaixRie De La Paix: Scény z pařížského života*Rue De La Paix6,87299/cpm1927Diamant-Berger, HenriFRA
Sein Grösster BluffJeho nejlepší trik*His Greatest Bluff5,41166 (1116+150)11/cpm1927Piel, HarryDEU
Should Men Walk Home?Měli by muži chodit domů?*Should Men Walk Home?6,322310/cpm1927McCarey, LeoUSA
Schösten beine von Berlin, Die (fragment)Nejkrásnější nožky světa (fragment)Saucy Suzanne (fragment)2,64323/cpm1927Wolff, WilliDEU
Six et demi onzeŠest a půlkrát jedenáct*Six and One Half Times Eleven7,26788/cpm1927Epstein, JeanFRA
Stark LoveV roklinách kalifornskýchStark Love4,9840 (692+128)12/cpm706/cph1927Brown, KarlUSA
Stundesløse, DenNeúnavný*Restless One, The7,8418/cpm1927NOR
Sunrise: A Song of Two HumansVýchod slunceSunrise: A Song of Two Humans9,35926/cpm1927Murnau, Friedrich WilhelmUSA
Sur un air de CharlestonCharlestonCharleston Parade6,82009/cpm1927Renoir, JeanFRA
Troll-ElgenPřízračný los*Ghost Elk, The78428/cpm1927Fürst, WalterNOR
Tyverier fra BagdadZlodějiny z Bagdádu*Thefts from Bagdad6,22310/cpm1927NOR
Unknown, TheAlonzo, muž bez rukouUnknown, The4,663113/cpm1927Browning, TodUSA
3 Bad MenTři počestní darebové3 Bad Men5,1105512/cpm1926Ford, JohnUSA
Aničko, vrať seAničko, vrať seAnička, Come Back!5,4555 (436+119)11/cpm1926Pištěk, TheodorCZE
BabinskýBabinskýBabinský7,3760 (634+126)8/cpm499/cph1926Vladimírov, Vladimír ChinkulovCZE
Beverly of GraustarkBeverly z GraustarkuBeverly of Graustark5,286211/cpm1926Franklin, SidneyUSA
Bludné dušeBludné dušeLost Souls7,7612 (417+195)8/cpm473/cph1926Speerger, Jan W.CZE
Crazy Like a FoxŠílenstvíCrazy Like a Fox529412/cpm1926McCarey, LeoUSA
Dar svatební nociDar svatební nociWedding Night’s Gift, The5,9601 (464+137)10/cpm1926Kmínek, OldřichCZE
Dog ShyDog ShyDog Shy4,127915/cpm1926McCarey, LeoUSA
Falešná kočičkaFalešná kočičkaLittle False Cat, The4,4849 (700+149)13/cpm1926Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
FaustFaustFaust7,38628/cpm499/cph1926Murnau, Friedrich WilhelmDEU
First National Family of Stars, TheHvězdná rodina First National*First National Family of Stars, The7519/cpm1926USA
General, TheFrigo na mašiněGeneral, The7,46138/cpm1926Bruckman, Clyde; Keaton, BusterUSA
Kid BootsSvědek v ložniciKid Boots3,5106717/cpm1054/cph1926Tuttle, FrankUSA
Kreutzerova sonátaKreutzerova sonátaKreutzer Sonata, The6,6642 (557+85)9/cpm579/cph1926Machatý, GustavCZE
Lásky Kačenky StrnadovéLásky Kačenky StrnadovéLoves of Kačenka Strnadová, The41362 (1196+166)15/cpm868/cph1926Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
P’tit Parigot, LeMalý Pařížan*Little Parisian, The4387815/cpm978/cph1926Le Somptier, RenéFRA
P’tit Parigot, Le (01): La première partieMalý Pařížan (01)*Little Parisian, The (01)3,5127317/cpm978/cph1926Le Somptier, RenéFRA
P’tit Parigot, Le (02): La belle inconnueMalý Pařížan (02)*Little Parisian, The (02)3,752816/cpm1926Le Somptier, RenéFRA
P’tit Parigot, Le (03): Le complotMalý Pařížan (03)*Little Parisian, The (03)4,258914/cpm1926Le Somptier, RenéFRA
P’tit Parigot, Le (04): Le mystère du Val d’EnferMalý Pařížan (04)*Little Parisian, The (04)4,453714/cpm1926Le Somptier, RenéFRA
P’tit Parigot, Le (05): Zarka la sorcièreMalý Pařížan (05)*Little Parisian, The (05)4,748313/cpm1926Le Somptier, RenéFRA
P’tit Parigot, Le (06): La loi des jeunesMalý Pařížan (06)*Little Parisian, The (06)4,546813/cpm1926Le Somptier, RenéFRA
Long Fliv the KingAť žije král*Long Fliv the King4,4259 (211+48)13/cpm1926McCarey, LeoUSA
MaťMatkaMother2,7175822/cpm1926Pudovkin, VsevolodRUS
Memory LaneMladická vášeňMemory Lane6,96929/cpm1926Stahl, John M.USA
MénilmontantMénilmontantMénilmontant4,549913/cpm1926Kirsanoff, DimitriFRA
Mighty Like a MooseSkvělý jako MooseMighty Like a Moose4,430513/cpm1926McCarey, LeoUSA
Na letním bytěNa letním bytěIn the Summer Place3,9966 (772+194)15/cpm919/cph1926Slavínský, VladimírCZE
NamusČestHonor5,888610/cpm1926Bek-Nazarov, AmoARM
National Funeral of Emperor Sunjong*Národní pohřeb císaře Sunjonga*National Funeral of Emperor Sunjong*7,9598/cpm1926KOR
Not Guilty!Nevinen!*Not Guilty!4,713513/cpm1926Sweet, HarryUSA
Oh! What a Nurse!Ó, to je sestra!*Oh! What a Nurse!4,387814/cpm806/cph1926Reisner, CharlesUSA
Otec Kondelík a ženich VejvaraOtec Kondelík a ženich VejvaraFather Kondelík and Bridegroom Vejvara5,2777 (636+141)11/cpm637/cph1926Anton, KarelCZE
Paris at MidnightPaříž o půlnociParis at Midnight6,265710/cpm1926Hooper, E. MasonUSA
Písně vězněnéhoPísně vězněnéhoSongs of the Imprisoned, The5,5796 (655+141)11/cpm592/cph1926Vladimírov, Vladimír ChinkulovCZE
Pleasure Garden, TheBludiště láskyPleasure Garden, The4898 (PDZ LFŠ: 5,7)15/cpm1926Hitchcock, AlfredGBR
Po zakonuPodle zákonaBy the Law4851 (776+75)15/cpm1926Kulešov, LevRUS
Pohádka májePohádka májeMay Tale, A5,81243 (1050+193)10/cpm689/cph1926Anton, KarelCZE
Poker FacesKamenné tváře*Poker Faces4,31127 (945+182; 14 % mov.; 129)14/cpm837/cph1926Pollard, Harry A.USA
ProfanazioneZnesvěceníProfanation5,5687 (539+148; 3 % mov.; 14)11/cpm1926Perego, EugenioITA
Queen Marie Visits the U. S.Královna Marie na návštěvě Spojených státůQueen Marie Visits the U. S.15,1174/cpm1926USA
Skinner’s Dress SuitSkinnerův nový oblek*Skinner’s Dress Suit6,3704 (592+112)9/cpm1926Seiter, William A.USA
Son premier filmJeho první film*His first film*3,91426 (1258+168; 4 % mov.; 46)15/cpm1926Kemm, JeanFRA
Strong Man, TheSilákStrong Man, The4,892812/cpm685/cph1926Capra, FrankUSA
Titi premier, roi des gossesTiti první, dětský král*Titi the 1st, King of the Scamps5,798910/cpm620/cph1926Leprince, RenéFRA
Up in Mabel’s RoomHistorka hedvábného kombinéUp in Mabel’s Room5,4864 (693+171; 3 % mov.; 24)11/cpm1926Hopper, E. MasonUSA
Válečné tajnosti pražskéVálečné tajnosti pražskéMilitary Secrets of Prague6,46969/cpm1926Kubásek, VáclavCZE
Vdávala se jedna pannaVdávala se jedna pannaWedding for a Maiden, A6,5 (with tit)529/cpm1926Kokeisl, JosefCZE
Vertige, LeZaslepenostLiving Image, The / Lady from Petrograd, The5,1134812/cpm686/cph1926L’Herbier, MarcelFRA
What Do You Do On Friday Night?Co děláte v pátek?What Do You Do On Friday Night?9147/cpm1926GBR
What Happened to JonesCo se Jonesovi stalo*What Happened to Jones4,788313/cpm1926Seiter, William A.USA
When a Man’s a PrinceJe-li muž princem*When a Man’s a Prince427515/cpm1926Cline, EddieUSA
Winning of Barbara Worth, TheVítězství Barbary Worthové*Winning of Barbara Worth, The4,61161 (972+189; 13 % mov.; 127)13/cpm1926King, HenryUSA
Always Keep to the White LineHlídejte si bílouAlways Keep to the White Line16104/cpm1925GBR
Big Parade, ThePřehlídka smrtiBig Parade, The4,4161813/cpm1925Vidor, KingUSA
Bobbed HairVyčesané vlasy*Bobbed Hair4,917412/cpm1925Crosland, AlanUSA
Booster Bonzo Or Bonzo In Gay PareeBooster BonzoBooster Bonzo Or Bonzo In Gay Paree5,26512/cpm1925GBR
Bronenosec PoťomkinKřižník PotěmkinBattleship Potemkin2,8149221/cpm1925Ejzenštejn, Sergej MichajlovičRUS
Cinema Stars, No. 16Filmové hvězdy, č. 16*Cinema Stars, No. 166,4539/cpm1925Staub, Ralph B.USA
City of Stars: The: A Reporter’s Visit to the Universal StudiosMěsto hvězd: Novinářská návštěva studií Universal*City of Stars: The: A Reporter’s Visit to the Universal Studios4,229114/cpm1925Humberstone, H. BruceUSA
Do panského stavuDo panského stavuInto the Genteel State of Life4,61189 (923+266)13/cpm749/cph1925Anton, KarelCZE
Don’t Tell EverythingNeříkat nicDon’t Tell Everything5,222811/cpm1925McCarey, LeoUSA
Flug um den Erdball, Der: 1. Teil – Paris bis CeylonPilot smrti I.Flight Around the World, The (1)4,994212/cpm1925Wolff, WilliDEU
Flug um den Erdball, Der: 2. Teil – Indien, EuropaPilot smrti II.Flight Around the World, The (2)5,469511/cpm1925Wolff, WilliDEU
Go WestFrigo a krávaGo West7,56458/cpm1925Keaton, BusterUSA
Gold Rush, TheZlaté opojeníGold Rush, The687010/cpm1925Chaplin, CharlesUSA
GraustarkPrinceznino dobrodružstvíGraustark5,1541 (472+69)12/cpm1925Buchowetzki, DimitriUSA
Gyldne Drøm, DenZlatý senGolden Dream, The9407/cpm1925DNK
His Wooden WeddingJeho dřevěná svatbaHis Wooden Wedding4,725713/cpm1925McCarey, LeoUSA
Home Maker, TheTvůrce domovaHome Maker, The5,6103911/cpm1925Baggot, KingUSA
Iron Mule, TheŽelezný mezekIron Mule, The6,41209/cpm1925Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Jedenácté přikázáníJedenácté přikázáníEleventh Commandment, The5,51004 (780+224; 2 % mov.)11/cpm1925Kubásek, VáclavCZE
Josef Kajetán TylJosef Kajetán TylJosef Kajetán Tyl4,61484 (1179+305)13/cpm670/cph1925Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Journaal: Reclame Watt en Halfwatt Films IIŽurnál: Filmy Pata a Patachona 2*Newsreel: Pat & Patachon Films 28,8157/cpm1925NLD
Kentucky PrideKentucky PrideKentucky Pride5,788711/cpm1925Ford, JohnUSA
Lady, TheDívka čarovných očíLady, The6,5763 (672+91)9/cpm1925Borzage, FrankUSA
Lady Windermere’s FanVějíř lady WindermerovéLady Windermere’s Fan7,67278/cpm1925Lubitsch, ErnstUSA
Lights of Old BroadwaySvětla staré BroadwayeLights of Old Broadway4,51082 (889+193)13/cpm1925Bell, MontaUSA
Lost World, TheZtracený světLost World, The4,9110012/cpm1925Hoyt, Harry O.USA
LucernaLucernaLantern, The5,3811 (645+166)11/cpm636/cph1925Lamač, KarelCZE
Minaret smertiMinaret smrtiMinareth of Death4,865412/cpm1925Viskovsky, VyacheslavUZB
Moonlight and NosesMěsíční svit a nosy*Moonlight and Noses6,32619/cpm1925Laurel, StanUSA
Oh, Doctor!Ach, doktore!Oh, Doctor!3,41150 (990+160)18/cpm1925Pollard, Harry A.USA
Only Thing, TheLáska v purpuruOnly Thing, The3,9101015/cpm899/cph1925Conway, JackUSA
Otec a synOtec a synFather and Son5,1238 (183+55)12/cpm1925CZE
ParnasieParnasieParnasia5,1613 (498+115; 1 % mov.)12/cpm1925Kokeisl, JosefCZE
Phantom of the Opera, TheFantom operyPhantom of the Opera, The4,695313/cpm1925Julian, RupertUSA
Polar-Reise 1912 mit dem Dampfer „München“ Norddeutscher Lloyd BremenPolární cesta 1925Arctic Journey 1925 on the Steamer „Munich: Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen17,3593/cpm1925Fleischut, RichardDEU
Sally, Irene and MarySally, Irene a MarySally, Irene and Mary5,4782 (605+177)11/cpm1925Goulding, EdmundUSA
Seven ChancesKdyž se Frigo ženilSeven Chances6,84869/cpm1925Keaton, BusterUSA
Shakhmatnaya goryachkaŠachová horečkaChess Fever3,334518/cpm1925Pudovkin, VsevolodRUS
StačkaStávkaStrike2,8182621/cpm1925Ejzenštejn, Sergej MichajlovičRUS
Syn horSyn horSon of the Mountains, The4,51283 (1033+250; 7 % mov.)12/cpm755/cph1925Slavínský, VladimírCZE
Šest mušketýrůŠest mušketýrůSix Musketeers, The3,5824 (681+143; 2 % mov.)17/cpm1925Pražský, PřemyslCZE
TenerifeTenerifeTenerife6,3439/cpm1925Berge, HansNOR
TulákTulákTramp, The4,979+1312/cpm1925Kokeisl, JosefCZE
Uneasy Three, TheNepříjemná trojkaUneasy Three, The3,536217/cpm1925McCarey, LeoUSA
VarietéVarietéJaleousy7,77208/cpm1925Dupont, Edward A.DEU
Vdavky Nanynky KulichovyVdavky Nanynky KulichovyNanynka Kulichová’s Wedding3703+25019/cpm1925Krňanský, Miroslav JosefCZE
Vizte vše, co tropí dnes kluci dva a jeden pes!Vizte vše, co tropí dnes kluci dva a jeden pes!See How Two Boys and a Dog Fool Around These Days!8,5497/cpm1925CZE
Way to a Child’s Heart, TheCesta k dětskému srdciWay to a Child’s Heart, The2,25027/cpm1925GBR
What Price GoofyWhat Price GoofyWhat Price Goofy5,827010/cpm1925McCarey, LeoUSA
Woman of the World, AŽena z velkého světaWoman of the World, A4,787613/cpm1925St. Clair, MalcolmUSA
Z českých mlýnůZ českých mlýnůFrom the Czech Mills3,31497 (1152+345; 2 % mov.)18/cpm1925Seidl, Ferry; Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Zigano, der Brigant vom Monte DiavoloZiganoZigano4,81480 (1360+120; 6 % mov.; 85)13/cpm1925Piel, HarryDEU
Ain El-Ghazel (fragment)Ain El-Ghazel (fragment)Ain El-Ghazel (fragment)8,61217/cpm1924Chikly, Albert SamamaTUN
Berg des Schicksals, DerMezi životem a smrtíMountain of Destiny5,9100310/cpm554/cph1924Fanck, ArnoldDEU
Bezoek Watt en HalfwattNávštěva Pata a Patachona*Visit of Pat and Patachon17,773/cpm1924NLD
Bílý rájBílý rájWhite Paradise4,988012/cpm778/cph1924Lamač, KarelCZE
Captain BloodKapitán BloodCaptain Blood4,5159213/cpm1924Smith, DavidUSA
Code of the Sea, ThePřízeň bohůCode of the Sea, The4,479213/cpm1924Fleming, VictorUSA
Dáma z baruDáma z baruLady From the Bar, The5,4271 (228+43)11/cpm1924Löwenstein, Hans OttoCZE
DetainedZadržený*Detained5,219712/cpm1924Pembroke, PercyUSA
Děvče z horDěvče z horGirl from the Mountains, The4,1897 (767+130; 1 % mov.)14/cpm1924Kubásek, VáclavCZE
Dvojí životDvojí životDouble Life3,81430 (1197+233; 1 % mov.)14/cpm882/cph1924Kubásek, VáclavCZE
Empire Builders, TheBudovatelé impéria*Empire Builders, The5,468611/cph655/cph1924Worne, DukeUSA
Große Liebe einer kleinen Tänzerin, DieVelká láska malé tančniceGreat Love of a Little Dancer, The618910/cpm1924Zeisler, Alfred; Abel, ViktorDEU
Hot WaterOn – Přenešťastný mužíčekHot Water4,773613/cpm1924Taylor, Sam; Newmeyer, Fred C.USA
Husbands and LoversManželé a milenciHusbands and Lovers6,48609/cpm1924Stahl, John M.USA
Chyťte ho!Chyťte ho!Catch Him!4,2666 (591+75)14/cpm1924Lamač, KarelCZE
Jindra, hraběnka OstrovínováJindra, hraběnka OstrovínováJindra, Countess of Ostrovín31136 (980+156)19/cpm1924Kubásek, VáclavCZE
Lešetínský kovářLešetínský kovářBlacksmith of Lešetín, The5,9588 (452+136)13/cpm1924Seidl, Ferry; Měšťák, RudolfCZE
Letzte Mann, DerPoslední štaceLast Laugh, The10,84856/cpm1924Murnau, Friedrich WilhelmDEU
Mann ohne Nerven, DerMuž bez nervůMan without Nerves, The5,470011/cpm655/cpm1924Piel, HarryDEU
Mary og Doug Eller da Stockholm og Kristiania stod på hodetMary a DougMary and Doug, or, When Stockholm and Kristiania Were Turned Upside-Down10,7676/cpm1924Gladtvet, OttarNOR
Max, der ZirkuskönigKrál cirkusu*King of the Circus3,883015/cpm1924Violet, Édouard-Émile; Linder, MaxAUT
Meet Jackie CooganSeznamte se s Jackiem Cooganem*Meet Jackie Coogan11,256 (41+15)5/cpm1924USA
Navigator, TheFrigo plaveNavigator, The6,95059/cpm1924Keaton, Buster; Crisp, DonaldUSA
Passato che torna, Il (fragment)Navracející se minulost* (fragment)The Past that returns* (fragment)610410/cpm1924ITA
Pêcheur d’IslandeRybář islandskýIsland Fishermen5,4100311/cpm637/cph1924de Baroncelli, JacquesFRA
Rêves de clownsKlaunské sny*Dreams of Clowns*6,151010/cpm1924Hervouin, René; de Maisonneuve, VigierFRA
Rupert of Hee HawRupert z Hee HawRupert of Hee Haw6,3210 (170+40)9/cpm1924Pembroke, PercyUSA
SecretsTajemství láskySecrets6106210/cpm1924Borzage, FrankUSA
Seeing Nellie HomeVidět Nellii domaSeeing Nellie Home4,86612/cpm1924McCarey, LeoUSA
Sherlock, Jr.Frigo jako Sherlock HolmesSherlock, Jr.7,33518/cpm1924Keaton, Buster; Crisp, DonaldUSA
Sword of Valor, TheMeč udatnosti*Sword of Valor, The5,455111/cph1924Worne, DukeUSA
Ten Minute Egg, ATvrďákTen Minute Egg, A4,412514/cpm1924McCarey, LeoUSA
Thief of Bagdad, TheZloděj z BagdáduThief of Bagdad, The6,2145810/cpm1924Walsh, RaoulUSA
Three WeeksBlažené tři týdnyThree Weeks51193 (1046+147)12/cpm1924Crosland, AlanUSA
Tierra de los torosZemě býků*Land of Bulls4,767213/cpm1924MusidoraFRA / SPA
Too Many MammasPříliš mnoho ženToo Many Mammas4,511313/cpm1924McCarey, LeoUSA
Truthful Liar, APravdomluvný lhář*Truthful Liar, A4,229114/cpm1924Del Ruth, HamptonUSA
VacationInkoustový šenkVacation7,3698/cpm1924Fleischer, MaxUSA
Vedi Napoli e po‘ mori!Vidět Neapol a zemřít!See Naples and die!74579/cpm1924Perego, EugenioITA
Wachsfigurenkabinett, DasKabinet voskových figurínWaxworks7,26628/cpm521/cph1924Leni, PaulDEU
Wolkenphänomen von Maloja, DasMalojský mrakový jev*Cloud Phenomenon of Maloja, The12,6435/cpm1924Fanck, ArnoldDEU
Záhadný případZáhadný případMysterious Case, A3,2247 (201+46)18/cpm1924Kašpar, CyrilCZE
Armenia, Cradle of HumanityArménie, kolébka lidskostiArmenia, Cradle of Humanity18,1222/cpm1923ARM
Auberge Rouge, L‘Červená krčmaRed Inn, The582112/cpm1923Epstein, JeanFRA
Balloonatic, TheFrigo v balonuBalloonatic, The7,21928/cpm1923Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Barsoum Yabhas Aen WazifaBarsoum hledá práciBarsoum Looking for a Job14,8604/cpm1923Bayoumi, MohamedEGY
Brasier ArdentVášeňDangerois Brasier, The5,6111411/cpm670/cph1923Mozžuchin, IvanFRA
Carmen, Jr.Carmen, Jr.Carmen, Jr.5,914210/cpm1923Goulding, AlfUSA
Carolus RexCarolus RexCarolus Rex10,8336/cpm1923SWE
Coeur fidèleVěrné srdceFaithful Heart, The6,280210/cpm1923Epstein, JeanFRA
Covered Wagon, TheKrytý vůzCovered Wagon, The4,8121312/cpm1923Cruze, JamesUSA
Crise Italo-grecque, LaŘecko-italská krizeGreek-Italian crisis, The8253/cpm1923FRA/GBR
Čarovné očiČarovné očiBewitching Eyes3,5945 (817+128;5 % mov.)19/cpm932/cph1923Kubásek, VáclavCZE
Dněvnik GlumovaGlumovův deník*Glumov’s Diary9,4396/cpm1923Ejzenštejn, Sergej MichajlovičRUS
Dogs of War!Váleční psi*Dogs of War!3,243818/cpm1923McGowan, Robert F.USA
ErdgeistLuluEarth Spirit9,2422 (368+54)7/cpm1923Jessner, LeopoldDEU
Feuerprobe mit FilmPožární test s filmem*Fire test with film*16,7284/cpm1923SWE
First Peeps of the Opening of Tut-Ankh-Amen’s TombPrvní pohledy na otevření hrobky TutanchamonaFirst Peeps of the Opening of Tut-Ankh-Amen’s Tomb8,3277/cpm1923GBR
Frau mit den Millionen, Die (01): Der Schuss in der Pariser OperŽena s miliony IWoman Worth Millions, The: The Shot in the Paris Opera House5,389011/cpm692/cph1923Wolff, WilliDEU
Frau mit den Millionenm Die (02): Der Prinz ohne LandŽena s miliony IIWoman Worth Millions, The: The Prince Without a Country6,268710/cpm582/cph1923Wolff, WilliDEU
Frau mit den Millionen, Die (03): Konstantinopel – ParisŽena s miliony IIIWoman Worth Millions, The: Constantinople – Paris6,158710/cpm586/cph1923Wolff, WilliDEU
Fuga di Socrate, LaSokratův let*Flight of Socrates, The4,975512/cpm737/cph1923Brignone, GuidoITA
Gossette (ep. 2)Gossette (ep. 2)Gossette (ep. 2): Revenant5,849210/cpm1923Dulac, GermaineFRA
Great Kanto EarthquakeVelké zemětřesení v Kantó*Great Kanto Earthquake9,3836/cpm1923JAP
Het BatikBatikBatik15,1544/cpm1923Lamster, J.C.NLD
I.N.R.I.Král NazaretskýCrown of Thorns9,24596/cpm1923Wiene, RobertDEU
Important Towns in KoreaDůležitá korejská města*Important Towns in Korea3,92515/cpm1923USA
Inlandsche veeartsenschool te BuitenzorgVeterinární škola pro domorodé studenty v BuitenzoruVeterinary School for Indigenous Students at Buitenzor18,6183/cpm1923Lamster, J.C.NLD
Jack Momie égyptienneJack egyptskou mumií*Jack the Egyptian Mummy*3,326118/cpm1923FRA
L’Ascension de la pyramide de ‚Chéops‘ par S.A.R. le prince LéopoldVýstup na Cheopsovu pyramidu Jeho královskou Výsostí princem Leopoldem*Ascent of the Pyramide of Cheops by Prince Leopold*8,8397/cpm1923EGY
L’OmbraStín*Shadow, The6,6803 (667+136; 12 % mov.; 77)9/cpm561/cph1923Almirante, MarioITA
Lasse Månsson from SkaaneLasse Månsson ze SkaaneLasse Månsson fra Skaane76718/cpm1923Sandberg, Anders WilhelmSWE
Love Nest, TheFrigo kapitánemLove Nest, The5,720111/cpm1923Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Lucretia Lombard (fragment)Lucretia Lombardová (fragment)Lucretia Lombard (fragment)9,2386/cpm1923Conway, JackUSA
Maison du mystère, LaJustiční omylHouse of Mystery, The7,131108/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 01): L’Ami félonJustiční omyl (ep. 01): Zrádný přítelHouse of Mystery, The (ep. 01): The Treacherous Friend74129/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 02): Le Secret de l’étangJustiční omyl (ep. 02): Tajemství rybníku*House of Mystery, The (ep. 02): The Secret of the Pond*8,12137/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 03): L’Ambition du service de la haineJustiční omyl (ep. 03): Ctižádost ve službách nenávisti*House of Mystery, The (ep. 03): Ambition in the service of hate*8,82327/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 04): L’Implacable verdictJustiční omyl (ep. 04): Nesmlouvavý rozsudek*House of Mystery, The (ep. 04): The Implacable verdict6,43619/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 05): Le Pont vivantJustiční omyl (ep. 05): Živý most*House of Mystery, The (ep. 05): The Living Bridge*6,33029/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 06): La Voix du sangJustiční omyl (ep. 06): Hlas krveHouse of Mystery, The (ep. 06): The Voice of Blood9,91466/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 07): Les Caprices du destinJustiční omyl (ep. 07): Rozmary osuduHouse of Mystery, The (ep. 07): The Whims of Fate8,33257/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 08): En Champ closJustiční omyl (ep. 08): Není únikuHouse of Mystery, The (ep. 08): No Way Out5,642511/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 09): Les Angoisses de CorradinJustiční omyl (ep. 09): Corradinovy obavyHouse of Mystery, The (ep. 09): The Anguish of Corradin72958/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Maison du mystère, La (ep. 10): Le Triomphe de L’amourJustiční omyl (ep. 10): Triumf láskyHouse of Mystery, The (ep. 10): The Triumph of Love6,139910/cpm1923Volkoff, AlexandreFRA
Meisjesschool Bandoeng (Kaoetamaän Istri)Dívčí škola, BandungGirls’ School, Bandung9,3186/cpm1923Lamster, J.C.NLD
Merry-Go-RoundKolotoč*Merry-Go-Round5,5130511/cpm698/cph1923Julian, Rupert; Von Stroheim, ErichUSA
Montagne infidèle, LaZrádná hora*The Treacherous Mountain*10,71376/cpm1923Epstein, JeanFRA
North of Hudson BayV boji se smečkou vlkůNorth of Hudson Bay3,862116/cpm1923Ford, JohnUSA
Népenthés, LeNepenthes*Nepenthes3,52617/cpm1923FRA
NummisuutaritŠevci z NummiVillage Shoemakers, The5,675111/cpm1923Karu, ErkkiFIN
Ost und WestVýchod a západEast and West6,5770 (610+160)9/cpm541/cph1923Goldin, Sidney M.AUT
Our HospitalityFrigo, oběť krevní mstyOur Hospitality6,86279/cpm1923Keaton, Buster; Blystone, John G.USA
Paličova dceraPaličova dceraFire-Raiser’s Daughter, The5,9425 (295+130)8/cpm1923Červenková, TheaCZE
Pepánek nezdaraPepánek nezdaraPepánek the Rascal3,81058 (835+223)16/cpm1923Pražský, PřemyslCZE
Pilgrim, ThePoutníkPilgrim, The8,73277/cpm1923Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Premier anniversaire du fascismePrvní výročí fašismuThe first anniversary of fascism7,288/cpm1923FRA/GBR
RivalenRivalové*Rivals, The5,71025 (932+93)10/cpm1923Piel, HarryDEU
Rivals, TheRivalové*Rivals, The416015/cpm1923Watson, WilliamUSA
Roue, La (Prolog)Kolo života (Prolog)Wheel, The (Prolog)4,236314/cpm1923Gance, AbelFRA
Schatten – Eine nächtliche HalluzinationVarovné stínyWarning Shadows133825/cpm1923Robinson, ArthurDEU
Schatz, DerPokladTreasure, The9,1506 (447+59)7/cpm1923Pabst, Georg WilhelmDEU
Souriante Madame Beudet, LaUsměvavá paní BeudetováSmiling Madame Beudet, The5,440911/cpm1923Dulac, GermaineFRA
Sprockets and Splices. A Little Journey to the Source of Film Damage and Poor PresentationDrážky a slepky*Sprockets and Splices. A Little Journey to the Source of Film Damage and Poor Presentation13,21085/cpm1923Denison, Earl J.USA
Steinerne Reiter, DerKamenný jezdecStone Rider, The7,1603 (553+50)8/cpm1923Wendhausen, FritzDEU
Straße, DieUliceStreet, The9,5484 (470+14)6/cpm1923Grune, KarlDEU
SurprisePřekvapeníSurprise3,713116/cpm1923Fleischer, DaveUSA
SylvesterSilvestrNew Year’s Eve122785/cpm1923Pick, LupuDEU
Thé, LeČaj*Tea3,502317/cpm1923FRA
Three AgesLáska kvete v každém věkuThree Ages6,55719/cpm1923Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Toilettes du soirVečerní toalety*Evening Toilet10,396/cpm1923FRA
TutankhamenTutanchámonTutankhamen5,632011/cpm1923Frau, RaymondAUT
Únos bankéře FuxeÚnos bankéře FuxeKidnapping of Fux the Banker, The3,5895 (748+147)17/cpm1923Anton, KarelCZE
VasaloppetZávod ve Vase*Vasa Race, The11,2475/cpm1923SWE
Vent DeboutStojící vítr*Headwind, The7,4677 (551+126)8/cpm1923Leprince, RenéFRA
Wanters, TheMladý pán a komornáWanters, The7,21198/cpm1923Stahl, John M.USA
When Knights Were ColdWhen Knights Were ColdWhen Knights Were Cold3,821716/cpm1923Fouce, FrankUSA
Within the LawV mezích zákona*Within the Law6,5878 (711+167)9/cpm1923Lloyd, FrankUSA
Za oponou smrtiZa oponou smrtiBehind the Curtain of Death6,6969/cpm1923Futurista, FerencCZE
Záhadný případ GalginůvZáhadný případ GalginůvGalgin’s Mysterious Case4,7931 (793+138; 3 % mov.)13/cpm729/cph1923Kubásek, VáclavCZE
Adam a EvaAdam a EvaAdam and Eva6605 (506+99; 1 % mov.)10/cpm488/cph1922Binovec, VáclavCZE
Anna-LiisaAnna-LiisaAnna-Liisa9,4441 (326+115)6/cpm382/cph1922Puro, Teuvo; Snellman, JussiFIN
Antoinette Sabrier [9,5mm, Pathé Baby v.]Její velká lež [9,5mm, Pathé Baby v.]Antoinette Sabrier [9,5mm, Pathé Baby v.]6,3494 (364+130)9/cpm1922Dulac, GermaineFRA
AschenputtelPopelkaCinderella15614/cpm1922Reiniger, LotteDEU
BéhulaBéhulaBéhula20,81683/cpm1922Legrand, CamilleFRA
Blacksmith, TheFrigo u kovářeBlacksmith, The5,4209 (204+5)11/cpm1922Keaton, BusterUSA
CopsFrigo a strážníciCops6,217210/cpm1922Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Couronnement du Roi de Roumaine, LeKorunovace rumunského králeCoronation of the King of Romania, The15,5104/cpm1922FRA
DaydreamsFrigo má smůluDaydreams620710/cpm1922Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Dejte se omladitDejte se omladitGet Young Again8,1167 (132+35)7/cpm1922Kabát, EmanuelCZE
Děvče z PodskalíDěvče z PodskalíGirl from the Podskalí, The7,1398 (354+44)8/cpm1922Binovec, VáclavCZE
DrvoštěpDrvoštěpLumberjack, The4798 (700+98)15/cpm1922Lamač, KarelCZE
Éclair-Journal. Les Nouvelles du monde entier, no. 26Éclair-Journal, č. 26Éclair-Journal, n. 268638/cpm1922FRA
Electric House, TheFrigo elektrikářemElectric House, The6,52139/cpm1922Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Engelsch-Indië, no. 1Anglická Východní Indie, č. 1*English East Indies, no. 1*9,2527/cpm1922USA
Enchanted City, TheZakleté městoEnchanted City, The7,11078/cpm1922Newcombe, Warren A.USA
Femme de nulle part, LaŽena odnikudLady from Nowhere, The8,5464 (389+75)7/cpm1922Delluc, LouisFRA
Frozen North, TheFrigo na AljašceFrozen North, The5,120012/cpm1922Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Gourvern. Proefrijstbedrijf ‘selatdjaran’ palembang‘Vládní experimentální rýžová společnost „Selatdjaran“, PalembangThe Government’s Experimental Rice Company ‘Selatdjaran’, Palembang7,50558/cpm1922NLD
Chameau, vaisseau du désert, LeVelbloud, koráb pouště*The Camel, ship of the desert4,4025141922FRA
Changing HuesZměny odstínůChanging Hues4,76613/cpm1922GBR
Kam s nímKam s nímWhat to Do with It?3,1338 (258+80)20/cpm1922Wasserman, VáclavCZE
Kino-Pravda, no. 7Kino-Pravda, no. 7Kino-Pravda, no. 76,61029/cpm1922Vertov, DzigaRUS
KomptoiristkaKomptoiristkaClerk, The6621 (514+107)10/cpm1922Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Konstabelens drømPolicejní sen*Policeman’s Dream, The9,6416/cpm1922Gladtvet, OttarNOR
Kralj Aleksander na BleduNávštěva krále Alexandra v BleduKing Aleksander’s Visit to Bled10,4226/cpm1922Bešter, VeličanYUG
Laogong Zhi AigingPracovníkova láska*Labourer’s Love5,823510/cpm1922Zhang, ShichuanCHN
Leather Pushers, The: „Round Three: Through the Nose“Boxerské rukavice: Třetí kolo*Leather Pushers, The: „Round Three: Through the Nose“5,625511/cpm1922Pollard, Harry A.USA
Leather Pushers, The: „Round Two“Boxerské rukavice: Druhé kolo*Leather Pushers, The: „Round Two“5,431111/cpm1922Pollard, Harry A.USA
Lola Montez, die Tänzerin des KönigsLola MontezLola Montez, the King’s Dancer6,7957 (755+202)9/cpm1922Wolff, WilliDEU
Likérová princezničkaLikérová princezničkaLiqueur Princess, The4660 (554+106)15/cpm1922Krňanský, Miroslav JosefCZE
Man to ManPomsta BartonovaMan to Man4,855312/cpm1922Paton, StuartUSA
My Wife’s RelationsFrigo dědicemMy Wife’s Relations6,32279/cpm1922Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Nanook of the NorthNanuk, člověk primitivníNanook of the North11,9420 (334+86; 33 % mov.; 111)5/cpm1922Flaherty, Robert JUSA
Neznámá kráskaNeznámá kráskaMysterious Beauty, The4,4478 (387+91)14/cpm1922Pražský, PřemyslCZE
Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des GrauensUpír NosferatuNosferatu8,26207/cpm1922Murnau, Friedrich WilhelmDEU
O velkou cenuO velkou cenuGrand Prix6,1573+18010/cpm625/cph1922Slavínský, VladimírCZE
Paleface, TheFrigo mezi indiányPaleface, The5,223611/cpm1922Keaton, BusterUSA
Pay DayVejplataPay Day72179/cpm1922Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Prodaná nevěstaProdaná nevěstaBartered Bride, The5,5551 (451+100)11/cpm1922Kmínek, OldřichCZE
Rêve d’opiumOpiový sen*Opium Dream29,3292/cpm1922Passet, StéphaneFRA
Robin HoodRobin HoodRobin Hood4,3182214/cpm1922Dwan, AllanUSA
Robin Hood (1)Robin Hood (1)Robin Hood (1)4,7108613/cpm1922Dwan, AllanUSA
Robin Hood (2)Robin Hood (2)Robin Hood (2)3,873616/cpm1922Dwan, AllanUSA
SalomeSalomeSalome5,4629 (539+90)11/cpm1922Bryant, Charles; Azimova, AllaUSA
Secrets of a World Industry – The Making of Cinematograph FilmTajemství světového průmyslu – Výroba kinematografického filmuSecrets of a World Industry – The Making of Cinematograph Film13,5314/cpm1922USA
Seele der Pflanze, DieDuše rostlin*Soul of the Plant, The12405/cpm1922DEU
Serpentin fait de la peintureSerpentin maluje*Serpentin paints*536612/cpm1922Machin, AlfredFRA
Soleil et OmbreSlunce a stínSun and Shadow5,246512/cpm1922Musidora; Lasseyne, JacquesFRA
Song of Life, ThePíseň životaSong of Life, The680510/cpm1922Stahl, John M.USA
Three Must-Get-Theres, TheTři mušketýřiThree Must-Get-Theres, The4,668713/cpm1922Linder, MaxUSA
Tulákovo srdceTulákovo srdceTramp’s Heart, The5,7499 (360+139)10/cpm1922Speerger, Jan W.; Rovenský, JosefCZE
Village Blacksmith, The (fragment)Vesnický kovář (fragment)Village Blacksmith, The (fragment)5,215511/cpm1922Ford, JohnUSA
Weib des Pharao, DasŽena faraonovaLoves of Pharaoh, The5,4106511/cpm1922Lubitsch, ErnstDEU
Wonderful WaterÚžasná voda*Wonderful Water10,6456/cpm1922USA
Zhi guo yuanRomance obchodníka s ovocemRomance of a Fruit Peddler5,623611/cpm1922Zhang, ShichuanCHN
Zohra (fragment)Zohra (fragment)Zohra (fragment)20,8292/cpm1922Chikly, Albert SamamaTUN
BabičkaBabičkaGrandmother5,4414 (308+106)15/cpm1921Červenková, TheaCZE
Bergkatze, DieHorská kočkaWildcate, The6,37579/cpm1921Lubitsch, ErnstDEU
Boat, TheFrigo ve člunuBoat, The6,220410/cpm1921Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
CikániCikániGipsies6,3839 (617+222)9/cpm583/cph1921Anton, KarelCZE
Crazy to MarryBlázen do ženění*Crazy to Marry4,748713/cpm1921Cruze, JamesUSA
Černí myslivciČerní myslivciGamekeepers in Black10,2284 (220+64)6/cpm1921Binovec, VáclavCZE
Děvče ze Stříbrné hraniceDěvče ze Stříbrné hraniceGirl from the Silver Frontier, The5767 (582+185)12/cpm715/cph1921Slavínský, VladimířCZE
FièvreHorečkaFever6,72749/cpm1921Delluc, LouisFRA
Fool’s ParadiseBláznův ráj*Fool’s Paradise6,1104910/cph1921DeMille, Cecil B.USA
Fox, TheLišákFox, The5,780410/cph1921Thornby, RobertUSA
Gertie on TourGertie na exkurziGertie on Tour1674/cpm1921McCay, WinsorUSA
Goat, TheFrigo jako obětní beránekGoat, The6,81989/cpm1921Keaton, Buster; St. Clair, MalUSA
Goketsu JiraiyaStatečný JiraiyaJiraiya the Hero27,2452/cpm1921Makino, ShozoJAP
Hard LuckFrigo sebevrahemHard Luck4,827813/cpm1921Cline, Eddie; Keaton, BusterUSA
Haunted House, TheStrašidelný důmHaunted House, The5,521911/cpm1921Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
High Sign, TheFrigo – král střelcůHigh Sign, The5,621911/cpm1921Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
HintertreppeZadními schodyBackstairs18,51593/cpm1921Jessner, Leopold; Muni, PaulDEU
Charlie on the OceanCharlie na plavbě oceánemCharlie on the Ocean8,4367/cpm1921USA
Child Thou Gavest Me, TheDítě, které jsi mi dalChild Thou Gavest Me, The5,676511/cpm1921Stahl, John M.USA
Christian Wahnschaffe, 2. Teil – Die Flucht aus dem goldenen KerkerChristian Wahnschaffe: Útěk ze zlaté kleceChristian Wahnschaffe: The Escape from the Golden Prison5,884910/cpm1921Gad, UrbanDEU
Irčin románek I.Irčin románek I.Irča’s Little Romance I9,7430 (309+121)6/cpm379/cph1921Binovec, VáclavCZE
JohanV peřejíchTroubled Waters7,66548/cpm1921Stiller, MauritzSWE
Just around the CornerZa rohem*Just around the Corner6,30727 (570+157; 2 % mov.; 11)10/cpm1921Marion, FrancesUSA
Karnevalový pastelKarnevalový pastelCarnival Pastel7,689+288/cpm1921Pospíšil-Born, VladimírCZE
Kid, TheKidKid, The8,54787/cpm1921Chaplin, CharlesUSA
KörkarlenVozka smrtiPhantom Carriage, The6,79389/cpm1921Sjöström, VictorSWE
KörkarlenVozka smrti (Le Giornate Del Cinema Muto)Phantom Carriage6,79329/cpm1921Sjöström, VictorSWE
Košile šťastného člověkaKošile šťastného člověkaShirt of a Happy Person, The4,572+3013/cpm1921Červenková, TheaCZE
Kříž u potokaKříž u potokaCross by the Brook, The4,6340+9613/cpm1921Kolár, Jan StanislavCZE
L’AtlantideAtlantidaAtlantis7,114758/cpm1921Feyder, JacquesFRA
L’Ombra di un tronoVe stínu trůnuShadow of a Throne5,7111211/cpm1921Gallone, CarmineITA
Markens grødeMatka zeměGrowth of the Soil8706 (507+199; 12 % mov.; 61)8/cpm446/cph1921Sommerfeldt, GunnarNOR
Miss Lulu BettSlečna Lulu Bett*Miss Lulu Bett6,37419/cpm1921De Mille, WIlliam C.USA
Müde Tod, DerUnavená smrtDestiny6,3901 (721+180)9/cpm524/cph1921Lang, FritzDEU
Nad propastíNad propastíOver the Chasm5,8470 (401+69)10/cpm1921Majer, VladimírCZE
Never WeakenCesta do rájeNever Weaken6,92409/cpm1921Newmeyer, FredUSA
Neznámé matkyNeznámé matkyUnknown Mothers, The11262 (174+88)5/cpm1921Hlavatý, FrantišekCZE
Otrávené světloOtrávené světloPoisoned Light, The4,6735 (627+108)13/cpm705/cph1921Kolár, Jan Stanislav; Lamač, KarelCZE
Playhouse, TheFrigo na divadlePlayhouse, The6,221310/cpm1921Keaton, Buster; Cline, Edward F.USA
Pour don CarlosVe jménu dona Carlose*In the name of Don Carlos671110/cpm1921Musidora; Lasseyne, JacquesFRA
Příchozí z temnot (nerestaurovaná verze)Příchozí z temnot (nerestaurovaná verze)Redivivus (non-restored version)5,7439 (385+54)11/cpm1921Kolár, Jan StanislavCZE
Příchozí z temnot (restaurovaná verze)Příchozí z temnot (restaurovaná verze)Redivivus (restored version)6,4559 (492+67)9/cpm541/cph1921Kolár, Jan StanislavCZE
Reine de Roumanie dans son boudoir, LaRumunská královna ve svém budoáru*Queen of Romania in Her Boudoir, The14,30584/cpm1921FRA
Rent Collector, TheVýběrčí nájmu*Rent Collector, The6,227310/cpm1921Semon, Larry; Taurog, NormanUSA
Roztržené fotoRoztržené fotoTorn Photograph, The6,6237 (211+26)9/cpm1921Kolár, Jan StanislavCZE
ScherbenStřepyShattered162244/cpm1921Pick, LupuDEU
Sign on the Door, TheNápis na dveřích*Sign on the Door, The4,61178 (888+290)13/cpm1921Brenon, HerbertUSA
Smarrita!Ztracená*Lost9,33096/cpm1921Antamoro, GiulioITA
Sněhová RůženkaSněhová RůženkaSnow Rose, The5,1130 (126+4)12/cpm1921Löwenstein, Hans OttoCZE
Sowing the WindSázet vítrSowing the Wind8,37717/cpm1921Stahl, John M.USA
Suspicious WivesŽeny v podezření*Suspicious Wives4,977212/cpm1921Stahl, John M.USA
Šachta pohřbených ideíŠachta pohřbených ideíShaft of Burried Ideas, The6,6384 (270+114)9/cpm1921Myzet, Rudolf; Havel, Antonín LudvíkCZE
Terre, LaZeměSoil, The7,5901 (749+152)8/cpm517/cph1921Antoine, AndréFRA
Three Musketeers, TheTři mušketýřiThree Musketeers, The4,9142812/cpm755/cph1921Niblo, FredUSA
UkřižovanáUkřižovanáCrucified, The8,4467 (361+106)7/cpm1921Orlický, BorisCZE
Uomo Meccanico, L‘Mechanický člověkMechanical Man, The4,743313/cpm1921Deed, AndréITA
Where Lights Are LowVe stínu*Where Lights Are Low5,671111/cpm608/cph1921Campbell, ColinUSA
Živé mrtvolyŽivé mrtvolyLiving Corpses, The5,710311/cpm1921Šváb-Malostranský, JosefCZE
Blue Streak McCoyOrel Západu aneb hrdina z divokého západuBlue Streak McCoy5,551711/cpm1920Eason, ReevesUSA
Barfusstänzerin, Die (fragment)Bosá tanečnice (fragment)Barfusstänzerin, Die (fragment)12,3505/cpm1920Porten, RosaDEU
Bon Oncle, LeDobrý strýček*Good Uncle3,83516/cpm1920Luitz-MoratFRA
Bonne Tartine, LaDobrý toast*Good Canapé, The6,8169/cpm1920Luitz-MoratFRA
Borgslægtens historieSága rodu Borgů*Sons of the Soil7,31440 (1142+298)8/cpm1920Sommerfeldt, GunnarDNK
Borgslægtens historie (1)Sága rodu Borgů* (1)Sons of the Soil (1)6,9984 (783+201)9/cpm1920Sommerfeldt, GunnarDNK
Borgslægtens historie (2)Sága rodu Borgů* (2)Sons of the Soil (2)8,3456 (360+97)7/cpm1920Sommerfeldt, GunnarDNK
Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, DasKabinet doktora CaligarihoCabinet of Dr. Caligari, The114015/cpm332/cph1920Wiene, RobertDEU
Conrad in Quest of his YouthConrad touží po mládí*Conrad in Quest of his Youth8,25457/cpm1920De Mille, WIlliamUSA
Convict 13Frigo pod šibenicíConvict 134,624313/cpm1920Cline, Eddie; Keaton, BusterUSA
Corbeau et le Renard, LeVrána a liška*Crow and the Fox, The3,33918/cpm1920O’Galop (Marius Rossillon)FRA
Červená KarkulkaČervená KarkulkaLittle Red Riding Hood7,6280+838/cpm1920Innemann, SvatoplukCZE
Delitto della Piccina, IlDelitto della Piccina, IlDelitto della Piccina, Il643910/cpm1920Arias, Adelardo FernandezITA
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (8mm shortened version)Podivný případ doktora Jekylla a pana Hydea (8mm zkrácená verze)Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (8mm shortened version)5,527111/cpm1920Robertson, John S.USA
Eastern Westerner, AnOn na Divokém západěEastern Westerner, An4,628913/cpm1920Roach, HalUSA
En SølvbryllupsdagStříbrná svatba*Silver Wedding Anniversary, A9,79910/cpm1920Lauritzen, LauDNK
Fauno di Marmo, IlMramorový faunMarble Faun, The9,2317 (244+73; 18 % mov; 43)6/cpm1920Bonnard, MarioITA
Garage, TheFatty v garážiGarage, The4,429514/cpm1920Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
GenuineGenuineGenuine7,51828/cpm1920Wiene, RobertDEU
Gilli poprvé v Praze (fragment)Gilli poprvé v Praze (fragment)Gilly in Prague for the First Time (fragment)5,692 (86+6)11/cpm1920Lamač, KarelCZE
Golem, wie er in die Welt kam, Der (The German version, r. 2018)Jak Golem na svět přišelGolem, The7,75728/cpm437/cph1920Wegener, Paul; Boese, CarlDEU
Golem, wie er in die Welt kam, Der (The internatonal version, r. 1995)Jak Golem na svět přišelGolem, The7,25638/cpm1920Wegener, Paul; Boese, CarlDEU
Haunted SpooksOn ve strašidelném doměHaunted Spooks5,227111/cpm1920Goulding, Alf; Roach, HalUSA
His Royal SlynessJeho Veličenstvo lišákHis Royal Slyness6,5201 (174+27)9/cpm1920Roach, Hal E.USA
Homme du large, L‘UprchlíkMan of the Sea5,974810/cpm1920L’Herbier, MarcelFRA
Kolonisatie van Javanen op eene Delische tabaksondernemingUsazování javánských dělníků na tabákové plantáži DeliSettling Javanese workers on a Deli Tobacco Plantation]14274/cpm1920de Bussy, L. Ph.NLD
Last of the Mohicans, ThePoslední MohykánLast of the Mohicans, The668710/cpm1920Tourneur, Maurice; Brown, Clarence L.USA
LegionářLegionářLegionnaire, The5638 (491+147)12/cpm1920Měšťák, RudolfCZE
MagdalenaMagdalenaMagdalena6,6668 (551+117)9/cpm577/cph1920Majer, VladimírCZE
Man from Kangaroo, TheMuž z KangarooBetter Man, The6704 (558+146)10/cpm1920Lucas, WilfredAUS
Mark of Zorro, TheZorro mstitelMark of Zorro, The5,91054 (175)10/cpm598/cph1920Niblo, FredUSA
Melchiad KolomanMelchiad KolomanMelchiad Koloman6,3447 (301+146)9/cpm1920Liebscher, RudolfCZE
Miss DorothySlečna Dorothy*Miss Dorothy6,55409/cpm1920Antamoro, GiulioITA
NeighborsFrigo a sousedNeighbors426115/cpm1920Cline, Eddie; Keaton, BusterUSA
Nikyho velebné dobrodružstvíNikyho velebné dobrodružstvíNiky’s Magnificent Adventure6,5391 (308+83)9/cpm1920Nicolsen, EugenCZE
Nina la poliziotta (fragment)Policistka Nina* (fragment)Nina, the Policewoman* (fragment)7,7898/cpm1920Guarino, GiuseppeITA
OdplataOdplataRetaliation4,1576 (503+73)14/cpm1920Winter, Paul L.CZE
Old Fashioned Boy, AnStaromódní mladík*Old Fashioned Boy, An6,1647 (510+137)10/cpm1920Storm, JeromeUSA
One WeekFrigo staví důmOne Week7,41978/cpm1920Cline, Eddie; Keaton, BusterUSA
Park Your CarAutomobiloví fanoušciPark Your Car5,99110/cpm1920Goulding, AlfUSA
Plameny životaPlameny životaFalmes of Life, The5,7525 (415+110)11/cpm1920Binovec, VáclavCZE
PrästänkanČtvrtý sňatek paní MargaretyParson’s Widow, The6,78159/cpm1920Dreyer, Carl TheodorSWE
Saphead, TheHlupáčekSaphead, The6,76599/cpm1920Blaché, Herbert; Smith, WinchellUSA
Scaldino, LoOhřívačFootwarmer, The6,93779/cpm1920Genina, AugustoITA
Scarecrow, The (Il Cinema Ritrovato)Frigo na námluváchScarecrow, The (Il Cinema Ritrovato)5,124612/cpm1920Keaton, Buster; Cline, EddieUSA
Setřelé písmo (Tajemství staré knihy)Setřelé písmo (Tajemství staré knihy)Missing Letters, The (The Mystery of the Old Book)5,8536 (413+123)10/cpm1920Rovenský, JosefCZE
SněženkySněženkySnowdrops, The5,6538 (446+92)11/cpm1920Slavínský, VladimírCZE
Šílený lékařŠílený lékařMad Doctor, The6,9354 (240+114)9/cpm1920Želenský, DrahošCZE
Tour of the Thomas H. Ince (Ex Triangle) Studio, AProcházka studiem Thomase H. Ince (Ex Triangle)*Tour of the Thomas H. Ince (Ex Triangle) Studio, A5,321911/cpm1920Stromberg, HuntUSA
Von morgens bis MitternachtOd jitra do půlnociFrom Morn to Midnight8,45047/cpm429/cph1920Martin, Karl HeinzDEU
Yes or NoAno, nebo neYes or No6,8723 (600+123)9/cpm1920Neill, Roy WilliamUSA
Za svobodu národaZa svobodu národaFor the Freedom of a Nation6,6657 (541+116)9/cpm1920Binovec, VáclavCZE
Zlatá ženaZlatá ženaGolden Woman, The6,4715 (566+149)9/cpm1920Slavínský, VladimírCZE
AberglaubePověrčivost*Superstition7,4392 (319+73)8/cpm1919Jacoby, GeorgDEU
Åh, i morron kvällAch, zítra v nociOh, Tomorrow Night8,12187/cpm1919Brunius, John W.SWE
Ahnfrau, DiePředkyněAncestress, The12,12315/cpm1919Fleck, Jacob; Fleck, LuiseAUT
American Military Mission to Turkey and Armenia, 1919Americká vojenská mise do Turecka a Arménie, 1919American Military Mission to Turkey and Armenia, 191914,48514/cpm1919USA
Anders als die Andern (fragment)Jiný než ostatní (fragment)Different from the Others (fragment)13,9195 (series of intertitles counted as one)4/cpm1919Oswald, RichardDEU
Ask FatherOn se chce oženitAsk Father5,613111/cpm1919Roach, HalUSA
Austernprinzessin, DieÚstřicová princeznaOyster Princess, The5,860110/cpm1919Lubitsch, ErnstDEU
Back to God’s CountryZpět do země zaslíbené*Back to God’s Country5,873010/cpm1919Hartford, David M.CAN
Back StageZákulisíBack Stage5,124612/cpm1919Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Behind the DoorZa dveřmi*Behind the Door6,66189/cpm1919Willat, IrvinUSA
Blind HusbandsSlepí manželéBlind Husbands6,9845 (749+96)9/cpm1919Stroheim, Erich vonUSA
Blue Blazes RawdenPekla synovéBlue Blazes Rawden5,2672 (578+94)10/cpm1919Hart, William S.USA
Broken BlossomsZlomený květBroken Blossoms7,57058/cpm1919Griffith, David WarthUSA
By Indian PostIndiánskou poštouBy Indian Post5,214811/cpm1919Ford, JohnUSA
Byl první májByl první májIt Was the First of May6,388 (76+12)9/cpm1919Červenková, TheaCZE
Capelli BiondiBlond vlasy*Blond Hair8,63827/cpm1919ITA
Creaking StairsVrzající schody*Creaking Stairs6,29110/cpm1919Julian, RupertUSA
Dáma s malou nožkouDáma s malou nožkouLady with the Small Foot, The5,7229+8811/cpm1919Pražský, Přemysl; Kolár, Jan StanislavCZE
DunungenV cestě za štěstímIn Quest of Happiness8,5629 [bez rek.]7/cpm1919Hedqvist, IvanSWE
Ett farligt frieriNebezpečná nabídkaDangerous Wooing, A8,93967/cpm1919Carlsten, RuneSWE
Forêt de Bussaco, LaPark Bussaco, PortugalskoBussaco’s Park, Portugal13265/cpm1919FRA
From Hand to MouthOn mezi lupičiFrom Hand to Mouth4,527413/cpm1919Goulding, AlfredUSA
Great Gample, The: Part IVysoké sázky: První část*Great Gample, The: Part I6,410259/cpm1919Golden, Joseph A.USA
Great Gample, The: Part IIIVysoké sázky: Třetí část*Great Gample, The: Part III7,4774+1068/cpm1919Golden, Joseph A.USA
Hans nåds testamentePoslední vůle Jeho LordstvaHis Lordship’s Last Will6,86089/cpm1919Sjöström, VictorSWE
Hayseed, TheFatty sebevrahemHayseed, The4,727313/cpm1919Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Heart of Wetona, TheWetonino srdce*Heart of Wetona, The4,7804 (675+129)13/cpm741/cph1919Franklin, Sidney A.USA
Herr Arnes pengarPoklad pana ArnaSir Arne’s Treasure8,47487/cpm1919Stiller, MauritzSWE
Historien om en gutPříběh chlapce*Story of a boy, A5,647511/cpm1919Lykke-Seest, PeterNOR
Jön az öcsémMůj bratr přicházíMy Brother Is Coming17,6353/cpm1919Kertész, Mihály (Curtiz, Michael)HUN
Kaliya MardanDětství KrišnyChildhood of Krishna, The17,51573/cpm1919Phalke, Dhundiraj GovindIND
Láska je utrpenímLáska je utrpenímLove is Torment5,4354 (285+69)11/cpm1919Slavínský, Vladimír; Pražský, PřemyslCZE
Little White Savage, TheMalá bílá divoškaLittle White Savage, The6,248910/cpm1919Powell, PaulUSA
Mädchenhirt, DerPasák*Pimp, The94537/cpm1919Grune, KarlDEU
Mariage: Sortie de l’église – Arrivée de Sacha GuitryManželství*Marriage15124/cpm1919FRA
Maschera e il volto, LaMaska a tvář*Mask and the Face, Thé7,35818/cpm1919Genina, AugustoITA
Noc na KarlštejněNoc na KarlštejněOne Night at Karlštejn Castle15,6401 (350+51)4/cpm1919Larus-Racek, OlafCZE
O Adrienu (fragment)O Adrienu (fragment)For Adrien (fragment)12,7165/cpm1919Urban, MaxCZE
OpiumOpiumOpium7,96748/cpm1919Reinert, RobertDEU
Phil-for-shortKrátce Phil*Phil-for-short7,16728/cpm1919Apfel, OscarUSA
Probuzené svědomíProbuzené svědomíReawakened Conscience7,6492 (388+104)8/cpm475/cph1919Zdráhal, RobertCZE
Protetto della morte, Il / Albertini contra De Schorpioen (fragment)Albertini kontra Škorpión* (fragment)Albertini vs. Scorpion* (fragment)5,79610/cpm1919Costamagna, FilippoITA
Re Dell’Abisso, Il (pouze drobné fragmenty)Král propasti* (pouze drobné fragmenty)His Brother’s Destiny (only small fragments)6,3*87*1919Tolentino, RiccardoITA
Red Lantern, TheRudá lucernaRed Lantern, The6,59029/cpm1919Capellani, AlbertUSA
Ron aventuurtje in’t lichtruimDobrodružství v oblacích*Adventure in the Atmoshpere995/cpm1919AUT
Rosalind at RedgateRosalind z RedgateRosalind at Redgate5,723910/cpm1919Stonehouse, RuthUSA
San Francisco, épidémie de grippe espagnole.San Francisco, epidemie španělské chřipkySan Francisco, Spanish flu epidemic*26,332/cpm1919FRA
Sången om dem eldröda blommanVe vírech / Píseň o červeném květuSong of the Scarlet Flower7,2833 (3 % mov.)8/cpm519/cph1919Stiller, MauritzSWE
Sansone e la Ladra di AtletiSamson a zloděj sportovců*Samson and the Thief of Athletes6,81288/cpm1919Mustacchi, ArmandoITA
Self kostet 24,50 dolarSebeocenění na 24 dolarů*Self kostet 24,50 dolar11,295/cpm1919AUT
Sentimental Bloke, TheSentimentální chlap*Sentimental Bloke, The5,5726 (502+224)11/cpm1919Longford, RaymondAUS
Smrtelný let aeroplánu pod pražským mostemSmrtelný let aeroplánu pod pražským mostemFatal Flight of an Aeroplane under the Prague Bridge9397/cpm1919Degl, KarelCZE
Stavitel chrámuStavitel chrámuMan Who Built the Cathedral, The8,8350 (260+90)7/cpm1919Degl, Karel; Novotný, AntonínCZE
SunnysideChaplin vesnickým hrdinouSunnyside6,52559/cpm1919Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Temperamental Wife, ATemperamentní ženaTemperamental Wife, A4,888512/cpm1919Kirkland, DavidUSA
Up in the Air With AlligatorsS aligátory ve vzduchu*Up in the Air With Alligators6,81059/cpm1919USA
Woman Under Oath, TheŽena pod přísahouWoman Under Oath, The4,386614/cpm1919Stahl, John M.USA
ZlodějZlodějThief, The13,354 (37+17)4/cpm1919Červenková, TheaCZE
A vášeň vítězíA vášeň vítězíAnd Passion Triuphs11,4146 (105+41)5/cpm1918Binovec, VáclavCZE
Are Crooks Dishonest?On jasnovidcemAre Crooks Dishonest?7,61048/cpm1918Pratt, GilbertUSA
Augen der Mumie Ma, DieMuž beze jménaEyes of the Mummy, The9,43816/cpm1918Lubitsch, ErnstDEU
Bataglia dell’Astico al PieveBoj od Astica k PieveBattle from Astico to Pieve10,63206/cpm1918ITA
Banya Titka, A. Prima Parte: A gonosztevü grófTajemství dolu. První část: Proradný hraběSecret of the Mine, The. First part: The Miscreant Count11,63255/cpm1918Uher, ÖdönHUN
Banya Titka, A. Seconda Parte: A Gonosztevöt LeleplezikTajemství dolu. Druhá část: Odhalený padouchSecret of the Mine, The. Second Part: The Miscreant Is Uncovered13,92644/cpm1918Uher, ÖdönHUN
Baryshnya i khuliganUčitelka dělníkůYoung Lady and the Holligan, The21,61203/cpm1918Slavinskij, Jevgenij; Majakovskij, VladimirRUS
Bell Boy, TheHotelový poslíčekBell Boy, The4,931312/cpm1918Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Berg-Ejvind och hans hustruPsanciOutlaw and His Wife, The4,889513/cpm1918Sjöström, VictorSWE
Blunders of Mr. Butterbun, The: Trips and TribunalsOmyly pana Butterbuna*Blunders of Mr. Butterbun, The: Trips and Tribunals10,41436/cpm1918Rains, FredGBR
Bond, ThePůjčkaBond, The7,9548/cpm1918Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Bound in Morocco (fragment)Zavázán v Maroku (fragment)Bound in Morocco (fragment)21,12521/cpm1918USA
Cook, TheBláznivá domácnostCook, The523712/cpm1918Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
ČertiskoČertiskoLittle Rascal, The11,6181 (142+39)5/cpm1918Palouš, Jan ArnoldCZE
Dixième symphonie, LaDesátá symfonieTenth Symphony, The6,1858 (721+137)10/cpm1918Gance, AbelFRA
Dream Lady, TheVysněná dámaDream Lady, The6,54789/cpm1918Wilson, Elsie JaneUSA
Durch das malerische FinnlandNapříč malebným FinskemThrough the Picturesque Finland9677/cpm1918DEU
Durch die VogesenNapříč VosgesemThrough the Vosges9,4336/cpm1918DEU
Fall Rosentopf, DerSpadlý květináčRosentopf Case, The6,118010/cpm1918Lubitsch, ErnstDEU
Fiume 1918Řeka 1918River 1918, The7,8598/cpm1918Camerio, LucaITA
Forbidden City, TheHřích krásné San-San čili Zakázané městoForbidden City, The7,7582 (479+103)8/cpm1918Franklin, Sidney A.USA
Fületlen Gomb, AZtracený knoflíkLost Button, The13,7774/cpm1918Kéméndy, JenöHUN
General Allenby’s Entry into JerusalemPříjezd generála Allenbyho do JeruzalémaGeneral Allenby’s Entry into Jerusalem15164/cpm1918Lowell, ThomasGBR
Gerusalemme LiberataOsvobození JeruzalémaJerusalem Liberated6,85619/cpm1918Guazzoni, EnricoITA
Ghosts of YesterdayDuchové včerejška*Ghosts of Yesterday7,2482 (407+75)8/cpm1918Miller, CharlesUSA
Good Night, Nurse!Fatty v sanatořiGood Night, Nurse!5,422011/cpm1918Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Gräfin KüchenfeeHraběnka z kuchyněCountess from Kitchen, The13,12075/cpm1918Biebrach, RudolfDEU
Guaira to Caracas, LaZ La Guauiry do CaracasuFrom La Guaira to Caracas13,7334/cpm1918Elliot, Clyde E.USA
Hab’ns kan‘ Dragonerg’seh’n?Hab’ns kan‘ Dragonerg’seh’n?Hab’ns kan‘ Dragonerg’seh’n?2253/cpm1918AUT
Hell BentRozsudek pouštěHell Bent5,556411/cpm1918Ford, JohnUSA
His Busy DayJeho rušný den*His Busy Day7,8548/cpm1918Roach, HalUSA
HimmelskibetCesta na MarsTrip to Mars, The5,667111/cpm1918Holger-MadsenDNK
Japan of TodayDnešní Japonsko*Japan of Today8,868 (50+18)7/cpm1918Elliot, Clyde EUSA
Journal: Paris, 11 novembre 1918Žurnál: Paříž, 11. listopad 1918Journal: Paris, 11th November 191810146/cpm1918FRA
Kinonedelja no. 1Filmový týdeník č. 1: 20. května 1918Film-Week n. 1: 28th May 19187,8528/cpm1918Vertov, DzigaRUS
Kitega, capital de l’UrundKitegaKitega12,4205/cpm1918FRA
KozlonohKozlonohSatyr10,453 (42+11)6/cpm1918Rautenkrantzová, OlgaCZE
Kristallen in kleurKrystaly v barvěCrystals in color15,5304/cpm1918Mol, Jan CorneliusNLD
Küzdelem a létértBoj za životStruggle for Life21,173/cpm1918Deésy, AlfredHUN
L’AvariziaLakomství: Utrpení Marie LorinyAvarice13,13185/cpm1918Serena, GustavoITA
L’Oubli Par L’AlcoolZapomenuto v alkoholuOblivion Due to Alcohol Consumption, The5,51911/cpm1918Comandon, JeanFRA
Leggenda di Santa BarbaraLegenda o svaté BarbařeLegend about Santa Barbara, The11,4255/cpm1918ITA
Love Swindle, TheMilostný podvodLove Swindle, The6,156310/cpm1918Dillon, JackUSA
Mariute (fragment)Mariute (fragment)Mariute (fragment)12,5395/cpm1918Bencivenga, EdoardoITA
MoonshineFatty a pašeráciMoonshine4,827812/cpm1918Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Morte che assolve, LaSmrt, která osvobozuje*Death that Absolves9,2317 (280+37)6/cpm1918Lolli, Alberto CarloITA
Nattliga TonerNoční hudbaNight Music10,23376/cpm1918Af Klercker, GeorgeSWE
Non-Stop Kid, TheOn je znamenitý tenorNon-Stop Kid, The4,814712/cpm1918Lundin, WalterUSA
O děvčicuO děvčicuFor the Girl10,2203 (131+72)6/cpm1918Degl, Karel; Folprecht, JosefCZE
Ošálená komtesa ZuzanaOšálená komtesa ZuzanaFooled Comtesse Zuzana, The6116 (84+32)10/cpm1918Binovec, VáclavCZE
Out WestLechtivý desperádoOut West3,534317/cpm1918Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Polidor Cambia SessoPolidor mění pohlaví*Polidor’s Sex Change*8,41457/cpm1918Guillaume, FerdinandITA
PrunellaPrunellaPrunella625010/cpm1918Tourneur, MauriceUSA
PuppchenFigurínaDoll-baby8,22477/cpm1918Moest, HubertDEU
Revolutionens DatterDcera revoluceDaughter of the Revolution, The8,33107/cpm1918Gladtvet, OttarNOR
Roi Nicolas de Monténégro, LeČernohorský král Mikuláš*King Nikola of Montenegro2223/cpm1918FRA
Rollende Hotel, DasHotel na kolech*Rolling Hotel, The9,83286/cpm1918Piel, HarryDEU
Risky Road, The (fragment)Cesta do Risky (fragment)Risky Road, The (fragment)8,1167/cpm1918Park, Ida MayUSA
Shoulder ArmsDobrý voják ChaplinShoulder Arms7,93028/cpm1918Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Sinking of the Lusitania, ThePotopení LusitanieSinking of the Lusitania, The9,7616/cpm1918McCay, WinsorUSA
Skids and ScalawagsSmyky a darebáciSkids and Scalawags6,28210/cpm1918Semon, LarryUSA
Skorpió, A (fragment)Škorpión (fragment)Scorpio (fragment)11,8275/cpm1918Kertész, MihályHUN
St. CroixSt. CroixSt. Croix12,6595/cpm1918Elliot, Clyde E.USA
Tarzan of the ApesTarzan z rodu OpůTarzan of the Apes4,776813/cpm1918Sidney, ScottUSA
Tarzan of the Apes (another print)Tarzan z rodu Opů (jiná kopie)Tarzan of the Apes (another print)4,474514/cpm1918Sidney, ScottUSA
Tih-MinhTih-MinhTih-Minh9,422786/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 01): Le Philtre d’oubliTih-Minh (ep. 01): Nápoj zapomenutíTih-Minh (ep. 01): The Potion of Forgetfulness8,52977/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 02): Deux Drames dans la nuitTih-Minh (ep. 02): Noční dramataTih-Minh (ep. 02): Two Dramatic Events During the Night9,61736/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 03): Les Mystères de la Villa CircéTih-Minh (ep. 03): Tajemství vily CircéTih-Minh (ep. 03): The Mysteries of Circe Villa9,32186/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 04): L’Homme dans la malleTih-Minh (ep. 04): Muž v kufruTih-Minh (ep. 04): The Man in the Trunk9,11797/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 05): Chez les fousTih-Minh (ep. 05): U bláznůTih-Minh (ep. 05): At the Asylum9,91456/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 06): Les Oiseaux de nuitTih-Minh (ep. 06): Noční ptáciTih-Minh (ep. 06): The Night Birds9,31816/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 07): EvocationTih-Minh (ep. 07): Vyvolávání duchůTih-Minh (ep. 07): Evocation10,51445/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 08): Sous le voileTih-Minh (ep. 08): Pod závojemTih-Minh (ep. 08): Beneath the Evil8,51897/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 09): La Branche de salutTih-Minh (ep. 09): Spásná větevTih-Minh (ep. 09): The Saving Branch9,41776/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 10): Mercredi 13Tih-Minh (ep. 10): StředaTih-Minh (ep. 10): Wednesday 13th9,42136/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 11): Le Document 29Tih-Minh (ep. 11): Dokument č. 29Tih-Minh (ep. 11): Document 299,51846/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tih-Minh (ep. 12): JusticeTih-Minh (ep. 12): SpravedlnostTih-Minh (ep. 12): Justice10,11786/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Tosca (fragment)Tosca (fragment)Tosca (fragment)12,8485/cpm1918De Antoni, AlfredoITA
Učitel orientálních jazykůUčitel orientálních jazykůOriental Languages‘ Teacher, The11,5180 (131+49)5/cpm1918Rautenkrantzová, Olga; Kolár, Jan StanislavCZE
Une notte a Calcutta (fragment)Jedna noc v Kalkatě (fragment)Une notte a Calcutta (fragment)9,7606/cpm1918Caserini, MarioITA
Urashima TarōUrashima TarōUrashima Tarō7,3138/cpm1918JAP
VendémiaireVendémiaireVendémiaire10,58096/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vendémiaire (01): PrologueVendémiaire (01): PrologVendémiaire: Prologue (01)7,61228/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vendémiaire (02): La VigneVendémiaire (02): VínoVendémiaire: The Vine (02)10,32296/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vendémiaire (03): La CuveVendémiaire (03): NádržVendémiaire: The Tank (03)11,73875/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vendémiaire (04): Le Vin NouveauVendémiaire (04): Nové vínoVendémiaire: New Wine (04)10716/cpm1918Feuillade, LouisFRA
War EndsKonec válkyWar Ends8,1137/cpm1918USA
Wiederherstellung der Ordnung in Finnland durch finnische weisse Garde und deutsche TruppenNastolení pořádku ve FinskuRestauration of Order in Finland16314/cpm1918DEU
WomanŽenaWoman10,83736/cpm1918Tourneur, MauriceUSA
Zakovannaja fil’mojSvázaný filmemShackled by Film9,9196/cpm1918Turkin, NikandrRUS
Adventurer, TheChaplin uprchlým trestancemAdventurer, The5,524811/cpm1917Chaplin, CharlesUSA
All Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty LoanVlastenecké epizody All Star Production*All Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan6,27210/cpm1917Neilan, MarshallUSA
Arkaša ŽenitsjaArkaša se ženíArkasha’s Wedding16,6604/cpm1917Ural’skij, AlexanderRUS
Az ObsitosZtracený vojákSoldier on Leave, The11,53055/cpm1917Balogh, BélaAUT-HUN (HUN)
Az utolsó éjszakaPoslední nocLast Night, The13,21745/cpm1917Janovics, JenöAUT-HUN (HUN)
BestiaBestiePolish Dancer, The15,52464/cpm1917Hertz, AlexanderPOL
BezwungenZkrocenýVanquished7,5458/cpm1917Adler, WilhelmDEU
Bucking BroadwayPozdvižení na BroadwayiBucking Broadway5,555511/cpm1917Ford, JohnUSA
Butcher Boy, TheŘeznický učeňButcher Boy, The5,725011/cpm1917Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Coney IslandFatty na plážiConey Island5,427811/cpm1917Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Coupable, LeViníkCulprit10,64276/cpm1917Antoine, AndréFRA
Danses EnfantinesDětské tanceChild Dances29,4102/cpm1917FRA
Down Where the Limburger BlowsTam dole, kde smrduté sýry zavánějíDown Where the Limburger Blows13,4324/cpm1917La Cava, GregoryUSA
Ever Been Had?Byl jste kdy?Ever Been Had?18,2233/cpm1917Buxton, DudleyGBR
Feldgraue Groschen, DieŠedý grošField gray penny, The*121235/cpm1917Jacoby, GeorgDEU
FurchtStrachFear231763/cpm1917Wiene, RobertDEU
Girl’s Folly, ABláhová dívkaGirl’s Folly, A6,2549 (483+66)10/cpm1917Tourneur, MauriceUSA
Grands Fleuves du Congo Belge, LesVeletoky Belgického KongaGrand Flows of Belgian Congo, The14514/cpm1917FRA
Guerra e il sogno di Momi, LaVálka a Momiho senWar and the Dream of Momi, The10,42096/cpm1917De Chomón, SegundoITA
Gun Fighter, ThePistolník*Gun Fighter, The5,1341 (282+59)12/cpm1917Hart, William S.USA
Hann, Hein und HennyHann, Hein a HennyHann, Hein and Henny14,7144/cpm1917Biebrach, RudolfDEU
His Wedding NightFatty se ženíHis Wedding Night6,31779/cpm1917Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Holland in ijsLedové HolandskoHolland in Ice9,4826/cpm1917Mullens, WillyNLD
Chacals, LesŠakalovéJackals17,5282*2/cpm1917Hugon, AndréFRA
Immigrant, TheChaplin vystěhovalcemImmigrant, The91597/cpm1917Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Kanalen en WindmolensKanály a větrné mlýnyChannels and Windmills19,3123/cpm1917NLD
Karierte Regenmantel, DerKostkovaný pršiplášťCheckered Raincoat, The9,91906/cpm1917Mack, MaxDEU
Kulisy EkranaFilmové kulisyBehind the Screen49,5161/cpm1917Asagarov, Georg; Volkov, AlexanderRUS
L’anello di PierrotPierrotův prstenRing of Pierrot, The12,52115/cpm1917Bencivenga, EdoardoITA
Lanka DahanLanka v plamenechLanka Aflame12,5395/cpm1917Phalke, Dhundiraj GovindIND
Lincoln Cycle, The (01): My MotherLincolnovský cyklus (01): Moje matkaLincoln Cycle, The: My Mother7,91868/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Lincoln Cycle, The (02): My FatherLincolnovský cyklus (02): Můj otecLincoln Cycle, The: My Father6,72129/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Lincoln Cycle, The (03): The Call to ArmsLincolnovský cyklus (03): Volání do zbraněLincoln Cycle, The: The Call to Arms8,11847/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Lincoln Cycle, The (04): My First JuryLincolnovský cyklus (04): Můj první soudLincoln Cycle, The: My First Jury5,728410/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Lincoln Cycle, The (05): Tender MemoriesLincolnovský cyklus (05): Opatrovávané vzpomínkyLincoln Cycle, The: Tender Memories6,32589/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Lincoln Cycle, The (06): A President’s AnswerLincolnovský cyklus (06): Prezidentova odpověďLincoln Cycle, The: A President’s Answer6,71789/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Lincoln Cycle, The (07): The: Native StateLincolnovský cyklus (07): Přirozený stvLincoln Cycle, The: Native State82167/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Lincoln Cycle, The (10): Under the StarsLincolnovský cyklus (10): Pod hvězdamiLincoln Cycle, The: Under the Stars8,71757/cpm1917Chapin, Benjamin; Stahl, John M.USA
Love That Lives, TheLáska, která trvá*Love That Lives, The9,14447/cpm385/cph1917Vignola, Robert G.USA
LucciolaLucciolaLucciola9,84696/cpm1917Genina, AugustoITA
Madre, LaMatka*Mother, The15,72094/cpm1917Sterni, GiuseppeITA
MalombraMalombraMalombra8,64677/cpm1917Gallone, CarmineITA
Mater DoloresaMater DoloresaSorrowful Mother8,54807/cpm1917Gance, AbelFRA
Min Svigerinde Fra AmerikaMoje švagrová z Ameriky*My Sister-in-law from America8,8547/cpm1917Lauritzen, LauDNK
Missing Link, TheChybějící spojení*Missing Link, The8,6157/cpm1917Kellino, W. P.DEU
Mogli e le Arance, LePomerančová manželkaOrange Woman, The5,381911/cpm1917D’Ambra, LucioITA
Moth, TheMůraMoth, The7,5464 (375+89)8/cpm1917José, EdwardUSA
Munitionsfabrik Hermann Weiffenbach Ges.M.B.H.Muniční továrna Hermanna WeiffenbachaAmmunition factory Hermann Weiffenbach Ges.M.B.H.17,9313/cpm1917DEU
Munitionsfabrik Manfred Weiss in Budapest, DieTovárna na munici Manfreda Weisse z BudapeštiMunitions Factor of Manfred Weiss, Budapest11,3325/cpm1917AUT-HUN (AUT)
Namakura GatanaTupá katanaDull Sword, The1375/cpm1917Kôuchi, JunichiJAP
När Kapten Grogg skulle porträtterasKapitán Grog se nechává portrétovatCaptain Grogg is Being Portrayed27,3152/cpm1917Bergdahl, VictorSWE
Narrow Trail, TheÚzkokolejka*Narrow Trail, The591412/cpm1917Hillyer, Lambert; Hart, William S.USA
Ne nado krovi!Zastavte prolévání krve!Stop Shedding Blood!22,41493/cpm1917Protazanov, JakovRUS
Oh, Doctor!Oh, doktore!Oh, Doctor!5,724610/cpm1917Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Oncle SamStrýček SamUncle Sam11511/cpm1917USA
Over the FencePřes plotOver the Fence6,4509/cpm1917Lloyd, HaroldUSA
Petrograd i Revolutionens TegnPetrohrad ve víru revolucePetrograd in the Sign of Revolution15,3149/cpm1917DNK
Polykarpovo zimní dobrodružstvíPolykarpovo zimní dobrodružstvíPolykarp’s Winter Adventure6,9125 (100+25)9/cpm1917Kolár, Jan StanislavAUT-HUN (CZE)
Pražští adamitéPražští adamitéPrague Adamites, The8376 (322+54)7/cpm1917Fencl, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
Purple Mask, The: The Vault of Mystery (ep. 12)Purpurová maska (12)Purple Mask, The: The Vault of Mystery (ep. 12)9,3937/cpm1917Cunard, Grace; Ford, FrancisUSA
Purple Mask, The: The Leap (ep. 13)Purpurová maska (13)Purple Mask, The: The Leap (ep. 13)6,19710/cpm1917Cunard, Grace; Ford, FrancisUSA
Rapsodia SatanicaSatanská rapsodieSatan’s Rhapsody17,61433/cpm1917Oxilla, NinoITA
Reckless Romeo, ANezodpovědný Romeo*Reckless Romeo, A5,524611/cpm1917Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
RevolutsionerRevolucionářRevolutionist16,71244/cpm1917Bauer, JevgenijRUS
Rough House, TheRvačkaRough House, The4,1268 (262+6)14/cpm1917Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Säugetier, DasPolypMammal, The7,5488/cpm1917Leonhard, Robert L.DEU
Savage, TheDivochSavage, The6,83599/cpm1917Julian, RupertUSA
Shars is SharksMagický rybolovShars is Sharks7,5398/cpm1917La Cava, GregoryUSA
Schwarze Loo, DieČerná LooBlack Dancer, The13,92484/cpm1917Mack, Max; Neher, LouisDEU
Silent Man, TheTichý muž*Silent Man, The3,984515/cpm1917Hart, William S.USA
Soirée mondainePondělní večírekMonday Evening25182/cpm1917FRA
Stand By Men Who Have Stood By YouStůj při mužích, kteří stáli při toběStand By Men Who Have Stood By You10,5236/cpm1917GBR
Straight ShootingPřed puškami cowboyůStraight Shooting6,85039/cpm1917Ford, JohnUSA
TepeyacTepeyacTepeyac9,72634/cpm1917Ramos, José ManuelMEX
Terje VigenTerje VigenMan There Was, A11,72955/cpm1917Sjöström, VictorSWE
The Dinosaur and the Missing Link, A Prehistoric TragedyDinosaurus a ztracená jednota, prehistorická tragédieThe Dinosaur and the Missing Link, A Prehistoric Tragedy8,3447/cpm1917O’Brian, Willis H.USA
Tösen från StormyrtorpetDívka z Bažinatého poleGirl from the Marsh Croft, The5,780210/cpm1917Sjöström, VictorSWE
Trouvaille du Buchu, LaBuchův nálezThe Find of Buchu10,1456/cpm1917Feyder, JacquesFRA
Umirajuščij lebeďUmírající labuťDying Swan, The14,91904/cpm1917Bauer, JevgenijRUS
Until They Get MeNež mě dostanouUntil They Get Me649810/cpm1917Borzage, FrankUSA
Vita e la Morte, LaŽivot a smrt*Life and Death14,5304/cpm1917Caserini, MarioITA
Wanderung in Einer Mechan. WerkstätteWanderung in Einer Mechan. WerkstätteWanderung in Einer Mechan. Werkstätte14,8214/cpm1917DEU
Wolf LowryWolf LowryWolf Lowry4,2720 (629+91)14/cpm1917Hart, William S.USA
Za sčastěmZa štěstímFor Luck11,82085/cpm1917Bauer, JevgenijRUS
American AristocracyAmerická aristokracie*American Aristocracy5,7511 (426+85)10/cpm1916Ingraham, LloydUSA
Angélus De La Victoire, L‘Zvonění za vítězstvíAngelus of Victory, The13,51044/cpm1916Perret, LéonceFRA
Aryan, theBěloch*Aryan, the5,644411/cpm1916Hart, William S.USA
Balettprimadonnan (fragment)Primabalerina (fragment)Prima Ballerina, The (fragment)12,71075/cpm1916Stiller, MauritzSWE
Behind the ScreenChaplin ve filmovém ateliéruBehind the Screen7,12058/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
C’est pour les orphelinesPro dětiFor the Children7259/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Closed Road, TheUzavřená cestaClosed Road, The13,3524/cpm1916Tourneur, MauriceUSA
Count, TheChaplin falešným hrabětemCount, The8,91617/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Danger Girl, TheNebezpečná dívkaDanger Girl, The4,427314/cpm1916Badger, ClarenceUSA
Dodskyssen (fragment)Polibek smrti (fragment)Kiss of Death, The (fragment)12,11535/cpm1916Sjöström, VictorSWE
Don Juans OvermandDon Juan, mistr lásky*Love Potion, The13,385 (65+20)5/cpm1916Lauritzen, LauDNK
Dumb Girl of Portici, TheProsťačka z PorticiDumb Girl of Portici, The12,45415/cpm1916Weber, L.; Smalley, P.USA
Esclave du Phidias, L‘Fidiova otrokyněSlave of Phydias, The5,61294/cpm1916Perret, LéonceFRA
Fiaccola sotto il moggio, LaSkrytá pochodeňTorch under the bushel, The*11,92535/cpm1916Rudolfi, EleuterioITA
Figlio della guerra, IlSyn válkySon of War, The18,71563/cpm1916Falena, UgoITA
Fridolin s’en va-t-en-guere (unidentified)Fridolin jde do války (neidentifikováno)Fridolin goes to the war (unidentified)6,51849/cpm1916USA
Fireman, TheChaplin hasičemFireman, The6,72269/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Floorwalker, TheChaplin obchodním příručímFloorwalker, The11,21515/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Gaz Mortels, The (fragment)Smrtící plynMortal Gas8,32857/cpm1916Gance, AbelFRA
Half-Breed, TheMíšenecHalf-Breed, The6,36409/cpm1916Dwan, AllanUSA
HavsgamarMořští supiSea Vultures, The13,11985/cpm1916Sjöström, VictorSWE
Chasing’em Out in the OpenChyťte je pod širým nebemChasing’em Out in the Open10,1346/cpm1916USA
IntoleranceIntoleranceIntolerance4,8224612/cpm1916Griffith, David WarthUSA
Japan i FestJaponské festivalyJapan Festivals44221/cpm1916JAP
Joan the WomanPanna OrleánskáJoan the Woman10,8860 (716+144)6/cpm1916DeMille, Cecil B.USA
Judex (00): PrologueJudex (00): PrologJudex (00): Prologue13,11765/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Judex (01): L’ombre mystérieuseJudex – soudce živých i mrtvých (01): Tajemný stínJudex (01): The Mysterious Shadow12,81405/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Judex (02): L’expiationJudex – soudce živých i mrtvých (02): PokáníJudex (02): Atonement91227/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Judex (03): La meute fantastiqueJudex – soudce živých i mrtvých (03): Fantastická smečkaJudex (03): The Fantastic Hounds112305/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Judex (04): Le secret de la tombeJudex – soudce živých i mrtvých (04): Tajemství hrobkyJudex (04): The Secret of the Tomb10,71656/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Judex (05): Le moulin tragiqueJudex – soudce živých i mrtvých (05): Tajemný mlýnJudex (05): The Tragic Mill12,31455/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Judex (06): Le môme réglisseJudex – soudce živých i mrtvých (06): Chlapec ReglisseJudex (06): The Licorice Kid9,81596/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Judex (07): La femme en noirJudex – soudce živých i mrtvých (07): Dáma v černémJudex (07): The Woman in Black102086/cpm1916Feuillade, LouisFRA
Kapten Groggs underbara resaPodivuhodná cesta kapitána Groga*Captain Grogg’s Wonderful Journey17,2183/cpm1916Bergdahl, VictorDNK
Leben um LebenŽivot nad životem*Life Upon Life18,6208 (144+64)3/cpm1916Eichberg, RichardDEU
Little Eve EdgartonMalá Eva Edgartonová*Little Eve Edgarton6,251210/cpm1916Leonard, RobertUSA
Madame TallienMadame Tallien, bohyně rozmaru a krásyMadame Tallien9,55096/cpm1916Guazzoni, EnricoITA
Matrimaniac, TheBlázen do ženění*Matrimaniac, The554612/cpm1916Powell, PaulUSA
Milano Dalle Guglie Del DuomoVěže milánského dómu*Milan From the Duomo Spires*21,5113/cpm1916ITA
Movie Star, AFilmová hvězda*Movie Star, A4,431513/cpm1916Hibbard, FredUSA
Mystery of the Leaping Fish, TheZáhada skákající ryby*Mystery of the Leaping Fish, The5,230111/cpm1916Cabanne, Christy; Emerson, JohnUSA
Nattens BarnDěti noci*Children of the Night, The20,71483/cpm1916Klercker, Georg afSWE
Nelli RaincevaNelli Raincevová*Nelli Rainceva12,21505/cpm1916Bauer, JevgenijRUS
Oltre La Vita, Oltre La Morte (fragment)Dále než život, dále než smrt* (fragment)Beyond Life, Beyond Death13,8284/cpm1916Pasquali, Ernesto MariaITA
On the Trail of the TigressPo stopách Tigřice*On the Trail of the Tigress7,61978/cpm1916Borgeois, Paul (Paul Sablon)USA
ONE A.M.Chaplin se vrací z flámuONE A.M.21,3743/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Passione TsiganaCikánská vášeň*Gypsy Passione21,61133/cpm1916Pasquali, Ernesto MariaITA
Pawnshop, TheChaplin odhadcem v zastavárněPawnshop, The12,41235/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Pied Qui Éntreint, Le: Episodio 1: Le Vocaphone sans filZaťaté chodidlo: epizoda 1*Clutching Foot, The: Episode 112,8815/cpm1916Feyder, JacquesFRA
Pied Qui Éntreint, Le: Episodio 1777: La Rayon NoirZaťaté chodidlo: epizoda 1777*Clutching Foot, The: Episode 177713,2685/cpm1916Feyder, JacquesFRA
Pied Qui Éntreint, Le: Episodio 1778Zaťaté chodidlo: epizoda 1778*Clutching Foot, The: Episode 177812,21355/cpm1916Feyder, JacquesFRA
Pied Qui Éntreint, Le: Episodio 1779Zaťaté chodidlo: epizoda 1779*Clutching Foot, The: Episode 177919,7893/cpm1916Feyder, JacquesFRA
Pikovaja damaPiková dámaQueen of Spades, The19,61713/cpm1916Protazanov, JakovRUS
Pilgrim, ThePoutníkPilgrim, The10,11656/cpm1916Borzage, FrankUSA
Reina Joven, LaMladá královna*Young Queen, The*13,72304/cpm1916Muria, MagínESP
Return of Draw Egan, TheNávrat Drawa EganaReturn of Draw Egan, The5,2583 (489+94)11/cpm1916Hart, William S.USA
Rink, TheChaplin na kolečkových bruslíchRink, The6,72209/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Sea Mystery, ATajemství mořeSea Mystery, A9,7786/cpm1916Henderson, LuciusUSA
Serenade, TheSerenáda*Serenade, The4,318514/cpm1916Louis, WillUSA
Sherlock HolmesSherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes9,17507/cpm1916Berthelet, ArthurUSA
ShoesBotyShoes9,92866/cpm1916Weber, LoisUSA
Signori Guirati…Pánové porotci…Dear Jurymen…11,93645/cpm1916Giusti, GiuseppeITA
Šëlkovaja PautinaHedvábná pavučina*Silken Web18,1853/cpm1916Jur’evskij, JurijRUS
Tigre RealeTygřiceRoyal Tiger10,84246/cpm1916Pastrone, GiovanniITA
Twin KiddiesDvojčátka*Twin Kiddies8,83257/cpm1916King, HenryUSA
Vagabond, TheChaplin šumařemVagabond, The11,31375/cpm1916Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Verdens undergangKonec světaEnd of the World, The16,22794/cpm1916Blom, AugustDNK
Vingarne (fragment)Křídla (fragment)Wings, The (fragment)11,81645/cpm1916Stiller, MauritzSWE
Who’s Guilty? No. 5: Sold OutKdo je vinen? Epizoda 5: ProdánoWho’s Guilty? No. 5: Sold Out8,51698/cpm1916Hansel, HowellUSA
Zlaté srdéčkoZlaté srdéčkoGold Heart, The17,2141 (104+37)2/cpm1916Fencl, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
Among the Maori of New ZealandMezi Maory na Novém Zélandu*Among the Maori of New Zealand7,96581915Holmes, Burton?
„Bad Buck“ of Santa Ynez„Bad Buck“ ze Santa Ynez„Bad Buck“ of Santa Ynez7,1191 (173+18)8/cpm1915Hart, William S.USA
AhasverAhasverAhasuerus13,769 (49+20)4/cpm1915Kvapil, JaroslavAUT-HUN (CZE)
Assunta SpinaAssunta SpinaAssunta Spina25,11472/cpm1915Bertini, F.; Serena, GustavoITA
Birth of a Nation, TheZrození národaBirth of a Nation, The716009/cpm1915Griffith, David WarthUSA
Bout de Zan et l’embusquéBout-de-Zan a ulejvákBout-de-Zan and the Shirker13,1355/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
CarmenCarmenCarmen13,1298 (225+73)5/cpm1915DeMille, Cecil B.USA
DaydreamsDenní sněníGrjozy21,71023/cpm1915Bauer, JevgenijRUS
Despoiler, TheVykrádačDespoiler, The6,84809/cpm1915Barker, ReginaldUSA
Diplomatic HenryDiplomatický HenryDiplomatic Henry9,9756/cpm1915Drew, SidneyUSA
Dutch TypesHolandské typyDutch Types10,6206/cpm1915FRA
Education physique étudiée au rallentisseurEducation physique étudiée au rallentisseurEducation physique étudiée au rallentisseur8,7457/cpm1915FRA
Elsa’s BrotherElsin bratrElsa’s Brother16,897 (73+24)4/cpm1915Brooke, Van DykeUSA
Folie du Docteur Tube, LaŠílenství dr. TubaMadness of Dr. Tube, The41,5252/cpm1915Gance, AbelFRA
GelosiaŽárlivostJealousy14,5694/cpm1915Genina, AugustoITA
Golem, Der (fragment)Golem (fragment)Golem, The (fragment)8,6287/cpm1915Galeen, Henrik; Wegener, PaulDEU
Goumiers algériens en Belgique, LesGoumiers algériens en Belgique, LesGoumiers algériens en Belgique, Les10,8376/cpm1915Machin, AlfredFRA
GrundlovsdagenDen ústavyConstitution Day47,61721/cpm1915Laurberg, J.; Gad, F.DNK
Heart of a Bandit, TheBandita se srdcem*Heart of a Bandit, The6,51369/cpm1915USA
Cheat, ThePodvodCheat, The11,92925/cpm1915DeMille, Cecil B.USA
Italian, TheItalItalian, The8,94947/cpm1915Barker, ReginaldUSA
JudaspengarJidášova mzdaPrice of Betrayal, The16,91394/cpm1915Sjöström, VictorSWE
Keno Bates, LiarLhář Keno BatesKeno Bates, Liar8,3179 (156+23)7/cpm1915Hart, William S.USA
Knight of the TrailRytíř železnice*Knight of the Trail9,91486/cpm1915Hart, William S.USA
L’Emigrante (fragment)Emigrant (fragment)Emigrant, The (fragment)14,2934/cpm1915Mari, FeboITA
Liliya BelgiiBelgická lilieLily of Belgium,The18,7423/cpm1915Starevich, WladyslawRUS
Love, Loot and CrashLáska, lup a srážkaLove, Loot and Crash3,817716/cpm1915Griffin, FrankUSA
Love, Speed and ThrillsLáska, rychlost a napětíLove, Speed and Thrills3,422118/cpm1915Wright, WalterUSA
MacisteMacisteMaciste13,52944/cpm1915Pastrone, Giovanni; Borgnetto, Luigi RomanoITA
Man From Nowhere, TheMuž z neznáma*Man From Nowhere, The7,5177 (144+33)8/cpm1915Hart, William S.USA
Piccolo patriota padavano, IlMalý patriotLittle Patriot, The20,1373/cpm1915Carlucci, LeopoldoITA
Pitch o’Chance, ThePitch o’Chance, ThePitch o’Chance, The8,31757/cpm1915Borzage, FrankUSA
Ploughshare, ThePloughsharePloughshare, The11,32265/cpm1915Collins, John H.USA
Pool SharksKulečníkoví kabrňáciPool Sharks8857/cpm1915Middleton, EdwinUSA
Portrait in the Attic, ThePortrét v podkrovíPortrait in the Attic, The11,2585/cpm1915Collins, John H.USA
RegenerationZnovuzrozeníRegeneration4,397114/cpm1915Walsh, RaoulUSA
Secret de la cuisinière, LeKuchařčino tajemstvíSecret of the Cook, The7,7188/cpm1915FRA
Sheriff’s Streak of YellowŠerifův zbabělý rys*Sheriff’s Streak of Yellow9,9149 (132+17)6/cpm1915Hart, William S.USA
Shoemaker Thirteenth, TheŠevcovo třináctéShoemaker Thirteenth, The11,5575/cpm1915USA
Slavey Student, TheStudující služebnáSlavey Student, The10,61706/cpm1915Collins, John H.USA
Toodles, Tom and TroubleToodles, Tom a potíže*Toodles, Tom and Trouble4,114615/cpm1915Lonergan, Lloyd F.USA
Triple EntenteTrojdohoda*Triple Entente22,5403/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, LesUpířiVampires12,318635/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (01) / 1er épisode – La Tête CoupeeUpíři (01): Uťatá hlavaVampires (01)14,31264/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (02) / 2e épisode – La Bague Qui TueUpíři (02): Prsten, který zabíjíVampires (02)11,5645/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (03) / 3e épisode – Le Cryptogramme RougeUpíři (03): Červený kryptogramVampires (03)15,31454/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (04) / 4e épisode – Le SpectreUpíři (04): PřízrakVampires (04)10,71616/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (05) / 5e épisode – L’Evasion du MortUpíři (05): Mrtvý na útěkuVampires (05)13,91464/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (06) / 6e épisode – Les Yeux Qui FascinentUpíři (06): Oči, které fascinujíVampires (06)12,42505/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (07) / 7e épisode – SatanasUpíři (07): SatanášVampires (07)12,21985/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (08) / 8e épisode – La Maitre de la FoudreUpíři (08): Pán bleskuVampires (08)13,62124/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (09) / 9e épisode – L’Homme des PoisonsUpíři (09): TravičVampires (09)9,92866/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Vampires, Les (10) / 10e épisode – Les Noces SaglantesUpíři (10): Krvavý hodokvasVampires (10)11,82755/cpm1915Feuillade, LouisFRA
Abenteur eines Journalisten, DasDobrodružství jednoho žurnalistyAdventure of a Journalist, The10,72346/cpm1914Piel, HarryDEU
Acque miracolose, LeZázračné vodyMiraculous waters17314/cpm1914Rodolfi, EleuterioITA
Adventure of the Wrong Santa Claus, TheDobrodružství špatného Santy ClauseAdventure of the Wrong Santa Claus, The12,8625/cpm1914Seay, Charles M.USA
Between ShowersChaplin a deštníkBetween Showers8,5727/cpm1914Lehrman, HenryUSA
Bigorno Fume L’OpiumBigorno kouří opium*Bigorno Smokes Opium*23,2213/cpm1914Bosetti, RoméoITA
CabiriaBoj o světovláduCabiria154894/cpm1914Pastrone, GiovanniITA
Commune, LaKomunaCommune, The25,7432/cpm1914Guerra, ArmandFRA
České hrady a zámkyČeské hrady a zámkyCzech Castles and Palaces585 (72+13)12/cpm1914Hašler, KarelAUT-HUN (CZE)
Daisy Doodad’s DialCiferník Daisy DoodadovéDaisy Doodad’s Dial14,9364/cpm1914Trimble, LaurenceGBR
Fantômas IV – Fantômas contre FantômasFantomas IV: Fantomas kontra FantomasFantômas IV – Fantomas Against Fantomas17,41983/cpm1914Feuillade, LouisFRA
Fantômas V – Le faux magistratFantomas V: Falešný soudceFantômas V – The False Magistrate152774/cpm1914Feuillade, LouisFRA
Fatty and Minnie-He-HawFatty a Minnie-He-Haw*Fatty and Minnie-He-Haw6,219810/cpm1914Arbuckle, Roscoe „Fatty“USA
Figures de cireMuž s voskovými tvářemiMan with Wax Faces, The13,5474/cpm1914Tourneur, MauriceFRA
Film JohnnyChaplin mezi filmařiFilm Johnny5,37911/cpm1914Sennett, MackUSA
German Spy Peril, The (fragment)Německé špionážní nebezpečí (fragment)German Spy Peril, The (fragment)17,1254/cpm1914Haldane, BertGBR
Gertie the DinosaurDinosauřice GertieGertie the Dinosaur10,5796/cpm1914McCay, WinsorUSA
Getting AcquaintedChaplin flirtujeGetting Acquainted6,61189/cpm1914Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Gribouillette DactylographeGribouillette DactylographeGribouillette Dactylographe24,9302/cpm1914Deed, AndréFRA
Hemmelighedsfulde X, DetTajemné XMysterious X, The16,13114/cpm1914Christensen, BenjaminDNK
His Favorite PastimeChaplin opilcemHis Favorite Pastime10,1746/cpm1914Nichols, GeorgeUSA
His Majesty, Scarecrow of OzJeho Veličenstvo Strašák z OzHis Majesty, Scarecrow of Oz21,11642/cpm1914Baum, L. FrankUSA
His New ProfessionChaplin opatrovníkem nemocnýchHis New Profession8,8787/cpm1914Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Charlie’s Recreation aka Tango TanglesChaplin má sóloCharlie’s Recreation aka Tango Tangles10736/cpm1914Sennett, MackUSA
Invasion Delle Truppe Tedesche Nel Belgio, L‘Invaze německých vojsk v BelgiiInvasion Of German Troops In Belgium, The*21,6343/cpm1914DEU
Honneur d’une Japanaise, L‘Hrdost japonské dámy*Honor of a Japanese Lady, The56,7191/cpm1914Protazanov, JakovRUS
Karujagt PärnumaalHon na medvěda v pärnském kraji*Bear Hunt in Pärnu County17,9423/cpm1914Nömmits, Tönis; Pääsuke, JohannesLIV, RUS
Kid Auto Races At VeniceChaplin v zábavním parkuKid Auto Races At Venice12301914Lehrman, HenryUSA
Last of the Hardgroves, ThePoslední z HardgrovůLast of the Hardgroves, The10,5706/cpm1914Collins, John H.USA
Laughing GasChaplin spravuje zubyLaughing Gas6,112310/cpm1914Chaplin, CharlesUSA
Loan Shark King, TheKrál lichvářů*Loan Shark King, The17,650 (36+14)3/cpm1914Brooke, Van DykeUSA
Mabel’s Strange PredicamentChaplin v hoteluMabel’s Strange Predicament7,2858/cpm1914Lehrman, Henry; Sennett, MackUSA
Making a ConvertKonvertovatMaking a Convert11605/cpm1914Collins, John H.USA
Making A LivingChaplin si vydělává na živobytíMaking A Living4,611513/cpm1914Lehrman, HenryUSA
Memoria Dell’AltroVzpomínky na jinéhoMemories of another341252/cpm1914Abbati, Alberto DegliITA
Memories in Men’s SoulsVzpomínky v mužských duších*Memories in Men’s Souls12,467 (49+18)5/cpm1914Brooke, Van DykeUSA
Neue Schreibtisch, DerNový psací stůl*Neue Schreibtisch, Der22,1303/cpm1914Ostermayr, PeterDEU
Noční děsNoční děsNight Terror21,464 (47+17)2/cpm1914Palouš, Jan ArnoldAUT-HUN (CZE)
Oath of the Sword, ThePřísaha meče*Oath of the Sword, The11,81545/cpm1914Shaw, FrankUSA
Power of Fascination, TheŽárlivost dona RafaelaPower of Fascination, The6,2629/cpm1914Madison, CleoUSA
Pufi cipőt veszPufi si vybírá botyPufi Takes Shoes22,2193/cpm1914Tábori, KornélAUT-HUN (HUN)
Sangue bluModrá krevBlue Blood15,52434/cpm1914Oxilia, NinoITA
Stolz der Firma, DerChlouba firmyPride of the Firm, The10,72406/cpm1914Wilhelm, CarlDEU
Taking of Luke McVane, TheHon na Luka McVanea*Taking of Luke McVane, The9,5147 (127+20)6/cpm1914Hart, William S.USA
Teufelsauge, DasĎáblovo oko*Devil’s Eye, The16,61544/cpm1914Piel, HarryDEU
Tragediya dvukh sesterTragédie dvou sester*The Tragedy of Two Sisters*28,6292/cpm1914RUS
What Could She Do?Co by mohla dělat?What Could She Do?10,71266/cpm1914Collins, John H.USA
Ambassador’s Daughter, TheVelvyslancova dceraAmbassador’s Daughter, The22,4363/cpm1913Brabin, CharlesUSA
Axel Som TuritAxel turistouAxel as Tourist38,3182/cpm1913Klercker, Georg afSWE
BalaooBalaooBalaoo the Demon Baboon15,2102 (68+34)4/cpm1913Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Battle at Elderbush Gulch, TheBitva u Elderbush GulchBattle at Elderbush Gulch, The7,22388/cpm1913Griffith, David WarthUSA
CenerentolaPopelkaModern Cinderella, A19,2273/cpm1913Rodolfi, EleuterioITA
Cock Als HausherrKohout nájemcem*Cock As a householder*13,646 (37+9)4/cpm1913Walter, Rudolf; Zeitlinger, JosefAUT-HUN (AUT)
Coming of Angelo, ThePřichází Angelo*Coming of Angelo, The8,51167/cpm1913Griffith, David WarthUSA
Cunégonde fait du spiritismeCunégonde spiritistkou*Cunégonde’s Spiritualism*14274/cpm1913FRA
Death’s MarathonMaraton smrtiDeath’s Marathon7,1123 (112+11)8/cpm1913Griffith, David WarthUSA
Demoiselle des P. T. T., LaZahánění nápadníkůShooing the Wooer16,5364/cpm1913FRA
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDr. Jekyll a pan HydeDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde11,41365/cpm1913Brenon, HerbertUSA
Drummer of the 8th, TheBubeníkDrummer of the 8th, The10,81596/cpm1913Ince, Thomas H.USA
Elusive Diamond, TheNedostižný diamantElusive Diamond, The11,5795/cpm1913USA
Energica Avanzata contro i Ribelli Di El Baruni, L‘Energica Avanzata contro i Ribelli Di El Baruni, L‘Energica Avanzata contro i Ribelli Di El Baruni, L‘13,4324/cpm1913Comerio, LucaITA
Épingles, LesJehlice*Two Pins37,3232/cpm1913Perret, LéonceFRA
Erblich Belastet?Dědičná zátěž?Hereditarily burdened?18,21293/cpm1913Piel, HarryDEU
Falsa Strada, La (fragment)Falsa Strada, La (fragment)Falsa Strada, La (fragment)21,4612/cpm1913Danesi, RobertoITA
Fantômas I – À l’ombre de la guillotineFantomas I: Ve stínu gilotinyFantômas: In the Shadow of the Guillotine17,81763/cpm1913Feuillade, LouisFRA
Fantômas II – Juve contre FantômasFantomas II: Juve kontra FantomasFantômas: Juve against Fantômas15,82244/cpm1913Feuillade, LouisFRA
Fantômas III – Le mort qui tueFantomas III: Mrtvý, který zabíjíFantômas: The Dead Man Who Killed19,12793/cpm1913Feuillade, LouisFRA
Father’s HatbandPásek na otcově klobouku*Father’s Hatband16,3514/cpm1913Brooke, Van DykeUSA
Giglio Nero, IlGang černé lilie*Black Lily Gang, The13,51314/cpm1913ITA
Glu, LaSiréna*Siren, The24,22312/cpm1913Capellani, AlbertFRA
Gontran et la voisine inconnueGontran a tajemná sousedkaGontran and the unknown neighbor16,4304/cpm1913FRA
Homard, LeHumr*Lobster, The14,1594/cpm1913Perret, LéonceFRA
Charme de Maud, LeMaudin šarm*Charm of Maud, The20,2433/cpm1913Hervil, RenéFRA
Chushingura47 roninůChushingura64,8811/cpm1913Shozo, MakinoJAP
Idolo InfrantoPadlý idol*Fallen Idol17724/cpm1913Ghione, EmilioITA
Ingeborg HolmIngeborg HolmováIngeborg Holm31,31382/cpm1913Sjöström, VictorSWE
Just Show FolksJen se ukažte lidem*Just Show Folks13,5534/cpm1913Brooke, Van DykeUSA
Konec milováníKonec milováníEnd of Love, The18,483 (62+21)2/cpm1913Urban, MaxAUT-HUN (CZE)
Kri kri e Lea militariKri kri e Lea militariKri kri e Lea militari26,792/cpm1913ITA
Lady and her maid, TheDáma a její služebná*Lady and her maid, The15,8484/cpm1913Angeles, BertUSA
Laenatud NaeneVypůjčená žena*Borrowed Woman, The40,5261/cpm1913Slavinskii, EvgeniiEST / RUS
Lampada Della Nonna, LaBabiččina lampaGrandmother’s Lamp, The20,91113/cpm1913Maggi, LuigiITA
Lis du Japon, LeJaponské lilie*Japanese Lily, The1285/cpm1913FRA
Lustigen Vagabunden, DieVeselí tuláci*Merry Tramps, The26,7132/cpm1913Möllendorf, EliasDEU
Ma l’amor mio non muoreVšak láska moje nezemřeLove Everlasting38,61202/cpm1913Caserini, MarioITA
MannekängenManekýna*Mannequin, The44,741/cpm1913Stiller, MauritzSWE
Milling the MilitantsPotírání bojovnic*Milling the Militants20213/cpm1913Stow, PercyGBR
Mixed IdentitiesZáměna identit*Mixed Identities10596/cpm1913Humphrey, WilliamUSA
Mosca e il Ragno, LaPavouk a moucha*Spider and the Fly, The14,5153/cpm1913ITA
ProtéaProtéaProtéa14,8188 (132+56)4/cpm1913Jasset, Victorin – HyppolyteFRA
Nuage Passe, UnPutující mrak*Cloud Passes, A*24263/cpm1913Perret, LéonceFRA
On His Wedding DayNa jeho svatební denOn His Wedding Day7,9448/cpm1913Sennett, MackUSA
Palatele de la SinaiaSinajské paláce*Palaces of Sinaia, The11475/cpm1913FRA
Petite Geisha, LaDrobná gejša*Little Geisha40,1492/cpm1913Hansen, Kai; Protazanov, JakovRUS
Pět smyslů člověkaPět smyslů člověkaMen’s Five Senses13,520 (14+6)4/cpm1913Šváb-Malostranský, JosefAUT-HUN (CZE)
Prisoner of Zenda, TheZajatec na Zendě*Prisoner of Zenda, The17,316231913Porter, Edwin S.USA
Ragno, IlPavoukSpider, The30,8182/cpm1913Bencivenga, EdoardoITA
Retk Läbi SetumaaCesta SetomouJourney Through Setomaa15,1424/cpm1913Pääsuke, JohannesLIV, RUS
Signorina Robinet, LaSlečna Robinetová*Miss Robinet21,6103/cpm1913Fare, MarcelITA
Schultz’s Lottery TicketSchultzův losSchultz’s Lottery Ticket8,4527/cpm1913Golden, Joseph A.USA
Sotto La Maschera / La Vendetta Del Pugnale (fragment, not fully identified)Pod maskou / Pomsta dýky* (fragment, zatím plně neidentifikováno)Under the Mask / Revenge of the Dagger*8,11697/cpm1913ITA
Student von Prag, DerPražský studentStudent of Prague, The39,71171/cpm1913Rye, Stellan; Wegener, PaulDEU
SuspenseNapětíSuspense10,4576/cpm1913Weber, LoisUSA
That Other GirlTa druhá dívkaThat Other Girl59112/cpm1913Golden, Joseph A.USA
Tratta dei fanciulli, LaZáhada gangu A.V.Z.Mystery of the A.V.Z Gang, The18,6703/cpm1913ITA
Vengeance du Sergent de Ville, LaPolicistova pomstaPoliceman’s Revenge27312/cpm1913Feuillade, LouisFRA
When Mary Grew UpDívka, která měla být chlapcemGirl Who Should Be a Boy, A15,2564/cpm1913Young, JamesUSA
Wo ist Coletti?Kde je Coletti?Where is Coletti?17,72613/cpm188/cph1913Mack, MaxDEU
Zigomar Peau D’AnguilleZigomar, úhoří kůžeZigomar – the Eel Skin13,71845/cpm1913Jasset, Victorin – HyppolyteFRA
Zoé et le parapluie miraculeuxZoé a zázračné paraple*Zoe and the miraculous umbrella*22,1103/cpm1913FRA
Zub za zubZub za zubTooth for a Tooth, A15,857 (32+25)4/cpm1913Pech, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
1812: The Retreat from Moscow II1812: Ústup od Moskvy II*1812: The Retreat from Moscow II26,7382/cpm1912Goncharov, V.; Hansen, K.; Uralskii, A.RUS
Amore selvaggio, UnNásilná láskaViolent love17,2744/cpm1912ITA
Arme Jenny, DieUbohá JennyPoor Jenny20,9882/cpm1912Gad, UrbanDEU
Ascensione al CervinoVýstup na MatterhornAscent of the Matterhorn28,3282/cpm1912Piacenza, MarioITA
At Coney IslandZábava na Coney Island*At Coney Island7,6508/cpm1912Sennett, MackUSA
At the Masquerade BallNa maškarním plese*At the Masquerade Ball25,7342/cpm1912Miller, AshleyUSA
Blindeninstituut en ooglijdersgasthuis te BandoengÚstav pro nevidomé a oční klinika, Bandung*Institute for the Blind and Eye Clinic, Bandung16,7134/cpm1912Lamster, J.C.NLD
Coeur et l’argent, LeSrdce a penízeHeart and the Money, The19,3543/cpm1912Parret, Leonce; Feuillade, LouisFRA
Collier de la Danseuse, LeNáhrdelník tanečniceNecklace of the Dancer, The31,6582/cpm1912Leprince, RenéFRA
Cry of the Children, TheDětský pláčCry of the Children, The18,3922/cpm1912Nichols, GeorgeUSA
Cunégonde aime son maîtreCunégonde miluje svého pána*Her first love21,9183/cpm1912FRA
Cunégonde Femme du mondeCunégonde, světová žena*Cunégonde Woman of the World*24,5162/cpm1912FRA
Cunégonde Femme-CamptonCunégonde, žena z Camptonu*Cunégonde, Woman of Campton*27,4182/cpm1912FRA
Dalla Villa Reale di RjekaZe šlechtické vily v Rjece*From the Royal Villa at Rjeka22,5163/cpm1912Comerio, LucaITA
Dash Through the Clouds, AÚtok z oblakůDash Through the Clouds, A8,3717/cpm1912Sennett, MackUSA
Dödsritten under cirkuskupolenJízde smrti pod šapitóDeath Ride Under the Circus Dome23,7363/cpm1912Klercker, Georg afSWE
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDr. Jekyll a pan HydeDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde10,1666/cpm1912Henderson, LuciusUSA
Filendouce Est InsaisissableNepřekonatelná FilendouceFilendouce is Elusive9217/cpm1912FRA
FloraisonsObdobí květuBe in Flower22,9113/cpm1912FRA
Fureur de mme. Plumette, LaZuřivost paní Plumettové*Fury of Mrs. Plumette, The*24,3132/cpm1912FRA
Gisèle a manqué le trainGisèle zmešká vlak*Gisèle Missed her Train*19,7273/cpm1912FRA
Grocery Clerk’s Romance, ARomance obchodníka s potravinamiGrocery Clerk’s Romance, A7,4588/cpm1912Sennett, MackUSA
Chrysanthème Rouge, LeRudé chryzantémy*Red Chrysantemum, The18,6403/cpm1912Perret, LéonceFRA
In Nacht und EisV noci a leduIn Night and Ice16,71244/cpm1912Misu, MimeDEU
Karl Valentins HochzeitSvatba Karla ValentinaKarl Valentin’s Wedding*23,1263/cpm1912AnsfelderDNK
Keserü szerelemProjímadloBitter Love, A40,7141/cpm1912Góth, SándorAUT-HUN (CZE)
Land Beyond the Sunset, TheZemě za soumrakemLand Beyond the Sunset, The25,8322/cpm1912Shaw, Harold M.USA
Little Girl Next Door, TheDívka ze sousedstvíLittle Girl Next Door, The13,5624/cpm1912Henderson, LuciusUSA
Lively Affair, AAktuální záležitostLively Affair, A8,6497/cpm1912Young, JamesUSA
Ma concierge est trop jollePříliš krásná uklízečka*My Housekeeper is too beautiful14304/cpm1912USA
Maison des lions, LaDům lvůHouse of Lions, The18,143 (33+10)3/cpm1912Feuillade, LouisFRA
Mala Pianta, La (fragment)Dívka z podsvětí (fragment)Mala Pianta, La (fragment)32,7222/cpm1912Caserini, MarioITA
Max veut GrandirMax chce růstMax Gets Stuck Up13,115 (13+2)5/cpm1912Linder, MaxFRA
Mesť kiněmatografičeskogo operatoraPomsta kameramanaCameraman’s Revenge, The20382/cpm1912Starevich, WladyslawRUS
Misérables, LesBídníciMisérables, Les25,83772/cpm1912Capellani, AlbertFRA
Misérables, Les: 1ère époque: Jean ValjeanBídníci: Jean ValjeanMisérables, Les: Jean Valjean28,381 (62+19)2/cpm1912Capellani, AlbertFRA
Misérables, Les: 2ème époque: FantineBídníci: FantinaMisérables, Les: Fantina27,981 (51+30)2/cpm1912Capellani, AlbertFRA
Misérables, Les: 3ème époque: CosetteBídníci: CosettaMisérables, Les: Cosette24,484 (68+16)2/cpm1912Capellani, AlbertFRA
Misérables, Les: 4ème époque: Cosette et MariusBídníci: Cosetta a MariusMisérables, Les: Cosette and Marius23,8131 (111+20)3/cpm1912Capellani, AlbertFRA
Mi-careme a Paris 1912, LaMi-careme a Paris 1912, LaMi-careme a Paris 1912, La20,2272/cpm1912Chikly, Albert SamamaTUN / FRA
Mrs. ‚Enry‘ AwkinsPaní ‚Enry‘ AwkinsováMrs. ‚Enry‘ Awkins23,9303/cpm1912Brooke, Van DykeUSA
Mrs. Lirriper’s LodgersNájemníci paní LirriperovéMrs. Lirriper’s Lodgers16,9424/cpm1912Brooke, Van DykeUSA
Musketeers of Pig Alley, TheMušketýři z Prasečí uličkyMusketeers of Pig Alley, The11885/cpm1912Griffith, David WarthUSA
Mystère des roches de Kador, LeZáhada kadorských útesů*Mystery of the Kador Cliffs, The16,8150 (101+49)4/cpm1912Perret, LéonceFRA
Nave dei Leoni, LaLoď lvů*Ship of Lions, The*28,747 (33+13)2/cpm1912Maggi, LuigiITA
Nuova cameriera è troppo bella, LaTa nová služebná je až příliš krásná*New Maid is Too Much of a Flirt, The28,1172/cpm1912ITA
Official Appointment, AnOficiální jmenování*Official Appointment, An20,8323/cpm1912Kent, CharlesUSA
Onésime horlogerHodinář OnesimeOnésime, Clockmaker15,5294/cpm1912Durand, JeanFRA
ParsifalParzivalParzival31,2962/cpm1912Caserini, MarioITA
Prise du „Carthage“, LaVzestup KartágaPrise du „Carthage“, La8,5137/cpm1912TUN
Pro penízePro penízeFor the Love of Money16,970 (38+32)4/cpm1912Pech, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
Raggio di soleSluneční paprsekRay of the Sun, The29282/cpm1912ITA
Ribalta, LaJeviště*Ribalta, The*54,331/cpm1912Caserini, MarioITA
Romeo e GiuliettaRomeo a JulieRomeo and Juliet41,9511/cpm1912Falena, UgoITA
SantarellinaSantarellinaSantarellina241032/cpm1912Caserini, MarioITA
SatanaSatanaSatana37,7132/cpm1912Maggi, LuigiITA
SiegfriedSiegfriedSiegfried32,5582/cpm1912Caserini, MarioITA
Sorte Kansler, DenČerný kancléřThe Black Chancellor22,1128 (110+18)3/cpm1912Blom, AugustDNK
Suffragette in Spite of Himself, ASufražetkou proti svému přesvědčeníSuffragette in Spite of Himself, A22,6213/cpm1912Miller, AshleyUSA
Sui gradini del tronoNa stupních trůnu*On the Steps of the Throne16,2208 (147+61)4/cpm1912Del Colle, Ubaldo MariaITA
Svatojánské proudySvatojánské proudySt. John’s Rapids10,1226/cpm1912Pech, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
TrädgårdsmästarenZahradníciBroken Spring Rose, The16,4854/cpm1912Sjöström, VictorSWE
Trke na BanjiciZávody v Banjici*Races at Banjica16,143 (29+14)4/cpm1912de Béery, LouisSRB
Una partita a scacchiŠachová partieChess Game, A18,4253/cpm1912Maggi, LuigiITA
Water Nymph, TheVodní vílaWater Nymph, The8,7557/cpm1912Sennett, MackUSA
Zigomar contre Nick CarterZigomar proti Nicku CarteroviZigomar contra Nick Carter181573/cpm1912Andriot, Lucien N.FRA
BalletdanserindenLásky tanečniceBallet-dancer3271 (61+10)2/cpm1911Blom, AugustDNK
BallonaufstiegVzlet balónu*Balloon Ascent5,31512/cpm1911DEU
Bolle di Sapone, LeMýdlové bubliny*Soap Bubbles18,7223/cpm1911Vitrotti, GiovanniITA
Caduta di Troia, LaPád TrójeFall of Troy, The43441/cpm1911Pastrone, GiovanniITA
Collier de Kali, LeCo bohové nařídí*What the Gods Decree12,887+465/cpm1911Jasset, Victorin – HyppolyteFRA
Crimes de Diogo Alves, OsZločiny Dioga AlveseCrimes of Diogo Alves, The35,8312/cpm1911Tavares, JoäoPRT
Danseuse de Siva, LeŠivův tanečník*Pirates of the Goddess Wife31,316+92/cpm1911Capellani, AlbertFRA
Day at Henley, ADen v HenleyDay at Henley, A23403/cpm1911GBR
Épouvante, L‘Hrůzný prožitek*Terror-Stricken15,8384/cpm1911Capellani, AlbertFRA
Excursion dans la ravine d’edmunds klamm en Suisse SaxonneProhlídla soutěskou Edmundsklamm v Saském ŠvýcarskuExcursion in the ravine of Edmundsklamm in Saxon Switzerland14,7204/cpm1911DEU
Fils de Locuste, LeLokustin synIn the Days of Nero26,4342/cpm1911Feuillade, LouisFRA
Frontier Girl’s Courage, AKurážná dívkaFrontier Girl’s Courage, A14,8554/cpm1911Bosworth, HobartUSA
Galna frun eller Kvinnans list övergår mannens förstånd, Den (neidentifikováno)Šílená žena (neidentifikováno, film s André Deedem)Crazy Lady (unidentified, film with André Deed)20,1193/cpm1911ITA
Get Rich QuickRychle zbohatnoutGet Rich Quick25,5302/cpm1911Kinney, JackUSA
Giuda (fragment)Giuda (fragment)Giuda (fragment)37,7152/cpm1911ITA
Granatiere Roland (Campagni do Russia 1812), Il (fragment)Grenadýr Roland (fragment)Grenadier Roland, The (fragment)35262/cpm1911Maggi, LuigiITA
Chenille de la carotte, LaHousenka na karotceChenille de la carotte, La15,8344/cpm1911FRA
Inferno, L‘Dantovo PekloDante’s Inferno27,21412/cpm1911Bertolini, Francesco; Padovan, Adolfo; de Liguoro, GiuseppeITA
Italien 1911 – NapoliItálie 1911 – NeapolItaly 1911 – Naples9,8206/cpm1911FRA
Lea salva la posizioneLea drží pozici*Lea saves position*32,3122/cpm1911ITA
Léontine en vacancesLeontýna na prázdnináchLéontine on Vacation*27172/cpm1911Bosetti, RoméoFRA
Léontine S’EnvoleLétající Leontýna*Léontine takes off*15,7204/cpm1911FRA
Léontine, enfant terribleLeontýna, příšerné dítě*Léontine, enfant terrible20,4173/cpm1911FRA
Little Boys Next Door, TheMalí chlapci ze sousedstvíLittle Boys Next Door, The15204/cpm1911Stow, PercyGBR
Little Moritz enlève RosalieMalý Mortiz unáší Rosalii*Little Moritz kidnaps Rosalie*18,5243/cpm1911Gambart, HenryFRA
Little NemoMalý NemoLittle Nemo30,5202/cpm1911McCay, WinsorUSA
Louqsor et ThébesLuxor a ThébyLuxor and Thebes10,6256/cpm1911FRA
Madre e la morte, LaMatka a smrtMother and the Death, The17,6313/cpm1911ITA
Manicure Lady, TheManikérkaManicure Lady, The9,4696/cpm1911Sennett, MackUSA
Max, victime du quinquinaMax obětí aperitivuMax Takes Tonics15,7644/cpm1911Linder, MaxFRA
Nick Carter – Le mystère du lit blancNick Carter – Záhada bílé postele*Nick Carter – The Mystery of the Bad23,1373/cpm1911Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Non! Tu ne sortiras pas sans moi!Ne! Beze mě nepůjdeš!*No! Not without me!*15,9154/cpm1911Durand, JeanFRA
Odissea di Omero, L‘Homérova OdysseaHomer’s Odyssey22,91103/cpm1911Bertolini, Francesco; Padovan, AdolfoITA
Orgie Romaine, L‘Římské orgieRoman Orgy, The22,1212/cpm1911Feuillade, LouisFRA
Patouillard ToreadorToreador PatouillardToreador Patouillard14,5183/cpm1911Bosetti, RomeoITA
Peur des ombrés, LaStrach ze stínů*Fear of shadows, The*12,1195/cpm1911FRA
Ponrepovo kouzelnictvíPonrepovo kouzelnictvíPonrepo’s Illusionism10,1156/cpm1911Ponrepo, ViktorAUT-HUN (CZE)
Prêtresse de Carthage, LaKněžka z KartágaPriestess of Carthage, The38,6212/cpm1911Feuillade, LouisFRA
Rembrandt de la Rue Lepic, LeRembrandt z ulice LepicRembrandt of Lepic Street, The13,2235/cpm1911Durand, JeanFRA
Regina di Ninive, LaKrálovna NiniveQueen of Ninivah, The23,3363/cpm1911Maggi, LuigiITA
Riprese in EgittoNatáčení v EgyptěShooting in Egypt, A13,5614/cpm1911ITA
Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole, The (fragment)Milostný příběh Margaret Catchpoleové (fragment)Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole, The (fragment)33,2472/cpm1911Longford, RaymondAUS
Rosalie a la maladie du sommeilRosáliin záchvat spavosti*Rosalie has sleeping sickness*25,7102/cpm1911Bosetti, RoméoFRA
Rudi na záletechRudi na záletechRudi’s Philanderings19,7112/cpm1911Pech, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
Rudi sportsmanemRudi sportsmanemRudi the Sportsman3382/cpm1911Pech, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
Sogno di un tramonto d’autunnoSen o podzimním západu slunceDream of an autumn sunset32282/cpm1911Maggi, LuigiITA
SokovéSokovéRivals26212/cpm1911Pech, AntonínAUT-HUN (CZE)
Svecanosti prilikom predaje starih i prijema novih zastava na Banjici 9. JulaOslavy na Banjici*Ceremonies at Banjica20,94831911Béer, Louis deYUG
Tantolini e tristeTantolini trpí depresíTantolini is Sad19,4223/cpm1911ITA
Torchon brûle ou Une querelle de ménage, LeDomácí hádka*Housheold Quarrel, A*19,8273/cpm1911Bosetti, RoméoFRA
Toto senz’acquaToto bez vodyToto without Water13,5234/cpm1911Vardannes, EmilioITA
TwinsDvojčata*Twins19,249 (38+11)3/cpm1911Weber, LoisUSA
Un Cri dans la nuitNoční pláč*Cry in the Night, The15,4404/cpm1911Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Under forvandlingens lov / Jo tykkere, jo bedreČím tlustší, tím lepšíBy the Law of Change / The Thicker The Better25,4612/cpm1911Roede, Halfdan NobelNOR
When the Tables TurnedZměna tabulekWhen the Tables Turned17,5333/cpm1911Mélies, Gaston; Haddock, William F.USA
Život zabité žábyŽivot zabité žábyLifed of a Killed Frog, The10316/cpm1911Bauše, BohumilAUT-HUN (CZE)
AfgrundenOd stupně k stupniAbbys, The221033/cpm1910Gad, UrbanDNK
Bottines du Colonel, LesPlukovníkovy botyColonel’s Boots, The21,2253/cpm1910FRA
Calino veut se suiciderCalino chce spáchat sebevražduCalino Wants to Commit Suicide27,6132/cpm1910Bosetti, RomeoFRA
Caprice du Vainqueur, La (fragment)Vítězný vítr (fragment)Wind of the Winner, The (fragment)37,8132/cpm1910Andréani, Henri; Zecca, FerdinandFRA
Dans les ruines de CarthageV ruinách Kartága*Stolen Plan of the Ruins of Carthage, The26,6242/cpm1910Hatot, Georges; Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Den hvide slavehandelObchod s bílým masemWhite Slave Trade, The30,462 (46+16)2/cpm1910Blom, AugustDNK
Dixie Mother, ADixie Mother, ADixie Mother, A20,7373/cpm1910Kent, CharlesUSA
Eugénie GrandetEugénie GrandetováEugénie Grandet20,7303/cpm1910Numes, ArmandFRA
Fleur de mort, La (fragment)Květ smrti* (fragment)Death Flower, The (fragment)20,693/cpm1910Hatot, Georges; Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
FrankensteinFrankensteinFrankenstein21,6342/cpm1910Dawley, J. SearleUSA
Fucina, LaKovárnaForge, The28,75242/cpm1910Maggi, LuigiITA
Guanto, IlRukaviceGlove, The30,4132/cpm1910Maggi, LuigiITA
Hako’s SacrificeHakoova oběťHako’s Sacrifice17,5383/cpm1910USA
Champion du jeu a la mode, LeŠampion hryChampion of the Game, The51,251/cpm1910Cohl, ÉmileFRA
Christmas Carol, AVánoční koledaChristmas Carol, A26,8312/cpm1910Kent, Charles; Dawley, J. SearleUSA
Ito, The Beggar BoyIto, malý žebrákIto, The Beggar Boy33,6222/cpm1910USA
L’ChaimL’ChaimL’Chaim73,6111/cpm1910Hansen, Kai; Maître, MauriceRUS
Léontine en apprentissageLeontýna v učení*Léontine in apprenticeship*33,7162/cpm1910FRA
Love of Chrystanthemum, TheLáska k chryzantémám*Love of Chrystanthemum, The32,5242/cpm1910USA
Madame de LangeaisMadame de LangeaisMadame de Langeais19,9293/cpm1910Calmettes, AndréFRA
Morgan le Pirate – La CagePirát Morgan: Klec*Morgan, The Pirate – The Cage20,9153/cpm1910Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Petit Chantecler, LeMalý náhrdelníkLittle Chantecler, The33,5122/cpm1910Cohl, ÉmileFRA
Pikovaja damaPiková dámaQueen of Spades, The48,3181/cpm1910Čardynin, PjotrRUS
Pile électrique de Léontine, LaLeontýnin galvanický článek*Electric Cell of Léontine, The24142/cpm1910FRA
Résurrection de Lazare, LeVzkříšení Lazara*Resurrection of Lazarus, The33,1152/cpm1910Hatot, Georges; Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Ruth et BoazRuth a BoazRuth and Boaz46,5121/cpm1910FRA
SacrificataOběťSacrifice47,1161/cpm1910Mentasti, OresteITA
Simple Mistake, AProstý omylSimple Mistake, A40,391/cpm1910Wharton, TheodoreUSA
Song That Reached His Heart, ThePíseň, jež zasáhla jeho srdceSong That Reached His Heart, The19,8443/cpm1910Dawley, J. SearleUSA
Tantolini ipnotizzatoTantolini a hypnózaTantolini and Hypnotism33,2132/cpm1910ITA
Usurer, TheLichvářUsurer, The16,564 (52+12)4/cpm1910Griffith, David WarthUSA
Wem dehört das kind?Komu patří to dítě?Who does the child belong to?*20233/cpm1910Schätzler-Perasini, GebhardDNK
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, TheObdivuhodný čaroděj z OzWonderful Wizard of Oz, The24,42/cpm1910Turner, OtisUSA
1776, or The Hessian RenegadeHessenští renegáti1776, or The Hessian Renegade19323/cpm1909Griffith, David WarthUSA
Assommoir, L‘ZabijákDrink37,8562/cpm1909Capellani, AlbertFRA
Buon Anno!Štastný nový rok!Happy New Year!28112/cpm1909ITA
Corner in Wheat, TheSpekulant s obilímCorner in Wheat, The25,7322/cpm1909Griffith, David WarthUSA
Country Doctor, TheVesnický lékařCountry Doctor, The19443/cpm1909Griffith, David WarthUSA
Cretinetti che belloPříliš krásný*Too beautiful21,3113/cpm1909ITA
Crimes de Diogo Alves, OsZločiny Dioga AlveseCrimes of Diogo Alves, The73501909Correia, Joäo Freire; Ferreira, LinoPRT
Edgar Allen PoeEdgar Allan PoeEdgar Allen Poe8051/cpm1909Griffith, David WarthUSA
Fer à Cheval, LeŽelezná podkovaHorseshoe, The24212/cpm1909Morlhon, Camille deFRA
Fra Sabina, ItaliaOd SabinyFrom Sabina9,9136/cpm1909FRA
Galileo GalileiGalileo GalileiGalileo Galilei59,5111/cpm1909Maggi, Luigi; Ambrosio, ArturoITA
Générations comiques, LesKomediální generaceComic Generations, The8,3337/cpm1909Cohl, ÉmileFRA
Grande Bretèche, LaVelká BretaňGrande Bretèche, The24,5202/cpm1909Calmettes, AndréFRA
Idylle CorinthienneKorintská idylaCorinthian Idylle60161/cpm1909Feuillade, LouisFRA
L’Éventail animéOživený vějířAnimated Fan, The35,3142/cpm1909Cohl, ÉmileFRA
La festa dei Gigli a NolaSvátek Gigli v NoleFeast of the Gigli in Nola, The6,399/cpm1909ITA
La Fleur empoisennéeOtrávená květina*Poisoned Flower, The32212/cpm1909Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
La JoueurHráč*Gambler, The*25,8222/cpm1909Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Lonely Villa, TheOsamělý důmLonely Villa, The10,3526/cpm1909Griffith, David WarthUSA
Maison Sans Enfants, LaDům bez dětíHouse without Children, The25,5242/cpm1909Monca, GeorgesFRA
Monsieur clown chez le lilliputiensPan klaun u liliputánůMr. Clown at the Lilliputiens24511909Cohl, ÉmileFRA
NeroneNeroNero22,8293/cpm1909Maggi, LuigiITA
Nerone (rest. 2018)Nerone (rest. 2018)Nerone (rest. 2018)44,8211/cpm1909Maggi, LuigiITA
Oliver TwistOliver TwistOliver Twist26,1342/cpm1909Blackton, James StewartUSA
OtelloOthelloOthello28242/cpm1909La Savio, GerolamoITA
Ouvre de Jacques Serval, L‘Dílo Jacquese ServalaJacques Serval’s Work, The22,4283/cpm1909Carré, MichelFRA
Possession de l’enfant, LaPéče o dítěCustody of the Child33,4202/cpm1909Feuillade, LouisFRA
ResurrectionVzkříšeníResurrection51,3141/cpm1909Griffith, David WarthUSA
Sealed Room, TheZazděná komnataSealed Room, The20,7323/cpm1909Griffith, David WarthUSA
Spergiura!Falešná přísahaFalse Oath, The37,4172/cpm1909Maggi, Luigi; Ambrosio, ArturoITA
Spergiura!Spergiura!Spergiura!41,9171/cpm1909Ambrosio, Arturo; Maggi, LuigiITA
Suicides de Lapurée, LesLapuréeho sebevraždySucides of Lapurée, A24,6202/cpm1909FRA
Adventures of Dollie, TheDollina dobrodružstvíAdventures of Dollie, The54,1131/cpm1908Griffith, David WarthUSA
Amour et L’argent, L‘Láska a štěstíLove and Fortune21,9233/cpm1908FRA
Assassinat du duc de Guise, L‘Zavraždění vévody GuiseAssassination of the Duke de Guise, The41,6221/cpm1908Le Bargy, CharlesFRA
Au Pays Du Matin Calme: La CoréeKorea: Země ranního klidu*Land of the Morning Calm12,6285/cpm1908.FRA
Comment on fraude à la frontièreJak se podvádí na hranicíchHow is the Border Fraud18,3293/cpm1908FRA
Gli ultimi giorni di PompeiiPoslední dnové PompejíLast Days of Pompeii, The32,4302/cpm1908Maggi, LuigiITA
Cheval Emballé, LeSplašený kůňRunaway Horse, The9,8196/cpm1908Gasnier, LouisFRA
Légende de la fileuse, LaLegenda o přadleněLegend of the Spinner13,9334/cpm1908Feuillade, LouisFRA
Mes Voisons Font DanserMoji sousedé tančíMy Neighbors are Dancing16,7114/cpm1908Linder, Max; Gasnier, LouisFRA
Nick Carter, le roi des détectives – Épisode 1: Guêt-apensNick Carter, král detektivů – Epizoda 1*Nick Carter, King of Detectives – Episode 1*29,8182/cpm1908Jasset, Victorin-HippolyteFRA
Romance of a JewessRomance židovské dívkyRomance of a Jewess49,7151/cpm1908Griffith, David WarthUSA
Stěnka RazinStěnka RazinStenka Razin17,4212/cpm1908Romaškov, VladimírRUS
Tromsø med omgivelserTromsø a okolíTromsø and the surrounding country16,3134/cpm1908NOR
Une dame vraiment bienSkutečná dámaVery Fine Lady, A18,7103/cpm1908Feuillade, LouisFRA
Astrologue, L‘AstrologAstrologer, The16,9114/cpm1907FRA
Au Music HallV kabaretuIn Music Hall14420,5/cpm1907FRA
Course des sergents de ville, LaZávod městských seržantů*City Sergeants‘ Race, The*12,3245/cpm1907FRA
Deux Soeurs, LesDvě sestry*Two Sisters29,516+72/cpm1907Capellani, AlbertFRA
Fatal Hand, TheRuka osudu*Fatal Hand, The37,692/cpm1907Martin, J. H.GBR
Femmes Cochers, LesŽenské kočí*Women Coachmen, The*39152/cpm1907FRA
Flammes Diaboliques, LesĎábelské plameny*Devilish Flames, The5341/cpm1907De Chomón, SegundoFRA
Grève des nourrices, LaChůvy stávkují*Nannies‘ Strike, The*20,2353/cpm1907Heuzé, AndréFRA
Cheminée Fume, LeKouřící komín*Smoking Chimney, The16,3124/cpm1907FRA
Laughing GasNakažlivý smích*Laughing Gas36,1112/cpm1907Porter, Edwin S.; Dawley, Searle JUSA
Madame a des enviesŽenská touha*Madam has Desires*15,9154/cpm1907Guy, AliceFRA
Not‘ Fanfare ConcourtMístní kapela míří na soutěž*Our Bandd’s Going to the Competition39,582/cpm1907Capellani, AlbertFRA
Trainer’s Daughter, The (The Race for Love)Trenérova dcera*Trainer’s Daughter, The (The Race for Love)40,8181/cpm1907Porter, Edwin S.USA
Vie de Polichinelle, LaKašpárkův život*Harlequin’s Story21221907Capellani, Albert; Nonquet, LucienFRA
Âge du cœur, L‘Věk srdce*Age du Coeur, L18,9132/cpm1906Capellani, AlbertFRA
Bain forcéVynucená lázeň*Forced bath*4931/cpm1906FRA
Drame passionnelVášnivé dramaPassionate Drama28,3142/cpm1906Capellani, AlbertFRA
Femme collante, LaLepkavá žena*Sticky Woman, A135101906Guy, AliceFRA
Femme du lutteur, LaZápasníkova ženaThe Wrestler’s Wife30,6102/cpm1906Capellani, AlbertFRA
Fille du sonneur, LaZvoníkova dceraThe Bell Ringer’s Daughter23,2262/cpm1906Capellani, AlbertFRA
Grève des bonnes, LaStávka pokojských*The Maids‘ Strike*23153/cpm1906Lépine, Charles LucienFRA
Humorous Phases of Funny FacesHumorné fáze zábavných tváříHumorous Phases of Funny Faces6541/cpm1906Blackton, James StewartUSA
Mortelle idylleVražedná idylaMortal idyl23,6142/cpm1906Capellani, AlbertFRA
Pauvre mereChudá matkaPoor Mother27,3132/cpm1906Capellani, AlbertFRA
Automobile et le Cul-De-Jatte, L‘Auto a postižený*Car and the Cripple, The52,521/cpm1905Zecca, FerdinandFRA
Dix femmes pour un mariDix femmes pour un mariDix femmes pour un mari7329/cpm1905Hatot, GeorgesFRA
Night Before Christmas, TheNoc před VánocemiNight Before Christmas, The38,6172/cpm1905Porter, Edwin S.USA
Rescued by RoverRover zachráncemRescued by Rover16,9234/cpm1905Fitzhamon, Lewin; Hepworth, Cecil M.GBR
Ruche merveilleuse, LaÚžasný včelínMarvellous Beehive9621/cpm1905Velle, GastonFRA
Une nuit épouvantablePříšerná nocDreadful Night, A5421/cpm1905De Chomón, SegundoSPA
Buona sera signorina Bonelli!Dobrý večer, slečno Bonelliová!Good Evening, Miss Bonelli!3112/cpm1904ITA
Buona sera, fiori!Dobrý večer, květiny!Good Evening, flowers!4111/cpm1904ITA
Buy your own cherriesKupte si své třešněBuy your own cherries37,372/cpm1904Paul, Robert W.GBR
Excursion en Italie: De Naples au VésuveExkurze do Itálie: od Neapole k VesuvuExcursion to Italy: From Naples to Vesuvius28,392/cpm1904ITA
How a French Nobleman Got a Wife Through the ‚New York Herald‘ Personal ColumnsKterak francouzský šlechtic získal nevěstuHow a French Nobleman Got a Wife Through the ‚New York Herald‘ Personal Columns65,4101/cpm1904Porter, Edwin S.USA
Chicken Thief, TheZloděj kuřat*Chicken Thief, The65111/cpm1904McCutcheon, Wallace; Marion, Frank J.USA
Voyage à travers l’impossible, LeCesta do nemožnaImpossible Voyage, The42,7281/cpm1904Méliès, GeorgesFRA
Alice in WonderlandAlenka v Říši divůAlice in Wonderland20263/cpm1903Hepworth, Cecil M; Stow, PeterGBR
Gay Shoe Clerk, TheProstopášný obuvníkGay Shoe Clerk, The2532/cpm1903Porter, Edwin S.USA
Great Train Robbery, TheVelká železniční loupežGreat Train Robbery, The49141/cpm1903Porter, Edwin S.USA
Life of an American FiremanŽivot amerického hasičeLife of an American Fireman40,2101/cpm1903Porter, Edwin S.USA
Mary Jane’s MishapMary Jane a její nehodaMary Jane’s Mishap20,5123/cpm1903Smith, George AlbertGBR
Aventures de Robinson Crusoé, LesDobrodružství Robinsona Crusoa*Robinson Crusoe37191/cpm1902Méliès, GeorgesFRA
Magic Sword, TheKouzelný mečMagic Sword, The33,452/cpm1901Booth, Walter R.GBR
Scrooge or Marley’s GhostScrooge aneb Marleyho duchScrooge or Marley’s Ghost40,69 (5+4)1/cpm1901Booth, Walter R.GBR